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Bowden's retirement could affect UM's bowl plans

With Bobby Bowden headed out the door at Florida State, Canes fans were probably thinking this would help UM out in some form or fashion. Maybe not.

The Florida Times-Union reported Tuesday afternoon that the Gator Bowl, which chooses third among ACC teams, has decided it wants Bowden's 6-6 Seminoles to take on West Virginia (the team he coached prior to FSU) in the Jan. 1 Bowl game in Jacksonville. So, how does that affect the Canes?

It means they'll likely slip down the bowl pecking order, which begins with the Orange Bowl (which takes the ACC Champion) and Chick-Fil-A Bowl (which is likely to take Virginia Tech). That means whoever loses the ACC Championship game -- Clemson or Georgia Tech -- would likely go to the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando. That leaves UM, North Carolina and Boston College available for the Music City Bowl (rumored to be taking Kentucky), Meineke Car Care Bowl (which will likely take Pittsburgh or Rutgers) or the Emerald Bowl (unlikely considering UM played there last year).

We'll find out where everyone is going officially on Sunday.

> In other ACC news, Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson was named ACC Coach of the Year for the second year in a row. UM's Randy Shannon didn't get a single vote. Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams was named ACC Offensive Rookie of the Year and Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly, the nation's second-leading tackler, earned Defensive Rookie of the Year.

> FYI, for those of you who have asked, I did not vote in the all-ACC awards.


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that is crazy a 6 win fsu team over a 9 win miami team. i'll believe it when i see it.

Absurd, outrageous, and completely unnacceptable that they would take a SIX LOSS team over us or one of the divisional champions. Beyond absurd.

Kirby Hocutt needs to absolutely raise hell over this garbage. This team worked too hard to be sent to a lousy bowl just because Bowden is retiring.

If an unranked 6-6 team gets picked before a highly ranked 9-3 team, it just shows that the Gator Bowl should be called the Seminole Bowl.

We owe Bobby Bowden NOTHING. He owes US one for the 2000 season when he gave a free win to OU despite us having beaten FSU head to head.

How about he and Weis play each other in the Beano "Forced Out" bowl? All the hype of FSU and ND, none of the actual talent on the field.

And since the ACC and Gator Bowl no longer have a tie-in after this year, why should we do ANYTHING to please them? Let them be forced to follow the rules.

Quit your crying Cane fans and come into the 21ST Century of television. Like it or not, team selection for a bowl game is all about getting viewers and Bowdens last game as FSU coach trumps Miami's better record.

Think about what you are whining about - getting beaten out of a second tier bowl game by Bobby Bowden's appeal. How far the mighty have fallen - enjoying the fall?

I hope Bobby thanked Howard Schlennenberger as the man who showed him how football works in Florida. Howard, and then Jimmy were the originals, who let players enjoy themselves on the field and show some personality while playing the game and it's no coincidence that fsu really started to take off after MIAMI laid the blueprint for how football is played to this day. I may be a homer, but the facts don't lie. If u don't believe me, Bruce Feldman tells the story much more eloquently in his book.

Randy Shannon doesn't get 1 vote?!?! Absurd! Bumping Miami from a new years bowl to accomadate an underachieving 6 win team?!?! Ludicrous!!!!! BTW...Has the answer to the question which team will come back to prominence first (Miami/fsu) been answered yet? U know it has!

The bowl system is so corrupt it's not even funny. It's all about making dollars to the big wigs in charge of the process rather than rewarding the most deserving teams. From a business standpoint, it makes all the sense in the world for the Gator Bowl to match up FSU with West Virginia. Jacksonville is only a short drive away from Tallahassee, and you gotta believe the FSU faithful will show up in full force to be present at Bobby's last game. God I can't wait for there to be some sort of playoff tournament set up in major college football cause these bowl match ups being decided by who could potentially bring in the most money is absurd and disrespectful to the game.

sorry canes fans, the money is split in the acc anyway. so financially it doesnt matter. they know fsu will pack the stands to watch their favorite "fired" coach last stand. shannon and UM should raise cane over this crap.

I'd love to see the Canes come to Charlotte and play in the Meineke Bowl. You guys in Florida get to see them enough. I don't care where they send Bowden, we've done tormented him enough. If we hadn't coughed up games against UNC & Clemson, we wouldn't be worry about it.

