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Hankerson says he's coming back

ORLANDO -- After the Hurricanes disappointing loss to Wisconsin Tuesday night, University of Miami leading receiver Leonard Hankerson at least provided some good news for Hurricanes fans. He said he's coming back for his senior year.

"I'm staying," said Hankerson, who caught one pass for 28 yards on UM's late scoring drive. "That's where I was leaning all along. I just wanted to have a little fun with the media. I know we have a great team around here. I know we have a whole lot of players and we know next year is going to be our time. I know we're going to do big things next year, have a whole lot of fun and have good times next year."

> Running back Graig Cooper could end up doing the same thing especially after severly injuring his right knee during a kickoff return right before the half. Cooper wasn't available for comment.

> One guy we might have to worry about moving forward, though, is defensive end Allen Bailey. The junior, who said a few weeks back he was definitely coming back for his senior year, carried a different tune in the post game locker room.

"I'm pretty sure [I'll be back]," Bailey said. "I'm going to talk to my people. But I'm pretty sure. I have to wait to get home. But it's a pretty high percentage."


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That was pitiful!!

Good for him. Now, ca anyone tell me WHERE we can get an offensive line? For that matter, do ANY of our coaches even know what one looks like or what it is supposed to do?

This program has become so utterly pathetic and dumbed-down that it makes me puke!

who cares about leonard hankerson....no one in the NFL wants him, why is the media even covering him?

I'm sick of you guys writing puff pieces. Why don't you go afer Shannon's terible coaching or the fact the after 2 years Jackascory still looks lost.

get some balls and be a writer and not a chearleader...If not go work at Burger King.


This game falls on the coaches. The offense and defense both looked unprepared. Randy did not have the team ready to go. The team as a whole needs to live in the WEIGHT ROOM. I've said since the beginning of the season our O-line,D-line, linebackers, secondary, and Javris James and Greg Cooper are not very good. Still need some big time players to come in and play now.

Stop the bleeding and dump shannon already. We will only make matters worse by keeping him as head coach; he is not cut out for the job.

This dump/fire Shannon stuff is so wholly misguided I don't even know where to begin in calling it out.

Year 1: 5 wins
Year 2: 7 wins
Year 3: 9 wins

Plus, in year 3, 100 percent graduation rate, 0 arrests and the absolute love and respect of a group of young men (way younger, I'd imagine, than any anonymous internet "fan" posting on this blog) who revere, respect, and--I mean this--love coach Shannon.

Sorry we couldn't beat Wisconsin tonight, fake "fans"--but Randy Shannon is the absolute greatest hire this program has ever made.

our defense looked LOST and the middle of the field was open ALL GAME. It's the coaches people. I like whipple, everyone else has gotta go. And i guess those futuristic breathbale, light, airy uniforms backfired since the Canes were freezing their as ss es off in just below 50 degree weather.

Fire Shannon

Coach Shannon needs time build this team. Next year is big for Shannon if this team do not win 11 games then Shannon is in big trouble. I've been his supporter all year long but we must win. Losing two bowl in a row is not good. We just got beat tonite. I still love our Canes. 2010 is our year no excuses 11 wins or bust!


The U has had talented running backs for years but they all under achieve, Yes, they can go for 150 -200 yards against the Fla A&M and Charleston Southerns of the world but when it comes to running against good defenses they fall flat on theirs faces. WE never have "the Guy" that can put up 1200-1400 yards a year consistently. The only answer is the lack of coaching given not only the offensive backs but the offensive line, d-line, etc. It's not only Randy Shannon but a lot of the position coaches. Shannon is in charge and he should go. Miami will not win a National championship or even an ACC championship under his reign. I went to the game and they were lost out there. Not a clue. The only go hire that Randy has made is Whipple. But it's hard to run an offense when the QB is getting hammered on every play. Yes, we'll always look like champs against meager competition but beating the big boys on a consistent basis is going to take a different approach. You can have the best recruiting classes in the world but if you can't coach them to their potential you'll continue to lose.

