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Champs Sports Bowl thoughts

ORLANDO -- About to head out on the Florida Turnpike to get back in time for tonight's basketball game at the BankUnited Center. But before I take off I just wanted to share a few thoughts on the Canes' 20-14 loss to Wisconsin.

The same problems that hurt UM all season -- except interceptions -- turned out to be what did the Canes in against the Badgers.

> The Hurricanes were simply manhandled up front. No, Jacory Harris wasn't at his best. But he was also under serious pressure the entire night. He was sacked five times and hit on about 10 other pass attempts. It's hard for a quarterback to get in any sort of rhythm when the other team has you on the run. Here's the bottomline, UM gave up 35 sacks this season. That's far too many. 

After the game, Orlando Franklin snickered when I asked him how good Wisconsin's front seven was. Sorry O, but you have to give the Badgers credit. Franklin might not have been the problem Tuesday night, but we all know the Canes' six man rotation on the offensive line this year was not tip top by any means. Matt Pipho was the starting right tackle all season. Pipho will make a great doctor one day. But he should have never been the starting right tackle on this team. He was a role player thrust into a starting role because UM didn't get the job done in recruiting offensive linemen in year's past and the young guys that were here simply weren't ready. It will be interesting to see who steps up this spring. Brandon Washington, Ben Jones and Jermaine Johnson are all guys we've heard a lot of good things about. It's time to see what they can really do.

> The second biggest problem this team had all season was getting to the quarterback on defense. Tuesday, Wisconsin's Scott Tolzien had all day to throw the football. Yes, UM sacked him once. But three quarterback hurries aren't enough. UM defensive line coach Clint Hurtt expected his team to do a much better job before the season began. But it just felt like this unit never really got going. Other than some decent work by Joe Joseph and Curtis Porter against the run and the occassional big plays from freshman Olivier Vernon and sophomore Marcus Robinson, the only consistent performer was Allen Bailey. And he was shuffled from tackle to end to back to tackle far too often. All in all, simply a disappointing season from Miami's front four. The Canes definitely need strong returns from Marcus Forston and Adewale Ojomo next year and Hurtt's guys need to do a better job winning one-on-one battles.

> The third biggest problem UM had all year, which showed itself again Tuesday, was defending the middle of the field. How many times did we see receivers and tight ends get open for key first downs this year against this dfense? Far too many. Wisconsin ate up the Canes in the interior and converted more than a few third and longs. As good as Colin McCarthy and Darryl Sharpton were this season, they were always a step behind in pass coverage and they didn't get enough help from Randy Phillips or Vaughn Telemaque at safety. Defensive coordinator John Lovett did a great job turning UM's run defense around this season. He consider this and his pass rush the primary offseason problems to work on and fix.

> Now, while you all might not be in the mood to hear anything positive about this season after last night's disappointing loss, I think you should take a second to cool off before reflecting on the season or demanding Randy  Shannon's head on a platter. The facts are this program got better. UM won nine games, two more than last year. Four players made the All-ACC First Team. The Canes only had one a year ago.

Is Miami back? No. But I think we need to stop worrying about declaring if Miami back. I'm sorry to tell you this, but the Canes won't be back until they are at least playing for a national championship. They aren't back until they win a conference championship. They aren't back until a starter can go down and the backup can be just as capable of carrying out that job. Here's the bottomline: Miami is better, but they need more depth and more player development from these coaches. I'm not saying everyone on this staff might be the right guy for the job. But the Canes are getting better. And they have to continue that trend this offseason and in 2010.


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So many morons on here, talking about fire Shannon? C'mon man!!! Learn football, learn how it works then talk. In fact stop talking. You all don't go to games, or support the team other than read the articles in the paper and type some foolishness. Get a life, but at the very least learn football before commenting on a football article.

I was in Orlando. It was great to see so many Canes out there. We have a long way from contending for any titles, given our performance in the Champs Bowl. However, let's not forget that the team was playing pretty banged up since the second or third game of the season. WE NEED TO SERIOUSLY LOOK AT THE LINES (both sides)and answer some questions during this recruitment class. I am still very proud of what they accomplished. THANKS TO ALL OF CENTRAL FLORIDA. They were great hosts. GO CANES!!!

MJH , Great points . Totally agree .

Bravo Manny! Except for the WR coach, the position and special teams coaches STINK! There has been NOOOOO development since Shannon took over EXCEPT by receivers - NONE! I am going to tell you how bad the coaches are in two words - Jon Beason! He was ALWAYS out of position and missing tackles at UM and now he's a PRO BOWL player in the NFL!

