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Champs Sports Bowl thoughts

ORLANDO -- About to head out on the Florida Turnpike to get back in time for tonight's basketball game at the BankUnited Center. But before I take off I just wanted to share a few thoughts on the Canes' 20-14 loss to Wisconsin.

The same problems that hurt UM all season -- except interceptions -- turned out to be what did the Canes in against the Badgers.

> The Hurricanes were simply manhandled up front. No, Jacory Harris wasn't at his best. But he was also under serious pressure the entire night. He was sacked five times and hit on about 10 other pass attempts. It's hard for a quarterback to get in any sort of rhythm when the other team has you on the run. Here's the bottomline, UM gave up 35 sacks this season. That's far too many. 

After the game, Orlando Franklin snickered when I asked him how good Wisconsin's front seven was. Sorry O, but you have to give the Badgers credit. Franklin might not have been the problem Tuesday night, but we all know the Canes' six man rotation on the offensive line this year was not tip top by any means. Matt Pipho was the starting right tackle all season. Pipho will make a great doctor one day. But he should have never been the starting right tackle on this team. He was a role player thrust into a starting role because UM didn't get the job done in recruiting offensive linemen in year's past and the young guys that were here simply weren't ready. It will be interesting to see who steps up this spring. Brandon Washington, Ben Jones and Jermaine Johnson are all guys we've heard a lot of good things about. It's time to see what they can really do.

> The second biggest problem this team had all season was getting to the quarterback on defense. Tuesday, Wisconsin's Scott Tolzien had all day to throw the football. Yes, UM sacked him once. But three quarterback hurries aren't enough. UM defensive line coach Clint Hurtt expected his team to do a much better job before the season began. But it just felt like this unit never really got going. Other than some decent work by Joe Joseph and Curtis Porter against the run and the occassional big plays from freshman Olivier Vernon and sophomore Marcus Robinson, the only consistent performer was Allen Bailey. And he was shuffled from tackle to end to back to tackle far too often. All in all, simply a disappointing season from Miami's front four. The Canes definitely need strong returns from Marcus Forston and Adewale Ojomo next year and Hurtt's guys need to do a better job winning one-on-one battles.

> The third biggest problem UM had all year, which showed itself again Tuesday, was defending the middle of the field. How many times did we see receivers and tight ends get open for key first downs this year against this dfense? Far too many. Wisconsin ate up the Canes in the interior and converted more than a few third and longs. As good as Colin McCarthy and Darryl Sharpton were this season, they were always a step behind in pass coverage and they didn't get enough help from Randy Phillips or Vaughn Telemaque at safety. Defensive coordinator John Lovett did a great job turning UM's run defense around this season. He consider this and his pass rush the primary offseason problems to work on and fix.

> Now, while you all might not be in the mood to hear anything positive about this season after last night's disappointing loss, I think you should take a second to cool off before reflecting on the season or demanding Randy  Shannon's head on a platter. The facts are this program got better. UM won nine games, two more than last year. Four players made the All-ACC First Team. The Canes only had one a year ago.

Is Miami back? No. But I think we need to stop worrying about declaring if Miami back. I'm sorry to tell you this, but the Canes won't be back until they are at least playing for a national championship. They aren't back until they win a conference championship. They aren't back until a starter can go down and the backup can be just as capable of carrying out that job. Here's the bottomline: Miami is better, but they need more depth and more player development from these coaches. I'm not saying everyone on this staff might be the right guy for the job. But the Canes are getting better. And they have to continue that trend this offseason and in 2010.


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I want to thank the team and the coaching staff for all their hard work this season! We lost a few we should have won, and we won a few we should have lost!

I went to some fantastic games this season and I met some awesome fan(atics) as well!

2007 5-7
2008 7-6
2009 9-4
2010 11, 12, 13 and ?

Win, lose, or draw, "I'm All In"!

Go 'canes!

I just get upset to see my friends and I frustrated and then the camera goes to the bench and I see Travis Benjamin laughing it up with Byrd.

