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Canes lose another top recruit DT Louis Nix

University of Miami coach Randy Shannon has always said he doesn't buy into early commitments if players continue to take visits to other schools. He's compared it to be engaged to one woman while dating another. If that's the case, Jacksonville Raines defensive tackle Louis Nix (6-3, 318) just dumped UM for Notre Dame.

Louis NixNix, considered an ESPN Top 150 recruit and the seventh best defensive tackle in the country, had been flirting with the Irish since he first gave UM a "commitment" a year ago. He attended one of Notre Dame's summer camps in June and officially visited for its game against Michigan State in September. Then, he followed up with an unofficial visit for the USC game in mid-October.

Raines coach Deran Wiley said Wednesday morning he thinks Nix "won't be going back to the Canes" and is "really done with recruiting." Raines teammate Tavadis Glenn, a 6-5, 297-pound lineman, is still committed to UM. Wiley has said he thinks Glenn, who could end up playing on either side at UM, will stick to his word.

"Louis was a shock to me," Wiley said. "But I guess that's part of the recruiting world. To be honest with you, it's going to be boom or bust. I guess it's something totally different than what he's been around. As his coach, I have to support him."

> The Hurricanes are still chasing Hialeah High defensive end Corey Lemonier (6-4, 221) and Hargrave Military Academy's Ego Ferguson (6-3, 272). Ferguson told Canesport earlier this week Miami was in the running for his final visit.

Lemonier's coach Mark Berman said Wednesday morning the Hurricanes were in the top four for Lemonier along with Tennessee, Auburn and Florida State. Lemonier will take his final visit this weekend to LSU. "To be honest, UM has always been part of the mix," Berman said. "They are one of his top five and they're definitely in the mix. I don't think Nix decommitting will entice him more. Corey does his homework and that will play a role in his decision. Corey is a young man who is very smart, very loyal and committed. If he makes a decision at any point he'll be firm in that decision. He wants to be firm. I think there could be a possibility after the holidays he could make a decision."

> The Canes are down to 23 commitments in their class. Last week, they lost Glades Central safety/receiver Greg Dent to Florida State. UM recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt said in September the Hurricanes were looking to sign between 23-25 players in its next class.


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Are kids seeing something they're not liking? or are these kids seeing they might not get instant playing time next season? Could this just be the weeding out of the kids who dont want to compete?

I knew he was a snake. Oh well. Go up there and freeze, and have fun losing 5 games per year. You weren't built for Da []_[]

By the way he looks, he might not pass the requirements to get into ND anyway.

not good we needs lots of triple cheeseburger guys on both sides of the line

This sucks we could have used a guy of his size.

O Well! []_[] FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

In this game of recruting players cant not be seen as commitements until they sign their letter of commimtement. As for Louis Nix I would him switch now then take up a scholarship from anothner player.

Their are plently of space eaters like Curtis Porter and Jeremy Lewis. I cant understand why he would want to leave a program on the rise like Miami fro a program is discontent like Notre Dame.

What they are NOT seeing is that FSU & Nortredame are in deep S---... If they want to be ready for the next level they have go to a program like The U!!!!

Disappointing but...this opens a spot for another TOP kid who REALLY wants to play for the "U".

I wonder if he will change his mind again knowing that Charlie weis got fired.

What's so dissappointing is that he was viewed by many as our top recruit. On the other hand he was waffling the entire time. I'm not sure if PT had much to do with it, but we all know good linemen are key on both sides. Go Canes!!!

Don't trash the kid just because he doesn't want to come here. Those that want to be a part of something special know that coming herte, they won't be handed anything and that keeps the tradition of excellence going.



I dont really blame the kid. Yea, ND is sort of in shambles right now but Miami doesnt really provide that typical college experience for these kids. Were lucky this program has won championships and has developed countless NFL starts, because who would wanna go play on a team that as nobody in the stands? I pray one day something can be worked out and the canes can move back to where the heart is with their own stadium.

I am constantly amazed by the decisions these kids make. If it were me, I (and I think any rational person) would see ND as being years away from competing on the national stage. They are currently a disaster. And if it were about playing time, if he is as good as advertised and came in to compete, it wouldn't have been a problem. But it is not about me and I am not making this very questionable (at best) decision.

