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CB Brandon Harris tabbed All-American

Brandon Harris  Sophomore cornerback Brandon Harris became the first University of Miami player since Kenny Phillips in 2007 to earn All-America honors this week when he was awarded the honor by the SI.com, the Associated Press and Phil Steele Magazine.

Harris, an All-ACC First Team selection, earned second team All-America honors by SI, third team honors from AP and fourth team honors from Phil Steele. Harris led the ACC in pass break ups (14) and passes defended (16) and tied fifth nationally passes defended per game and finished third at UM in tackles with 52 (37 solo, 15 assists). 

Phillips was named an AP third team All-American in 2007 at safety. There's little doubt Harris, a graduate of Miami Booker T. Washington, will be one of the favorites to win the Thorpe Award next season. 


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Congrats Brandon. It's nice to see a local athlete get recognition. I hope it's just a foreshadowing to great things in the next couple of years.

1st beeeeeeotch! CONGRATS BH!

Whats up with Linder ???
-Vlady in L.A.

Congrats B. Harris. If he makes the same strides in his game next year that he did this year then He will be the best corner we've had since Antrel. He should've had more picks because he dropped two that hit him directly in the hands

Congrats Brandon !!

Manny's back! Woohoo!!!

Congrats Harris!!!

I hate to put a damper on this. THIRD team, and 2nd team all american?

2nd- first loser
3rd, not even good enough to be first loser.

That means nothing, unless we look at this as a stepping stone to something greater otherwise, I wouldn't rejoice.

Fantastic and congratulations to Brandon.

Ref Todd Chandler. I don't think this made the other blog.

- Rivals is reporting that Todd Chandler committed to USF today. Not good if true, so my earlier post may be in jeopardy of being totally false. I can't believe that Chandler fell for Leavitt's line of B.S. USF is a second tier squad as proven in our dismantling of their team a few short weeks ago.

- Manny, Please don't get "squirrely" on us or the recruits ref recruiting just because of the Bryce Brown flap. U reported the facts as you knew them and U are not at all to blame for his flight. Your recruiting articles, and day to day coverage of recruits, have a very positive impact on Miami's overall recruiting success. Please keep it up; it helps.

- Agree to an extent w/ comments that infer that Randy Shannon has to become more pro-active after he gets a "commitment". Pete Carroll, Meyer, Kiffin, Saban, and the rest, are all going after other commits (back-dooring) daily, so as much as Coach Shannon doesn't like to operate that way, or he takes a recruits word and handshake as his bond, he must swallow his stomach and his stubborn pride and stay involved 24/7.

- I learned early and the hard way that a man's word is his bond. Don't parents or leaders teach this anymore? Unless there are circumstances that we don't know about, Todd Chandler (a U baby from the git-go), is he backing out on his word?

- Any chance U can get Jacory Harris (the NW Bull Alumni leader), or the recruiting staff, to clarify exactly what happened......or do U think there's a muzzle on everyone?

- Rivals (CaneSport.com) is also reporting that 4 star strongside DE Brandon Willis, a TN commit from Byrnes HS in SC, is visiting the U campus this weekend. I hope they "wow" him. i have not read the article because I refuse to pay for information that should be free, but I would be interested in reading the article if any of my fellow bloggers could cut and paste it.


Congrats Brandon!

Brandon Harris warned us that we wouldn't remember a kid by the name of Patrick Johnson (Peterson) by the time he was done. So far he is proving prophetic....nice job B Harris!

Everyday, a star is born..*Clap for em*

Can't wait to see him and Brandon2 on the other side.

Great job Brandon. Baily should of been A-A too! Losing Chandler ain't no big thang! We need taller D.Lineman. Everybody's talking about what great recruiters Meyer and Brown and Saban are. Was Meyer a great recruiter at Boise (no); was Brown a great recruiter at Carolina (no) was Saban a great recruiter at Michigan St (no) the moral of this is the school name more than anything else helps lure the big fish and it's all the more better when you win. Lots of big dogs left on the big board but in the end most will not come here until we are consistantly back and the other problem, which is a good problem, we have so much depth at the skilled postions like WR, that these kids still out there won't hit the field for at least 2 years and most want to play now.

Yeah, what is up with Chandler! The one prospect that I expected to sign on signing day! Much different from a soft Nix. Do we have a serious chance of getting Christian Jones from Winter Park, Fl. He's a beast!

Great news....congrats Brandon! Keep working and don't get complacent.

