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Bailey says he'll be back in 2010

Allen Bailey said after the Hurricanes' 20-14 loss in the Champs Sports Bowl he needed to talk to his family before making a final decision on returning for his senior season at UM or entering the draft. 

Allen Bailey  After a weekend back home and lengthy conversation with his mom, Bailey told our Susan Miller Degnan tonight he's "definitely coming back."

That's great news for the Hurricanes. Bailey (6-4, 288) was absolutely the team's top pass rusher this past season. He led a lackluster pass rush with seven sacks and 11 tackles for loss and was named to the All-ACC First Team. 

> Canesport.com is reporting tight end recruit Chase Ford will need a waiver this week to arrive in time for spring football. Ford, who signed with UM Kilgore Junior College last month, is academically set to arrive on Jan. 19 when classes begin. But he is still waiting to hear on NCAA clearance because he transferred from Kilgore to Lamar University for a semester before transferring back to Kilgore.

Ford finished his sophomore season with 32 catches for 545 yards. He was named the Southwest Junior College Football Conference's Most Valuable Player, as voted on by the league's coaches. If he's not in spring camp, UM will only have one tight end option around -- redshirt freshman Billy Sanders. It is still unclear if senior Richard Gordon will receive a sixth year medical redshirt.


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Great news about Bailey. Manny, in a dream scenario next year, were no one is hurt on the D-Line, is Bailey a better DT or DE, or is he best when they line him up all over the place?

Awesome, now if can get production from Forston and others we should have a D-Line.

Any news on Chandler?

That's huge. By far the MVP from 2009.

I am so sick and tired of those nazi's over at the NCAA Clearinghouse!

They seem to screw us every year!!

GO CANNES 2010!! Hope Randy figures out how and when to use the clock and time outs this spring. Hope that 1/2 the D isn't looking at the sidelines when the other team snaps the ball next year.Hope the O-Line helps J12 out. Would be nice to see another Hiesman.

Finally! A post! Anything on the guys we're still recruiting? Too quiet on that front for Signing Day to be only a few weeks out.

Bad News CANE fans one of my good friends were at the UA Game and he spoke to a loke of the players including Nix and TC. He said that he spoke to both of them and they said along with other players that UM needs to step there recruiting up. He said that compaired to the other school that were recruiting them UM was the worst. The only players that UM are getting is the players that are DIE HARD UM FANS. Thats well and good, but we need to turn some kids. Shannon is not doing that and it is starting to worry me. If he cant finish hard this year with some big off the radar guys, we are in trouble going farther. AND DONT COME AT ME WITH THAT "ALL WE WANT ARE THE DIE HARDS" BS. I was a die hard coming out of HS but was only good enough to get a free ride at WKU. WE WANT THE BEST MEN AVAILABLE! Once they are here we got them and their alleigencies.

Bailey will be a BIG asset for this team. He has been an outsstanding DL.

Vacacion is over eh? glad to see you back with vengeance with two great posts.

Hey Manny, can you get an update on this form ESPN?

A source tells CollegeFootballTalk.com that QB Jacory Harris played the latter part of the season with a ruptured ligament in a thumb, but would not say whether the damage was in his throwing hand or his off hand. CFT says it is believed that the injury occurred during the Nov. 21 Duke game, though on the Monday leading up to that game Harris was seen wearing a soft cast on his throwing arm. It is unclear if the cast had anything to do with the ruptured ligament.

Great news for the Canes! Our D Line which was supposed to be the bright spot for the Defense before the season started was horrible this season. Hopefully everyone around Bailey will step it up so we can get some pressure on opposing QBs. Losing to Ohio State will not be acceptable next year!

That's great news about Allen Bailey. I hope Chase Ford get cleared by NCAA, we are lacking depth at TE position. Go Canes 2010!

Great news for the Canes we need Baily and Marcus big time

for all the number crunchers who drool over stats- yeah you in ESPN. Yeah you Luginbill, Schad, Kiper:

Chris Johnson was a what star recruit coming out of high school?
Answer: 2 star
How many 5 star recruits out of high school ran for 2000 yds in the NFL this year?
Answer: none.

