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Shannon wishes Urban Meyer well

ORLANDO -- The last time Randy Shannon and Urban Meyer were on the same field there wasn't a whole lot of pleasantry. 

Randy Shannon and Urban MeyerAlthough Shannon has never talked about it publicly, he was obviously ticked off last season when Florida kicked a 29-yard field goal with 25 seconds left in the Gators' 26-3 win in Gainesville. Shannon capped the night by barely stopping to exchange a handshake with Meyer after the game. 

We all know how the Hurricanes have always felt about the Gators. But Sunday when asked about Meyer and his health situation, Shannon took time to publicly support Meyer. 

"Anytime something happens to a coach, what I call a family member, a coach, you never want to see it happen," Shannon said after his team's afternoon practice at Thunder Field across the street from the Citrus Bowl. "Health conditions are serious these days. These jobs we do are serious business. I wish him well and everything, recovery from his medical condition. It's tough to see a family member go through that."

Shannon, who has always been slim, trim and in shape, said there is no way for a college coach to avoid health issues these days with the stress of the job. "I was an assistant when one of my friends Chuck Pagano had a semi-heart attack," Shannon said. "He was 29, 31 years old. He used to do the treadmill four and five times a day, three or four miles in 40 minutes... You just don't know. Everybody is different."

Shannon said the one thing that won't be affected by the coaching changes at Florida and Florida State is recruiting. "It don't make a difference [who is coaching]," Shannon said. "Florida is Florida. Florida State is Florida State. Miami is Miami. Central Florida, South Florida, we're all the same.

"It doesn't change anything in recruiting. Coaches have gone different places and those schools have always recruited the same type of players. Players like who they like. Sometimes they like the colors. Sometimes they like the school. It just depends on what they like. It won't affect anybody at all."

> Shannon said defensive end Eric Moncur, who has battled a groin injury all season, has been practicing this week in Orlando. "We'll probably get some plays out of him," Shannon said. "But you don't know. Something may happen before game time."

> For a few audio interviews today check out our Canes audio seciton


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I need to comment on Meyer later.

recriuting update please manny ???
bowl preview ??

Shannon is ALL class. I'm not sure if there is a better all around coach anywhere in the country.

Go 'canes!

first and good bye urban best of luck to ya

Am I First? First to post? Wow, what a thrill!

Let's Go 'Canes!!! Win Number Ten!!!

Randy Shannon,classy as ever. Go Canes!

Meyer the attetion who_re. He just can't deal with rebuiding from the ground up. "I'm quitting" "I'm coming back". Tebow leaving is just so much to handle for Urban. Man up!

Randy Shannon is always about class!

Still, i hope he kick the snot out of Florida in 2013, that's if UF doesn't back down on the game.

something not right about urban meyer situation,1st he says he has to put GOD then his family,then he doesn't tell his family until they board the plane to new orleans after the players knew he was coming back,sounds fishy to me!

Florida WILL find a reason to back out of the 2013 game. It is their usual MO since first trying to dodge the Canes.

USF and UCF and FSU and FAU have more guts that the Gators.


Shannon is a class act.

Shannon is also becoming a pretty good interview. I heard him on 560 talking about The U. It's was pretty enlightening...not the the normal coach speak.

Much more engaging than he's ever been.

First he goes, then he goes for a temp time now he is a no go. WTH is going on. Is he sick or just playing games? Will he do a reverse and stay or will the big bucks of another NCAA team or the NFL really win out. This is just like the Tiger Woods drama. Better than "As the world turns." Maybe we have another coach in Florida that is playing games.... this sounds so familuar. "I'm not going anywhere I will always be here to coach this team. By spring the U was looking for another coach. Well I believe we have the same story here. If he goes so does the FLA program. recruiting is going to be so much fun to watch. Hey 2010 is going to be a great year after today and tomorrow in Orlando then by the end of the week we will be in tune to make next year one of the best. thanks to everyone that comes on here you have made 2009 a real good year. See you all after the game and then again in Feb. Bye from NC see ya all real soon

He's trying to rally his gators to beat Cincy for him. A classic distraction to end all distractions. What better way than a drama episode?

Very shocked to hear this, seems like it came out of nowhere. Hope Meyer gets his health issues straightened out and returns to coaching.
He is good!

Once again a Shannon f-up for a bowl game. What's going on? Too full of themselves again obviously.

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