A couple plays later, I see Fox giggling with the O Line after Harris almost got his legs ripped off by a LB blitz.

They had no will last night! Canes, next time you take a game off, let us know before hand.

"I put my heart into this man!" - Ed Reed

I've been a Cane fanatic for the past 30 years, and we have had some great times and some bad times. This loss hurts but it doesn't compare to Jimmy's whole first year capped off by Flutie's miracle.
Nothing stings worse than the 86 Fiesta Bowl and that loss to Arizona and Teddy Bruschi where it looked like we didn't cross the 50 yard line once was pretty rough.
How about the Alabama Sugar Bowl with Sapp, our 150 lb middle linebacker Rohan Marley and Lamar "I'm not supposed to make the most embarrassing play ever" Thomas?

Glad to see the one constant in Cane's football is the fair weather nature of our fans.

After Georgia Tech, it was all roses. Jacory was going to win the Heisman, Whipple and Lovett were the best coordinators in the country and we were going to win the ACC and the National Championship.

Shannon has a plan, which I'm pretty sure he doesn't devulge to every one on this blog for good reason. Most of us are a bunch of couch coaches who wouldn't know what the hell to do.

Think about two years from now and the team this terrible coach and recruiter is going to field.
Harris will be an experienced senior. Most of you forget he's jest a sophomore..., a kid really playing his first year. It's all new to him.

So Harris will be passing to Aldarius, Benjamin, Byrd, Davon Johnson, Streeter, Collier at WR Sanders, Chase Ford at TE,
protected by a massive and experience O line led by Washington, Ben Jones, Jermaine Johnson, Linder, Bunche, who also open holes for the best running back tandem in the country of Lamar Miller, Storm Johnson, Mike James, and Eduardo.

Think of our defense. Up Front we will have Fortson, Regis, Porter, Dyron Dye, Ojomo, Marcus Robinson, Vernon, Perry, Andrew Smith all rotating in fresh, hungry and bad ass.

Linebackers will be Spence,(god I hope he gains some weight) Buchanon, Nelson, a beefed up and hard hitting Futch and Arthur, "I've finally seen the light" Brown.

Telemaque and a 240 lb ass kicking 4.40 Ray Ray
at safety, with 2011 Thorpe award winner Brandon Harris and fellow all ACC corner McGee manning the outside.

C'mon Canes, still think Randy sucks at recruiting.

You forget our best players were all young guys this year, most of them playing substantially for the first time.

It was men versus boys usually this year and unfortunately we weren't the men, and the only reason we won 9 games is because our boys are really damn good and talented and our coaching did the best they could with the extremely raw material they had.

Every one says, "coach em up". Coaching only goes so far. Took Carson Palmer 3 years at USC before his light bulb came on. Same with Vinny Testaverde.
Heck, Devin Hester's light bulb never came on.

We definitely have the talent with much more coming in, and when Randy finally gets to his 5th year and his recruits are men and not talented boys, watch out college football.

Go Canes.

I hate to agree that the coaching prowess, if existent, should be manifest by this point. It isn't. I am not calling for RS's head, just bummed that we don't seem to be anywhere near where we "should" be at this point. Looking at our 2010 schedule, I hate to say I see us possibly being 3-5 out the gate.

JUST NOT HUNGRY ENOUGH!!> I want to see these guys yelling and screaming at each other saying, " Let's Do This" Let's Dominate", but I don't see the fire. I love R.S. and think he's doing a good job, but you have to let these guys loose. If you don't the same thing will happen year after year. Shalala has to let them be. I was hoping to see some roughing the passer penalties last night, and i just didn't get the feeling these guys even wanted to play. No HEART!!!