And that has nothing with "developing players". These kids were studs, but nobody saw that. Even the pseudo intellectuals who get paid to analyze this stuff.

Posted by: jaime | January 04, 2010 at 07:03 AM


Well, U keep right on stockpiling those 2-3 Star Kids year after year and see just what results U keep getting ...

Meanwhile, the Big Boys will load up on 4-5 Star Studs and remain at the top of the College Football Foodchain ...

It's all about attrition and strength in numbers trickledown talent which equals 2-3 quality deep depth ...

The DL gets its anchor. As a team, instead of lots of sophomores and freshmen, there are lots of juniors and sophomores.

Looking forward to next year. Really, really looking forward. Go Canes.

Also, looking forward to moar Manny updates!

In 2007, Randy had to straighten out the discipline of the team and establish a requiting class of skilled players. People that could make an impact at the scoring positions.

In 2008, he had to start filling in the gaps.

In 2009, Randy said, this team would be great IF we stayed healthy. He KNEW our team was young and the depth chart was shallow. He was spot on. When we got injured, we fell. With a schedule as hard as we opened with, the second half of the season was ENTIRELY dependent on the depth chart. We had NONE.

Look at our 2010 class. Randy is recruiting the depth chart. He KNOWS what we lack. He has said that we have the potential to be special if our young guys step up and dedicate themselves in the off-season. He knows we're filling in the depth chart, that we can handle injuries better.

But the people behind in the depth chart will still be young.

2011 the depth chart will be stacked, our position coaches and coordinators will be established. THAT'S when you can judge Randy.

Until then, if you're bitching, you're only thinking about your t-shirt.

Posted by: Jonathan.boyle@opensports.com | January 04, 2010 at 08:28 PM



If's and But's .

Still with all the Excuses ?

We'll be right back where we are now in 350 days .

Stay tuned.

yes bailey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finaly some good news. i could do without hankerson though. too many drops. i hope he leaves so the young and talented WR's can play

That's good news, but the Canes need a dominant Defensive Tackle to control the middle. Then middle linebacker.

Anybody watch the Fiesta Bowl last night? See that promo for Boise State with the big logo 'The New U'?

Well, if we are short on tight ends, can't we just get another basketball player to step in?

Or maybe get some of the graduating OLinemen like Pipho and Pirelli to stand in for the position.

After all, they just need a body to be there for running the drills.

Even consider using Mike James in that spot, he is pretty versatile...

PS: I see that the trolls are hitting the other sites hard, but they are still reading your stuff. Good writing can't be ignored, even by the haters.


Great Tuberville is going to Texas Tech

Also found this very interesting. Look how far ahead UM is to UF. After this season, they are sure to pass us now.


Why not move Dyron Dye from DE to TE for "depth"...? He played the position in HS and Tight end is a position of need right now. 2010 is looking bleak on offense right now. No linemen, no TE's. It could get ugly up there in Columbus and at Pitt. And that's just the beginning. Let's hope for some magic.

Good news for the defense, but I am much more concerned with the offense and what this coaching staff is going to do to address it in the off season. The O team seemed to start dissapearing around mid season, and the bowl game showed the end result. I can't see UM bettering a 9 win season unless something dramatically better shows up next fall.

Interesting comment on Nix and TC.But what
never seems to be discussed by these recruits
can that recruit by grades or test scores get
into a particular school?
I'm am not saying this is their issue,but
there have been many recruits who committed to the U who never were admitted.

To John:
I did notice "The new U" on Boise State last night. However, if U watched their defense play, that's what we used to get in Miami. Not lately though. Boise State is one of the most aggressive teams I've ever seen. What they lack in talent, they more than make up for in aggressiveness and "sure tackling". Ii don't think they missed more than one or two tackles all night against some very good TCU receivers.

As for recruiting, I spent several hours scouring the recruiting services over the weekend. Miami is still in the running for more top recruits than I had imagined. The list is surprising and the list is very long. If we only get three or four of those on the lists, then we easily jump back into the top 10 and possibly the top 5 in recruits. And yes, there are more anchors at every key position on those lists, i.e., some of the top OL, DL, DB, and TE still available. If I were Coach for a week, I would park a guy at every key guy's doorstep, with pup tent in hand and issue orders not to return until the recruit gave them a solid verbal committment. It's a nice thought anyway.

