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Gameday blog: UM-Wisconsin

ORLANDO -- The University of Miami will attempt to win 10 games in a season for the first time since 2003 tonight at the Citrus Bowl. I'll be here to provide live updates throughout the game and chat with readers up until the end of the third quarter. Feel free to join the discussion as the 14th-ranked Hurricanes try to knock off the 25th-ranked Wisconsin Badgers. 

Reminder for Gameday blog participants: Participation in the Cover It Live program is intended for the exchange of meaningful questions and observations during the game between fans and reporters. Not all comments or questions will be posted. iPhone users are asked to be patient as it takes several minutes for Cover It Live to load.


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Go canes

Does that mean we can't freak out if Jacory throws an INT for a TD?

Or is it okay if we phrase it in the form of a question, like "Who was Jacory throwing that to?" or "Can't our receivers play defense when they see a bad throw coming their way?"

Just sayin....

Enjoy the live blog, and of course Go Canes!

i'll be here!

We got some Canes over here!!!

Wow! First time I've been first. Sup Manny? You've been slipping lately on posting things up. Where you been and do you have anything special brewing up for us fans? I still like the work you do so keep it up. I think I speak for most, if not all of us, when I say that you're best sportswriter in S. Florida covering da "U"...

Ok, I take that back. Maybe I'm not the first to respond, lol...I just noticed that our comments are now filtered before being posted. I've been gone longer then I thought...

THE U !!! Lets get it done.

Let's go CANES!!!



Cya in a couple hours Manny!

Go Canes!!!

Manny, have you made a score prediction yet?



Now go and put a stamp on the New Year!

Go canes


Beginning of 2nd quarter: so far, I think Jacory Harris looks tentative at best. He appears to be confused. This could be a "big money" game for Coach Shannon as his contract is up for renewing.

Sorry to rain on the parade. Games are won and lost in the trenches and according to Mandingo's analysis the edge goes to UW. UW 24-UM 17.

Posted by: el ponce | December 28, 2009 at 08:06 PM

All Hail Ponce

Shannon outclassed and outcoached again.
Jacory is not a big time QB.
No QB recruits on the horizon.
Mediocrity is Miami's new name.

We're due for a Jacory pick right here to put us down 21-7 going into the half; par for this season's course.

I mean seriously, time outs again, guys out of position, penalties--Randy doesn't know how to coach; these guys are totally unprepared.

Come on jacory!!

Well 9 and 4 isnt so bad can we please stop talking about acc championship. We still our young, undisciplined, and very soft. We need to worry about getting better and staying consistent congrats wisconsin

Not looking so good. Our guys are some divas when it comes to the weather. Hand warmers!!! Are you serious!?@!?!?!

Once again, a unprepared team for a bowl game. Who is to blame? Very sad.

This team looks like it wants to lose....

Please stop the TE's on 3rd down. The offence needs to wake up.

Randy Shannon is proving once again he can be outcoached by a small furry rodent, namely a badger this time. The teams he brings to the field are undisciplined, unmotivated, unfocused and unprepared. He throws them to the wolves seemingly hoping their pure athleticism will carry the day. Well, tonight he is getting punched in the mouth and doesn't have a stinking clue what to do. The offensive decisions are atrocios. Why go for it on 4th down in the middle of the 3rdQ? When you're at the 30? A 45 yard field goal is a better bet than getting 4 yards against THAT defense. And at least it would be points! Shannon is panicking because he is over his head, again. The man may recruit well, but he has no clue what he is doing on game day and he has no clue about how to get players properly prepared and he has no clue how to make a game plan. No wonder Butch Davis chews him up every year with a far less talented team. Face it, Shannon isn't smart enough to coach the Canes. It is time to stop the embarassment and go get a REAL coach!

UM is getting handled by a well coached team. They have no clue on how to cover a tight end. This is a weakness the teams exploits time and time again. We have atheletes but we need coaches that can put them in position to be sucessful. I have no faith in this regime.

Yeah this blows. Thanks again Randy. You're a terrible recruiter, players leave the program without looking back, you're a TERRIBLE motivator, and you prepare for games as well as another coach I can recall, LARRY CHOKER. I don't care what people say about me, and I don't care if the Canes come back and win (I sincerely doubt they will). Anyone who thinks that next year will be different is DELUSIONAL. Wisconsin blows and they are whipping us, it's embarrassing.

the Canes would rather lose pretty than win ugly. Congrats Bucky.

We got NOTHING and judging by this years recruiting class, next year we'll have NOTHING. Maybe we can get lucky and fire Shannon and hire Mike Leach, but only UF has the foresight to make a move like that (recall Meyer for Zook). Now I gotta start rooting for the Canes to lose again (I did until Coker got canned) so that change can be effected.

We have got to have the weakest offensive line in America. Jacory looks like he got paid off by the mafia. We haven't covered a T.E. all year and tonight is no different. Our D- tackles can't pass rush or stop the run. We also have to be the worst blitzing team I've ever seen. We send 7 men after the q.b. and we still can't sack him. We need to quit worring so much about speed and get some girth on both lines.

1. Disappointing season. 2. Horrible coaching almost all year. 3. Jacory Harris has gotten continually worse and is not the answer. 4. We did not recruit a good qb 5. Our players are some of the worst conditioned undisciplined players in all of college. 6. This app worked less than 50 percent on the iPhone and a lot of canes fans (including this one) missed out.

what is whipple doing....go to a two back set as you did on td drive..he is an idiot

i have said it all year long, both off and def coaches stink...they do not know how to adapt and make the proper changes

Why have a gameday blog if we're not able to see comments?

Fire Randy Shannon now....