Shannon's greatest fault is that he is overcommitted to his assistant coaches without merit!


You gotta be kidding..IMPROVED!!
9 wins?? who they hell did they beat A&M UCF..DUKE!!! stop drinking the orange coolaid.

He is overated as a recuriter and will never win a ACC title. The administration need to pay to play in BCS games. Look at Alabama and UF both coaches play in a title game in the third year. Here we are going to year 5 and we still can't win 10 games. Are we in a 10 year plan to win the ACC? Randy is a hell of a cordinator but that is it he is not head coach material.

How funny is it that Butch Davis in UNC is undeafeated aganist randy! everyone knows NC does not have the talen of florida. So lets get prepare to suffer more years under Randy. I believe Norte Dame will become revelant before UM! sad to see a private school so tight with there money. Lovett sucs I will give next year to show me what he has, if no improvement bye bye john.

How sad!

All of the posters here have common themes. Poor execution, poor player selection/assignments. Jacory has no competition so it is obvious he feels no pressure to be The Man. No O/D line. And to follow fellow posters, this current regime is the U. of Mediocrity. True we will never get back to those teams of the 80's.

How many other teams that have freshman QB's and other players that produce? It that the player or player development/preparation?

I'll give Randy kudos for getting thes guys in class, but heck, if we can get at least one player to get drafted in the first round, then the sports community and high school prospects will wonder what is going on in Miami?

I was here in the rebuilding years under Schnellenberger, have witnessed Flutie's Hail Mary pass and Maryland's second half comeback. All difficult games to re-live, but watching this past bowl game was utterly gut wrenching. It was obvious this team did not want to win, was un-focused and unprepared. Who is ultimately responsible for that?

Time for the Shannon to man up and take blame along with the rest of the coaching staff, sports AD & Prez too.

hello my good people all this anger with 53 soph and fresh and a 3rd year (1st time) head coach is a little much and the other half is coker recruited players what did you expect....... now year 4 is when most new coaches take the program to the nxt level.... so this time next year we should be talking bout a bcs game practice and not a loss @ the who the hell cares no name bowl....

I just want to know what has Shannon done that coker didn't do?

I am a UM alumnus and have been a dedicated fan for more than 2 decades, and have been patient wih the current administration and coaching staff. However, for the first time, I see that there is little emphasis on truely elevating the program to its stature.

Due to this an economic boycott is needed since that is the only way to get change to occur and I will not purchase UM merchandise nor go watch them at the stadium until they remove the current coaching staff and give our talented players an opportunity to feel the tradition that made us so great.

Thanks Randy for trying, you are a good guy, but please give it up and give the program a chance to regain our dominance.

We lost that game in the trenches.How about somebody go to Art Kehoe tell were sorry and ask Him nicely to come back !!!Cause it was like watching someone kicking around puppy.I was embarresed

FB is about energy and emotion, only 3 games this season were played with emotion ga tech, ou and s.fla
I think it is mostly because of the defensive , passive schemes that lead to a lack of emotion and aggressive play that leads to no fire and few 3 and outs.
On offense more running the ball with an attitude from the get go. Team will never be good until they play fired out ea. game.

No, FB team can be real good without more emotion on the field, they are whimps on the sidlines like little girls who need a guy to give them a jacket to keep warm, man up its football

Manny any chance of the 'Canes going after Kadron Boone of Ocala since he's leaving Tx Tech now that Leach got fired?

Boone told ESPN.com's Gerry Hamilton. "I've been staying in contact with LSU, Cincinnati, Louisville, Florida, Miami and West Virginia. All I can do is take this in, get home or talk to may parents tonight and get their reaction and go from there."

Atleast we're in the picture right?