Who cares We owe Coach nothing but the best damn games in the last 25 years. If God didn't create wide right I-III Coach Bowden would have ruled college football. I wish FSU would've gave him one more year. It's ok to give him one last hurrah. As much as he needed Miami we needed him too. Shut yo mouth and pay homage on this one. Coach Bowden gave UM and my chilhood the best football memories anyone could ever ask for. And out of all the heartbreak we gave FSU over the years they can send him out in style. He stayed and made himself a legend and should be treated like one. Regardless of wins or losses its the football memories that I'll show my lil boy. The games that show how Coach Bowden brought the best out of UM. from 84 to 2000 and you could make a case for the last few years as well UM/FSU is the best rivalry in college football. Much love to ya Coach Bowden. FSU will be good again but they will mourn the day they did this to coach. The only job that kept the man alive was taken away. No more loyalty in life.

Being a rank team national i believe it would be a disrespect if if don't the Gator bowl or higher.

There aren't too many things in life thatarent about money. Bobby even pused this issue more by asking that he play in a bowl game in Florida. Not only do the Gator Bowl officials feel as though if their doing a feel good deed for Bowden, but also it makes dollars and sense for them.


I'm having a hard time fathoming how such an injustice would be allowed. From a merely financial standpoint, the difference between some of the bowls we're being considered for is more than a million dollars in some cases! THAT A MILLION OR TWO THEY WOULD BE ROBBING FROM UM!

Here are the 2009-2010 bowl payouts for the bowls we're strongly being considered for (i.e. I'm not including the Orange, Eaglebank, or GMAC bowls):

* Gator - $2.5 M
* Chick-Fil-A Bowl - $3.25 M
* Champs Sports Bowl - $2.25 M
* Music City Bowl - $1.6 M
* Meineke Bowl - $1 M
* Emerald - $850,000

(SOURCE: http://www.football-bowl.com/bowl-schedule.html)



Never mind my last comment as I was just reminded that the ACC pools and divides all their bowl earnings among the conference.

So from a financial standpoint we're NOT getting shafted but definitely from a prestige standpoint.


We should not be in that conference if the ACC does not stop this. This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. This conference is a Joke, the ACC does not deserve UM if they can't play fair. Personally I would rather us play in a real conference like the SEC it is good business. It is good for the CANES. The ACC is a Joke.

If Miami gets the shaft and misses out on the Gator or Champs Bowl (they have no shot at Chic-Fil-A as VT's a lock), I'd rather see a return trip to San Fran and the Emerald than Charlotte or Nashville. At least the Emerald is a prime time game against Stanford and Gerhardt (lots of pub right now). Miami can get their 10 wins, visit some West Coast recruits, Jacory avenges a loss... Again, if we get the shaft - GO WEST.

Oh please! Don't pair us against one of those SEC teams.

Bring on a playoff system and screw the bowls. Those same old buttplugs that run around in puke green jackets so they can have something to do will just find themselves another boondoggle in the new system. so make the change.

Excerpt from NCAA Division I Bylaw

Bowl games that have a contract with a conference must select a team with at least seven wins if one is available.

If this happens it's clear that it would be against NCAA rules.

Quit your crying Cane fans and come into the 21ST Century of television. Like it or not, team selection for a bowl game is all about getting viewers and Bowdens last game as FSU coach trumps Miami's better record.

Think about what you are whining about - getting beaten out of a second tier bowl game by Bobby Bowden's appeal. How far the mighty have fallen - enjoying the fall?

Posted by: Frank M | December 01, 2009 at 05:24 PM

No, wrong. Miami's Emerald Bowl last year was still one of the highest rated games out of all of the bowls. Like it or not, but the rest of the country loves watching Miami, either to support or cheer against us. FSU has no appeal in players, record, etc. You really think that people are going to tune in to watch a coach's last game that has not coached in 5 years? It is not like we are talking about a player's final game. What the hell do you think they are going to have, a corner shot of Bowden throughout the whole game?

And actually, we are enjoying the rise back up. Which is why the Gators and their coward of an AD now refuse to renew the series contract. Do you really think they would refuse to reschedule us if Miami was not on the cusp of a return to glory?

well we better hope that GT beats clemson. Cause a 9 3 Miami would look better than an 8 5 Clemson. send them to the meineke which is closer. So it should go like this.
Orange: GT
Chick-fil-A: VT
Gator: FSU(definetly dont deserve this)
Champs: Miami
Meineke: Clemson(clemson or unc can go to either two)
Gaylord: UNC(clemson or unc can go to either two)
Emarald: Boston College
this i hope its what it should be. If its not i say start a riot!!!!

