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Canes to play Wisconsin in Champs Sports Bowl

After all that, it looks like the Hurricanes will get to play close to home after all. 

Champs Sports Bowl Although it hasn't been officially announced yet (the bowl announcements will take place at 8 p.m.), the University of Miami will play in the Champs Sports Bowl at the Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando Dec. 29 against the University of Wisconsin. According to reports, the selection process came down to a narrow vote between the Hurricanes and ACC runner-up Clemson, which has already agreed to play in the Music City Bowl in Nashville. 

The Hurricanes, 9-3 and ranked 14th in the Associated Press poll, haven't played in an instate bowl game since it beat Florida State 16-14 in the 2004 Orange Bowl.

The Badgers, 9-3 and ranked 24th in the AP poll, will be UM's first opponent from Big Ten since it lost to Ohio State in the 2002 national championship game. Miami has played Wisconsin three times, beating the Badgers 51-3 the last time the teams met in 1989 up in Madison. The Badgers, who won at Hawaii 51-10 late Saturday night, played in last year's Champs Sports Bowl and lost to Florida State 42-13. 

The Champs Sports Bowl began as the Blockbuster Bowl in Miami in 1990 and has since changed sponsors a handful of times. The Hurricanes won both of their appearances in the bowl game, beating Virginia 31-21 in 1996 and North Carolina State 46-23 in 1998. 


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Anyone else hate Bobby Bowden a little more than usual today?

i feel good about this?

Same here! And not as much as the Gayturds!!

I'm po'd at bowden allowing FSU to get a better bowl game.

I'll b there


Well, let's go destroy the Badgers then. Make America know, The []_[] is pissed....

This is complete BS... we should be playing on New Years Day!!! It is a disgrace to the game of football that a 6-6 team will be playing on New years Day...

The Gator Bowl made a mockery of college football with this decision and I hope that Old Fart gets his butt whopped by whoever they play!!!

Good now we can beat the hell out of this big ten time and let everybody know the storm is coming......FSU will get theirs against WV anyway

This is OK. A better opponent matchup for us. We're in the MIDDLE of UF country, so great for recruiting. A little more ammunition (as if we needed any) for next seasons UM/FSU destruction. Ponder will be gone.
We're lucky, as those clowns with the Bowl jackets are probably UF and FSU fans, and could have easily screwed us and taken an 8-4 Clemson over us. Lucky for us Clemson took the Music city Bowl. Of course, I'll miss seeing my beloved canes in person, as I live in the Nashville area.

I'll take it and I'm happy for the team, but I'm disturbed that FSU would accept a bowl they don't deserve.....if they do indeed accept. This is about players and what they earned, not the iconic coach and a big retirement party for him. I guess money talks and B.S. walks.

Also, we didn't lose that game against Ohio State. They won, but we didn't lose that game. Not nit-picking U Manny, cause I know you'd probably agree.

Congratulations Canes!

I hate Bobby!!! Lets Go Mountaineers!!

Whats the point...go 9-3, beat georiga tech, beat fs-phew, and we go to a december bowl and our coach doesn't get one vote for acc coach of the year!!! Thats why I love the "U",cause no body gives us anything. WE TAKE WHAT WE WANT...LOOK OUT BCS NEXT YEAR!!

I,m happy with this bowl, is close to home. Let's just forget FSU and concentrate on our Bowl Game, this is an opportunity for the Canes to make a statement. Let's go and destroy the Badgers and finish strong. No more bad vibes here talking about FSU or UF, those teams are irrelevant to us now. LETS GO CANES!!!!!

what do you expect from free shoes u....go canes

Let's all show up at the champs bowl and show the gator bowl committee what they missed!

FSU always getting something for nothing

Champ sports is cool. The At-Large bid was in our grasp but we let it slip away. I don't care that Bowden got a send-off win the games and you don't get burned. Texas got burned last year and they in the ship this year albiet a lucky ref call. Get over it already. Manny glad to see you didn't drop off the face of the earth. We should be able to take Wisconsin easy. The Big Ten is slow and they are great examples. On a side note I'm soooooooooooo happy UF lost and we got to see Tebaby crying on TV. I don't know about you CaneNation but I'm ready for next year. I really really believe we got a shot. We need Linder and Barton to help with the o-line. We can do it next year "THE U" documentary is gonna be dope. Its all premonition ya feelin me. Canes 9-3 record Anotha top 15 recruiting class and the coaches learning and getting better every year. And lets not the forget the most important goal is to win a championship with the kids doing the right thing with no arrest. Clearly we on the right path and Coach Shannon got us their. Thanks CANES for a great season lets close this out with a woodshed ass whoopin and leave it at that. Play with the mindstate of the guys representing Tha U in the past and we will not be beat.