They say Harris doesn't get rattled but from wat I've seen this whole year that's far from the truth I love the canes but they should be glad they were able to keep it close cus it should have been a blow out the way the offense played did the defense not realize they ran the same exact play to score both td's? Both sides of the ball need some changes until then Miami will only let us down again. The bottom line is they got there ass kicked more on the field than the scoreboard

And it's hard to even try to establish a run game when you only run the ball 14 times who ever called the plays was asking for Harris to get sacked

Wisconsins tight ends just caught another pass, how can you never adjust to that? Tight ends, Clay and the Q.B. thats all there was to that team, and yet it was total domination,I wonder how really bad is this team? We'll find out on the 2nd and 3rd games of next year.

you know, when the coaches say somebody is not ready, maybe the players don't know the playbook. this is not some pick up game that is played at some park or school. this is disciplined such that you have assingments. if these players aren't putting in the time or effort to learn where they are suppose to be, then they have no right to be on the field. look at arthur brown. why isn't he out there on the field? he can't figure out where to go. don't blame the coaches. blame the players

This team looked very slow. The cold weather affected their play. This team was sleep walking and wanted to go inside. Mentally, they were not in the game. Bad weather seems to create problems for this team. Coach Shannon needs to find a way to solve this problem.

Manny, thanks for the 411. No question that Shannon is in over his head. Nice guy with a great biography, but not up to the task of getting the program to a level where it competes for ACC or BCS championships. There are many aspects of the 'Canes performance to be critical about, but to me the most troubling was the lack of intensity and effort. Wisconsin played like they had something to prove, while the 'Canes played like they were satisfied to already have 9 wins tucked away. When a talented team does not show up emotionally ready to compete, the head coach is accountable. Looking toward the future, what is most troubling is that with Shannon at the helm, the team will languish as a second tier ACC conference contender for many years, while never being quite bad enough for the administration to feel compelled to make a coaching change.

What bothers me is that a lot of our problems seem to be unchanged from Randy's first year. We're awful at clock management. We have issues with drops. We always seem to be "out-coached". We constantly take bad penalties. We've seemingly never played ONE full great game from beginning to end. Every time bad stuff happens, the camera pans to Randy and he has that "deer in headlights(TM)" look.

While our record has improved, we haven't really gotten THAT much better. Whipple alone might be worth the 2 wins and we honestly lucked out in a lot of games this season. If not for the Bradford and Gresham injuries, OU would've smoked us. And we only beat a VERY BAD FSU team because of a dropped pass in the end zone.

That said, I'm willing to drink my green & orange kool-aide and be optimistic about next season. Hopefully JH's downward spiral was all a result of his injuries and hopefully his tendency to get injured isn't a result of him being Mr. Glass from Unbreakable and won't be an issue next season. Hopefully the receivers learn how to consistently catch passes like teams playing against us always seem to do better. Hopefully our line learns how to block and learns to stop doing dumb things like double a DT while letting a DE have a free run at the QB. Hopefully our d-line learns to shed blockers and get to the QB. Hopefully our LBs and DBs learn to actually cover receivers, particularly the slow white ones that always seem to cause the most problems. Hopefully Shannon learns how to manage the clock (fingers crossed that he doesn't turn to guys like Andy Reid or Mike Holmgren for help!). Hopefully we can actually win the ACC that we haven't come close to despite it being one of the worst conferences in college football. Hopefully we can make a BCS Bowl and actually show up like we're fully prepared and ready. Hell, if all my hopes come true, maybe we'll be playing for and winning a NC next year...

Navy has more wins than UM in two seasons, terrible!! Fire Shannon, cut our losses now, give the job to Whipple before he leaves!!

Interesting you called-out Pipho after the season is over. As a writer you should have written what you saw and believed early in the season
Defense was pathetic and a change is necessary. Our OC is reported as heading to the NFL. Good. Now let's hire Leach as Asst. HC, give him the offense and head of recruiting.
How many remember the lack of concern when we were left with only Jacory as QB? We lost a QB to Penn State, Marve to Purdue, two others a week before the season opener.

Clint Hurtt is the WORST D-line coach in the HISTORY of football. He friggen SUCKS!

"I am as excited as anyone that THE U got nine wins but lets be realistics here. This team could have easily be 6-7. Fsu catches that pass one loss. Wake holds on, another loss. OU fully healthy big loss."

Whoa dude! We went 9-4. That is being realistic. As for the "what ifs".... what ifs don't count. You can think we have a 7-6 team if you want to but 7-6 teams go 7-6. We didn't.

MANNY -- Why are the comments I forward censored OUT by you?

I want to know how many of the people screaming and demanding they fire him are donating to the university and are gonna call them and tell them not to? Cause it seems like every news outlet and everyone with a brain realizes that the 'Canes have 1] improved every year 2] are poised to grow as upperclassmen and 3] there's no one we could hire who'd do much better.

Shannon has improved a lot in his game management from his horrible first year. He stills gets outcoached [UNC, Wisc] but he's getting better to.