Keep it up, Mr. Harris

I hate to put a damper on this. THIRD team, and 2nd team all american?

2nd- first loser
3rd, not even good enough to be first loser.

That means nothing, unless we look at this as a stepping stone to something greater otherwise, I wouldn't rejoice.
Posted by: Da U | December 16, 2009 at 02:02 PM

"Sophomore cornerback Brandon Harris" is the important point. This is a stepping stone to something greater, as we lose the Coker taint and out sophomores become juniors and start filling in the first and second teams of the All American rosters.

I agree that third and fourth team is not all that great, and only one player on the entire list is not good at all, but it is going back in the right direction.

Wow some people. REally second team first loser? there are 120 div fbs schools. that means of all the players in country harris is considered 3rfd of 4th best corner by si. I read there teams they have 2 corners on first team 2 on second. if the other magazines did same thing then ap said he was the 5th or 6th best corner inc ountry and phil steele though he was a top 10 guy. This is a nice honor. Why put him down. Im assuming the idiot writeing that is curse. aka adam the loser gator fan who posts on our blogs all the time.

Congrats, B. But, he is a positive in a so-so defensive backfield.

'Canes gotta get better on D next year. Lovett is OK, but not great.

Is Ramon Buchanon going to stay at LB or play safety?

If McGee comes around, we'll have Ray Ray and B. Harris back there with him. We just need a safety and the DBs will be looking good.

B. Harris = Lock Down Corner next year. Imagine when Whipple really get's the playbook the way he want's in his second year and the players are all on the same page even more than they are now?? That's gonna be scary good to see. Lovett is gonna put some more schemes together as well. Just have to keep getting the talent and really sell that "U Swag" baby!!!


GREAT JOB BRANDON...you are becoming a leader and heart of the D...it is there to take...I am so proud of you! show the country against WIsc that your the best CB in CFB...GO CANES

Great job Brandon. Baily should of been A-A too! Losing Chandler ain't no big thang! We need taller D.Lineman. Everybody's talking about what great recruiters Meyer and Brown and Saban are. Was Meyer a great recruiter at Boise (no); was Brown a great recruiter at Carolina (no) was Saban a great recruiter at Michigan St (no) the moral of this is the school name more than anything else helps lure the big fish and it's all the more better when you win. Lots of big dogs left on the big board but in the end most will not come here until we are consistantly back and the other problem, which is a good problem, we have so much depth at the skilled postions like WR, that these kids still out there won't hit the field for at least 2 years and most want to play now.


yes they were...thats how they landed the best CFb jobs and all three make the most money!....we will find pure can guys...the 305 is not all we can pull from...

He got burned for many big passes this year, not sure he really lives up to this hype.

No maine caine, This idiot is not a gtor fan. Ive been a cane fan since before yur learned to wipe your butt by your self.

While Harris is good, who here forgets what he looked like against Va Tech, or Clemson? How many times was he chasing and out of position? How many times did he get burned against FSU? Please. he is getting better, but 3rd team all america and you want me to jump for joy? I would have said ok if Bailey was chosen, but BH still needs tons of improvement and for a long time cane fan, 3rd team all american is no trophy. If you don't believe me, did you watch "The U"?

Why does UM only have 6 four star recruits? I thought Shannon's strength was recruiting? Now we're losing recruits to crappy, stinkin' USF?? Are you kidding me?

Miami better finish off this recruiting class strong or there will be no BCS games in the near future.

Congrats B Harris! As far as the T Chandler and the recruiting tactics of Shannon, whatever, everybody keep drinking the kool-aid! p.s. while B Harris may turn out to be better than P Peterson, what was wrong with having them both?(to a poster,so clueless i won't mention by name) p.s.2 M Barrow and C Hurtt are the top recruiters on the team with A Hill getting honorable mention, who has Shannon wowed? certainly not M patchan or C luiget, 2 completely different players and situations , where miami was said to have an advantage. LETS HOPE SHANNON DOESN'T BLOW IT WITH C LEMONIER, KID GREW UP A CANE AND UNLIKE LUIGET(FROM THE SAME SCHOOL) HIS MOM WANTS HIM TO PLAY AT MIAMI!

Great improvement over last year, Brandon. I wish you could play here about 6 years. You are truely that good. Patrick who? Now keep working hard and triple the ints. next year.

