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Canes land JUCO tight end

According to Canesport.com and InsideTheU, the University of Miami landed a commitment from Kilgore Texas Junior College tight end Chase Ford Monday night. According to both websites, Ford committed to UM after an in home visit from Randy Shannon.

Chase Ford  Ford (6-6, 245) is rated a three-star recruit by Rivals.com and was also being recruited by Arizona. Ford finished his sophomore season with 32 catches for 545 yards and was named the Southwest Junior College Football Conference's Most Valuable Player, as voted on by the league's coaches.

Ford is supposed to enroll at UM in January and be available for spring football. He'll be classified as a junior. 

His recruitment is a big win for the Canes, who obviously need tight end help with the loss of Dedrick Epps, Jimmy Graham and Tervaris Johnson after this season. Aside from Ford, UM is hoping to have senior Richard Gordon (assuming he's granted a medical redshirt), redshirt freshman Billy Sanders and Belle Glades Glades Central senior Clive Walford (6-6, 225) available at the tight end position.

The Hurricanes are also still currently recruiting Will Tye, a 6-3, 230-pound senior at Salisbury Prep School in Connecticut. Tye, a three-star recruit according to Rivals, has offers from UM, Florida State and N.C. State among others. 


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Manny... What's new with linder? I've asked several times and you haven't commented. Is he a silent commit?

good job canes. we need a TE big time.

This guy is the next Jeremy Shockey.


hey Manny, how many ships can we possibly have left? We seem to be recruiting 20 guys for 3 spots?

This is really good news, the Canes offense relies heavily on tight ends who can run and catch. I wish Chase the best of luck in trying to continue the legacy of great tight ends to play for the U.

thats what up

oh man this is great. we desperately need help at that position. i'm so excited to these young canes grow up and coach Whipple have a full year with them. j12 for Heisman next year. i said he's going to be better than tebow when he finished.

how about a big recruiting update manny!
c'mon man!


Jeremy shokey 2, anyone?

good addition to the class

you dont build a program through JUCO's. this seems desperate and tells me they dont have a chance at landing younger and more talented TE prospects.

Can't wait to see what this kids got. You can't replace a Jimmy Graham though.

Good get. Looks like the guy can play. He seems like more of a recieving tightend. Manny do you know what his tendency is?

Just a reminder...Kilgore is more famous for its women's drill team kick line at half time than their football team. Lets just hope Ford is better at catching passes than making passes at the marching band drill team members.

What about Thomas out of California, are they still recruiting him?

Chase Ford! welcome to the U!

So Bowden got his gold watch and hearty handshake, we get a warmup for the OSU game.

And we get a Jeremy Shockey JUCO type to make sure that next year we have a TE that won't drop the ball when it is wet like Graham did.

And the lack of Gator trolling means this is gonna be a great offseason and great 2010 for the Canes.

First, WOO HOO. Thanks for the info Manny. God knows we need a TE, and hopefully this kid will pan out. Now if we could just get some OL recruits, we'll be rocking.


Great news; thanks Manny. Is there any chance during this brief lull in the action that you can get Coach Shannon to reveal to you a synopsis of what positions they deem "a must" and what key players they're recruiting hard as it all winds down? Is there any magic number in total recruits where the U says we're done; we can't take any more recruits?

Go Will Tye...Hope you pick the Canes make Sarum proud and the U. Congrads on your great season.

Nice...JH and Whipple need a full arsenal of receivers to pick apart opposing secondaries next year!

I like the idea that the "man himself", Randy Shannon, is making the recruiting rounds while the players concentrate on final exams. When he walks into a recruit's living room, with Miami showing marked improvement over a three year stretch, a 9-3 record, on the cusp of a warm-weather bowl, and a potential national championship run in the near years, that in itself says a lot and would be hard for any recruit to turn down.

Another little mentioned benefit of playing for the U is media exposure in Miami. I don't think any recruit or player anywhere is going to get the media exposure that these players get thanks to the Herald. We have like three, sometimes four or five writers, reporters, and what-not, working the Miami Hurricanes "exclusively". That's almost a hidden benefit.

This is a big get! The last JUCO tight end we got worked out pretty well for us (Shockey was the last one right?). Another big tight end from big 12 country. I even like his name.

