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Are the Canes really done with Todd Chandler?

Everybody and their mother is reporting that Miami Northwestern defensive tackle Todd Chandler is no longer committed to the University of Miami. But is it true? Or, are we dealing with a recruit's bruised ego and a tiff between a program and a local star?

Todd Chandler  I spoke to Chandler twice Tuesday on my cell phone during visits to Miramar High and Belen Jesuit -- the two remaining South Florida high school football teams playing for state championships this week in Orlando. My impression of this internet ratings sensation of a story: the 6-foot, 300-pound prospect (considered a four-star recruit by both Rivals and Scout.com) is upset with the Canes because he hasn't heard from them in a while. But is Chandler definitely not headed to Miami anymore? No. And I won't believe it until he signs a scholarship to another school until National Signing Day.

Chandler has been a UM commitment since his junior year. He plays for the one high school in Miami-Dade County the Canes could ill-afford to anger for dropping one of their players. You remember the West, don't you? The school Randy Shannon and his entire staff came to watch in October during the Northwestern-Central nationally televised showdown. The school that sent eight recruits to Miami in 2007.

It simply doesn't make sense for Chandler to get dropped like a bad habit six weeks before National Signing Day. "I switched to USF tonight," Chandler told me by phone at around 9 p.m. 

Why? "Coach [Jim] Leavitt said they want me real bad," Chandler said. "They got room for me."

Is it a done deal? Are you finished with the Hurricanes? "I don't know. I'm confused," Chandler said. "I'm still thinking about UCF, Colorado State and Louisville. I still have to talk to my dad and uncle about things, see what they think."

But Todd, what went wrong with Miami? "The way they're acting makes me feel like they aren't recruiting me anymore," he said. "It's been so long, I don't remember how their voice sounds. The last time I spoke to [recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt] was during the football season. The last time I talked to coach Shannon was last year."

But didn't I see you at practice a bunch of times this season? Didn't you hang out at UM all the time? "I was going to practice, but the way they made it seem was like they were playing me," Chandler said. "When I spoke to coach [Wesley] McGriff three weeks ago, I asked him what the deal was, why they were looking at other defensive tackles. He said they were just recruiting."

When asked if UM were to call him tomorrow telling him they wanted him, Chandler said he would have to think about things. "We'll have to see what happens," Chandler said. "At first, I was disappointed. But I know I can go anywhere and become a star. My grades and my test are in order. I can qualify where I want to go."

Chandler said he's still considering UCF, Louisville, Colorado State and Louisville. But my guess is we will still hear a lot about the Canes and Chandler over the next few weeks. I just don't want to be a part of it. I had enough with Bryce Brown last year.

For the record, our recruiting writer Larry Blustein is on board with me in believing all of these Chandler reports make for great reading at internet paysites.

"This is a Miami Northwestern program with 25 Division I recruits," Blustein said. "Why would they ever jeopardize their relationship with a program in their backyard like that? It's not like Chandler is an add on. He's one of the best defensive tackles in the country. I'd be shocked if Randy Shannon just really cut him loose because they are upset about him taking other recruiting visits."

CANES OPEN PRACTICE FRIDAY: I'll be in Orlando this weekend for the state championships, but our Susan Miller Degnan will be out there Friday and Saturday and will provide reports at MiamiHerald.com. UM will practice again Tuesday and Wednesday next week before heading to Orlando on Christmas Day. I'll be arriving in Orlando Dec. 26.


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Chandler could turn out to be another Forston. Whats he done except being injured all the time,and he was the top d tackle in the country 2 years ago. If he wants to go to USF with Leavatt, he'll be going to a college that only wants to get up for big opponents. They are .500 in the big east again and the coach looks like a total maniac on the sidelines. Talent never reaches their potential.

Wow, I love how everyone is an expert on talent... If Randy & Co. stopped recruiting him, I am fine with that. I have been happy with the players that decided to come and I don't miss any that choose to go elsewhere. Kayvon Webster and Sam Barrington, I didn't see them on the field last month... We have good kids and if this guy doesn't want to be part of this team, take the bus to Tampa. I could care less. Stop whining you bunch of babies...

Great article Manny. This is coming from a guy that is on the Herald Recruiting video talking about Bryce Brown, how he's was not going to pull the same thing.

I don't think this really matters.

I trust Randy. After the vast improvement from, I think he deserves a little better from you all.

He mentioned on WQAM that he doesn't recruit according to the websites. Of course we read these sites, because that's all we have in the postseason.

UM got a lot of buzz early in the year, and these recruits may be Bryce Brown-ish to join the tidal wave.

Let's just wait until Signing Day.

Again, trust him. We have NO REASON to put this on Randy and crew.

As Joe posted, Cane web sites have been reporting that Miami never gave him an offer, which I find hard to believe but that is what they are saying. Feedback has been that he looked great when Fortson was drawing double teams, but since Fortson hasn't been at NorthWestern, Chandler has looked average. I have never seen the kid play, so I can't comment, but only passing along what I have seen in other sights. Hope it all gets clarified because you never want recruits to think that a school can pull your offer at any time if you didn't do anything wrong.

At this rate Shannon will have no players left to sign in February.

This sounds like the media is creating an issue by the waay they ask the young player leading questions. My reports say that he is still a Cane and I wish those in the media would stop creating these stories when there is no story.

Look, he's a 4-star from Miami Northwestern... everybody has offered this kid according to scout.com :


He can go anywhere he wants to, including Miami.

Trust me, losing him would not be a loss at all. His attitude is terrible and there is no way he will make it at any D1 school. He needs to grow up big time, he fights all the time and even the coaches at NW tell him "Todd your not gonna make it at the U acting the way you do." He's a lost cause, let him go someone where else and be another coaches' headache.


Brandon Willis is supposed to be visiting Miami this weekend and I think that is exactly the reason Chandler is rethinking things. (That and we don't know how serious the Canes were about Chandler to begin with)

Notre Dame recruits great!! Oh until they put the helmet on and run thru the tunnel. Bunch of soft kids who have been told they are great their whole lives and once they leave the nest they are exposed. Clausen arrived in a limo for his signing day, help up four rings and..............you know the rest of the story. Cant even fight..Nice shiner Jimmy..

Here is what I heard. He never even had an offer from Miami. They wanted to see some things from him this year prior to an offer. They weren't in contact with him because they weren't seeing what they were looking for.

Miami's job is to recruit so I never understood when players say why are you recruiting more players at my position. They would be stupid not to recruit all the players than can at a position of need. You can't come in and think you are good enough to tell the University of Miami coaches how to do their job.

Now, if he is a big time player like I have often heard from the recruiting services (By the way I don't think those services are worth the hair on my backside with these ratings) then he would be going to UF or FSU or Ohio State wouldn't he? USF? Puleeez!

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