You guys are crazy. I wAtch my canes every week, and we are nowhere near what we should e with our level of talent. Shannon has to go. And not because of the loss last night, because with the talent on the field we show nothing for it. Besides gt and south Florida every game this year was disappointing to watch with the players on the field. I'm going to say this one time: jacory is hurting us as much as Shannon is right now. We needed to recruit a legitimate backup and we didn't. He got worse throughout the year. We are in trouble with out corner and safety play. We made some of the worst qbs in the acc look like kings. We lost to wisconsin! Wofford ayes better against them! Not to mention our receiving core is being wasted in this system. We never use streeter or Damien berry and can someone tell me why we don't Run the spread with our speed? Jacory is clearly more comfortable in the shotgun. Last thing: my faith and love in these canes has Never waivered, but, next year, our must win is against Ohio state. If we let them steal the nc from us and then the next time we play them w let them take us with the team we have I'll be sick. I'm sick right now.

how many times do you change asst. coaches before you look at the head coach. he IS responsible. like randy or not, the job is not getting done

I can accept a loss as long as the guys are trying hard. The main image I cannot get our of my head is a shot of Miami players laughing on the sideline when they were down by 10 and getting worked on the lines. It seems many of the fans took this loss harder than some players on the team. I hope I am wrong.

Overall this was a good year of improvement but I think we still need culture changes. We need leaders on both sides of the ball and we need that attitude that simply HATES to lose. I fear we are getting used to being just an ok team. Shannon has done ok thus far but he better recruit a line otherwise all these skill players won't make a difference.

Thanks Manny for the good coverage this year and thanks to players like McCarthy, Berry, Boscher, Hankerson who played so hard all year long.

Agree with Jaime 100%!Need o-line and d-line coaches,Lovett is not the answer for defense coordinator.Love Randy,but he will always be an average coach and as long as he is here thats what this team will be.GO CANES!!!!!!

How do you expect to get someone like Leach if we can't afford to pay him? Did anyone forget we had a chance at him not long ago!!! Shannon is all the u will pay for. Position coaches need to go. Def coordinator needs to go....

Why did Berry not play in the first half? Best way to stop the rush is to run the dang ball. Additionally, why run long routes when you can't block? Why not run the no-huddle when it clearly worked.

The biggest problem for UM is the midget Shalalalala!

We also need a strength conditioning coach immediately. The present staff just doesn't cut it.

Finally, we need coaches that can develop our young players. Our current staff, including Shannon are not teachers.

Oh, one more item, we need coaches that can adapt to the circumstances of the game (e.g. TE over the middle) and be motivators. Why did our coaches totally missed that fact, especially when that's Wisconsin's calling card?

One more thing, why are we not recruiting (and/or losing top line recruits like Nixon & Chandler) more 5 star OL and DL, as well as top line ILBs?

What is the Coaching staff missing? Are they blind, or just plain not overly bright?

Shannon is to loyal to his seniors:


Ill give him next year thats it!

Miami will never spend money or invest in a new coach get it in your heads people.

I don't think that firing Shannon is the answer. I do believe however that everyone has lost track of the fact that Coker killed our program so bad that it's going to take more time than any of us would like to admit. Look at our graduation rates and tell me what's truly important. This isn't basketball, and a team full of freshman and sophomores are going to have growing pains. We will be a contender next year!

Manny, your last few sentences summed it up well!
Dept, player development and coaching personnel. We have a few assistance that are good recruiters, but not necessarily good at player development. I think Randy will need to step back a week or two and make some tough decisions regarding his staff.

we need more miami natives to stop going to other schools .to all the top players in miami if you go to florida ,rutgers , ND, louisville, etc.. you are a trader. having a few great players will not help this team ,having them all will.


Really??? How much longer are we gonna hang on with Randy? I will give you 2 words...can anyone say Ron Zook??? What did that cow college do with him??? Same thing needs to be done with Randy. If you can not coach I do not care how many great recruits you bring in. Bye Bye Randy.

Any updates on Cooper?

