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Bowden's retirement could affect UM's bowl plans

With Bobby Bowden headed out the door at Florida State, Canes fans were probably thinking this would help UM out in some form or fashion. Maybe not.

The Florida Times-Union reported Tuesday afternoon that the Gator Bowl, which chooses third among ACC teams, has decided it wants Bowden's 6-6 Seminoles to take on West Virginia (the team he coached prior to FSU) in the Jan. 1 Bowl game in Jacksonville. So, how does that affect the Canes?

It means they'll likely slip down the bowl pecking order, which begins with the Orange Bowl (which takes the ACC Champion) and Chick-Fil-A Bowl (which is likely to take Virginia Tech). That means whoever loses the ACC Championship game -- Clemson or Georgia Tech -- would likely go to the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando. That leaves UM, North Carolina and Boston College available for the Music City Bowl (rumored to be taking Kentucky), Meineke Car Care Bowl (which will likely take Pittsburgh or Rutgers) or the Emerald Bowl (unlikely considering UM played there last year).

We'll find out where everyone is going officially on Sunday.

> In other ACC news, Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson was named ACC Coach of the Year for the second year in a row. UM's Randy Shannon didn't get a single vote. Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams was named ACC Offensive Rookie of the Year and Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly, the nation's second-leading tackler, earned Defensive Rookie of the Year.

> FYI, for those of you who have asked, I did not vote in the all-ACC awards.


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Let Bowden have his bowl game, not that big a deal. We shouldn't be slumming it in these bowls anyway...which leads to my next point.

You guys think Randy Shannon deserves coach of the year? 3 reasons why he doesn't:

1. We had the talent to play much better this season. Did you see what we did to Georgia Tech and the coach of the year.

2. Poor game management. Too bad there's no award for wasting time outs.

3. We're not playing in the championship this weekend.


UM administration better step up and make an issue of this. 9-3 and no reward...Moving to the ACC has been nothing but a disaster for Miami...is it too late to go back and dominate the Big East???


If you think we're getting screwed, just wonder how Boston College and UNC feels right about now. One of the two are heading to San Fran thus screwing them.

To El Perro's comment for a playoff system. I think the closest thing you might get to that is to add one more school to Div I. I think there are currently 119 schools with 10 conferences. This includes the 3 independents. With 120 schools, the conferences would neeed re-alignment to have 2 divisions (12 schools)and each conference produce a champion. At least that is the way I look at it.

How did we loose Nix to a 6-6, coachless Notre Dame?

THE U has been a thorn in Bowdens side for decades. Looks like he may get the last laugh. THE U deserves the Gaytor bowl. College football is corrupt, demand a playoff. Somebody gets robbed every year and it must stop.

Just another reason why this bowl system is a joke. Hell maybe the bowl committe can talk to the winner of the ACC championship game and ask if they can replace them with FSU in they're spot in Orange Bowl while they're at it.

isn't one of FSU's wins against 1-AA Jax State? So they have 5 1A wins...how are they eligible for a bowL??

college football is a mess. we need playoffs

This is the team that the Gator Bowl wants over Miami?


Come on man!!!

How is it that If an 8-4 Clemson loses the ACC ch. and finishes 8-5, it would still be considered the #2 ACC team? How could they overtake UM with an 9-3 record and (if that happened), a better ACC record?

If Clemson loses,

#1 GT-OB
#2 VT-Peach
#3 UM-Gator

'nuf said. Go yellow jackets

I think Miami should play FSU in the Gator Bowl that would be a huge tv draw and we could send Bobby out in style....Miami Style...GO CANES

Who is the clown who said Miami was falling? Yes, they fell after the '01 season but the past two years have been building years. Watch out for them in 2010 and 2011. FS-Who?

If we think we are getting screwed, just look what the ACC and bowls have done to Boston College the last few years. This is about money and we are lucky we are situated in a geographic area where most bowls are. How many Cane fans were there in SF last year? Boise before that? Bowls are not for rewarding teams for good years, they are for cities and sponsors to sell tickets, PERIOD. BCS is different as you have to earn those!!!

Ha Ha Ha...



What do you think about losing Nix? Hopefully we have someone in mind to replace him!

I hate losing 2 recruits after finishing up the season with a great win.

Go Canes!

