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Canes land Aquinas OL Linder, Barton

St. Thomas Aquinas offensive lineman Brandon Linder told me back in August that as long as there weren't any coaching changes at the University of Miami come December or January, he'd be a Hurricane. Linder stayed true to his word.

Brandon Linder Sunday morning, the 6-6, 290-pound left tackle -- and possibly the best recruit in UM's 2010 class -- told coach Randy Shannon and position coach Jeff Stoutland he wants to be a Cane. 

"I always liked Miami and I just wanted to see the other schools and make sure it was the right school," said Linder, whose other finalists included Notre Dame, Florida and Ohio State. "Coach Shannon and Coach Stoutland are just regular people. So is the rest of the coaching staff. They all care about each other. They're like family. That's what I saw this past weekend when I visited. And that's what I like."

Linder, a U.S. Army All-American and ESPN Top 150 Recruit, is rated the third best center in the country (the position he played his sophomore year) according to Rivals.com. But UM will likely ask him to protect the blind side of their quarterback once he settles in. Linder said his first goal at UM is to simply find a way to contribute.

"Every freshman wants to go in and compete. I just want to go in there and help out," Linder said. "I can see myself playing any position on the line. Wherever I can fill in and play faster -- tackle, center -- that's what I want to do." 

Jermaine Barton Aquinas, ranked the No. 1 team high school in the country until it was beaten in the Class 5A state semifinals by Bradenton Manatee two weeks ago, will also be sending right tackle Jermaine Barton (6-7, 290) and cornerback Keion Payne to Miami with Linder. Barton, a second-year football player, also called UM coaches Sunday to give him his commitment.

Linder said he and his two teammates spent their official weekend visit weekend with fellow UM commitment and Glades Central tight end Clive Walford and Byrnes, S.C. defensive lineman Brandon Willis, a Tennessee commitment. 

"They put us up in a nice hotel, went out to dinner, had a great time," Linder said. "We also went down to UM and watched practice. Me and Jermaine are just motivated to start working out and helping out as much as we can. Jermaine is a great player. He's got a great body, great athleticism. He's 6-7, 6-8, 290. He looks lean as can be. He has a lot of talent that hasn't been discovered yet. He's a great learner. I think we're going to have great careers."

Linder said he hopes he can convince Willis to join UM's class. The two went head-to-head when Aquinas played Byrnes in the regular season.

"Brandon is a great kid," Linder said. "I'm going to start talking to him now. Going against him, he's probably the best we faced all year. I definitely want him to become a Cane."


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Great Update! Secure the trench guys first and the rest will take care of itself.


Huge pick up.... Lawd knows they need help on the O-line!

Good stuff, Manny. Posting during the Fins game? That's dedication! Great news.

Awesome for the canes good news.

First Miami Northwest, and now St. Thomas Aquinas, Shannon is starting to lock down the "State of Miami" again.

Great news...Welcome aboard guys! Buckle-up, it's going to be a hell of a ride!!! Will the next millionaire, please sign in!

state of miami. Randy gets it. I am so glad, now the sam shields, randy phillips, etc are gone. We are locking down south florida. I don't see how willis can go to UT. Anyway, none florida guys are welcome, I think Anderson might be a grab from Ohio. I think the documentary might help. Once again we will be feeding the NFL top talent. Allen Bailey will be the next cane to go 1st round.

if willis is afraid of the depth at dl then he should go elsewhere. However, I think this kid might be waiting till signing day for a switch away from UT. Not saying it will be us but he seems like he doesnt want to go to Tenn.

Great news and sorely needed for the wars in the trenches!

Welcome to the U Linder.

That's right baby anotha top class comin in. We might not have five stars bit once I found out Ed reed was a three star I give no cred to the star system. Welcome to the fam boys. I love this kid linder. He's workin on bringing other recruits and notice he said he wanna come in and do whatever to help the team not come and play right away. I love this years class cause it has so much quality in it. I believe Nelson will be better than luc and payne will be better than joyner. If Coach Shannon can pull in S. Henderson B. Willis JR Ferguson Dunkley M. Harris Ivan any of these guys are jus cherries adding on the already made sundae. Oh and we wil get anotha commit at the UA game we always do.

This is the type of signing they need. Besides being a good prospect he is pumping Miami up to his other team mates and possible miami recruits.

This isn't a "prima dona" type recruit like we have gotten in the past. He wants to come in and compete for a spot as do many of the other recruits.

I've said in the past blog entries and i'll say it again: Randy is looking for team-first recruits who want to compete for a position on the team. He does not want highly ranked players who think everything should be given to them (i.e a starting spot). They may not be the best recruits out there (3 star players) but they are 5 tar team mates and will help this team in the future..

This kid is great because he's a five star center and a great team mate. Great job Coach Shannon!

Navarro, any word on what happen with Todd Chandler? If anyone knows it would be [_]......

Great job Manny. Welcome Brandon and Jermaine, glad to see that you guys looked around and saw that the best decision for your future on the field and in the classroom was right in your back yard at the University of Miami. I look forward to cheering for the both of you over the next several seasons. Go Canes!!

thats the O-Lineman equivalent to striking gold...