I have never commented before but today I feel I must. This game was exactly like last years bowl... Poorly prepared team... They are always out of position... WR,s run terrible routes....LB,s tackle terribly...DB's a step too late and the biggest problem is a see little development in Jacory Harris... I like the kid and think he can be great but he showed me last night that in on full year he is the same QB from last years bowl.. No progress... Makes the same mistakes game after game... Holds the ball too long... Doesn't run when he needs to... And always looks for big pass plays rather than settling for positive yards... Coaching is sorry to say it very poor... I like Shannon and I think he recruits better than most... He isn't good enough an experienced enough and he doesn't know enough on both sides of the ball to coach at an elite level.. Head coaches have a strength but they still know both sides of th ball to some extent... He lacks fire and intensity that has given this team the swagger that made them great... Randy can coach them to 9 wins and a bowl but he won't do anything beyond that... Need a coach who can develop talent better and take this team to the next level which I am sorry to say Randy has proven he can't do... Two bowls against teams that Miami was Better than and they have two losses... Lack of preparation

Shannon has made the team better every year he has been coaching. Team had a bad night and Whipple got a little trick happy. One that 2nd drive if we don't go three and out this is a different game. We probably need a better conditioning coach, though. The injuries for Miami have been ridiculous and not just this year. We also don't need these kids watching stuff like "The U" - they should have stuck to SpongeBob. Dancing when you are down by 10 because you recovered a fumble in the end zone is unacceptable. Dancing is for when you are shredding teams, not barely staying in the game. Or at least learn how to cover the tight end before pretending you are old school.

Stop the bleeding? The team has gotten better every year under Shannon, one could argue that he did stop the bleeding.

Shannon hitched his wagon to Jacory and let Marve & Cook transfer. Now we are stuck with what we got. Does any Cane fan think we can go into Ohio St & win next year? I thought Whipple was a steal at the beginning of the year, since then Harris has regressed not progressed! Def wasn't great, but played good enough to win. The loss is on Shannon, Whipple & Harris! I wish Shannon had a brain & feed the ball to D Berry! I guess in all, I'm just not buying that we are on our way back to being an elite team. 9-3 seasons are the best we can hope for! Please recruit a qb that can handle and succeed in the pressures of being the qb at the university of Miami!

leonard hankerson is horrible. start aldarius johnson randy. the kid is the next andre johnson and you're not letting him play!

The o and d lines have been getting pushed around all season. The linebackers are slow to make reads and constantly get out of position. The offensive coordinator can't seem to figure out how to give the athletes an opportunity to makes plays in space. Wisconsin's corners were consistantly 8-10 yards off the receivers but we never throw it out to them and give them a chance to make someone miss. Randy has done a good job recruiting better players, but I don't see much growth or improvement from the players. It's just depressing to get beat by a team that shouldn't have the talent to compete.

We can't get some midwestern linemen to come to UM!?!?!?!?!?

Did you see the way their OL dominated our defense? Why can't we have that?

Harris was brutal last night and no thanks to the O-line either... We are regularly outcoached though rarely out recruited... Hire Leach

Utterly disappointed. No one should talk about NCs or Top 5s until we actually win the ACC. I am sick of all the talk about SWAGGER and Sponge Bob. THis is pathetic.

the game was terrible. the worst i've seen this year. Our coaches were definitely out done in this one. the team didn't look prepared. That being said, i think we are on the right track. if we progress two games next year, i will take it. Shannon has done a great job with this team on and off the field. we will get there.


growing pains my canes fan growing pains. o-line was suspect all season especially med school aka matt pipho aka im ready to play after sitting 4 years. as we all know bench players r bench players & stars will shine. streeter gets 1 play bang 46 yard bomb! our best football players doesnt c the field enough to become game breakers but hear me loud & clear canes fans streeter 86, thompkins 83, are the real deal i grow up with them. 2 game changers on the bench behind mr. drops hanky, lite n the az benji. next year is our year.

What the hell is wrong with you people?
We just got our azzes clocked and right away the cockroaches are coming out of the closets... Fire that guy, who needs Hank, get another QB... WTF!

It starts on the line and they controlled the line and the clock too.

Good luck Cooper... get well soon.

To all players, who are reading this...
Yeah, it hurts to lose, but hold your head up. You had a good year and thanks for bring us back to respectability.

A Canes Fan!

To all you wimps... You want to complain, complain about the newly sodded field conditions and why was the field flooded when it hadn't rained?

Ask, Why was it soaking wet, 3" deep and where was the drainage system?

Ask who benifits... Us or them, in 45 degree weather, playing in a mud puddle.
You want to know? Then ask the people who turned on the sprinkles.

These guys are suppose to be pros... and should know better then to flood a field before a game.

I wonder why?

That was a pathetic excuse of coaching and playing. I am so disappointed in our coaching staff and players. No one looked like they wanted to play and WIN. We definately need an O-line NOW! Glad JJ is done and am looking forward to Lamar Miller!! Why didn't they pass more often from the 2nd qtr on and why did they not play Berry more at RB?