Anyone have access to insidetheu? They have an article up about the 5 most important outstanding Cane recruits. Would love to see their thoughts? Manny who do you think are the 5 most important? Anyone else want to chime in?

first people

Thanks Manny. They need that depth at TE, all can't be five star players.

Just meet the needs you have to meet, and I think Shannon is doing a good job of that.

I think our last JUCO recruit was JS, I think we all enjoyed how that turned out. Welcome to THE U!!!!!

JUCO recruits are a good way to put a Band-Aid on a more serious problem. If you do not have anyone now ready to contribute, this will again be a need area next season.

Happy Holiday's Manny

I would say this commitment will probably end the recruitment of Tye.

Good looks like TE has been addressed. That was a key area for next season.



Thanks for the updates on the newest Canes recruits.

Since the only way to really communicate with Shannon is through understanding his actions, I think he is stating that he is in a win now mentality with a JUCO signing. That would be the first time in 4 years, coincidentally it is a contract year....

Time to RELOAD!!

InsidutheU Recruit Wish List:

Recruit wish list
1. Linder (hard nose player from a winning program needed on the OL)
2. Willis Wright (Downright athlete projected to be solid at WR, OLB, or S we need that versatility.)
3. Corey Lemonier (straight beast playmaker a natural freak to pad the DL)
4. Michaelee Harris (Pretty local dude from NW playmaker knows what it means to be from the area and produce at the U)
5. A kicker of some sort Bosher is leaving after next year we need someone ready to pick up the slack.

Do you agree?

IMO, Linder is a must! I think we are fine with one receiver instead of two. as to which one, I don't know. Lemonier is a beast and would be an important get. Hopefully Hopfinger or Diaz walk on to kick and save us a spot. Anyway, that would leave two more spaces. I would say C. Jones (or Shirley) should be a priority. Lastly, I would rather have another OL to build depth there, i.e. someone like Kouandjio.

That is:
1. Linder
2. Lemonier
3. C. Jones (or Shirley)
4. A reciever
5. Kouandjio

Well we need T.E.'s bad but what about the Thomas kid from Cali, he says he's a life long Cane's fan? We also need to replace Nix and hopefully it will be Ferguson, we have enough tweener recruits (3-stars)!

Don't know much about this young man. Hope he is a diamond in the rough like Shockey.

UM has to win against W. Hopefully big. PLyers take notice- this is THE stepping stone for next year. Seniors- Your NFL chances may hinge on your performance in this nationally televised game.

UM wins big,and I'm talking ranked 6th in the country at least, next year. That, my friends, is the ticket to the 6th NC. The ticket will require several stamps, including one at Ohio State, at Georgia Tech and against Virginia Tech.

Manny- any word on the potential "projections" for javarris james?

Any solid word on the juniors who could go? Has anyone definitely said NO or yes to going for the NFL?

Any word on the Randy Shannon contract?

Any word on possible other QB recruits? (2 are not enough)

Any word on Linder?

Any word on Whipple?

Shockey II??

Manny what about four star tight end Christian Thomas from Palmdale,CA? He said that UM was his dream school and according to Canesport UM officially offered him a scholarship recently. He is being recruited by USC and UCLA. Do we have a chance to get him?

sounds good to me, don't know anything about the kid so in shannon we trust.

Now a couple of o-linemen and we are set. GOOO! CANES!

Welcome to "The U" Chase! What's your ring size?

Go 'canes!

you dont build a program through JUCO's. this seems desperate and tells me they dont have a chance at landing younger and more talented TE prospects.

Posted by: ooster | December 09, 2009 at 01:41 AM

Sometimes I think you just say things to upset people. You know we got Shockey from a Juco. Was that a desperate move?? If you dont have ANY upper classmen TE's wouldnt it be wise to go after one of the best Juco TE's. A guy thats already physically developed and has played some college ball. Desperate? Ypu're desperate for attention. Butt Munch.


Hey everyone...this kid is from my hometown.Watched him play his high school ball.You will be LOVING him next year! A Absolutely Awesome Pass Catching Tight End!
U will not be disapointed! Chase Ford is a BALLER!!

I like this signing. Clearly, we need to fill all our holes if we are going to make a run at a national title. Bringing in someone with maturity at this most important position makes a lot of sense. Good job recruiting guys.

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