DRE, i'd have to agree with you. that was always the one thing i enjoyed about the U, we never got the credit we deserved till we took it.

but, what a disappointment these bowl selections are. how did we get stuck playing wisconsin... bleh. aside from the 4 big bowls and NC game, they need to rethink their strategy. we should be playing LSU or Penn st.

and i understand the concept of FSU getting selected to a Jan bowl game. But REALLY???? what the.... why have any rules on teams they can select when they pick the 5th best team, IF that, in the ACC.... i always respected FSU as a rival but that just erks me. FSU dropped a couple notches on my respect-o meter.

but, on the bright side, looking forward to the matchup of UF and Cinci, i don't find it a stretch for UF to lose, just like i knew Ala would hand them their "explicative"

if they really wanted to send Bobby out the right way let the canes an noles play in the 1st game of 2010 then let him retire

we should have taken care of business...we didnt so here is what we get,,,and the 4th best team in FLORIDA gets a 2.5$$ pay day and news years day bowl....oh well..I got my tickets...all 400 Miami fans should make it...GO CANES

Here are the Gator Bowl Officials in charge -

Take action & drop them an email to voice your displeasure


Party up here in Orlando.... We should pack the citrus bowl with a sea of green and orange!!!!

all i want for x-mas is 2 loss's one for shebow an one for b-bow

Gator bowl officials emails
rcatman@gatorbowl.c om; cheri@gatorbowl.com ; erik@gatorbowl.com; katie@gatorbowl.com ; connie@gatorbowl.co m; releverock@gatorbow l.com; cmahar@gatorbowl.co m; tom@gatorbowl.com; leanne@gatorbowl.co m; gregs@gatorbowl.com ; brianr@gatorbowl.co m; joshb@gatorbowl.com
Let them know how you feel.

We need to make an example of Wisconsin on national tv and absolutley and utterly embarass them... No holding back Shannon!!

If we are up by 3 TD's, you keep sending the dogs and throwing into the endzone!

We need to send the nation a message that the U is ready to destroy!!

hi Manny can we get a in-depth break down of wisconsin vs canes position by position?

at first I was really mad that we got shafted terribly by the gator bowl and FSU but in a way this is the best bowl we could go to because it is close to home! all the true UM fans have to get up and go to this game and represent and cheer on our team. no excuses...it takes a tank of gas to get there and lower bowl tickets are cheaper than those to watch our team play at landshark. let's go and fill the stadium!!!!!! no excuses at all

How good is Wisconsin? Traditionaly they have a strong running game, and some big 240 lb (or over) running back. The passing game is typicaly average.

Has anyone seen them this year?

it is bc fsu can draw a crowd. um cant sell out a home game.

LET's go CINNI !! Gators sched. F.I.U. instead of MIami, good for them. Go BEAR-CATS!!

Who will pick out Dr. Shalala's outfit? Will it be that pretty Wisconsin red suit or something more Cane like?

One of the knocks Canes fans get is we don't travel well. Let's show them all and fill the stands. No excuses...we have a bowl game in-state.

Bobby shouldn't have accepted that bowl bid his holes didn't deserve. Its like giving someone an oscar for lifetime achievement but really hasn't done anything of substance in recent years.

this is fuel for the canes once again its us vs the world just the way we like this really prove to us how much they hate the u 4 a team with 6 loses be in a better bowl than a wining team thats a slap in the face to the whole city of miami but like they say pay back is a bit==

I am going and taking my son, and we can visit Disney World at the same time.



Cocoa,Rockledge, Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, Satellite,Melbourne,MIMS, Titusville,Cape Canaveral,


it is bc fsu can draw a crowd. um cant sell out a home game.

I guess all those empty seats at several FSU home games this year (USF, NC State to name a couple) were really disguised fans.

Even without a month off to heal there's no way we lose to these S-L-O-W guys from big 10 country.I expect nothing less than a blowout. After the team sees "The U" documentary on espn they will be ready to put on a show-get your dvr's ready fellas!