I'm a fan (or should I say was) of Randy Shannon. As a true Cane, I really wanted him to succeed here. Now, it's time to face the truth. He's a good coach but not great. He's not the man to take us to the promise land. There's something lacking there. I thought that we finally had gotten there with after the 3-1 start but it's just not so. We need to go in a new direction. I'm not saying sell our soul to the devil and get somebody who runs the spread. We still should run a pro-style offense. LET'S GO GET CHUCKY!!!!

The real problem is Lovett. RS is better DC. Whip is OK. Somebody has to step up as OC. But who?

I am sick of this "Manny great points", Manny great analysis", "Manny this, Manny that". Manny, you don't know jack about football or the Canes.

Manny, the Canes stink! it's that simple. They are a mediocre college football team with a pedestrian coach and staff.

Their talent is average, their recruiting is average and their uniforms keep getting worse and worse.

Time for the U to man-up and get a REAL coach. I hear that there are a few out there that might be interested.

And for god sakes, if I hear one more thing about Harris for Heisman, I think I will puke.

Manny, great work this year, and your analysis of the game and overall problems is right on. JH can carve up a D if he has time, as demonstrated in the late drive and the games won this year. Ken Dorsey was worse on his feet, but he had a great OL and was hardly ever sacked. OL is the key need, along with LBs who can defend the pass. This year the LBs were very good against the run. But I recall LBs of the past eating up TEs and RBs in the middle, not letting them rip off big gains after the catch (if they caught it at all). Fix those 2 things and the U will be back. And, I think the poor field was a disadvantage for the U style of play. Very sorry to see Coop hurt by it.

So, let's just say that the Canes score with thier last possesion and win the game. Would anyone really feel any better about the game? It would it cover-up what happened in the first 58 minutes of the game?


Is this team better this year than last year's?


Progress is being made and the U is heading in the right direction. It's just not as fast as some would like.

Yes, an ACC championship would be good. Once that goal is met, then the other goal's will fall into place.

Happy New Year and Manny I appreciate your comments and insight.


Even I said we were manhnadled, but how the heck did we stop Ga Techs running attack this year? I mean both Dwyer and his two big RBs are beasts.

By the way- That Citrus Bowl stadium is a f--ing dump! Its in an area 100X worse than the Ol OB (by the way- in the OB, I could have at least talked my way out in spanish. The stadium is fuh-ugly and the field was horrible. I WILL NEVER go there again. Has to be the ugliest football venue in all of the bowl season. I agree- it was misery for 4 quarters in that cold, but it was filled with cane fans---

Intersting to hear what Kirby Hocutt will be telling Shannon behind closed doors:

KH- Bad loss, Randy, what happened?
RS- we didnt execute. It was what it was.
KH-I didnt understand.
RS-Whats there to understand? Players were out of position, didnt execute.
KH- Oh ok. Heres a 5 yr contract extension
RS- It is what it is.
KH- Your welcome
KH- never mind.

Manny- Other than the first two plays of the game and the last two minutes, where was the passion on this offense.

The defense, despite their failure to defend against the pass, did play with some heart and kept the Canes in the game.

There was no offensive game plan. This team regressed.

Finally, there was and has been a lack of senior leadership. When your leaders on both sides of the ball are underclassmen, you have to wait for them to grow up a little and get better.

Next year should be better, an ACC championship ... and 2011 ... is the year for Jacory and his pals to demonstrate the senior leadership the Canes have been lacking for four years.

That leadership comes in the locker room, but most of all on the field.

Somebody has to refuse to lose and play like they mean it.

give rs some room to grow also,,,i'm proud to be a fan and alumni of the u and and it's newest football team...perhaps the dominant years are history,,,but i believe the future of u football will climb to greatness with this new foundation that rs has initiated...i just hope that the coaching staff haS the courage to begin fixing this years o and d headaches so they don't turn into 'concussions' next year...kaptain kane

Shannon will never lead this program to championships. Those that know and understand the game of football can see the reasons why he won't get it done. His teams play uninspired, poorly disciplined and come out flat too often. The fact is that this team is closer to having 7 losses then they are to having 2 losses.