Hey Framk M why don't you go back to Tallahasee and join the Bowwow... Get out of this blog!!! All this stuff makes me sick... Why did we join the ACC??? Do not worry Randy, you still deserve a BIG Raise

Quit your crying Cane fans and come into the 21ST Century of television. Like it or not, team selection for a bowl game is all about getting viewers and Bowdens last game as FSU coach trumps Miami's better record.

Think about what you are whining about - getting beaten out of a second tier bowl game by Bobby Bowden's appeal. How far the mighty have fallen - enjoying the fall?

Posted by: Frank M | December 01, 2009 at 05:24 PM


Actually, Miami outdraws nearly every other team in terms of TV viwership. 3 of the top 5 games in terms of TV viewership featured Miami, even last year's Emerald Bowl was one of ESPN's top viewership rated games. All of those games were in the 21st century, and this has been documented on ESPN.

Canes fell awhile ago and are now on their way back up. The UFelony is soon to experience the fall, with all of the nation happy to stomp them on the way down.

Gator Bowl can't take FSU - there's an ACC rule that teams must be within one loss of each other in conference for a team to be passed up (unless the team agrees to be passed up, which seems unlikely). So a two-loss ACC team can't be jumped for a four-loss team. FSU could go to Champs though. Clemson, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech will fill first three slots (including BCS) over FSU - so that covers Atlanta and Gator. Gator could pick UM over Virginia Tech or Clemson if it wanted to.
Clemson, Georgia Tech Or Virginia Tech Would Have To Give Up It Spot For FSU To Get The Gator Bowl Per The ACC

manny is stirring th pot- then we get all worked up and hw censors us./ Nice Manny and herald. Wht is this the kremlin?

This is a disgrace to the game of football, as we not only won more games than FSU, but we also beat them! We should be in either the Gator or Champs Bowl...

Let's just go get some of those FSU recruits!!! They can have the better bowl game.

nothing wrong with a canes team that feels slighted. 2000 hurricanes being passed up for championship anyone?

So lets say JoePa goes 6-6 in his final year...Now they have a gripe to get into the Rose Bowl....Pure Insanity!

College football tournament will never happen until the smaller conferences pull out of the NCAA, form their own league, and institue a playoff.

Like any of you were going to the bowl game anyway.

These are the breaks given the system we've got. All we had to do was not lose to Clemson and UNC and we wouldn't be having this conversation. Get into a BCS bowl and we don't have to worry about fickle bowl selection committees.


i couldn't have said it better myself.

This is a disgrace for college football...

Quit your crying Cane fans and come into the 21ST Century of television. Like it or not, team selection for a bowl game is all about getting viewers and Bowdens last game as FSU coach trumps Miami's better record.

Think about what you are whining about - getting beaten out of a second tier bowl game by Bobby Bowden's appeal. How far the mighty have fallen - enjoying the fall?

That is why we need a playoff system and the bowl system sucks. Like it or not it does all come down to money and the stupid sheep in Tallahassee will not travel further than Jacksonville to watch Bobby go bye bye (and finish 2nd to Jo Pa). However they will fill the Gator Bowl (ironic, going to a bowl named after a team that just whupped your butts). But seriously, its gonna be pretty sweet to see Bubby get his butt spanked again, but this time by a much better West Virgina team. Nice way for him to go out, with a loss to a team he used to coach and a 6-7 losing season instead of going to a winnable bowl and possibly going out with at least a salvagable winning 7-6 record.

A bowl other then a bcs bowl is crap anyways, where ever we go its a scrimmage for next year.

Bobby Bowden screws up, gets fired for years of non-performance, and we get penalized for it? The final insult - dadgum Bobby lies, cheats, and steals his way via the Lifetime Achievement award into a bowl game that UM deserves. I hope he chokes on his victory lap, and fades into obscurity.

Ok, I get people want to watch BB coach his last game...


I guess it really doesn't matter what you do on the field anymore, and is a reason why Congress should jump in.

We have a 2 loss LSU team play in a National Championship and now this.

I can't wait to see if this happens, and how much those TV ratings will drop as soon as FSU is losing by 21 in the 1st quarter. LMBO!!!



Hey - let all this be motivation for the U for next year. No vote for Shannon, passed up for FSU - it oughta piss 'em off and result in really hard work off-season.