I'm anxious to watch the Army All American game on NBC this Saturday where some recruits will announce their intentions. Brandon Willis out of Brynes HS in SC, decommitted from TN a few days ago and will reportedly commit to someone else on Saturday. Miami is on the list as is NC and a few other schools.

YES!!!!.Jonanthan Boyle is on target. RS is the man and the rest of the coaching staff needs to be more cohesive. After one full year together 9-4 is not bad, especially with all the injuries. Next season shou8ld be fun to watch. GO CANES!!!!

This is great news for the Canes. We need the upperclassmen to stick around until they are great, rather than leaving when they're 3rd round picks. Bailey will be the first first-round (maybe even top 10) pick we've had on our team in 5 years, and that's significant. This is finally a trend for this team. Our top receiver is coming back, our top d-lineman is coming back. Our top linebacker is coming back, and they're all seniors and they're all draftable. That is a breath of fresh air.

I am getting sick and tired of star-counting when it comes to recruits. It is really irritating to read things like "Meanwhile, the Big Boys will load up on 4-5 Star Studs and remain at the top of the College Football Foodchain." I know people like to talk trash here, so I suppose the person who wrote this knows this is dumb and just wants to get a rise out of people. A lot of schools have risen to the top on 2-3 star recruits (that's UM's history, actually) and a lot of top programs have fallen on the backs of 4-5 star recruits (also UM's history, along with USC, FSU and Notre Dame recently). If there is one thing that has never been argued it is that Shannon is a great recruiter. He pulled in huge recruiting classes when we were losing. Do you really think he can't get the big names now that we're winning? He's getting the kids he wants (well, 90% of them...M. Harris is afraid of a little competition, I guess), and that's what excites me about this class.

Great to get this news Manny,but I don't know,is it unreasonable to ask for more recruiting updates? I know there is a lot of speculation involved, educated guesses, but, if you notice all readers here are starving for it.No disrespect but why does anyonebother asking Manny direct questions? He never replies!!!!!!!T anyone interested in recruiting, here is alittl bit, OL Torrian ilson out of MN who de commited from stanford is said to be haded to Miami,there is alot of optimism about DL R Fegson ending up at UM, also DL mike Thonton is said to be very highly considering us, WR I Mcartney is said tobe a silent by some, he is all UM, DB Demar Dorsey, is a tug of war with the Gaytors, could go either way, but miami has shot, LB C Jones, as rumored to be a cane lock, but all of a sudden the F$U Criminoles must have gotten a new booster and have some extra cash floating around, and are pulling in kids eft and right, so while anes ar stil optimistic about him, he is not the sure commit he was supposed to be amonth and a half ago,E C Lemonie, will wind up at Miami, thats1 F$U doesnt have enough money for, he bleeds orange ad green, not a disclaimer, but as i said earlier it is all at best educated guesses n most cases when it comes to recruiting, so we shall see!Sorry almost left out TE Christian Thomas from al seems he is Miamis to lose, an OL S Henderson, personally i think you or i have a beter shot at winning the lottery , ut hey someone dos in it. and Dallas Can great post!!!!!!!!!

half my words got cut off in the previous post, that was DL JR Ferguson, DL Mike Thornton, TE Christian Thomas is from cali not al,at the end i was saying personally i think i have a better shot of winning the lottery than the canes do of landing S Henderson,but, boy would i love to be wrong, and hey someone does win the lotto, you never know, basically there are about 9 premier players Miami is still going after if we land 4 or more of them the recruiting class will be great, and 1 player i left off the last post DB Latwan Anderson from ohio, I am not confident on landing a kid from Ohio, but there are many who feel we have at least a legitimate shot at him, maybe even are his frontrunners, it's all a guessing game, but it is FUN, Come on Manny we are hungry for news on recruiting FEED us,:) another thing that got cut off last post: great post by DallasCane!!!!!!!