Jacory Harris is way overrated. I sometimes wonder if he got the job because of Affirmative Action. That would make sense since Al Sharpton's nephew is on the team.

As an alum I have followed the program closely since 1970. The problem is multi-layered. First is the UM President. It been a steady downhill since she took control over the decision making. How did the President of UM allow them to end up without a stadium to play in? How many years did she dally, recognizing the O Bowl was destined for demolition without having a viable alternative. Second, what outreach effort has she initiated to have the community identify with the program? Your attendance statistics are the barometer of her lack of efforts. The site they use is 35 miles from campus. Second, it appears she is more than satisfied to have a middle of the pack program in football and basketball so long as the school shares in the ACC loot. Title 9 issues are probably her focus. By any objective standard she has been a failure as President of UM with respect to the athletic programs. Second, Shannon is the perfect foil for her. He is a local guy who has strong ties to the UM family and high school pipeline. The only problem is that he has never been a head coach and it shows. If he was such a steal why when he was a coordinator and voted assistant of the year did no other major college program solicit him. So the University now finds itself in this situation; they have a well connected local groomed coach who consistently delivers mediocre results but who they are afraid to move on because they are afraid of loss of recruiting connections. My friends who are UF and FSU alums are estatic with UM's present predicament. Truthfully, their sentiments are so long as DS is President they have no worries about UM. The true measure of a coach's effectiveness is does his team get better as the season progresses? Mr Shannon is 0 for 3 on the real scorecard. Its time for the influential wealthy alums to speak truth to power to the UM President. Frankly, I am losing interest and based upon the empty seats at Joe Robbie so is the rest of South Florida. Time for some change you can believe in.

All we needed to do was block. If we blocked we couldve won Cooper got hurt cuz the field, he may not be able to play next year and he waslookin to go out as a pro. Blocking is key

Bring Back Art Kehoe- the guy bleeds Orange and Green and he was axed along with other top assistants to salvage Coker for another year or two at the time. He was a scapegoat for a poor head coach. Go Get Tommy Tuberville and let him put back a coaching staff that demands effort. Kehoe was a mad man but those linemen would run through a brick wall for him!!!

Are there any websites or alumni that are sick and tired of Shannon and his inability to prepare his team to play ??? I'm about ready for a "fire shannon.com website. He has no passion, and I'm sick of him standing on the sidelines, motionless, without expression as the game continues to slip away from the Canes.We could have the best recruting class in the nation but if we don't develop the players (like now), it doesnt matter. I've followed them since before Schnellberger and I'm embarrassed how they play. It's not only the lossess, it's playing without heart, excitement, or passion. There are always flat, and move around on the fielf like they're 80 years old. I just want to go to Miami and take them by the pads, and shake the hell out of them.....I'm disgusted !!!!!


A few days after the lost I can speak a little more honestly than a few days ago. In general this team is definity better than 2008. Perhaps I forgot that we still don't Shannon's full class and I expect so much after seeing so little in the previous years. We need to beef up the o line, get better defensive ends (QBs can not have all day to pass against us) and our blitz package is too obvious. Jacory needs to man up when the game is not going according to plan. We need to match our strength vs the other team weakness. I think if we can keep the team relatively healthy and focus we could go the distance. I didn't see a team that we couldn't beat this year. And last but not least .....

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fact is, this was a huge step back for the University of Miami. The team manhandled a stout Oklahoma defense with some top NFL prospects earlier in the season, shut down the ACC defensive player of the year when Georgia Tech was in town and then made Wisconsin's D (solid at best) look like the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. The team was outhustled, outcoached and outplayed in a statement game, and it looked just like the Emerald Bowl vs. Cal last year. When the Canes have more than a week to prepare for a team during the season in Shannon's 3 year head coaching tenure, they're 3-4 (including 0-2 in bowl games). Worse still, each time they've won, they lost the next game, and two of those times they lost the next two games. To me, this shows lack of good game coaching. When the team has more time to prepare, it should perform better in the game as well as those that follow. Just another stat showing poor coaching on this team (that and all those timeouts burned early in halves and failed clock management). This team has a long way to go improvement-wise in the short time these talented athletes have left at The U, and it's looking more and more likely that Shannon may not be capable of leading this team to play at the full potential of its talent.

This team is like the TB Buc's, they can't concentrate when the weather is under 50 degrees. They where on the sidelines like the game was in Green Bay and not Orlando. I don't care what you bloggers say, the cold weather definitely affected this team.