For the sake of Miami football I hope that our athletics director sees the same things that most football fans see, and that is that this program is not any better then when Coker was here. Don't allow anyone to convince you otherwise. Coker was producing uninspired performances and finishing with 4 losses. Last night was a total embarrassment to Miami football. Miami was not prepared and was dominated all night vs freaking Wisconsin. Yes, Wisconsin

I was very dissapointed in the performance last night and felt that you hit on every point UM needs to improve on. I also felt that they did little to get there playmakers into the game such as Damien Berry, Dedrick Epps, and Travis Benjamin who was thrown one pass on the entire night.

Is it possible the cold weather plus horrible field conditions "did us in" last night? I know it's an excuse...but...plausible...the bad field conditions will hamper a "fast" team...

Didn't know if anyone had seen this yet so I thoUght i'd share it - not good news for G-Coop. Get well soon deUce!!!!


After last nights game, and honestly looking at our schedule, and who we beat, i think a reasonable goal will be to win the ACC championship or get an at large BCS bid. A NC run for next year is not a reasonable goal......unless we play Boise State's schedule.

I should say that a I would consiser a NC run to be a lofty goal.

It seemed like any time this team got some press about moving back into the upper tier of College Football, they got over-confident and under performed. That is a trademark of a team without strong Senior Leadership. We have talent, but we don't have Leadership. Randy Phillips was the team spokesman...

Next year, I hope to see Hank or Berry really show more leadership. We are just missing that firey, vocal leader like we had in past years with a Sapp, a Ray Lewis, an Ed Reed, a Santana Moss, a Ken Dorsey, a Vilma...

For any team to go from good to great, they need that leadership to push them to the next level. That is an intangible that cannot be coached out of a player.

Finally, for those of you asking for Randy's head, enough already. After his 3rd year in '97, Butch went 5 - 7. This team has improved. This school makes coaches, not the other way around...

Just keep these articles and comments for the OSU game next year...it will be the same result.

Most of the coaching staff needs to go. Aubrey Hill has done a good job with the receivers. Whipple can scheme well, but there's no patience in his playcalling.

Every other coach is garbage.

Randy Shannon won't coach us to a national championship, accept it people. If he's all when can afford, then kiss that goal goodbye. Get used to 9 and 10 win seasons.

The guy can recruit, but understand that talent will only get us so far. When the talent level for 2 teams is equal, the coaching will make the difference.

Some of you have said it...other programs are diluting South Florida talent, we won't be stacked like 2001 unless we revamp the staff.

I just went to the WQAM site and listened to both the radio interviews and press conferences with Randy Shannon and Jacory Harris. They both were very revealing.
Let me start by saying that I have been a Shannon guy for a long time and one of my prized possessions is a picture of Shannon, Bernard Clark and myself after Miami's Orange Bowl win over Nebraska to cap off the 88 season. I was thrilled when they hired him and have tried to be patient. However, the guy has got some serious issues.
He is just such a jerk with the media. Don't know if everyone saw the article leading up to the game where a reporter asked a question about curfew and he said "yes they have a curfew". the follow up was "what time do they have to be in?". Shannon's answer "I don't know". the follow up "Who does know?". Shannon's answer "Me". What a jerk.
Jacory Harris took the blame for this game and even pointed out particular plays where he blew it. Reporters are asking this 20 year old kid "what's happened to you since the Oklahoma game" and he looked them in they eye and answered honestly. Shannon is giving BS answers about how it was not a poor performance because they had a chance to win at the end.
Friends, Randy Shannon is not a good HEAD football coach. He doesn't have the right attitude with the players (they often come out flat for games, we waste countless timeouts with wrong personnel on the field and the players have not showed the ability to finish) Furthermore, he is awful with the media. This "me against the world attitude" is getting old.
Shannon spent the week saying how important getting 10 wins was and then after the loss, it isn't important anymore.
Jacory Harris is a CLASS ACT. He is a leader and a stand-up guy.
Shannon is a head case. You can hear it in the measured responses the former players give when talking about him and his loner personal life is another indication of a guy who is just not the total package.
Shannon will probably last another year, maybe two. The schedule is not easy next year and depending what game is sandwiched in between Ohio State and PItt, the Canes could easily be 1-3. I know we said that this year about the tough start but a lot fell in to place. (suspect FSU who dropped the pass to beat us, injured Sam Bradford)
Get ready for the bunker mentality by Shannon next year when the wheels start to fall off. And get ready for all these sports writers who dance around him so carefully now because they are scared of his wrath to roast his tail good when they see the end is near.