Amazing... truly amazing. Good luck Louis... your're gonna need it up there.

It's all about playing time. ND's defense is beyond aweful and I'm sure they promised him a chance to play right away. Too bad their best Offensive players are leaving early for the draft. ND will be lucky to be a 500 team next year

oh well..lets recruit some more linebackers

this isnt a bad thing like some of you think. kids lazy and overweight and on film he doesnt look all that great. plus notre dame is where recruits go to die. we got the better of the raines duo in tavadis glenn anyway. im glad nix finally decommitted. can we please go for some TOP talent now!? aka, tony jefferson, christian jones, josh shirley, brandon linder, arie Kouandjio, christian thomas, chris dunkley, michaelee harris, willis wright, michael thornton. or maybe try to steal some guys from other schools like torrian wilson, joshua shaw, dejoshua johnson, or gerald christian. seriously miami, dont settle. go for the top dogs!!!

Someone please explain how Miami is getting knocked down in the ACC seeding for bowl bids. We are getting bumped down for FSU because of Bowden leaving. We now play in a crap bowl. This means Miami gets penalized only because Bowden is leaving. Miami beats FSU has a better record and this happens? This could hurt recruiting. Young recruits only see the fact Miami is playing on T.V. in a crap bowl.Someone has to object to this. Fans have to protest this hard.

This kid has been waffling forever!!!! We already have Todd Chandler and Tavadis Glenn and we now can focus on Lemonier and Ferguson. We are very deep at Defensive tackle. Goodbye Nix don't let the door hit you on the way out!!!

There's nothing worse in football than getting your tail beat and freezing while it's happening and that's what's going to happen to ole Louie. The school sells its self and those 6-6 seasons that come with it. Bottom line he wouldn't of got much playing time, if any next year, with all the peeps we have back on the D-line. Like I said there is one every year That has to play this game, Just like Patrick Johnson, & Bryce Brown before you< I hope all 3 of you enjoy it win we bring home the "SHIP" while you guys wallor in mediocrosy.

DT is a position we recruit pretty well. I'm not worried.

We'll have about 7 recruits enroll early, which count towards last years total. If we have a few guys go pro we should be about to sign about 7 more guys. From what I hear we also have a few OLineman as silent commitments.

Our recruiting should end with a lot of promising commitments. Especially with FSU likely to lose their last game (finishing 6-7) and UF losing Tebow and a lot of talent.

Miami will be the place to be at the next couple of years. You can come in and get early time, but you need to earn it.


Any word:
DeJoshua Johnson WR (Reopened recruiting after committing to FSU)
Willis Wright S/WR (High on UM)
Sean Tapley WR (Said UM was a 50/50 chance but friends with NIx?)
Kenny Stills WR (Will be deciding in next few weeks)
Ivan McCartney WR (Who knows probably between UM, WVU & UF)
Michalee Harris WR (Likes UM)
Christian Jones OLB (Would be a great pick up)
Christian Thomas TE (has Miami in top 3)
Brandon Linder OL (Was said to be deciding between UM & ND)

Any news that they will go after another D tackle hard after Nix de committing. Maybe Mike Thorton, Shariff Floyd, Calvin Smith, Jeffrey Whitaker, Brandon Willis

Not a bad thing. There are alot of quality defensive lineman on the squad right now. I say use his scholarship to get another quality linebacker, offensive lineman, or corner.

The kids that decomitted see the future in the sense that they will not come in and play right away. All true, but competitors go anywhere to compete and win jobs. Glad he back out now so they can go get another kid that truely bleeds orange and green.

Another thing about this is amazing. Notre Dame just fired their head coach. This kid basically changed his commitment to a school that doesn't even have a head coach in place. He doesn't have a relationship with the coach he doesn't know if he is going to like him or not. It is ridiculous!!! Kids usually decommit from programs when their head coach gets fired not commit to them. What a moron!!!