The problem with UM is that the players can't get far enough past their big heads and their "swag" nonsense to realize they are playing a worthy opponent that also has talent. Wisconsin is a solid program. Put in the time watching film and working hard and spend less time showboating and talking about how great they are and maybe they'll get the W. Give credit where it is due and stop making excuses. Wisconsin came to play and was the better team yesterday...by far! And Orlando Franklin, WISCO's front seven IS good and showed that the U has some work to do if it wants to be "back."

You said it , Manny. They got shoved around at the lines a la the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, yet UM still had a chance to win both games. After beating Florida in the '01 Sugar Bowl, "fans" were demanding the removal of that bum of an OC, Larry Coker, who coodinated a national championship offense the next season. Remember, too that Randy recruited many of those champions. Would we be reading so much +$%&*@ if Jacory and a receiver had the winning TD? Er, no. Things will be better.

must be nice to get paid to do nothing, do you ever plan on reporting anything on recruiting??????????


Any word on McCartney? Lemonier? I hope there are some surprises that will positively help us. Obviously we've made strides but there are more to make. Go Canes!

Hey Manny...

I bet Randy and the boys are glad they didn't have to play at the Capital One Bowl. That turf was a mess. I know.. I know.. you want to say that both teams had to play on that turf today just like during the Champs bowl. But you have to admit that for teams that depend on speed and ability to make quick cuts foremost, this kind of turf is a handicap. Then when you match up speedy teams like Miami, LSU against tough, disciplined teams like Wisconsin and Penn State, you see the other teams effectively speeding up.

Obviously there is a better solution than having exhibitions on the field at the Citrus Bowl days before big payout Bowl Games. I hope someone has the sense to realize that for future Bowl seasons.

Happy New Year!

My final thoughts on this painful experience is that IF we must keep Shannon, we MUST get a genius offensive coordinator or something; and take a good look at defense also [those missed tackles make my eyes hurt]. We seem to have excellent talent but don't know how to develop it, and that is detrimental to the players' future as potential NFLers. QB was scared to run b/c look at his body; dude feared being 'killed' by the defense. Notice how thin he is? He can't take the licking and keep on ticking. Can't. Our players all looked like toddlers next to the Wis players. Hit the gym, eat your Wheaties, whatever. Enough. Change coach or change strategy, but something needs chsnging, NOW.

FIRE SHANNON!!! He has no swagger, so how do you expect our CANES to have swagger. If all the high shooltalent in South Florida, we should be a top 5 program, that will never happen as long as SHANNON is coach.

After watching FSu and Uf get bowl wins, it pains me to admit that Um has not shown a capacity to keep the intensity and consistency to carry the energy and desire late into the season and win championships. Ok so they beat USF but then what. FSU instead had energy and look what the gaturdds did to Cinci. I do believ, though, that Cincy was waaaaaaay overrated, and played without a head coach. The matchup with UF was media contrived. Play UF against TCU, and the outcome would have been different. But the media didnt want that match up. they were scared. If TCU beats Boise big, the media may still put UF at Number 2- you watch.

that energy and desire has to do with coaching and preparation for a bowl game. I think Shannon gave the palyers like 2 weeks off, then practiced lightly twice then there was the x-mas break.

UM recruiting, which inthe last 12-24 months was supposedly randy Shannons' forte, Um has declined predcipitously. Why is that? Is it because he has recruited the wrong players for the wrong reasons? Too much attentiopn paid to MNW and not enough to the bigger superstars that play in more northern parts of florida? Is there a reason why the kid from Boyd Anderson (a safety)was recruited by Urban Liar away from UM? what the---? That should have been Um's territory. And FSU is also resurging in recruiting big time--- the last 12 months have been identical to the 2007 recruiting: Mediocre at best. 2008 gave UM that top 5 recruiting class, but UF and FSU saw that and stepped it up, yet Randy Shannon and his minions sat back complacent.

Watching the All Amrican Under armour game, there seems to be a ton of commits to UF, and many of them making plays. UMs commit? Strome Johnson- His claim to fame.... Could have wion the obstacle course, but in true form did a flip instead and lost the competition. Nonethlesss, UF and FSU are r-a-c-k-i-n-g recruits.


