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Canes lose another top recruit DT Louis Nix

University of Miami coach Randy Shannon has always said he doesn't buy into early commitments if players continue to take visits to other schools. He's compared it to be engaged to one woman while dating another. If that's the case, Jacksonville Raines defensive tackle Louis Nix (6-3, 318) just dumped UM for Notre Dame.

Louis NixNix, considered an ESPN Top 150 recruit and the seventh best defensive tackle in the country, had been flirting with the Irish since he first gave UM a "commitment" a year ago. He attended one of Notre Dame's summer camps in June and officially visited for its game against Michigan State in September. Then, he followed up with an unofficial visit for the USC game in mid-October.

Raines coach Deran Wiley said Wednesday morning he thinks Nix "won't be going back to the Canes" and is "really done with recruiting." Raines teammate Tavadis Glenn, a 6-5, 297-pound lineman, is still committed to UM. Wiley has said he thinks Glenn, who could end up playing on either side at UM, will stick to his word.

"Louis was a shock to me," Wiley said. "But I guess that's part of the recruiting world. To be honest with you, it's going to be boom or bust. I guess it's something totally different than what he's been around. As his coach, I have to support him."

> The Hurricanes are still chasing Hialeah High defensive end Corey Lemonier (6-4, 221) and Hargrave Military Academy's Ego Ferguson (6-3, 272). Ferguson told Canesport earlier this week Miami was in the running for his final visit.

Lemonier's coach Mark Berman said Wednesday morning the Hurricanes were in the top four for Lemonier along with Tennessee, Auburn and Florida State. Lemonier will take his final visit this weekend to LSU. "To be honest, UM has always been part of the mix," Berman said. "They are one of his top five and they're definitely in the mix. I don't think Nix decommitting will entice him more. Corey does his homework and that will play a role in his decision. Corey is a young man who is very smart, very loyal and committed. If he makes a decision at any point he'll be firm in that decision. He wants to be firm. I think there could be a possibility after the holidays he could make a decision."

> The Canes are down to 23 commitments in their class. Last week, they lost Glades Central safety/receiver Greg Dent to Florida State. UM recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt said in September the Hurricanes were looking to sign between 23-25 players in its next class.


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Honestly, this just gives us more space to land a more highly touted Recruit on the Corner or LB as well as the OL position.

Dent is a football player, more than he is an excellent talent, and would not have been happy. Because, I don't see anything more speacial than Jamal Reid at WR, from last years class; in the event Miami was interested in allowing a kid to play both ways...

Not only that the kid only weighs 150 lbs; and he's no Travis Benjamin.

I saw Dent's highlights at receiver, he wasn't being covered well as most of his catches was in zone coverage...

On the DT spot, we're already solid; we're only losing Joe Joseph. i think Nix is looking at that more thatn anything, because he's going to have to fight harder for playing time at Da U vs Notre Dame. (same situation with the safety recruit we lost to USF last year)

We'll be alright, but I would like to see a headliner that's a sure fire star; not just someone with ratings because of a summer camp.

Randy, do what you do!!

Lets go Canes

Canes losing recruits to rival schools. Canes getting passed over by rival teams for better bowl bids. Canes are legends in their own minds, maybe they are watching their DVD too much. Canes going to the bowl they deserve, a 3rd tier bowl against the 6th best Big10 team, perfect fit.

Nix, I hope you have a great career at ND. Da U is where is at! The kid really don't look that great on tape. If we can get Ferguson, we're good. Plus, its DT sleepers in south florida. Check out the kid from Vero Beach. Come to da U and earn yo spot!

We just lost Nix to Notre Dame, any news on replacing him with another D Line recruit?

Posted by: MTX-Cane | December 02, 2009 at 12:26 AM

Because Nix slacked off this year. He is slow and sluggish since putting on more weight after his Jr year. That is one reason Miami backed off on recruiting him. I think that,and the attitude he took after giving Miami a soft verbal was kind of a put off. This isn't that much of a surprise, UM hasn't been coming at him hard anymore. He even said it had been a minute since the last time he had any contact with UM. I think this kid would have to drop some weigh in order to even think about seeing the field next year. Plus, look at who would be in front of him on the depth chart next year.