Here is why FSU can go to the Gator Bowl despite being 4-4 in conference play. According to Gator Bowl Association Executive Director Rick Catlett, the Gator Bowl is allowed to take whoever they want because in 2007 they took ACC runner-up Georgia Tech, filling the contractual obligation to take the loser of the ACC title game once every four years.

According to their deal with the ACC, the Gator Bowl can take any team whose ACC record is within one loss of the top remaining available team. So, regardless if Georgia Tech (7-1) or Clemson (6-2) wins the ACC title, as long as Virginia Tech (6-2) gets taken by the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, the Gator is free to choose between 5-3 UM, 5-3 Boston College, 4-4 FSU and 4-4 UNC.

The Gator Bowl obviously wants the Seminoles. The fact the Gator Bowl and ACC are splitting ties after this season is another big reason this is happening. The ACC is actually trying to get the Seminoles to play in the Champs Sports Bowl, which will climb the ladder next season when the Gator Bowl is gone. But it probably won't happen. Either way, UM and BC are getting hosed and passed up by an inferior team.

kids today want to play right away and the Canes are 3 deep with DTs for the next 2 years

Kid was a flake and flakes need not apply. I mean seriously kid was committed to himself. Plus word is Nix was lazy anyway. I mean when you hear the CANES arent' contacting their top recruit somethings up. Ferguson, Linder and other top lineman around the country now have a better shot. Its all about who wants it and I want kids who want to be a CANE.

If you want to read more about it, the Jacksonville Times-Union has been following the Gator Bowl selection process closely. http://jacksonville.com/interact/blog/garry_smits/2009-12-02/gator_bowl_is_on_solid_legal_footing_for_fsu_invite

Who cares. He's been flip flopping since day 1. We need people who are dying to play for the U. We all know that ESPN and Rival rankings are garbage anyways. (A.Brown)This kid thinks he's a star already. He's already buying into his own hype. CANES 2010!

Maybe he thinks Urban Meyer will be coaching at ND. We don't recruits that are not passionate about the U. Move on ...next!

Good riddance. First off, I don't want anyone playing for the U that doesn't want to be there. No idea what he's seeing (beyond playing time, which was promised to him by...?) but clearly the U is on the rise and ND is going nowhere fast. Really wild he would commit to the program without having any idea what the coaching staff will look like.

I'd be willing to bet he tries to switch back to the U but Randy won't have any of it.

With us or against us...give the scholly to someone who actually wants to play here.

What a stupid moop...you're going to program with no head coach.

Let the Gator Bowl take FSU...shouldn't be an issue for us. We share money with the rest of the ACC team anyway.

This is what happens when you lose control of your own destiny.

No UM junior should leave to the NFL, unless they really need the money. None of them are ready and they will probably make more money if they stay.

Thanks for the info. Manny. You are right. First FSU hoses Bobby Bowden by forcing him out and now FSU is saying that Bobby Bowden deserves to stay in Florida and play in the Gator Bowl because it is his last game. All the while FSU and Gator bowl officials are taking a good bowl game away from kids who have worked their but off to get there and to the team who beat FSU earlier in the year. Bad bad karma is being passed around at FSU. They will get theirs soon enough. FSU plays in a better bowl game as a result of forcing someone out of their job. Great example. Work hard yet still get hosed. GOOOOO! CANES!

Maybe he knows he will not be going to the NFL and getting a degree from ND will open many more doors than a degree from UM. I'm in no way knocking Miami's academics, but there is no other university on par with ND in terms of academics and prestige (except Harvard and etc.). As far as his talent, I would trust the coaches evaluations any day over rivals and all the rest. Look at Author Brown. He was a big get, but what has he done? He's not even that impressive on special teams. Bottom line is, there is a whole lot of talent out there, regardless of the star system and espn 150. Teams like cincy, boise, tcu, stanford and so on manage to win games with the players they have. Its all about coaching and finding the right guys. In my opinion, Nix was not one of the right guys.