"...After the game, Orlando Franklin snickered when I asked him how good Wisconsin's front seven was..."

Sounds like one reason why Bucky put a hurting on the u. UW controlled both lines of scrimmage & dominated the trenches. The 'canes are lucky it wasn't much worse looking on the scoreboard b/c the game wasn't that close. SEC, ACC go ahead & keep under estimating the slow, plodding Big Ten teams like Wisconsin and continue to absorb the beat downs. GO BUCKY!

Hey Mark, the QB that's "not that great" threw for around 250 yards. If he's not that great, what's J Harris? He looks like like twiggy! Miamis' mistake was letting them in red zone, where they've been deadly all year & Miami's never faced a tailback like John Clay all year. I laughed so hard when I saw all those pussys with their long sleeves & hoodies standing around heaters shivering. Hell, it warmed up here today, it's about 15 degrees out right now. Face it, you guys got SMOKED. Harris had to face the best defensive end tandem in the country & nobody prepared him or the O line for it. He should be thankful he finished the game with nothing more than a limp!

U Rah Rah! Go Badgers!!!!!

Good stuff Manny. Once again U are spot on. I love the message at the end. There are some upgrades needed at some position coaches. We know who they are. Manny, why don't Shannon play his best players. It seems or best players are on the sidelines ie Berry. I thought that we had already established that Berry was the best RB and if that is the case, why is he not starting and getting most of the carries. Why are we starting R.Phillips when Ray Ray is better now and will be 20x better when he is done. A safety combo of Ray Ray & Telemaque will be awesome. I can't believe Berry got only 4 carries. WOW!!!

Coops knee is very bad according to the AP. I knew it, watching replays. This sks. Coop I hope you have it in you to rehab it like Willis Mcgahee did. You'll see the NFL, butthe next 1-2 yrs will be a long road,son. My prayers to youo. thanks for everything.

This add insult to injury. Shades of 2001. I'm disgusted with this team. I'm disgusted by how they were manhandled.

If I was head coach, I'd cut every dang soft player there and start conditioning January. This has got to end. And if you dont have swag dont even come to UM. To me, Randy Shannon lost his '80s Um, swag. He's under Sha nay nay's grip, and he cant do anything.

This team didnt play like UM does. How is it that a Um team has such a hard time getting to the QB? Warren Sapp must be vomiting!

I cant bare to watch anymore UM games. I am sick.

Posted by: Jaime | December 30, 2009 at 03:21 PM

great post.

To not step on the game field prior to any games and to hope for a 10 win season is unsportsmanlike. It is unfortunate a limit was placed on our boys even before they padded up for their first game. These types of statements and dismal expectations sets a tone of half-assed efforts just to meet a lowly quota. Put yourself in a player's shoes while trailing a team... for example VT "We're down, its tough to comeback to get the win. Well at least we have more chances of a W later in the season... Coach said we only need to win 10 this year, we can let this one slide."
Play every game/ play hard...TO MOVE THE BALL AND WIN. Easier said than done, I am sure.

Even though how disappointed I am with last night's performance, I have confidence in our boys. You aint seen bouncin back...
oh yeah Shannon...Expect an undefeated season. Place pressure on the players...Let them know we expect perfectiond...Have faith in them... This team has done it before and will do it again.