I also was bummed hearing that Chandler switched thinking all along he was being recruited & offered by Miami. However, listening to RS's interview on 560 with Joe Rose, RS kinda indicated that there were/are players shown on these recruiting websites as verbal commits to Miami that RS says was never recruited or offered. Hmmm... Should I now be disapointed that a player who may have never been recruited or offered not chose The U?

carolina cane,

No, I disagree. First off, Meyer never coached for Boise State, but I'm sure U meant Bowling Green. I'll give U that one. Saban and Brown coached their respective teams that U mentioned starting about 20 years ago. Meyer was at BGU in 01. Point is, the landscape's completely changed regarding the recruiting part and the perception recruits have for the best coaches. Coach Shannon is attracting his atheletes, more than Miami the university. I promise U that. You can't see that? Same with Saban and the rest. There are big name schools and big name schools "normally" attract the best coaches.

We go thru these phases when U would think school X is a powerhouse, butt kicking school, and their program happens to fall to the wayside for years. Look at Notre Dame, or what Bama went thru, or Miami for a time and pre-Schnellenberger. Even schools like Oklahoma and Texas fell off a bit. These are phases that are primarily due to the coaching that was in place at the time and the coach's ability to recruit and coach.

Saban's got a line of B.S. a mile long. Sure, he sells the university, but he sells himself more. Don't U believe that? If Bama the school was the only lynch-pin in recruiting success, then why didn't Mike Shula do well? Ray Perkins? Mike Dubose? Bill Curry?Coaching.....and recruiting. Shula lost a lot of recruits, not because of the university, but because of himself as a salesman, a consistent winning record and Shula the coach. I have the utmost respect for Mike Shula by the way. They did not give him a fair shake, but U can't argue with the results at Alabama......Nick Saban, Heisman awardee, potential National Championship in three years under Saban. Does Alabama the school matter to them. Sure, but Bama will be in their rear view window if and when they bhit the NFL. Saban will make that happen, not the university and these kids know that.

The best coaches win (not the best universities), and the best coaches will recruit the best players, and it doesn't matter as much what the school name is. Miami was nothing much (although I still loved the U at the time) until Howard Schnellenberger came on-board. Look at Cincinnati. Similar situation. Great coach in Kelly, great recruiter, so-so school in name and location. Watch them maybe fall off in a few years. Maybe next year. They were lucky to have a diamond for a coach and recruiter for just a few short years. It might not happen again.

The school matters, but not as much as the coach. Good coaches will turn programs around, not good schools will get the best players and automatically get good.

Anyone know what happened with latwan anderson and the canes?

Here u go seargetmajor:
Duncan (SC) Byrnes High School DT Brandon Willis, a soft Tennessee commitment, is taking a final official visit this weekend.

And it's to the University of Miami.

The four-star prospect will arrive on campus Friday and spend 48 hours at UM.

His father, Gary, expects that shortly after the visit his son will either reaffirm his commitment to Tennessee or pick a new future home.

North Carolina, where Brandon's mother attended and his father grew up, also remains very much in the picture.

Willis is in a rush to make a decision because he is graduating high school early and enrolling in January.

A factor in any final decision will also be his father's new job, which is in Jacksonville.

"That's what's turning the page in our story," says Gary, who doesn't want to be too far from where his son is attending college. "He'll make a final decision after the Miami visit. This visit right here will really determine the story."

Coach John Lovett is recruiting Willis to Miami, and the family spoke with coach Randy Shannon for the first time on Saturday.

"It went well, real well," Gary Willis said. "I got a good vibe. We're just excited to get there Friday and see what they have to offer."

My Beloved OB, the Canes have still not bothered to listen to us. They treated u like garbage and tore u down. They forgot all the great things the stadium did for them and did not properly honor u...MARK MY WORDS: Canes will never win a championship in Dolphin Stadium because they took the OB for granted. Sad how it had to be FIU to win the final game at the OB. The Canes dishonored the OB by losing their last games there.

For this I have a placed a curse on the Canes. I have given Miami to FIU now, since they understood what the OB meant and gave their hearts to win their last game at the OB. If the Canes ever want to see the old championship days back, they will have to agree to play FIU @ FIU stadium. Until then, Cane fans enjoy just being a good team that will never win a championship!

its great to be a miami hurricane !

congrats young men 2nd,3rd, 4th ,5th mean something out of 120x4 because most team have 2 starter and 2 back ups the idiot that thinks it doesn,t mean nothing just crazy,nuts maybe he never play so he realy don,t know.keep it up next year you,ll be first team .Todd you need to stay home J.brown,w.snapp,R.maryland,cortez doest it ring any bell to you son,stay home we need you the U. FROM HOLLYHOOD OUT OF JERSEY THE BRICK

Anyone hear Jim Leavitt is being investigated about an incident with a player? If Chandler really wants to go, let him. What we need are players that really want to play here and represent the school properly. If his ego is so hurt by the fact he isn't getting special attention, he doesn't sound like the type of player we need at the U. It's all about the team, not about one player. Also, you never know how these kids will turn out once they get to the college ranks, so don't focus on the number of stars some stupid pay recruiting site gives. Plenty of the 5 stars do nothing and plenty of 2-3 stars surprise.

powerimaam, Hey thanks pm. I sure appreciate it. Sounds like we have a chance.