Just venting, I know Manny won't answer a question if asked, why did the Canes seemingly put T Benjamin in the witness protection program at the end of the season????????i know signing day is in a month for the 2010 class,but not only is T Benjamin a great deep threat and more, but we DO NOT want to alienate his brother K Benjamin a STUD ^ft ^ WR from Belle Glade, who might be the top prospect overall in the class of 2011!!!!!!! I LOVE DA U!!!!!!!!!!!!

Special Teams! Did we block a punt or field goal this year? Why not put Cooper & TB on kickoff return (Pick Your Poison) If TB is a sub 4.2 guy why doesn't he get more touches. We use to scare teams with our special teams in general.

D-fence - need some strong DT that can clog the middle and pass rush. The 4-3 is only as good as the front four , and they have to dominate the line of scrimmage so, the Lbs can wrap up and make tackles. Secoundary should be solid need another strong corner to emerge.
Offense- O-Line,J12 Be consisent . Why not run the 2-min. offense if that's going to jump start the O , and "Play with a sense of urgency" Bailey has to start next year! How is the redshirt freshmen from Killian coming along is he and burner sub 4.2 guy? We need someone that is a threat to take it to the house.

Coaching: Have we gotten better? Yes
Need to improve: Yes
Play the Best players that give you the opportunity to win!
Manage the game don't let the game manage you!
Recruiting: I feel we do an excellent job in recruiting, the talent we get may not be 5 star or 4 star ,we all know south-florida has the best talent in the Nation!

We will be back babe! All about the U

ChicagoCane, if you are not the same ChicagoCane that used to post on Canesport ,and was obsessed with the "cookie monster" as you used to call ramon buchanan, disregard this, but if you are, you were not held in high regard on canesport, and that is an understatement, and you are spewing outdrivel, are there gems hidden as 3 and even 2 star recruits? of course, now the 4 and 5 stars, obviously don't always pan out just like 1st rd picks don't always pan out in the NFL or any pro league, but for you to dispute that the top programs of this decade USC,Texas,Ohio St,etc have been powers and that the FACT they rake in a ton of 4 and 5 star recruits yearly has nothing to do with it ,is well i'll be nice) naive,wishful thinking???and one last thing when you refer to how the Canes were built on 3 star kids, you are talking of the era before, everyone discovered S Fla as the place where the best talent and the nation is, and the scrutiny on S FL area players is just totally different now, plus Jimmy Johnson was a huge reason for your so called 2 stars making us great, for example Russel Maryland 2 star overweight, too slow TE in High School, but Jimmy saw a DT when he looked at him, thats 1 example of many, think before you post, and how did Cincy's 2 and 3 stars fare vs the gayturds???????????????? GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

everything sound great but i really think us tanking in the Bowl game hurt us in recruiting for next year.thats pretty bad when the off,shows up to play with 3:48 left in the game, im sure alot of recruits were watching that game! and if i was a OL recruit looking at miami,id be thinking they might have a open spot for me NOW!!

For one who cares if Chandler comes or not, he is to short. We need some 6'4 to 6'5 D.T's who can play. We have to many project players at D.T.We need some pass rushing son of a guns. We put absolutely no heat on the Q.b. and therefore they had all day to smoke our secondary.
We also can't cover a T.E.
We can't keep anyone healthy. I know injuries are part of the game, but how many players did we lose for the year by the third game?
I watch alot of these other teams and it amazes me how they manage to get the ball to their playmakers. We have all this talent at W.R. and we can't manage to find a go to guy. Travis Benjamin is supposed to be a 4.2 guy in the 40 and we can't get the ball to him 8-10 times a game, we had the same problem when we had Hester.
The O-Line is average at best and won't be any better next year because we wasted the year by not giving the young guys the P.T. If Jacory thought he got banged up this year wait till next year when we have 3 new greenhorns on the o-line.
We have to get stronger on both lines. We will have the talent in place next year to win it all. We have to figure out how to stop playing down to other teams talent level, we have to figure out how to stop being out coached, and we have to figure out how to consistantly stop losing to Carolina and Va. Tech.
Recruiting wise we have to figure out how to get some of these big fish to come to the "U".
Fla. has been winning consistantly and everyone wants to go there and now FSU is back bringing in the studs. Stars are sometimes overrated but I'd rather have a bunch of 4 and 5 stars than 3's. This class we have at present is a little above average and hopefully we can bring in a Ferguson at D.T.,and Thomas at T.E. and McCartney at W.R.