The main problem is Shalalala!!!

We also need a new strength coach, and OL & DL coaches.

Shannon is only as good as they allow him to be, but he also needs to understand the word coaching (i.e. development & teaching of his young athletes).

I believe he's not good at the items described, and his current coaches are not much better.

We also need a GREAT 2010 recruiting class!!

It's a little unfair that the defense got noticed twice Manny. I blame last night's lose squarely on the offense--Mark Whipple's gameplan. Despite the defense's weakness, they kept the CANES in the game. Mark Whipple and Shannon said it throughout the season that they wouldn't rotate a lot of WRs. Yet, last night, they rotated all of the WRs. Two players stand out as the players that need to be involved in every passing play--Tommy Streeter and Hankerson. #85 had great numbers this season because he was on every passing play. But, last night, Whipple didn't have #85 on the field for every play--which showed the workhorse that Hankerson is. Byrd, Collier, Johnson, and Benjamin are great WRs; but, they don't set the tone for the passing game.

Well I'm done looking forward till next year, i will support my canes til the end. I will not though get excited about anything Shannon or the players say, i just dont see him as the type of coach to get us to the next tier. I will accept the fact that they are a borderline top 25 team and not a BCS caliber one. Kind of like wisconsin, good record, ok team thats it. Lets be honest if Butch Davis had this team things would be different. I like Shannon and want him to suceed, he is just not the guy. Period.

What some refuse to realize with compairisons to programs like Mac Brown and Texas,Urban Meyer and UF is the situations those coaches came into where ready made for winning Brown took over for John Mackovic who rebuilt Texas and brought in a plethera of All-Americans and a future Heisman winner in Ricky Williams, Urban Meyer was also handed a ready made situation in Florida becuse it had'nt been that long from Spurrier era and Ron Zools fatal flaw was going 8-4... Pete Carroll is the only one who can honestly be said to have rebuilt a program from the ground up but that now looks suspect because the NCAA has now launched investigations into the USC program.. Let us remember this proram was a shell of it's former self and declining rapidly under Coker's leadership. Greg Schinano of Rutgers(a former UM ass.) turned the job down not for monatery reasons but because of the state of the program. REBUILING TAKES TIME... Miami's time is 2011 when both D and O-lines have fully matured and we became more athletic at the LB position than we've been this year, Shannon more than a JJ desiple is out of the H. Schnelinbeger school of thought with a 5yr. plan instead of quick-fix

The last paragraph Manny wrote is SO true. Manny said " Miami is better, but they need more depth and more player development from these coaches. I'm not saying everyone on this staff might be the right guy for the job". Well I will say it Manny. I am calling out the D-line, O-line, Secondary, Linebackers Coach and the DC. I know you can not coach DESIRE, HEART, and PASSION, but technique and scheme can be coached. 2010 is going to be the year to get a lot out of fortson, the up coming O-line and D-line, secondary guys and these poor linebackers we have. I know a national title may be a reach but playing in the ACC title game isn't. I the end it will still fall on the Head Coach so he better get some fire under all these guys rear end.

As a Wisconsin Badger fan I enjoy reading the opponents blogs etc..
As a person from the outside I will say that Miami is not that good. They are soft both physically and mentally. I mean heaters on a 45 degree night? long sleeves as well? They were beat mentally before they even got on the field.
Yes Miami has more speed than a meth dealer but until you get a coach who can toughen them up they wont go that far.
Now if you have any recruits down there that want to play in a cold climate send them up to us. Also I hope Graig's injury is not that bad, but it looked serious. I will pray for him and good luck in the future Cane fans.

Canes go down the field with 1:20 left
and win the game 21-20 and everyone says what a
great game.Can't happen,you have Hankerson,
Byrd,Graham,Collier;yes,it can.They did it,at
4 minute mark.So it did not happen,Shannon a
bum,hardly.I would give him an extended contract based on his ablity to recruit.

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