I just read that the bowl can not take a 6 win team over a 7 win team, if the 7 win team is still availible. This is for a bowl who has a tie with the conference.

SORRY FSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just lost Nix to Notre Dame, any news on replacing him with another D Line recruit?

Posted by: MTX-Cane | December 02, 2009 at 12:26 AM

Because Nix slacked off this year. He is slow and sluggish since putting on more weight after his Jr year. That is one reason Miami backed off on recruiting him. I think that,and the attitude he took after giving Miami a soft verbal was kind of a put off. This isn't that much of a surprise, UM hasn't been coming at him hard anymore. He even said it had been a minute since the last time he had any contact with UM. I think this kid would have to drop some weigh in order to even think about seeing the field next year. Plus, look at who would be in front of him on the depth chart next year.

MAnny- UM didnt "lose" Nix- You media types should stop lending creedence to these teen clowns who play with several teams so they can go visit multiple schools, stay in hotels, and be wined and dined. It's a joke. Nix never wanted to play for Um, and in fact, he may even decomit from ND at the last minute- remember signing day is in february.

Therefore, 3 words- who the - cares. ANd He can go to ND- ND has had as good as good recruiting classes as Um the last 4 years. What's their record?

Who's their coach?

I agree with sammyhole

Bobby is going to get the last jab into UM- payback for WR1, 2, WL 1

payback for all of the gray hairs we gave him.

g-man, bruce feldman is a UM alum. he's a homer too. your point holds no weight.

This is the reason he announced his retirement before the bowl game, he probably made a deal to get a better Bowl for FSU . This will backfire becuase is very probable that he will go out with an embarrasing loss . On the up side the debate about the playoffs will be fueled by this. This may be a great thing afterall. Enjoy your bowl Sammy Nole.

Be glad canes, West Va would kick your butts. You can probably get by NW, the 6th or 7th Big 10 team. Nationally you are about their level.

Maybe if the canes had some real fans that would actually show up to watch their team things would be different.

Why doesn't FSU go to the Champ Sports Bowl? It is a few notches down from the Gator and it is in Orlando. To put FSU on New Year's Day is a joke. WVU is going to smoke them. Oh well bottom line if we had handled our business we would be playing in the ACC championship game this week and not worrying about second and third tier bowls. As for Shannon and coach of the year votes no way!!! He will have his chance to prove his worth next year when UM will be the favorites in the ACC and in the top 10.

How is losing the Gator Bowl payback from Bobby Bowden? They are all second rate bowls, so who cares.

I think we've prevailed over Bowden enough, so let it go.

This is what happens when you lose to crappy teams like UNC and Clemson. Let's worry about getting to a BCS bowl next year.

Don, very well said. We should just worry about taking care of business specially within our division. To talk about getting cheated out of 2nd and 3rd tier bowls is ridiculous. Just as FSU will look ridiculous on New years day. They will get slapped and people will tune out.

We've had a good year, we made lots of mistakes but we are still a much better team. Let's go play and WIN whatever bowl game is giving to us. Represent the U!!!!

Aburn is in a New Year's Day Bowl at 3-5 and they really beat nobody. It's about fannies in the seats!!

If "DA U" could just win the ACC, it would not be in the position of being jostled about in the bowl game equation.

Those talking about playoffs, what would that do for you, if you can't even win your conference? Just another chance to whine about some perceived unfairness.

Playing Kentucky is actually a good option for UM. It is one of two SEC teams, UM might actually beat.


I don't really care what bowl game we go to this year. Important thing is for us to get a good TV spot, play well, and impress our potential recruits. This entire bowl selection issue is really a joke. Its all about money. Fairness to the teams and their players? forget it! The biggest joke will be if Clemson beats GaTech and goes to the OB. Considering its usually hard to beat a team twice in one year, watch out. Personally, I think we were better off in the Big East and having the reputation to go anywhere to play anybody. Things changed (i.e. our take no prisoner attitude) when we moved to the ACC. Its like we somehow seem to play down to our potential.

the AD needs to step to the plate on this isue with the bowl.this team should not be happy with whatever bowl they get,they should get what they deserve.this is just another time bowden gets his but kissed before he retires.I say but him in a bowl with the CANES so they can send him off right,with another "DEFEAT"!


