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Canes lose another top recruit DT Louis Nix

University of Miami coach Randy Shannon has always said he doesn't buy into early commitments if players continue to take visits to other schools. He's compared it to be engaged to one woman while dating another. If that's the case, Jacksonville Raines defensive tackle Louis Nix (6-3, 318) just dumped UM for Notre Dame.

Louis NixNix, considered an ESPN Top 150 recruit and the seventh best defensive tackle in the country, had been flirting with the Irish since he first gave UM a "commitment" a year ago. He attended one of Notre Dame's summer camps in June and officially visited for its game against Michigan State in September. Then, he followed up with an unofficial visit for the USC game in mid-October.

Raines coach Deran Wiley said Wednesday morning he thinks Nix "won't be going back to the Canes" and is "really done with recruiting." Raines teammate Tavadis Glenn, a 6-5, 297-pound lineman, is still committed to UM. Wiley has said he thinks Glenn, who could end up playing on either side at UM, will stick to his word.

"Louis was a shock to me," Wiley said. "But I guess that's part of the recruiting world. To be honest with you, it's going to be boom or bust. I guess it's something totally different than what he's been around. As his coach, I have to support him."

> The Hurricanes are still chasing Hialeah High defensive end Corey Lemonier (6-4, 221) and Hargrave Military Academy's Ego Ferguson (6-3, 272). Ferguson told Canesport earlier this week Miami was in the running for his final visit.

Lemonier's coach Mark Berman said Wednesday morning the Hurricanes were in the top four for Lemonier along with Tennessee, Auburn and Florida State. Lemonier will take his final visit this weekend to LSU. "To be honest, UM has always been part of the mix," Berman said. "They are one of his top five and they're definitely in the mix. I don't think Nix decommitting will entice him more. Corey does his homework and that will play a role in his decision. Corey is a young man who is very smart, very loyal and committed. If he makes a decision at any point he'll be firm in that decision. He wants to be firm. I think there could be a possibility after the holidays he could make a decision."

> The Canes are down to 23 commitments in their class. Last week, they lost Glades Central safety/receiver Greg Dent to Florida State. UM recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt said in September the Hurricanes were looking to sign between 23-25 players in its next class.


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If you're a CANE fan, but FIU Alum like me....Go to the link below. BIG GAME for FIU tomorrow against FAU OWLs.

This is a fun rivalry game, went to OT last year in a shoot-out at LandShark Stadium, and FAU won 56 - 50. It should be a high scoring affair once again.

Great tailgate village just east of the stadium and plenty of stuff to see. Come back and support your Panthers in the season finale.


nix is gone, lets get linder and barton at ol, c thomas from cali at te, another lb and db, and pray for j.r. ferguson who i hear is a real possibility, by the way im hearing at lb, j luc is out, but c jones is a real possibility, maybe shirley from cali as well, and last but not least torrian wilson de committed from stanford and the smart money has him joining the rest of the nw kids at miami, he is as good as linder, go caness (2 or 3 surprises are expected positive ones)we will be fine,Go Canes

oh and by the way corey lemonier is a silent, he will be a cane bank on it,go canes

Why are we unable to post. I've updated the iPhone app.

Long way.. You are wrong. Who the- cares is 3 words. - is not a word. LOL.

I still say, who th ef- cares. The 5 ships were hardly the result of theat silly star rating system. These were local athletes, speed, speed, speed, sprinkled by a few northern athletes, a pro-style attack, and bam! There you go. It can still be done. That goofy gadgety stuff that Oregon, Florida, Boise State run is beatable.

Nix can go to the catholics. We'll keep kids who are canes to the core. While some kids grew up cane fans but went somewhere else, we dont want those who half-heartedly are coming here. Be gone.

When will the haters like 305 realize that a 10,422 student school cannot and will not put 80,000 people in a stadium week in and week out? It won't happen. Build a stadium I say. Now they are upgrading the athletic facilities and that should help some. But recall, the orange bowl was already about 50 years old when we won the first one, and the old girl was already falling apart. Then came a 2nd, and a 3rd, and a 4th, and a 5th...

The rumors were Nox had a good shot at switching to ND, so who cares. I want kids who WANT to play for Miami anyway. Better now than on Signing Day. I'm sure the coaches planned for it. Dent wasn't that great anyway. The coaches are going after the players who fit what they're trying to do. I would like to see a stud TE signed. Either get on board or get run over.

Nizar, while I agree that a dedicated on campus stadium would be great, I can't agree with your 'college experience" argument.
The REALITY is, Most of these kids are attending college strictly to prepare for the NFL. I would wager they'd leave after 2 years if they were allowed. Sad, really when you consider all those who would love a scholarship to be a scholar.

Where are they going to build a stadium? There's room on campus, but the surrounding areas can't handle the traffic of a thursday night game.

A stadium won't solve the attendence issue, only a national championship contender will get the stadium filled.

It's sad to admit it, but most UM fans are bandwagon types.

UM needs to use money to improve the school...they've been doing great job with that for years.

Lower the academic restrictions for athletes, that will help. Of course that will also bring all types of issues with the law.

We want the kids that want Miami. Shopping recruits show that they don't. I fully understand their desires to shop around. They need to choose what's best for them, whatever their reason may be. But, give me the guy that has it in his heart to play for the Canes. He's the one that's going to give his all for the team and the team will come before himself. We want the kids that want Miami.

to all the people reffering to fairweather fans: for the record i never liked nix as a player even when he was commited.

Tony Campbell: UM ranked as the 50th best college in August's rankings (up from 51). That is huge. Average entrance SAT is like 1280. Academically, over the last 5-10 yrs, Um has made huge strides. It is one of the WORLD's leading research institutions. I see it if not better academically (yet), but up to par with F_U. Furthermore, as a private smaller school without state funds, you cannot even compare the two.

Kirby Hocutt- Thanks for starting to make noise about that Gator bowl Fiasco. But don't stop there. These Gator Bowl Mafia guys have to be shown that what they are doing is slimey at best.

Man, Can't believe I'm cheering for Alabama. Go TIDE

Agree w/ festivesforeveryone. It was a very mean-spirited comment.

I agree, I only want people at the school who WANTS to be there but how in the HE double hockeysticks do we lose any recruits to ND of all places? Good riddance I guess

I don't understand what it is about the top recruits committing and then decommitting. First it was Patrick Johnson, then last year it was Bryce Brown, and now it's Nix. These are the difference makers, and I don't like this trend.

An empty stadium isn't Shalala's fault, the fact that we don't have our own stadium is.

I am soooooooooooooooo glad UF is losing. I didn't know Wilson De-committed from stanford but him linder and barton to close out the lineman would be great.


ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ha ha ha ha aha hah ha ha ha hah a

The biggest bust in college football.UF not playing for the NC with a schedule that easy, with all of those players returning, with all thathype! LOL.

Someone please give teebow a kleenex.

LOL. Now, I'd love to see Texas lose, and TCU win the NC!

Go canes.

And to you gator fans: 5>3. Forever!

Bill Cower rumored to be going to Carolina Panthers....does this mean we lose Mark Whipple to the NFL?

Question Canes fans,

If Miami can't get the Gator or Chick Fil A invite, can we lobby for a Miami v. USC Emerald Bowl game?

from a Cane in Jax, I can tell you that this kid will not qualify anyway. He's bad news and the Canes don't want him.

Nix can take up the slack that Weiss will leave with the all you can eat late night buffets. Good luck up there..Rudy??

I agree about not "caring" about 5 star recruits....a 5 star recruit from Maryland may only be a 2 star recruit here in Florida...it's great to be great against average compitition...

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