I see Shannon fired next year if Um doesnt have at least 10 wins, a BCS bowl, and/or an ACC ch. I surely saw UMplaying for all of the marbles next year, but not now. Watching other schools' offenses duringthis bowl season, I've been like.... What the? Where is that vaunted Whipple wide open offense? Or any running game? there hasnt been any of anything! Look at Northwestern's offense putting 600 yds on Auburn. look at Penn State. Look at Florida. Look at Ohio State, or FSU>

Are we deluding ourselves that UM will go into the dump=shoe and beat Terrel Pryor the way he looked last night? Do we assume that UM has more firepower than Oregon? LOL do not make me laugh! Not with these coaches.

Can anyone please comment on these things or am I the delusional one?

"Fire Shannon, this record is as good as it gets, the guy has no fire, just a blank stair. We should go get Leach, at least he knows how to run a offense!!"

Before you start criticizing, please spell check. The impatience from the comments to this article is astounding.

"Time to get a coach.
Who's going to start firerandyshannon.com?!
Can't find coaches at the discount stores Shalala.
PS: Thank God Randy Phillips is gone!"

I would like to remind everyone that 5-7 wasn't in the far distant past. In 2008, 7-6. This year, 9-4. If my calculations serve me... that's a two win gain each year under Coach Shannon. Before you start jumping on the head coach, please remember the giant leaps of improvement within two short years.

"Hurtt has to go."

We desperately need more linemen, that's obvious. Please also remember the injury bug, specifically on the defensive line. Ojomo, Forston, Dye, Moncur, and Vernon were all hit with injuries this year. I even remember a comment during the late part of the season that UM didn't start the same four on the defensive line due to such injuries. Depth. It's getting there. See win improvement above.

In addition, Jason Fox was out. Didn't many of you agree that Fox was going to be one of the two or three most valuable players, if not the MVP himself?

The depth of offensive skill players (save QB) is going to serve UM well in 2010. There is little reason why the Canes can't get 10 wins next season. I perfectly understand the history of the program, but you all are going to have to be realistic. Rome wasn't built in a day. If the powers actually listened every time Shannon was to be removed, he'd be removed after every game.

I have some advice. Relax. Hold your horses on the "National Championship Now" articles. Let's win the ACC and protect Jacory. Most of all, take a breath and stop being so emotional.

Go Canes.


Someone please comeent on the fact that the "vaunted SEC" is not all that!

Va Tech beat Tenn
Clemson beat kentucky
Northwestern put 600 + yds on Auburn (Oh those SEC defenses, ooooh there is so much speed!)
Penn State beat LSU
U COnn. Yes U Conn. beat U So carolina.

Wake Forest beat Stanford...

I mean. If ESPN says that The SEC is the best conference one more time, I am going to puke. The reality is, anyone can beat anbody anytime. Ok, so FIU is unlikely to beat Alabama.... Are they? Didnt they have Alabama on the ropes in the 3rd q?

Slow Big ten? Gimme a break. The 2002 UM Hurricanes with all that speed found out that wasnt true. Tedd Ginn isnt slow. Ohio State and Michigan have more NFLers than UF or LSU!

Media: Stop that nonsense please

I dont care about 4-5 star guys..Fl, bama, OSU aka winners get those guys..so what I want a 2 star the wants to be a CANE..not a Randy Shannon recruit,,but a CANE..somone ready to commit to playing for championships..Thank God, Sharpton, Phillips and philpo and Fox are gone..really just decent players..none will be in the NFL...they couldnt cover tiger woods in a pancake house..first we need guys up front that destroy QB and disrupt every play..not every other 20 plays and 15 times all year...2nd we need LB that are athletes..that can cover TE's and WR..plus can destroy backs out of the back field...A ton of pressure on the LB we have coming back..Macarthy not sure..Spence get healthy he has the pure talent..Futch and Buchannon will be stars if coached right...this is what scares me..to have a 5 star guy in Brown..in two years he has not played 10 playes..is our coaching staff that bad that we cannot get a pure raw talent like him on the field what is the worse that could happen..miss tackle wide open guys...HELLO that happens now every play..our secondary needs to just learn to catch INTs...

I have no time to discuss the Offence..just get better,,,or die trying..GO CANES

Time for a new LEADER !! Yet another time the
team didn't show up to play !! This team again at Va. TECH, U.N.C., Wisc.,etc. and
last game in O.B.(48-0) had no intensity,
no SWAGGER !!The coach lacks motivational techniques unlike Urban,Nick SAten, Jimmey J.or Howard S.

Time for a NEW GENERAL !!

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