O line better get better since all the vets are leaving; otherwise our d will stay on the field all night next year like tonight and Jacory will not last all season...better luck in 2010....gooo cannnessss


Good season, CANES!!! Looking forward to watching next season in the USA... It's 7:41 in Iraq and I am going to bed...
A past to build on , a future to fulfill..

Let me thank the following players for their contribution to the Miami Hurricane football team during their careers:

Randy Phillips (4 star recruit) - hope you got that degree.

Matt Pihpo - Best of luck in medical school. Hope you can create treatment plans better than you can block.

Javaris James - sigh...what could have been...

Dedrick Epps/Tavaris Johnson (combined for 9 stars) - you will both play on Sundays, even if you didn't get a lot of playing time on Saturdays.

Jimmy Graham - You go boy!

Daryl Sharpton - If you where 2 inches taller, and half a step faster you'd be a second round pick...but you're not. Hope you speak Canadian.

Chavez Grant - see Randy Phllips comment

Jason Fox/Joe Joeseph - Enjoy the NFL. You're second contract is where you make your money when you're drafted in the 3rd round. Call Eric Winston for details.

Ryan Hill - I think you are still on the team...right..anyone? anyone? haven't seen you in awhile. Holla at me if you're still alive...

Sam Shields - You have the talent, I hope you put it all together and impress on a practice squad next year. You will be starter one day in the NFL. I think.

Eric Moncur - I'm pretty sure you are eligible for Medicare at this point.

Seriously, I wish all the seniors luck (I'm talking to you Matt Perelli - what exactly do you do again?) Your contributions are all much appreciated, best of the future for you! You will always be Canes! (Even you Dr. Pihpo!)

GREAT LOOKING UNIFORMS AND SHOES. NOW ABOUT THE GAME ITSELF What kind of crap was this game. First of all defensive players U have nothing to hold your heads about. Lovette U moron don't U know how to stop a damn tight end. That was pathetic. But what was even more pathetic was our adjustments or lack there of as in none to stop the running backs and tight ends. And worse than that was that sh1tty offensive line. Jacory if U are going to run, run boy other than that the bad throws were because U hold the ball too long and the line could not block a fly buzzing at U. I'm sick of this crap of shannon not having a team such as ours which is 3 times more talented than this bunch of Milk Cow farmers motivated and energized. U had everything set up for U the U documentary, Meyer taking a leave, and U go and lay an egg again. I'm sick of this crap either become the man like Jimmy Johnson was or get out. We did not even resemble the Canes from the documentary other than the first play of the game. Wheres the big plays, wheres the bravado and bad boys. I want the real Canes back. That means celebrate, piss people off and get the U's edge back that made them great. And shannon recruit a real QB not these athletic dummies. Jacory looked like a kid wandering where his mama was on the sideline. I want to win and real canes do too. Do you think Kiffen, Kelly, Patterson, Sarkesion, or Shnelenberger for that matter would have lost to this wisconsin team had they had this type of talent as we have? Hell no!!!

And please bring Soldinger and Kehoe back. Special teams looked decent to good. Get another strength and conditioning guy in there because we looked like a JV team getting pushed around by Wisconsin in the trenches and all over the field. Why isn't our DB's going for interceptions and why wasn't Ray Ray playing and why wasn't Streeter in the game more. Because our school and coaches are not committed to winning. The Best players in the state want to win so if U want them Shannon go win games and U will get them. Look at how USC and Alabama used to suck and now they get anybody they want including our guys in the state of Miami. All because they win consistently. Bring back the fatigues, attitude and dancing and let the Canes be the bad boys again.

Coach Shannon and his crew recieve and F for this game!

Ten wins? What's THAT?


You just lost to a slow, white school!!!!

Yeah you guys will win the National Championship, NEXT YEAR. Better make those plans now!!! BAHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA

You were outplayed and out coached by a much better tweam from the BIG TEN and WISCONSIN. This is division one girls try hitting the weight room once in a while. LMAO

Very sad, UM does not have a clue.

Shannon was out coached, his assistants were out coached, his team was out played. Get rid of the pansy uniforms. There is and has been nothing like the 1980's uniforms. Tell Nike to get a life and stop with the embroidery on the shoulders.

Whipple looks clueless and has no idea what he is doing. The team looks like a bunch of skinny wet rats compared to the Wisconsin guys. Where is the Miami speed, defence and O-Line?

Time to bite the bullet and get a real coach. The Shannon experiment to save money has failed miserable, unless of course you liek medocrity and in that case it has succeeded.

This years recruiting class is mediocre at best. WTF is going on at the U. It's no longer about the U, that was in the past. Now it's about finding a coach to just do it!

And, the hype has to stop. Talking about 1o games, being ranked in the top 5 or 10 for next season if we win, and promoting Jacory for the Heisman is all nonsense if you can't score points.

Sick to my stomach......

Well i know Mr. Manny will probalby not post his comment but here goes.

Randy has to go. Kirby should not even think about an extension and just let him coach next year and start looking for a new fresh face to lead a team that is talented as the canes are.

Shannon was out classed again by a team that had just three players make plays for them. Randy is not HC material and it showed last night. Two weeks to prepare and this is the best you can do.

He had the team and the unniversity right were it needed to be and did not take that last step to get them through the door. Jacory is not the answer and thanks to randy playing favorites next year will be the same. This team is in serious trouble due to the fact that there is no real QB recuit coming in. Highsmith is not the answer and niether is Morris.

Another dissaster waits for in 2010. Lets stop all of this 2010 is the year when deep in our hearts we know better. It is not and it won't be anytime soon.

I hope I am wrong but sometimes you just have to face the facts. Miami will not win any acc championship soon either.

nice game canes...

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