OK Here is how Manny explained it to me. He was nice enough to answer a e-mail I sent when I questioned this bowl issue.


It's pretty simple. According to Gator Bowl Association Executive Director Rick Catlett the Gator Bowl is allowed to take whoever they want because in 2007 they took ACC runner-up Georgia Tech, filling the contractual obligation to take the loser of the ACC championship game once every four years.

Because of that, according to their deal with the ACC, the Gator Bowl can take any team whose ACC record is within one loss of the top remaining available team. So, regardless if Georgia Tech (7-1) or Clemson (6-2) wins the ACC title and goes to the Orange Bowl and Virginia Tech gets taken by the Chick-Fil-A bowl (which is basically a done deal), the Gator is free to skip Clemson and GT and choose between 5-3 UM, 5-3 Boston College, 4-4 FSU, 4-4 UNC. They want the Seminoles.

The fact the Gator Bowl and ACC are splitting ties after this season is another big reason this is happening. The ACC is actually trying to get the Seminoles to play in the Champs Sports Bowl. But it probably won't happen. Either way, the Canes and BC are getting hosed.

Frank you should probably look at the ratings of the most watched college football teams in America. Love the "U" or hate the "U" the consistently draw the biggest tv ratings. Nobody will tune in to see FSU lose badly.

If this happens, the entire UM administration needs to take this crap conference to task. You're three games better including a head-to-head victory. This shouldn't even be a consideration. Football-wise the move to the ACC has been horrible. At least in the Big East respected what Miami brought to the table. UM should have taken the reported deal with FOX.

ACC is a no-respect conference . Miami should never have joined !! It will help us in Basketball , but we never needed the ACC , they needed us !! The 'Canes have to run the table next season....."BCS will have to take us over a 2 lost SEC team " we need a playoff system & it's not all that difficult . All conference champions advance ,,,, forget the polls !!!! Go 'Canes

Bobby Bowden retired about 3 years ago he has been just a figure head with no authority or idea of what's going on. I feel for the Noles because Jimbo is the main cause for their demise. He He runs the pratices, meeting, and recruiting which makes him responsible for their play. Poor Bobby is the escape goat while Jimbo will continue to bring down the Noles. He will be your Croker. At least The Canes have beautiful sunny Miami what's in FSU beside country and crupted government.... Its been real enjoy The Gator Bowl see you Noles in Miami next year for a good beating...

I hope the U goes to play Kentucky.They will be crushed!Go Big Blue!

Canes will do fine in a lesser bowl. After all, they are used to playing in an empty stadium

Quit your crying Cane fans and come into the 21ST Century of television. Like it or not, team selection for a bowl game is all about getting viewers and Bowdens last game as FSU coach trumps Miami's better record.

Think about what you are whining about - getting beaten out of a second tier bowl game by Bobby Bowden's appeal. How far the mighty have fallen - enjoying the fall?

Posted by: Frank M | December 01, 2009 at 05:24 PM

Hey Frank, who's whining here, we are asking for what our team RIGHTFULLY earned on the field. We know it's a second tier bowl because that is what our team earned. Someone who should have gracefully bowed out a few years ago does not deserve to bring a 6-6 team that he "coached" to this bowl. If Bobby was such a great righteous coach/man he would agree that the Canes shouldn't be shafted out of something they earned and his team did not.
By the way, who's falling? We've consistently risen since our new coach. What have your Semi-noles been doing the same past few years....
Who's falling B***H!

Miami would make a bigger statement if we said "thanks, but no thanks" to any out of state bowl. I'd rather stay at 9-3, keep our dignity, and send a message to the world of college football that the U won't stand to get shafted. If we're good enough to drive up ESPN's ratings with Labor day and Thursday night matchups, then we're good enough not to have to settle for bowl games in Tennessee or North Carolina when clearly, we have earned better.

I hope the U goes to play Kentucky.They will be crushed!Go Big Blue!

Posted by: e b hayes | December 03, 2009 at 12:23 PM

Is this post serious? You can't even beat us in basketball, clown.

Too be honest every bowl that's not a bcs bowl game is crappy. The
Gator bowl and the
Champs sports bowl is crappy. Canes fans should not be happy with a bowl game that's not a
Bcs bowl game or the national championship. We as canes fans expect more out of our team.

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