Posted by: sister fister | December 02, 2009 at 01:05 PM

MAnny- UM didnt "lose" Nix- You media types should stop lending creedence to these teen clowns who play with several teams so they can go visit multiple schools, stay in hotels, and be wined and dined. It's a joke. Nix never wanted to play for Um, and in fact, he may even decomit from ND at the last minute- remember signing day is in february.

Therefore, 3 words- who the - cares. ANd He can go to ND- ND has had as good as good recruiting classes as Um the last 4 years. What's their record?

Who's their coach?

Posted by: Jaime | December 02, 2009 at 01:44 PM


So, let me get this straight...

Nix was a Balla n Beast yesterday and now he's Slow n Fat today huh ?

Typical .

btw... That's 4 words Jaime.

That's the wrong link Manny.

Here's the correct one:


I've said it a hundred times. If players don't want to come here to play....GOOD! We DON'T NEED YOU! If U don't bleed green and orange before you get here then we don't want U. U DON'T BELONG. U DON'T DESERVE TO WEAR THAT U ON THE SIDE OF YOUR HELMET!!!!! We win with kids that want to be a Hurricane. Not one who's ego can't fit inside the locker room worrying about what can HE DO to make himself look better!!!!

And to those of U crying about UFelony getting 4 and 5 star recruits and winning with them; get over it! Once wonder boy is gone those 4 and 5 star recruits that aren't being developed will expose themselves. And then the grand entrance of Larry Coker when Urban Cryer pulls off the mask.

Are kids seeing something they're not liking? or are these kids seeing they might not get instant playing time next season? Could this just be the weeding out of the kids who dont want to compete?

Posted by: clearwatercane | December 02, 2009 at 12:24 PM

40,000 Orange seats Disguised as Fans might have more to do with it ...

One place on miami team im not worried about next year is dl. From jeremy lewis to curtis portor to michanor regis and the return of marcus forsten dt is a strength on this team. De is a strenght also if bailey stays. Miami lost a guy so what it happens in college football recruiting. Shannon gets most of the guys he really wants year in and year out. Randy doesnt put much stock in rankings. coker did and look where that got miami. miami tends to put more stock in there own scouting of players. Which is how it should be.

Manny... Come on, what do you hear about linder? He's the guy I'd like to see commit . Thanks

from eastcoastcane:

"By the way he looks, he might not pass the requirements to get into ND anyway."

what the he@# is that supposed to mean?

Let's not forget that other verbal commitments made to other schools will also waiver. Which very well will benefit Miami.

Well, good lesson for next year - get into the acc champion game or get what you get and don't get upset

The bowl system is corrupt needs a complete over-haul with a playoff system.

I only want "TRUE CANES" ..... either you bleed Green & Orange .... or you don't !!!! Forget the one's that don't come ..... lets greet and applaude the "True Canes" ..... Miami will win big next season & I see a team that could win it all! Go 'Canes

Sure, Miami's getting hosed big-time by the Gator Bowl wanting Bowden's send-off. But if the Canes took care of business by not imploding against Va. Tech, Clemson & UNC, no one would crying about this right now.

Stars dont mean a damn thing. We keep getting the guys we get and coach em up and we keep improving. Its all about The U!!!

Glenn is a better athlete anyway. Shannon needs to lock down Lamonier and Ego, though. Lamonier is the biggest pick-up must. Pass rush has been lacking.

Manny I told you when we were blogging on the Central-NOrthwestern game that boy was lazy and I didnt feel then he was much of nothing. Nothing against these kids here in Jacksonville but we dont have the talent up here that people think we do....Bottom line...

Good luck Nix. Your decision is confounding, but yours to make or screw up.

The U train will arrive as scheduled.

A last thought on Louis Nix and that is for some time he needed to retake his SAT and did so in September. Just maybe he received his SAT score and still didn’t qualify for the ‘U’ and rather than retake or go to a prep school he selected another college. This may have not be anything negative to the Canes, just an eligibility problem. And by the way we’ve seen this many times before, i.e., Malcolm Bunche and Prince Kent.

