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Canes to play Wisconsin in Champs Sports Bowl

After all that, it looks like the Hurricanes will get to play close to home after all. 

Champs Sports Bowl Although it hasn't been officially announced yet (the bowl announcements will take place at 8 p.m.), the University of Miami will play in the Champs Sports Bowl at the Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando Dec. 29 against the University of Wisconsin. According to reports, the selection process came down to a narrow vote between the Hurricanes and ACC runner-up Clemson, which has already agreed to play in the Music City Bowl in Nashville. 

The Hurricanes, 9-3 and ranked 14th in the Associated Press poll, haven't played in an instate bowl game since it beat Florida State 16-14 in the 2004 Orange Bowl.

The Badgers, 9-3 and ranked 24th in the AP poll, will be UM's first opponent from Big Ten since it lost to Ohio State in the 2002 national championship game. Miami has played Wisconsin three times, beating the Badgers 51-3 the last time the teams met in 1989 up in Madison. The Badgers, who won at Hawaii 51-10 late Saturday night, played in last year's Champs Sports Bowl and lost to Florida State 42-13. 

The Champs Sports Bowl began as the Blockbuster Bowl in Miami in 1990 and has since changed sponsors a handful of times. The Hurricanes won both of their appearances in the bowl game, beating Virginia 31-21 in 1996 and North Carolina State 46-23 in 1998. 


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Maybe the exposure will cause a recruit eyeing UCF, Troy State and Alcorn State to change his mind and become a Cane.

i thought you had to win 6 games against division 1(fbs) schools to get a bowl game. fsu only has 5 .jacksonville state is not d1

Our defense stuffs the run, We get the play-action going, Jacory shows out=10-3! Next year National Championship.

Don't feel alone on being "jobbed" we should be going to the Outback Bowl. Don't under estimate the badgers. We'll give you a fight. Hopefully we'll both show the bowls they screwed up.

will be there 4 of us.

It ain't Bowden's fault, blame the BCS. Either way, Go Canes!

this is a great game and great opponent for miami, I just hope cincinatti beats florida so at the end there will be 3 undefeated teams and the BCS looks stupid again, I really don't know how much longer the NCAA is gonna keep allowing this, the BCS seriously has to go, if it is fair and it works then why not get rid of the NCAA tournament (the dance) and the college world series.

The U needs to make a statement - a BIG win - to close out the season, wrap up recruiting, and set the stage for next year. But I watched Wisc v. Hawaii. DONT take this team too lightly.

Wisconsin is a pretty good team. We can use this game as a good jumping point for the preseason polls.

The Champs bowl is great, and I'm excited about playing Wisconsin. And of course we had our fate in our own hands and could have taken care of business and gone to a new years day bowl. But that does not excuse either the Gator Bowl or Bowden himself for allowing this ridiculous selection to take place.

I am no fan of Notre Dame, but they displayed a lot of class by deciding not to play in a bowl game this year. They underachieved, fired their coach, and had an under-motivated group of students that they chose not to put on the spot. I respect that decision, and think it was the right one.

Contrast that with Florida State, who also fired their coach and also underachieved at 6-6, yet not only accepted a bowl bid (which is fine, by the way) but guilted their way into a much better bowl than they deserved! And then they accepted the game! Where is their pride? Don't they want to earn what they get? What does this teach the kids, on their team and on others? This is classic Bowden, sweet talking his way into success and out of glaring problems and legal issues, and it STINKS.

Ok, rant over. I am actually very excited about this game. Wisconsin is a good team and will prepare us for our travel to Big Ten country next year. It's in state, so there are great recruiting advantages. I like it overall, and am looking forward to the game more than I would have a West Virginia matchup.

Go Canes!

Why would you hate Bobby Bowden? It's not his doing who the Gator Bowl committee chose. I actually perfer not to play in the Gator Bowl, their game won't be televised nationally. I wish The Champ Sports Bowl Comm. had matched us up against the Trojans but Wisconsin is definitely a worthy opponent.

Wisconsin is run run run. Powerful running game.

UM has to hit them with their own medicine.

This is a stepping stone to next season. Take care of biz, and UM has a top 10 ranking in 2010.

The bowl sysytem is a farce. This weekend proved it. I'd like to lambast the BCS but themafia that is Bowl committees made these idiotic matchups possible.

UF got off easily by NOT playing TCU. THAT would have been a great matchup. I do not think Cinci has the horses to beat UF but who knows. Pitt has a pretty good running game and look what happened. Problem is, If Cinci is one dimensional, UF will eat them up.

Boise Should have been matched up with either Iowa or Ga tech.

FSU has lost any respect I had for them. The whole Gator Bowl- Bobby Bowden fiasco was a mark on their record in a year of infamy to that program. I hope the NCAA rules soon on their cheating scandal and wipes out the 14-21 wins from 2006-2008. That and blow-out by West Va would be beautiful to send the old coot with a 6-7 record: great job gator bowl people.

How about this scenario?

Texas barely beats Bama
Boise State kills TCU
Oregon destroys OSU
Cinci barely beats UF
Ga Tech beats Iowa

My final ranking (and anyone who would have any common sense would agree):
1- Boise State- national Champions
2- Texas
3- Cinci
4- Oregon
5- Ga Tech

The BCS would go bust.

hilarious that you all are posting "we're gonna destroy wisconsin" when probably 1% of you have seen the badgers play this year. they were a few lucky bounces from going undefeated this year. they completely outplayed ohio state but lost because of some flukey plays, they were right there with iowa and had northwestern beat but again, some fluky plays helped the cats win. wisconsin's offense is VERY good this year. and it's not just the run game, which is solid as usual. their qb tolzien is accurate and they utilize weapons downfield more than in the past. nick toon (last name sound familiar? he had a famous father) is a deep threat and garrett graham is as good as any tight end in the nation. he is better than owen daniels was at this stage with wisco, so that should tell you something. offensive line is huge as usual. this team destroyed purdue and michigan and took out a decent fresno st. team as well earlier in the season. defensively, they are somewhat average, but they do have a few studs, such as mcfadden, schofield, borland (frosh) and maragos in the secondary. overall, this is an overachieving team and they will be out to pull the upset. they beat auburn and arkansas in '05 and '06 and naerly beat tennessee in '07 before last year's poor showing vs. fla state. so don't get too cocky canes fans, you ain't won nuthin' yet.