Guys quit worry about what bowl and where. If it ain't about the nat'l championship who cares where they play. Quit worry about whose not in the stands to watch them play. They should be playing for themselves, their team & coaches and they should be playing for a big pay day in the pros all these should be all the motivation they need. We need to be worrying about finishing strong in recruiting because right now it's a little above average. There are some pretty big fish still out there to be had, namely lemonier, Linder(who I bet goes to N. dame himself) Thomas (we need a good T.E.) Ego Ferguson (who will help us forget Nix)McCartney, Shirley (we need all the good L.B.'s we can pull in) Harris and the sleeper Willis Wright. We need to the two L'S bad, LINEMEN & LINEBACKERS.

lol @ bashing a kid over this. Losers! If the kid chooses not to attend The U, so what! Hopefully the staff can find a quality recruit.

Thanks for the updates Manny.

Fans, him decommitting has nothing to do with the U Of Miami, its his choice. Period. ND offers a great college environment because its the only thing South Bend has, there is nothing to compete with ND Football there win or lose. The U of M is a small private university period. End of story which makes what they have been able to do in college football that much of a story with actual academic standards and very small classes. If will never provide the college atmosphere FSU, UF, UT or ND would. Kids come to Miami to compete, and get to the next level they know what Miami has to offer. They get a quality education and an opportunity to get to the NFL like so many Canes before them.

Go Canes..

So, will Linder follow Nix to ND?

Hope not, we really need more OL recruits.

Don't kid yourselves. We need the big man on the line. However, if you look at ND track record they do very well at recruiting top lineman in FL. What is the ND lineman recruiter doing that UM is not? Getting good recruits. Why don't we hire the ND recruiting coach and get these big boys on the CANE line.

The fact is anything less than an ACC championship next year would be a let down. Let's face the facts, it will by Jacory's last year and our best chance to get into a BCS bowl. So we need to reload now to keep the dream alive!!!

Let's Go CANES!!!

Canes rank 13th in ESPN's recruiting as of today. Hopefully, we can finish strong!


It's always nice to visit a cold weather place like South Bend, Indiana every once in a while. When you have to live, practice, sleep, and go to school in a cold weather town though, the idea loses its appeal real quick. I hope Mr. Nix packs his bags with lots of thermal gear and long johns, he's gonna need it where he's headed.

Yeah the kid decommitted because Miami stopped recruiting him. He was not performing up to Miami's standards so we let him go. If a University offers guys early then stops talking to the guys its the "SAFE" way of taking back the scholly. A recruit committing to a school and the school not honoring it would be a PR nightmare! Its sort of like getting a girl you are dating to break up with you so that you don't look bad. We have all been there right?

Before you read my comments, keep in mind I'm a huge UM fan, supporter and thrilled with most of the results this year. Now for the critique: Successful recruiting must be addressed as crucial. Yes, we have some outstanding players, etc., but the lack of depth -- OL, DL, LB, S's, is obvious. Each year we lose kids. Other schools look at our list of commitments and then pick our bones. So far it's goodbye to Dent and Nix. Who is next? If Nix was such a borderline commitment he never should have been listed. It's about character guys. I've been involved in recruiting and never have heard of a kid commiting the day after the HC was fired and a replacement unknown. We're being used by the web sites and the kids. Frankly, I'm tire of reading about kids narrowing their choices to 5, 4, 3, etc. I want to know the one's committed to the "U". It seems all schools are coming to S. FL to recruit and we're losing the type of kids that would be the future Vilma's, Taylors, etc. Some of you will respond that RS recruits will be built them into better players and that might be true but we need kids that can play NOW. That means 5 and 4 star kids and we have to beat UF, ND, and others in the recruiting process to get them. All of you that are up-to-date with recent recruiting seasons know we've lost quite a number of kids...some that transfer after they get to the "U". We NEED a top level recruiter to get the job done. If not, be reqdy to settle for three and four game losing seasons. GO CANES BUT RECRUIT, RECRUIT AND RECRUIT SOME MORE. God willing the effort will be successful.

No one should get too excited about all the 4-star or 5-star hogwash. The great U teams had a bunch of guys no one recruited while Coker was running all over the country trying to sign the ?-star recruits and he came up empty alot. Remember - they're judging the players by how they have done in games against the teams in their area. How many of those team would stand a chance against many of the Miami area teams? The stories of busts out of high school far exceed the stories of successes.

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