No one outside of Canes fans knows who Craig Cooper, Leonard Hankerson and Allen Bailey are. I think all three should be more focused on improving their draft status with standout senior years. The old Canes knew you earn high draft pick status with on-field accomplishments, not unrealized potential. Many of those Cane 1st round picks were largely chosen based on playing for winning teams. Raise your aspirations guys from being mid to late round prospects! You could've played anywhere else to achieve that!

Coaches need to learn how to motivate players before games and adjust the scheme during games.

You can't blame Shannon because he has been harping on his linemen to get bigger and stronger. Its obvious that they have not been paying attention. Those big tackles from St. Thomas Aquinas cannot get here soon enough.

Any word on Coop's knee?

As bad as the offensive line was, Jacory Harris is AWFUL.
It was no surprise in the bowl game as he has been terrible all year. All he can do is loft long passes when he has time (any D1 QB can do that).

As for the coaching, why did we only rush the ball like 13 times all game?!!?!

You give Damien Berry for the 2nd time all game and look what he does- a 20+ yard run when we were on the 1 yard line. Shannon or whipple--wouldn't you think to get Berry at least 15-20 touches a game?!?!

What exactly do you want from Shannon? The D looked good early but was on the field way too much. It's hard for the offense to look fired up after continually going 3 and out. This loss is on Jacory and the O Line. Jacory needed to man up and be a leader and he layed an egg.

I'm glad Hank is coming back! He put in alot of hard work bfore the season & it paid off! I just wish that the U was coming back, cause as evidenced last night... we are nowhere close to being back! Being back among the elite starts with recruiting. From the looks of it, we can't even recruit our own back yard anymore! The 3 stud players from Miami Northwestern are not coming to the U! Wr Harris, Dt Chandler & Ol Wilson have committed elsewhere! Get use to the suffering fellow Cane fans!

News flash: Wisconsin's tight end just caught another pass

Was this year's team really any better than last year's ? Think about it . FSU drops game winning TD in endzone . OU had an injured team , and UM won a tough game by 1 point . The Wake game was won with some lucky breaks . VaTech dominated us , so did Wisconsin last night . UM could have easily been 6-7 this year ! I know they had a lot of injuries , but there are still some glaring weaknesess on this team . Whipple abandons the run much too early , if he ever even tries to estabish a running game ! Last night the defense was TOTALLY out coached . Who is covering the TE ??? I still don't think they know !!!

Looked like boys against men last night. Please get some tough o-linemen, like the Badgers. Out players just aren't good enough against power teams, once again. With the Buckeyes and Panthers back to back next season, both very physical teams, same mo will be used on Miami as Wisconsin did.

dont blame randy shannon or Jacory. With all the injuries this team had. There defense was hurt all year. Spence, Mccarthy, Ojomo, Fortson, ray ray, etc.
Thank god pipho is gone. They criticized everyone but him yesterday. He wasnt even trying to block. guys were going right by him.
Our O-line is horrible. Coker recruits Trump, Fox, Pipho are all gone. Could Jermaine Johnson have doen worse than pipho. How can jacory get in a rhtym when he is chased or hit every play. His toughness is never in doubt. Also, why so many plays centered around Theron COllier. What about Aldraius or Tommy Streeter?

One last thing, our defense needs to learn how to pressure a QB. Maybe Ojomo can help that.

Why would I want to go to UF and play for titles? When I can go to UM and rack up those 4 or more losses every season.

Wow Manny! After that game you follow up with a Hankerson announcement? Comments above confirm that nobody cares about that this morning. Maybe you're waiting for your thoughts and impressions to crystallize before writing a blog about it. Hope so. You should definitely write a big picture piece. Hopefully you take an honest look at the glaring red flags that are facing this program.

Do cane fans a favor and tell them to temper their expectations for next year. The Kool-aid drinkers here highly revere you.

While I'm not happy with the game, Shannon isn't the problem. Randy Shannon doesn't coach offense or defense, he doesn't call the plays either way. Bad play calling is Whipple, and the missed D assignments is on Lovett. Head coaches can't be in charge of every play call on both sides of the ball. He can't make the o-line better than it is. A freshman started at guard, the best lineman was out for the game. If you followed the canes then you know that the o-line was a question before and during the season. zit seem like the are recruiting to fix this issue. Defensively, Sharpton and McCarty are good on the run but can't cover at all, been that way all season. The TE's tore them up. The o-line and back up LB's need to get better. That's not on the coaches, that is on them. Hunger and devotion made Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, and the rest of those guys better. The coaches can only do so much. Arthur Brown if you're listening...step up. That goes for all the players. It's time to put it on the players not the coaches. As much as I hate Florida, the players there take it upon themselves to push each other and hold each other accountable, not Urban Lyer and his staff. You're CANES, it's time to step up and act like it. If you remember the old canes, they took the blame when they lost and worked harder to make sure it didnt happen again. It wasn't the coaches who thought losing was completely unacceptable, it was the players. I have faith these guys are heading in the rigth direction, but they need to start getting the guys with chips on their shoulders with something to prove. Screw rating systems, 3, 4, 5 star doesn't matter. The U needs guys that will do whatever it takes to win and will never get complacent. I look forward to next year and Ohio State. I hate one team worse than Florida....the F%*#eyes. It's THE Ohio State University, not THEE, you f'ing morons.


