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Hankerson says he's coming back

ORLANDO -- After the Hurricanes disappointing loss to Wisconsin Tuesday night, University of Miami leading receiver Leonard Hankerson at least provided some good news for Hurricanes fans. He said he's coming back for his senior year.

"I'm staying," said Hankerson, who caught one pass for 28 yards on UM's late scoring drive. "That's where I was leaning all along. I just wanted to have a little fun with the media. I know we have a great team around here. I know we have a whole lot of players and we know next year is going to be our time. I know we're going to do big things next year, have a whole lot of fun and have good times next year."

> Running back Graig Cooper could end up doing the same thing especially after severly injuring his right knee during a kickoff return right before the half. Cooper wasn't available for comment.

> One guy we might have to worry about moving forward, though, is defensive end Allen Bailey. The junior, who said a few weeks back he was definitely coming back for his senior year, carried a different tune in the post game locker room.

"I'm pretty sure [I'll be back]," Bailey said. "I'm going to talk to my people. But I'm pretty sure. I have to wait to get home. But it's a pretty high percentage."


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Well hogtown if your interested in screwing your sister the u of F is the place for you. Hey you can get a degree in manure while your at it...

UM lost a golden opportunity with both UF and FSU having an uncertain coaching situation and having lost to a lesser team is very negative.

I like Randy but he hasn't won a bowl and can't beat Butch Davis, which places his coaching ability to win the big one in question.....

That's good news. I am concerned about Jacory. He's looked less than ordinary.

john lovett needs to go!

Cat5Cane, CaneSinceThe80's, cane60, www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=753060053, you guys hit the nail in the coffin with great evaluation of the cuz it's clearly not rs fault, first of all football is a game that start in the trenches yesterday our oline stink, second wisconsin special teams was great so that kills us in field postion that punter is good and plus their time of possession, and unfortunately jacomo fumbling issues and others kills us. i mean on third down there was a pass intended to byrd whic was wide open who told collier to get in the middle of that pass which that kill the drive. just total mental stupidity. cuz i mean there are stupid fans whining for stupidity. i mean i dont think the canes could ever get to the level they were in the past they could be closed but i mean football at that era was much more different.

christian jones and Corey Lemonier are now visiting the U. Also,Dunley recently meet with Whipple and Christain Thomas and Dominque Easley (Decommited from Penn State)are considering the U.

Also, stop bashing Jacory. the kid showed great toughness. he was hit hard over 20 times yesterday and played the whole season with a damaged thumb on his throwing hand. Furthermore, he had an injury to his leg. He tried hard. Collier could have caught that pass on 4th down. Why would they not go to Aldraius on that play?

Great news that #85 is coming back. Nobody sets the tone for the passing game than Hankerson--unless Streeter is on the field. Johnson, Collier, Benjamin, and Byrd are great WRs to carry the momentum; but, none of them set the tone for the passing game. Tommy Streeter better start getting some reps next season. #85 and #86 are the clutch wideouts. Next season let's us know if Shannon really has what it takes to coach. Throughout the season, Randy and Whipple said they wouldn't rotate a lot of WRs. That was true for the regular season. But last night, they rotated ALL of the wideouts. #85 has been in every passing play during the regular season. Last night, he barely got any reps, and it showed the workhorse that he is. All in all, Shannon's philosophy should be near perfection by next season--let's hope. Playing Berry until the 2nd half might work in one game; but, it might not work well in another game. I understand that sometimes it might take time for the running game to come into effect. However, being stacked at the running game, []_[] shouldn't have to wait for the running game to kick in. You can keep the defense unsettle by changing the RBs, since Coop and Berry have different styles. Here's to []_[] for a better new year(and decade) and hope that next year is a change just like this year was to last year. As always, OoOoOoOoOH C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!

sat in the cold in mickey town . c.a.n.e.s. great start, what a return . not a good time to clip and on the 5 yrd line ? dumb ! but letting that punt drop ,turned the field in the first half . man we could have put it on them big time .. mistake after mistake watched it all year get'em coached up .. but you can bet on this. i will be watching again next year! GO CANES ! get well coop ,
the truf was a mess,and the cause of that ..

to be honest, this isnt a good thing. he's not a great player to begin with. and now recruiting future WR's will be even harder because we have too much depth. and our good backups like streeter wont get their chance to see the field.