The stupidest comment I ever heard about justifying the selection of FSO over Va tech or Miami is. “let the old man go out in style” first of all, this is college football ( not a pity party) and teams should be rewarded based on their W/L. these poor kids bust their ass all year to be picked over cause some legendary coach that was booted out of this position and now his mediocre team will be trampled by a big east opponent further tarnishing his career and the ACC’s record against a Big East opponent. But its ok, "Let Bobby go out in Style"

NCcane: I'm from Illinois, so needless to say I have seen Wisconsin play this year. They are about what you are thinking. Good running game, passing game average. Defense is good against the run but nothing special in they're secondary. The Canes should be able to expose them in the passing game as long as the O'line holds up. Don't sleep on Wisconsin though. They have always been known for playing hard, so The Canes are gonna need to put forth a strong effort to knock these guys off.

Also, if they can stop Wisconsin's stud rb John Clay Miami's d should have a good chance of keeping The Badgers offense under wraps.

Miami, this is our time. Forget about the Gator Bowl fiasco and all that junk. We were "dissed" and that's that. What the players should be focused on at this time is going out with a big WIN! That's how you mess with your haters. WIN!! Chances go round and it is now the "U" turn for a NC. We are ranked in the top 20. Thank you RS and company for giving the "U" their respect back. GO CANES!!!

May be a lesser bowl but it is close to home! The whole family is going,eight of us.Time for all U Cane fans to get in the car go to Orlando and support the team. IT'S GREAT TO BE a MIAMI HURRICANE!

Wisconsin is no push over - they will play above their heads with passion - the canes better not come out lazy or they will be down 21-0 real quick - play with passion or get embarrassed !!!!!!!

Remember this when the canes are down big in the first quarter.

WVU would have been a better matchup.
We gotta show up and impress vs the Badgers. They're usually well coached.

Rightly or wrongly, the outcome of this game can be a 5-plus spot swing in next year's pre-season poll.

.....another thing to consider guys......no matter WHAT we did this year, we probably would have finished no better than 3rd in the polls.

So, again, we need to impress for positioning for '10.

Somebody plz tell me how FSU makes Gator Bowl? There's just something wrong with that: I just heard that RS is candidate for Notre Dame job...


'Canes beat Wizcinzon by two touchdowns.

"U" ranked in top 10 for next year.

RS a candidate for ND? LOL. No way. Look what they did to Ty Will. after a 9-2 season. They are not friendly to the bros there. Seriously. I'm not kidding. Ty was dismissed in a slimy fashion. I dont care whatthey say.

The payaz SHOULD watch the Dec 12 documentary. If you dont get JACKED you aint a cane.

Because this bowl is the jump start to a run like we havent seen since 2000. Seriously- Like the Suagr Bowl against Rex grossman and UF in 2000, after we were s-c-r-e-w-e-d by the BCS, Um has to go into Orl and destroy Wiskie! Then, like 2001, the U goes into 2010 on a MISSION. In 2001 Reed came back, etc etc. Lets see Bailey and other Juniors come back next year and fulfill the mission that they came to the U for- Nothing but the crystal baby!!!!!!! Yeah go canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny parallels?

can you hear it now...who did you beat a big ten team,,so what so does everybody in bowl games.....we got hosed...I hope the guys are up for it...wisc has a lot of seniors that were embarased last year by fsu and will come to play...

Canes really need to step up if we really want to be 10 in the polls next year Jocory needs to do his job and lead this canes football team to a victory All I got to say is defense!! Let's Go Canes wisonsin. Is good but we can beat them

This Wisconsin team is a little different from past teams: They have play makers in just about every area (except D-Backs & Kicking) and seem to be playing their best ball lately. If Miami can plug the lanes and slow down Clay before he hits the line they should win, but if he gets beyond the line it's hard to tackle him. In addition they have 4 good receivers which is very unusual. On defense #50 looks like a S.E.C. player with his speed rushing and #99 is one big load. The big improvement though has been the head coach. He seems to be maturing and making better decisions off and on the field so the kids are playing like their having fun. Miami by 7

I hope that all you "U" fans maintain that air of overconfidence all the way to Dec 29. I can see why they call you the Hurricanes. I've never witnessed a bigger concentration of hot air in my life. The Badgers will do their talking after we whip you on the field. You barely beat Wake Forest, and you think Wisconsin will be a cake walk? You make me laugh!!!

I can't believe you scrubbed my comment. Man up. Hurricanes=Hot air!!

I'll hold my tongue until Dec 30. Your fans are about as savvy as the joker over at the KCStar who predicted an Oklahoma rout over Boise State, and an Auburn beatdown of the Badgers in '06. We all know how that turned out. All of you yahoos down their will soon find out that reality bites.

John Clay with ZERO fumbles this year?

The guy coughs it up like a TB patient.

That said, Wisconsin plays very good defense (although corners are a tad suspect), and has a balanced offense. And, fumbles aside, Clay was the Big Ten Player of the Year. He's a monster.

Canes will not rout this team, but should win. I'll say 27-20.

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