Thank you boys ( Linder /Jermaine ) for allowing the people in your community to have a realistic dream of a National Championship soon. We are delighted to be able to see you be part of Miami's PRIDE and JOY, future members of the Miami Hurricanes. Thank you. Thank you.you have alot of work ahead of you. But you will be winners, No Doubt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you !!!
- Vlady

Anyone know when willis will announce?
And what are the chances he will become a cane?

great news!

Great pick up! I love this kids attitude about recruiting others for to come in with him. This kid will be a leader in the future. I love it.

This is what we have been waiting for...Welcome to the FAMILY....


2010 Miami Hurricanes Football Schedule
Date/Time Opponent

Sat. 09/04/10
Time 12:00n Florida A&M

Sat. 09/11/10
Time 8:00pm at Ohio State (t10-15)

Sat. 09/18/10
Time 3:00pm gtect-md-nc-va = @ gtech (t10-15) or md/nc@home

Sat. 09/25/10
Time 8:00pm at Pittsburgh (t20-25)

Sat. 10/02/10
Time 8:00pm gt-fsu-va-duke-clem-md = FSU(p-t25)/MD or @clem/va/duke

Sat. 10/09/10
Time 3:30pm nc-vtech-gtech-fsu-va-duke-md = NC(p-t25) or @gtech/va/duke

Sat. 10/16/10
Time 3:30pm md-vtech-va-clem = at Clemson(p-t25) or vtech/Md@home

Sat. 10/23/10
Time 3:30pm nc-gtech-md-fsu-va-duke-clem = FSU/MD(unrk) or @gtech/va/duke/clem

Sat. 10/30/10
Time 8:00pm vtech-gtech-fsu-va-duke-clem = open or @gtech/va/duke/clem

Sat. 11/06/10
Time 8:00pm nc-vtech-gtech-fsu-md-va-duke-clem = at Duke(unrk) or nc/vtech/fsu/md@ home

Sat. 11/13/10
Time 8:00pm nc-vtech-gtech-fsu-md-va-duke-clem = @VA(unrk) or nc/vt/fsu/md@home

Sat. 11/20/10
Time 8:00pm nc-vtech-fsu-md-va-duke-clem = V tech(t-10)@home or @duke/clem

Sat. 11/27/10
Time 8:00pm USF bulls(p-t25)

what do you think poss NC run?

Good to hear. If Linder can convince the kid from SC to commit that will be even bigger after losing 2 top dl recruits in the past 2 weeks. LET'S GO CANES!

Great stuff Manny! Keep it coming with the updates!

I'm glad to see that we picked up a headliner with Brandon linder. This miami class of 2010 has'nt been anything to get excited about.I's a good class but lacks playmakers.I've been wondering if there's any chance that Marcus Forston plays in upcoming bowl game, does anybody know.

Two big "gets", especially since this team needs to strengthen itself in the trenches. This is a big win for the Canes...

Great News!! The more kids you can land from these top high school programs the better. It leads to a great foundation for the future. Hopefully, the canes will land a few more over the next few weeks.

What a great Christmas present Manny. U are the man. Thanks

Welcome aboard guys. Work hard on Willis. We need him too. I like the fact that Brandon mentioned that he wants to compete. That's what we're looking for. Hungry competitors.

Like my pal Mike B says, this staff recruits like a hungry dog with peanut butter on his tongue!

Finally, some really big guys to protect Jacory!

let the flood gates open

By the way Manny, word is that OL Seantrel Henderson may make his last vist to Miami. Any validity to that? Not only is he a fantastic OL, but he also excels in the classroom.

Good Stuff. Miami desperately needed some good news after Nix, Chandler and Dent walked away.

I'm still not impressed with all the 3 star recruits Miami is signing. Would like to see a couple 5 stars and about 5 more of those 3s become 4 stars.

The next game show on TV...

Your host... RANDY SHANNON
Special guests... THE MIAMI HURRICANES

Great Pick-ups. O-Lineman are definite needs. We still need lock down dbs, and linebackers. Go Canes!!

It's awesome to now head into Broward and do what we did with Miami-Dade Two years ago and take the cream of the crop. Hey LeMarcus Joyner do the right thing an join your teammates at the "U" baby. Forget that mess up there with the 'Noles. Come on join us or we will beat you.
Ivan McCartney join the party to.

Awesome news for the O-Line. Wisconsin is in for it! On another subject I'm a cane living up in Atlanta. My company has recently made great headway down in the South Florida area, check it out here: http://cbs4.com/video/?id=88348@wfor.dayport.com

We are hiring salesman and women so if anyone is interested email me at: info@helpwebtraffic.com


Does anyone know the name of the recruit with the nickname of "Sticks"?

Posted by: YoMan | December 21, 2009 at 10:22 AM

Sounds like crocodile tears to me YoMan! Now scoot along little guy, we's building depth's at "THE U"!

Go 'canes!

Grant, his name is Ivan McCartney. He is a 6'3 4-star receiver and he plays for Miramar.

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