It was all said on here...but lets look at the facts..

Randy is not going anywhere..WRITE IT DOWN!!
We are just not that good..we dont elete Players no one is a household name except jacory for the wrong resaons..kidding about injuries and well thought out hair cuts..Pryor just won the rose Bowl..he got it done..Jacory just lost his 2nd nobody cares bowl...he has no leadership, The canes act as if a magic wand will appear and scare the other teams into losing and all we have to do is show up.
Flat out this all falls on Randy, form here on out these are his recruits his coaches his players etc...I do see is not wiining the ACC next year.VT just has better players all 2&3 star but better prepared, OSU will destroy us unless some miracle happens in the off season and this team looks at itself deep down and says AM I A CANE or just a CFB player..IF they see they are Canes we can win it all...we have a rough schedule the favors home games..( wow 40K fans at that)..but we have FSU and VT and UNC at home next year..GT and OSU and PITT on he road...even if we are 18 starting out the Buck eyes are a sure top 3 team with all the players coming back..so if we beat them and take care of business we can fight back to a top ten team and BCS bound..I personaly feel we will not even be 4th in the ACC,,GT and VT and Clemson and FSU will be better...Just my Opinion..I hope the players look to get better and we do get a few big boys upfront,,and for gods sake play Berry...Hank thanks for coming back you were out best WR this year hands down...Coop get better see ya in 2011 or the NFL...Baily were the best we had..that is how bad we are...I hope you stay but you need to call Mr Sapp and Mr Holmes etc..to learn the game god knows they are not teaching you at the U know...guys study film call older canes..they will help...WE NEED Domination...the Gators are better face it..so does that motivate you?? GO Canes..Manny learn to write with your gut not your Heart....Happy 2010...

U think Randy Shannon is the best Head Coach that Miami has ever hired? Have U lost your freaking mind or were U born with one. He is the best heasd Coach we have hired since the turn of the millinium. Shannon is stuck somewhere between Coker and Davis and just beating Coker out. Face it Randy is boring and doesn't know how to coach whether it is as a head man or a defensive coordinator. The only reason he was semi successful as a DC was Schiano left him with such a stacked defensive team that Larry, Moe or Curly could have been the DC. That idiot could not even stop Krenzel from running on us back in the Fiesta Bowl. He used to be a good recruiter but that now is starting to come into question as he hasn't locked down South Florida like everybody said he was. Believe me I pulled for Randy to be the man to bring us back but man he is boring at coaching his team on the sideline and it shows in our team's play. There is no excitment, no fire, no agressiveness or emotion in their play. Its a freaking disgrace to see these guys continually unprepared and lose to teams they should be kicking the crap out of by 30 or forty points. IF Shannon is smart he will beg Whip and Lovette to stay and get rid of stoutland. Barrow and swassey cause our line can't block and out team looks like little pansys. Here's an idea Randy see if you can get Soldinger, kehoe, and Mark back and then you can look like a winning dummy instead of a losing dummy.

it wont matter who comes back or how many top recruiting classes you have,with this group of people running the program,from top to bottom the canes will be nothing more than average every year,and the big time recruiter cant even keep up with the top schools in the state.miami is nothing more then a tropical depression any more!

Just go back from vacation. OMG, the best running back on the team is only played on a few downs. HELLO. Bad coaching, (Terrible). By the way those new uniforms stink. all white. looks like there wearing pampers. Can't even see the players numbers. Please UM go back to the old uniforms. Shannon is a good recruiter and good defensive coach. But he is not a good head coach. We need somebody with some fire and creativety. Sorry Shannon your a great person, but not the right coach for the U.

The only way you will get full support from fans is if Shannon is a white guy. Compound that with the fact that Miami fans have very short patience with any losses and you have a recipe for disaster. Not to mention Jacory getting the same lost, unprepared, and unintelligent knocks against him. All of these knocks have existed aghainst Black leaders forever.

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