Canes fan since 85 and I am making the trip from Atlanta to see the canes for the secon time this year in Orlando and play some golf.. Anyone available for a tee time at Orange County National perhaps??. Email me Jason.Kane.2@gmail.com anytime during the week

I am going and taking my son, and we can visit Disney World at the same time.

Posted by: David | December 06, 2009 at 08:58 PM


**** Dan Murphy and his cronies at the Gator Bowl. He said he doesn't feel he has anything to apologize for!!! Whatever!!!! If it's like that then to hell with him. If I were Kirby Hocutt I would release a statement saying that The University of Miami will never ever play in the Gator Bowl again PERIOD!!! Either way it doesn't matter cause the next few years we will be in the BCS games and The Gator Bowl is breaking their tie in's with the ACC and Big East for the SEC and Big Ten. Good riddance Gator Bowl and again **** *** Dan Murphy!!!!

My 2 cents worth... Never realized that NCAA football & bowl games became a business to make $$$$. Better not let the Demo's get wind of it or there is going to be a tax placed on every ticket to go to a game. FSU should hang up it's cleats in disgrace. But you get the offer and you go. Wish them the best. Glad that Tebow finally tasted defeat. GO Bamma. (This done in my father-in-laws memory. Now how can we fill a stadium in Orlando when we can not even get a good crowd for our own home games. Give me a break...Go my fellow alumni's prove me wrong. Lets go team and one last item. When is the AD going to get down off his perch and re-new our head coach's contract? I think it is high time to do so. Thamks

We can't just win. We have to make it look like we're the MIAMI HURRICANES. BLOW OUT


How good is Wisconsin? Traditionaly they have a strong running game, and some big 240 lb (or over) running back. The passing game is typicaly average.

Has anyone seen them this year?

Posted by: NCcane | December 06, 2009 at 08:51 PM

They went 9-3 with there 3 losses coming to then ranked #9 Ohio St., then ranked #11 Iowa, and lost by 2 at a decent 8-4 Northwestern team. They scored ALOT of points this year. Averaging around 40 a game. They put up 51 at Hawaii. QB Tolzien(Jr.) through for 2445 yards with 16 TD's and 10 INT's. RB Clay(Soph) ran for 1396 yards with 16 TD's. He's 6'2" 247 lbs. He had 265 carries this year and ZERO fumbles.

Live in Orlando, thrilled it is here, third time in Central Florida this year, that is rare. J-Ville is terrible, we will all have more fun here. Tailgate is being prepared as we speak. Save money and have a better time.

I feel bad for bc and clemson. both of them had as much a shot at gator as canes. Cause fsu took gator bowl bid bc has to go play usc in cali and clemson is in nashville. Good news is i think this is acc's last year as a gator bowl tie in so send them the 6-6 team say adios and good riddence. Canes should win this one. At least canes get to stay in there home state. Oh and as for texas it wasnt a lucky call by refs it was a replay that showed ball hit with 1 sec left given them the time they needed to kick feild goal. Of couse if texas didnt pull a les miles they wouldnt of needed the replay theyd of just run clock down called time out and kicked it that way.

I am soooooo glad this happened. Mainly for 3 reasons.

1) This only adds fuel to the fire for nxt year as u stole from us now we have to take it all.
2) Let some of the UF recruits watch and wish what they can have learing a proset if they wanna go pro then much like Jake and Elwood some will se the light & choose the U.
3) Don't kill me but I don't have a problem with the Bowden bowl movement. It's par for the course and I think with as many wins and as much time at FSU he's earned it even if his team this year didn't. Congrats on a great career and good riddance to a rival coach. Like the flying monkeys would say ding-dong he's dead or in the case just gone.

I thought Ponder was a JR? He won't be back next year???

This is a great game for UM to play in. I was at the UCF game and about 1/3 to half the crowd were UM fan's. With the new bowl alliance with the ACC, the Champ's bowl is where we would go next year with the same record.

Hey lowercase dan and nealtrom, how many undefeated seasons has that "90 large" crowd at the Swamp brought UF? Just wondering!

Go 'canes!

Thanks for the Gator Bowl Idiots emails I already send my most thankful praises for such a fine decision ... NOT!! don't worry they got a chewing out the kind they will remember for the rest of their pathetic moronic lives. I would urge all canes fans to do the same!!

The canes must win by more than 50 and must win the BCS Championship next year. Its time the world Shows some RESPECT!!

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