B willis is all set to be a cane, Leon Orr a florida commit is wavering and is said to now be leaning towards miami(per gaytorbait), as more comes out on chandler , it seems he has not met certain conditions to be admitted into Miami i.e. grades, not a Shannon fan but i will reserve judgement until after National signing day, and more importantly the upcoming season, which by the way has a schedule so brutal it made this year's schedule look almost soft in comparison. And lastly to Manny, i understand you are a professional and can't come over here and vent your frustrations, not only would it not be the "professional" thing to do, but he would not be very bright if he did that and basically severed ties with the U of M. Good job as usual Manny(sorry i had not ever taken the time to praise you, i honestly think you do a very good job)


Da U,

Good insight coming from a guy who got picked last at the sandlot.

How can you tell me that second team ALL - AMERICAN as a Soph. is not good?


Forget the star system...noone had more stars than Arthur Brown and he can't even get on the field.

Wasn't Ed Reed a 3-star?

Did anyone hear about Brandon Willis switching his commit after a visit this weekend to UM, its news up here in Atlanta, check AJC recruiting blog

Does anyone know when Sentrell Henderson is visiting? That would be awesome to land him.

Da U: WHY do you associate your sign on name with "THE U"?
You're obviously a negative person...instead of congratulating Harris, you instead find a negative aspect to this story.
That's pretty sad.
You must be one of those "so-called" UM fans who think that unless UM wins a national championship every year, nothing else matters.
Guess what? You're wrong.
First team, second team, third team...doesn't matter...it's the recognition that's important. Think of all the Div. 1 college football players out there...to be named to any one of those All-American teams IS AN HONOR.
You, however, are not on any of my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc., "ALL-CANES-FANS TEAMS", that's for sure.
Maybe you need to find another school to unleash your "NEGATIVITY" on.

This is awesome news.

I may be in the minority, but I thought he was the best player on the team.


From ESPN's Insider:

Another vintage recruiting moment: Blue-chipper Todd Chandler, the nation's No. 4 DT, from Miami's Northwestern High, informed ESPN's Craig Haubert on Wednesday morning that he still considers himself a Miami Hurricanes commit but that South Florida is his top school. Really? Then what is the point of being committed?

Listen up Jacory: the cheese-eaters are disrespecting you and the Canes big time. Add that to the fact that the Canes were disprespected by being passed over for a New Year's Day bowl for a 6-6 team, you may as well call the Champs Bowl, the Disrespect Bowl. MAKE THEM PAY!!!!


The Wisconsin Badgers have spent the last few weeks watching film on UM quarterback Jacory Harris.

Some of the highlights ... have the defenders ready to take the field ... his decision-making has the Badgers thinking THEY CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE when the teams meet...part of the reason the HURRICANES LEFT AS LOSERS were his four interceptions.

Badgers senior linebacker Jaevery McFadden said of Harris. "But WE KNOW HE'S GOT 17 INTERCEPTIONS."...Put pressure on him, and it can lead to MISTAKES. You can believe that will be part of the Badgers' gameplan.

McFadden said. "Watching him on film ... he delivers that one play where HE'LL JUST THROW A BALL UP FOR GRABS. We've got to take advantage of that opportunity."


can't focus on chandler. Everyone attacks shannon on recruitng but he must be doing something right. We got the highest grad rate along with ND. Bryce Brown got punked by Coach Shannon. Bottom line, is he is able to convince guys like Willis, Henderson,etc to come see miami last. Alot of great players are still unsigned. It is obvious kids like Micheale Harris and Ivan MCcartney want to be canes but are afraid they will sit. What school has Tommy Streeter and Davon Johnson on the sidelines? We really need ol and front 7 help on Defense.

Also, I seen some video of Stephen Morris, this kid has raw potential and a great arm along with 4.5 speed. Should be interesting to see what Whipple can do.

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