Manny....everything I have read so far indicates that the Gator Bowl and the ACC are both having a different interpretation of the within 1 loss rule. Meaning that the selection must be within one loss of the best team available if the Chik Fil A chooses Va Tech then The loser of the Championship Game would be the best available meaning that FSU would be 2 or 3 losses from the best team available.

Nix said on Rivals that he was committing to the school (ND) rather than a coach. No sense in bashing kids in changing their minds and in some cases it comes back to haunt them anyway (Kayvon Webster anyone ?). Norm4 just because you think the gators get the best recruits doesn't mean they are a fit for Miami. Kyle Wright was supposed to be a all-american QB out of california and he struggled for most of his career @ Miami. What I see is 23 verbal commits from kids who want to be @ the U. As for Lemonier, I was down in Miami a few weeks ago and I met a coach in the Hialeah High program and he told me that the depth chart was a big concern for Lemonier so just keep that in mind and if he decides to go elswhere that is one of the reasons why. Orange and Green, you have alot of WRs on your wish list but really do you think with the depth chart dowe have a chance to snag any of them ? TE yes but WR no. OL, DL, and TE are our crucial areas. GO CANES !!!!

There are many questions about the guys work ethic and attitude. Word is, the Canes had cooled on him in his recruitment, with Nix even saying he hadn't heard from Cane coaches in a few weeks.

Seems to me like the Canes didn't want to deal with the drama and moved on.

Well, let us hope that we end up in the Champs bowl against someone from the Big Ten... Wis, Penn State, NW,?

I would be really disappointed with the Meineke or Gaylord bowl, which we absolutely do not deserve!

In regards to B-Ball, Durand Scott's style of play reminds me of a young D-Wade at Marquette... I know it's early, but his style of play and athleticism are off the charts!


Why are none of my posts showing? I mean, I am on this blog everyday giving you multiple hits from work (when I shouldn't)... Yet idiotic Gators come on here and talk crap and their posts show.

Know who your biggest readers/posters are, as long as they keep it clean... Come on MAN!!!

He may be going to ND if ND told him Urban Meyer is going to be his coach.


Listen to all of you UM homers, now that the kid doesn't want to play for your garbage program he is a flake and lazy and not that good. When you thought he was going there all the UM fans thought he was great, now he sucks apparently. Face it, you are still a mediocre team with a weak fanbase and still years away (at best) from competing for a NC. Get over it losers. Also, I didn't see anyone up in arms last year when the Gator Bowl chose Clemson over FSU and other teams that were more qualified than them to play in that game. Its about money plain and simple and they know they will make more with FSU there than with UM and especially BC who is very far away.

well then bye bye, thats all I got to say, everyone that comes to the U comes for the simple pleasure of playing for the University of miami. You think jacory and all the current sophmores came because this is the best program or the best fit for them?? no, they came for the pride, and for the simple pleasure of playing for the U and wearing that U on their helmet.

I wish Nix good fortune in His football pursuits at ND. But I don't see the big deal in losing Him, He more than likely would've been redshirted anyway. If this was a draft board, I'd say that Willis Wright, Brandon Linder, and a TE with some upside (although I like Walford's potential) would be UM's priorities, everything else is just gravy on top.

MAYBE ND told him Urban WOULD be his coach?

A fantastic article on Pete Carroll's struggles with staff turnover. Made me wonder if assistants are more important than the head coach and how this affects Shannon and UM.


Manny... What's up with BLinder? Any word?

Top recruit's expect to play before pumped up fans in sold out stadiums rather than listening to the wind blow through the empty seats of LandShark Stadium.

A player can go where he wants. We have a few guys now saying we don't want to go to UM and fight to play, so be it. Players who go to UM want to be a CANE. They don't care about the $ 3,000,000 training facilities. Harris and UM will win a National title if not two national titles before he goes to the league. You can come and be a part or be a victim.

