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Hankerson says he's coming back

ORLANDO -- After the Hurricanes disappointing loss to Wisconsin Tuesday night, University of Miami leading receiver Leonard Hankerson at least provided some good news for Hurricanes fans. He said he's coming back for his senior year.

"I'm staying," said Hankerson, who caught one pass for 28 yards on UM's late scoring drive. "That's where I was leaning all along. I just wanted to have a little fun with the media. I know we have a great team around here. I know we have a whole lot of players and we know next year is going to be our time. I know we're going to do big things next year, have a whole lot of fun and have good times next year."

> Running back Graig Cooper could end up doing the same thing especially after severly injuring his right knee during a kickoff return right before the half. Cooper wasn't available for comment.

> One guy we might have to worry about moving forward, though, is defensive end Allen Bailey. The junior, who said a few weeks back he was definitely coming back for his senior year, carried a different tune in the post game locker room.

"I'm pretty sure [I'll be back]," Bailey said. "I'm going to talk to my people. But I'm pretty sure. I have to wait to get home. But it's a pretty high percentage."