Miami has the better skilled players - but unless you have the men up front that can block & pressure the QB; 9 - 10 wins a year is where this team will be next year.

It's certainly not the way how anyone wanted to see the season end. Here's to an ACC championship in 2010!


Please somebody tell me that Shannon will be offered nothing more than a two year extension. If Shannon is offered a long-term deal, that would be worse than losing the bowl game.

Move on from this shellacking we took. Get on the recruiting trail ASAP. We need Seantrel Henderson and JR Ferguson in the worst way. Willis would help too.

Jacory needs to work hard in a number of areas if he's going to develop. Overall strength is number one (arm and legs). Playbook study is a must. Gotta be able to find those safety valve receivers when the long stuff's not open. He really looked pretty clueless last night, looked very weak in the legs, and showed more promise in the hairstyle department than in the football department. He's been staring everything down all year. That worked at NW HS, but not as much in college, and not at all in the NFL. Best that he fixes this while he's in college; otherwise, he has no football chance in life after the U.

I love the kid, but he's got a long haul before he can lead the team to championships.

Coaches need to embrace the spirit of competition in the Spring and then execute it in the Fall. The best players should play.....period. You win the right to hit the field. I didn't get that feeling this year. I felt like we had better players sitting on the bench on a number of occasions.

Overall satisfied w/ the year although my confidence going into next year took a big hit. Coach Shannon needs to fix a number of coaching problems, with clock management being number one. This is getting to sound like a broken record around here. I would also like to see more "head coaching presence" on the sidelines. To be the leader U gotta act like the leader and leaders never stand around and watch. I know he can do this. I certainly don't want him to be a Jim Leavitt and I don't want RS not to be himself, but a little more animation on the sidelines is needed.

Thanks Manny for all the hard work, good reporting, analysis, recruiting updates, etc. U scored the equivalent of an unbeaten season in my book.

The reality is preperation... Miami is one of the most talented teams with such poor preperation... Players out of position...bad play calling on both sides of the ball... Jacory was the same QB he was in last years bowl game... Top tier teams have a top tier leader...Randy is an good recruitor but not great....he just doesn't know enough football on both sides of the ball... His calm demeanor on the sidelines is disgusting... He keeps saying This team isn't like the old canes... He might want to think about getting a little swagger because his lack of fire on the sideline doesn't get it done when your team needs a boost when they are trailing... He can keep this team at 8 or 9 wins with a December bowl but not to am elite level...time to get a leader who can take us to the next level... Like Randy i just don't think he has it for this level of play

I Feel the same way ending this season as last. Our coaches are average. Whipple did not give the ball to Berry ran no screens or draws to slow the pass rush or roll Harris out of the pocket to buy some time. The o-line without Fox is trash. ( Good luck winning a NC or anything else with those backup lineman). Whipple has put up big number against bad teams but every time we have came up against just a top 25 defense we have go handled. VT, NC, Clem, and now Wis. ( Why do we have to beg our coaches to run the football with our best running back Berry??) Does Sabin have to get beged to play Ingram???

(way younger, I'd imagine, than any anonymous internet "fan" posting on this blog)

I'm 20, but I haev faith in Shannon he'll get it done. He's improved as a coach over the course of this season. Wish we still had Bill Young in defense coordinator. Lovett has been really hit and miss I feel.

wow. the wheels are coming off now.

Harris, the receiver from Nw the one the U wanted bad just announce he is going to Louiville. Damm what happened to our great recuiter?

Manny can you some serious reporting? Ask Shannon the real tough qustions that no one is bothering to ask.

You guys are funny. Chandler, Nix, and Harris will sign eslwhere. CHanlder went to USF who we romped. They are a middle of the pack Big East team. Nix to Notre Dame. LOL and Harris to Louisville. Another mid-Big East team known for all the star receivers they produce. Let them go there it is not like they are at Florida, Bama or LSU. none of those kids will play for a NC there.

Sentrel Henderson, if you are watching, there is a OL starting job with your name on it.


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