I thinks it's funny when a kid commits to a school with out a coach. Here in Chicago -aka- Golden dome worship center north everybody's worried that ND will embarass themselves by getting turned down by their first 3 choices and hiring another Bob Davie which is a step up from the newly departed Weis incredibly. So this kid wants to come here and play in the shadow of TD Jesus but I'm sure that he is taking a flyer on the way ND sells their "Domer for life" alumni network which could come in handy should he not make the NFL. I like most of u want kids that bleed Orange and Green and I really do wish I knew more about the potential replacement for his slot down in S. Fla.

i just read a comment by eastcoastcane and i have to say that it was one of the most repulsive things i've read. what exactly does "how he looks" have anything to do with his intellectual capacity. most likely YOU are the doodoo. you cannot be a real fan, because you're less than a person. we need better canes fan than that. in anycase, i wish the young man the best, sorry we lost him, but randy will keep us trucking.

2 all the canes fans nixs would have been third string dt or redshirted..A 2.3GPA DON;ST CUT IT....CANE4LIFE

Manny, please start raising hell about our stadium situation. We're going to continue losing recruits to schools that can simply fill the stands. Donna just bought a hospital and built a medical school, she can make sure a 50k seat stadium gets built within a mile of campus. Fill in that pathetic land-made lake on campus. Anything but Landshark.

I hate to pile on FSU but this is really, really funny.

Lineman Fail from Fail Blog


What's up with Linder? Any word?

What's up with all these fair weather "UM" fans?? Watch the documentary airing on ESPN and learn how the "U" came to be. We need competitive players that want to play at the "U"; we don't need guys like that Bryce kid that went to Tennessee. Sure he is a talent like many others, but you can not let an individual take an organization hostage. I wonder how Boise St., TCU and Cincinnati feel about all the big names that they never get year after year. All they do at those schools is recruit the best athletes for each position and then they teach them how to play to a system. So, Stop fretting about all these Diva's that want all type of publicity before they have even taken a snap for the "U". The time has come for Coach Shannon to coach the hell out of the guys he's got and continue to grow the pipeline for tomorrow.

Posted by: Manny Navarro | December 02, 2009 at 02:50 PM
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Manny, if it is at all possible, allow mod access to a couple of reliable subordinates, so that discussion threads can be more timely.

Again, thanks for cleaning up the Gator "U are NEVER gonna win" comments, but I would enjoy discussing the FSU situation with green and Sarasota and the other regular Cane fans, even if they disagree with my views.

I hope the NCAA steps in to prevent FSU from ripping off Miami, again. I doubt they will though. FSU knows that BCS stands for Bowden Charity System, and that the NCAA stands for Never (give) Canes Any Advantage.

Is Terry Porter on the Gator Bowl selection committee?

I can't blame Nix for choosing ND over Miami academically, however if he wants to further his football career Miami would have been the right choice. This recruiting process is getting out of hand. These young guys expect to come right in and start at a major D-1 school and not have to sit. I think they should rank their ego's first to determine if they are a 4 star or 5 star.

You got to remember, you only want young men at your school "that want to be there". Nothing less will do. I see why RS don't even blink an eye about early commitments, b/c kids waffle on them back and forth. The "U" will get those student athletes that want to come here and WIN BABY! Nothing less will do. GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe ND told him urban WILL be his coach.

Notre Dame does not even have a coach!

How is an empty stadium Shalala's fault? Look at the man in mirror.

Good point Tony, but actually Miami has scored higher scholastically then ND as of late (the APR score or whatever). Miami is up there pretty high and is no longer only a football factory. I don’t like the recent trend of losing our “top recruit” though, but I think this is more on the kids. Another poster said it ... who do these kids think they are (!?) that they are going to come in and start at a major D1 university. Rarely a kid can do that and if a lot (on your team) can your team probably is average at best (see Miami last season). Personally I would rather redshirt my first year! GO CANES!!!

I wish Lou well, but I think he made a spotty decision. I think EVERYONE (even our “enemies”) agree that Miami is on the way up and Notre Dame is a few years away. Even his coach sounded disappointed. He might never enjoy the BCS:(. Regardless, good luck brother!

My wife grew up in South Bend. There is nothing to the town and when we visit IN JULY it sometimes drops into the high 40's at night. My fearless prediction: even if Nix goes to ND, he won't finish there.

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