This is actually a good thing ... The whole nation will get to see how much of a POS team FSU has ... Buba will go out with a loss and a losing record 6-7 ... The recruits will see in how much disarray the team is in and will choose to go elsewhere ... West Virginia will run all over this FSU team ...

The only recruit I wish we'd go after is WR DeJoshua Johnson .. other then that I don't see anyone worth taking a look at ...

Oh and Ms. Frank M ... UM owns 4 out of the 6 most watched regular season games in the history of College Football .. We're always a good draw for TV viewers ...

Regardless of the crap bowl we go to .. We are in much better shape then FSwho ... We'll finish 10-3 and they'll finish 6-7 ... hahahahaha


I totally agree with you...a 6 and 6 team playing on new years day!!! Completly disrespecting much better teams with much better records!!!

the only thing sweeter if the gator bowl does in fact take FSU is for WV to trounce them let's see what happens nothing is set in stone as of yet it's reports from so called newspapers if it happens so be it and bowden's team getting creamed would be great so the gator bowl looks stupid and so does FSU that would be the perfect send off I have nothing against FSU or it's coach but that would be a ginormous shaft job. Let's see what happens.


Bowls are based on money and revenue...location is a factor too...UM is not a draw even at nine wins because they won't bring as many fans as FSU...no superstar player, coach or circumstance...For the Hurricanes to get the big New Year's Day and post-New Year's Day bowls they have to be at least Top 10. In the 80s a big reason UM was selected by the Orange Bowl is that they would fill seats with a fan base...and they chose a team like Nebraska or Oklahoma that has travelling fans. The FSU fans will travel a few hours to see that game, and West Virginia has travelling fans too...they story behind it makes it a good draw...Don't worry a 10 or 11 win team next season, Top 10 will get a major draw...Part of the blame too goes to UM for not marketing the players and the program nationwide...A true champion will not be reached in college football until there is a playoff system

Very surprised that Randy didn't even get 1 vote for ACC Coach of the Year. Did he deserve to win it? I don't think so at this time, but he did deserve to at least be recognized by 1 vote. No doubt in my mind Ryan Williams deserved the Rookie of the Year award.

Now to the bowl games...I'm really hoping that this is all just rumor, because I want Miami in that game in JAX. I would be able to make it to that game from MD, but that's about the only one that I could attend. So yes I'm being selfish. But I agree that it's terrible if they take a 6-6 team over 9-3. I mean, is Orlando that far away from Tallahassee?

Is anyone sick to their stomach of the bowl games we are getting? Can u imagine having to play Kentucky? What a horrible bowl. This bowl system is boring and absurd. Anyone for it is a joke. Here is my system: we keep the bowls, but they are the play off games. Top thirty two teams go, first round sixteen games are the sixteen worst bowls (like the motor city bowl). Then the sweet sixteen play in the better bowls, the great 8 play in the big ones with the championship rotating like it does now. U keep the bowl system so everyone gets there money, the only teams that lose out in this system are the 6-6 teams that don't deserve to play another game anyways. I have answers to for any problems u may have just didn't want to make this long

Calm down and listen all you who are all outraged. ncaa rules prohibit a bowl from takeing a 6 win team if a 7 win team is available for chose. so fsu wont be going to gator bowl. I know others pointed this out earlier but its true. As such fsu wont play in gator bowl unless ncaa changes its rules.

I'm not surprised at all Randy Shannon didn't get a vote. He isn't a good coach. His coaching cost us the bcs. On the other hand, Josh nesbitt for first team qb??? How the hell did that happen? He is AWFUL. Thaddeus Lewis more for sure. And I love my boy j12, but he's gotta see this as a huge disappointment. From heisman hopeful to not on either acc team. I get it though. Can't throw that many interceptions and finish off like he did. Hopefully he uses that for next year and we give the buckeyes payback!!!

We just lost Nix to Notre Dame, any news on replacing him with another D Line recruit?

Would anyone be upset if Miami changed conferences. I absolutely hate the ACC, ever since Miami got there its been a joke of a conference. The divisions are ridiculous. There is no reason a Florida State should not reach the division title every year. Can you imagine if Georgia Tech, Miami, or VT were on that side. On top of that if they allow the Gator Bowl to select FSU that would just reward a team and school for no reason. I understand its about money but Florida State couldnt even fill up their own stadium after the 2nd home game of the year.

Some one fire Dennis Erickson at ASU. That way he can retire, and we can play ASU in some ill-conceived/arrranged nastalgic Bowl game in Tuscon or Tempe.

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