hey guys just create a website like facebook and twitter for Miami football fans. Come check it out and give me plenty of feedback so that I can make it better. http://umiami.ning.com/

or the poster who said he did not want Leonard Hankerson back:WHAT???????????? WHY????????? before last year he was dropping everything, and had no confidence, then last season he made HUGE strides, and still dropped some passes that hurt, but he improved dramatically, he has all the physical attributes to be great, including HUGE HANDS, and if he has a strong senior season, it will have a HUGE impact on Miami, of course he will help out the team win, by being productive, but another thing, if he gets drafted highly next year, he will exponentially improve Miami's ability to recruit more WR's in the future, he reminds me of a former Cane from the recent past, in the way he has developed, Taares Gooden, deemed a bust at UM until very,very late in his career perhaps 3 or 4 games into his SR year, and now he STARTS for the Baltimore Ravens!!!!!!!!And whoeve said move Dyron Dye to TE, we need pass rushers badly, NO, he should by no means be switched to TE, biggest key next year=team health, randy is what he is, I don't expect any light to go on, but if Micanor Regis and Curtis Porter continue to develop, and M Fortson and Jordan Futch come back healthy, and i'll throw out Brandon Mcgees name out there as our corner to complement B Harris, ifthe produce, the sky is the limit for Miami!now come on Randy i long ago gave up on you as a coach, but up until now had held you in high regards as a recruiter, go get us some recruits Randy, I LOVE DA U!!!!!!!!!!!!

next years Canes Ofense:QB-J Harris, RB-D berry, L Miller, E Clements, S Johnson, FB- P Hill, M James(Quadtrine Hill, all over again, maybe even a better version),OL-O Franklin,H Gunn, B Washington,J Figueroa,B Jones, J Johnson, B Linder, M Bunche, T Byrd, and hopefully another one emerges, maybe T Glenn or S Mcdermott, TE- Chase Ford, C Thomasin aperfect world if he commits and lives up to the hype),C Walford, WR-L Hankerson,T Benjamin, A Johnson, L Byrd, T Collier, D Johnson, please give Tommy Streeter a shot, he could be the best we have had in a long time, I Mcartney(again if he signs),K Thompkins,not bad at all assuming good health. Defense: DE-A Bailey,A Ojomo,M Robinson, O Vernon(perhaps the best of the bunch no disrespect to Bailey),D Dye,G Hardin(if he is finally healthy), C Lemonier(crossing fingers he becomes a Cane), DT-M Regis, M Fortson, C Porter,A Bailey (situationaly),L Robinson, J Lewis, J.R. Ferguson(could be great, he has to sign first),Mike Thornton,-LB J Futch, S Spence, C Mcarthy,R Buchanan, K Nelson,A Brown(who knows with him, i am an optimist so i will hold out hope)C.J. Holton,the rest of them would be even more speculation than i am already doing,DB-B Harris, Ray Ray Armstrong, V telemaque,J Reid, B Mcgee,D Davis, K Payne,J Campbell,K Rodgers,Demar Dorsey( lets dream a little), all in all, seems like the talent is there!!!!!!! Now we need a great recruiting class to keep things going, since most of these kids came in the same year!!!!!!! ACC Title next year? On paper=YES, BCS Title next year?why not?????????lets go canes! I LOVE DA U!(1)I am sure i left out more than one player,2) that is talent on par with anyone in the country)


I'm not the same guy. Never posted on canesport in my life.


I was going to let let it go, but even though I'm not the same guy you seem to hate, I'm going to respond anyway. What I said was not drivel, and was, in large part, backed up by your ramblings. The point I was trying to make, and DID make if you read my post, was not that 4 and 5 star recruits were worthless and that 2 and 3 star recruits are better. That's how you took it, apparently, but it is not what I said. I am aware that everyone needs to stock up on the top-shelf guys. What I WAS saying is you need to get the RIGHT guys for your program, despite how many stars they have. There are plenty of examples of great teams emerging from poorly rated recruiting classes, and those examples are not limited to "different eras" as you called it. Look what Petrino did with Louisville before he left, if you need a non-UM example.

What I was also saying is I trust Randy Shannon's evaluation of these kids much more than I trust the star counters out there. I believe that the kids he is recruiting are going to end up better at the U than are the 5 star kids everyone is disappointed we're not recruiting. You said it best in your evaluation of Jimmy Johnson's recruiting, when he could spot a great D-lineman and would take him despite his star-count. Those gems made the U. All the major programs (UM included) pull in their share of 4 and 5 star guys. The important thing is to get the kids you know will play well for you, and if the guys with more stars are not those guys this year, then so be it. Shannon is doing that! If that means that this class is light on 5-star guys and heavy on 3 and 4 star guys, then I am not the least bit concerned about that. Shannon didn't recruit Jeff Luc, for example, and so I am not so concerned that we didn't get him.

Go Canes!

Fire Shannon...doesn't ANYONE get it yet? HE CAN'T COACH, PERIOD!
You all don't want to admit it, but the only REASON you all call him a "great recruiter" is because he gets all of the inner city's good, black football players, and he gets them becausse HE IS BLACK.
At least I have the b*lls to admit it!
I also have the b*lls to say that SHANNON IS NOT A GOOD FOOTBALL COACH.
Any UM coach who is satisfied with his team's effort against Wisconsin (I listened to him on the radio right after the game, and he said the same old thing - "we STILL had the ball with a chance to win at the end, and that's all that we can ask for") - that's pure B*LLS*IT!!
IT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE AT "THE U" - plain and simple.
I'm sure Randy is a nice guy, but he is NOT, I REPEAT....N-O-T a good coach. He's totall clueless, and so is much of his staff.
If UM doesn't win every game this year, you can bet that Randy will be gone...the boosters who donate A LOT OF MONEY TO THE UNIVERSITY are starting to get very, very restless.
You'll see.
So, I hope Shannon & Co. get it together. This year will be their last if they don't produce BIG TIME!

im a die hard canes fan! if u r scared of competition then go 2 tally or gatorville, get the hell 4m round coral gables the U dont need fence hoppers we need orange & green born & breed canes. ala Irvin, Highsmith, K2, 2 name those who rep the U. thats the difference between now & then recruits being scared off a lil competition welcome back Bailey, Hankerson, McCarthy.

DE-Robinson, Vernon

SLB-Buchanon, Brown
MLB-McCarthy (I hope)

CB- B. Harris (wish he had DVD's size)
SS- Telemaque (not completely convinced on coverage) speed is a question.
FS- Armstrong
CB-DVD (is soft and weak), McGee will push him for time.

Regardles, this defense should be top 5. If not some seious questions will need to be answered.

Defense should be better than offense b/c Offense just doesnt have the studs on the Oline.


Im just curious. What could have Shannon done in Hindsight to make the Oline more Powerful and stronger against Wisconsin??

Wisconsins big uglies were just bigger and stronger and able to push our Oline around. Thus they won. Accept it. Get out of here with pulling to trigger on Shannon for everything thats negative, We win, its b/c of Whipple. We lose its all Shannons fault. You want to give Shannon the same short leash Notre Dame gave Ty Wilingham. Unconscious closet racist. Its not your fault, u may not even realze you're racist.

Chicago Cane
I really do not feel like arguing, so won't sit here and refute every point you just made, just 1 question and 1 statement. the question: How did cincinatti's 2 and 3 stars fare against the gayturds?(cincy=the petrino coached Louisville teams you refer too), the statement, no disrespect, but if you think Shannon is on par with Jimmy Johnson as far as talent evaluation you are crazy, and reading comprehension may not be your strong suit, the R Maryland ex was not of a 2 star DT J J saw talent in that no one else did, he saw a kid playing the WRONG position!anyways, I disagree with you, BUT we both root for the same team, so if i offended i apologize! have a good day!

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