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Canes land Bahamian defensive tackle recruit

You won't find Delmar Taylor on any national recruiting lists. And unless you attended one of the five high school football games he played in at Miami Beach High this past fall, you probably have never seen him. 

Delmar Taylor But assuming all goes well over the next month, the 6-5, 260-pound Bahamian born defensive tackle will be one of the recruits who is a part of the University of Miami's 2010 signing class. Taylor is about as raw and unknown a player as there is in South Florida. But according to our recruiting coordinator Larry Blustein, who saw Taylor play twice, he is very, very talented.

"I came away very impressed with his quickness and strength," Blustein said. "This is an athlete who never takes plays off, which is something any college coach notices right away. This is an athlete who has a real chance to do some big things at the next level."

According to Miami Beach coach Ralph Jimenez, FIU coach Mario Cristobal was the first to spot Taylor and offer him a scholarship. Bowling Green and Western Michigan followed. Memphis was about to offer. But according to Jimenez, when UM assistant coach Wesley McGriff came in a day before students went on vacation for Christmas break and watched film of Taylor, it was love at first sight on both sides.

"If he stays injury free and stays hungry and shows me the way he has shown me since he showed up in January, he could definitely play in the NFL one day," said Jimenez, who has been at Miami Beach High for two seasons. "He has to stay coachable and watch a lot of film. All the things he's done with us, he has to continue to do. But once you meet the kid, you fall in love with him. He didn't even know how to get into a three-point stance when we got him last January. But he's got a lot of talent and a lot of hunger."

Taylor first came to South Florida, according to his uncle Tony Hamilton, when he was 14 and enrolled at Miramar High. But after his mom was involved in a bad car accident, he was forced to return home and work to financially support his mom and now eight-year old brother Malik.

"His mom is better now, which is why he was able to come back," Hamilton said. "But when he went back, he was working with his uncle in plumbing, learning the trade and making whatever money he could to take care of his mom and brother. It was pretty tough. He sacrificed himself."

According to Hamilton, Taylor returned to South Florida his junior year and went out for football at Miramar, where Taylor lives. But he never saw the field because he was still learning how to play. In January 2009, Taylor enrolled him at Miami Beach High, not far from where he works at a nearby Publix. Unfortunately, do to some eligibility issues, the Florida High School Athletic Association only allowed him to play in five games at Miami Beach. Still, Jimenez said, Taylor made his presence felt. He earned best rusher award at the Down & Dirty Camp and played well in his five games.

"One thing he's done is gotten a lot stronger," Jimenez said. "When he first got here he was 6-4, 225. Now, he's 6-5, 260. He was benching 185 and now he's up to 260. He was power cleaning 125 and is at 225. We really pushed himself in the weight room. He was one of the guys who broke records. Now, he's squating 385 pounds. He's a great story."

Jimenez said Taylor has the grades to get into UM. "He's got like a 2.8 GPA and an 18 on his ACT score," Jimenez said. "Believe me, UM wouldn't have offered if they didn't think he could make it into school. He's a qualifier."

Taylor isn't the only good recruiting news for the Canes in the last 24 hours. Monsignor Pace quarterback Stephen Morris said he's a full-go to begin classes next week at UM and participate in spring football. Morris had been waiting on clearance from his school's principal on graduating early. He got it. Pace usually doesn't let students graduate in January. 

It looks like Morris will be joined by running backs Eduardo Clements and Storm Johnson, linebacker Tyrone Cornileus, center Shane McDermott and offensive tackle Malcolm Bunche as early entrants. UM is still waiting on word regarding JUCO tight end Chase Ford, who needs approval on a class he took at another school to begin this spring.

> Two current Cane commitments and cornerbacks -- Devont'a Davis from Gainesville High and Jeremy Davis from Cape Coral -- will take visits to other schools this weekend. Jeremy Davis is visiting North Carolina and Devont'a Davis is headed to Arkansas. 

> Don't hold your breath on the top offensive tackle in the country, Seantrel Henderson, visiting UM on Jan. 29. The Hurricanes weren't probably going to land him anyway.

Here are some clips on Delmar Taylor...


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Nice story Manny and welcome to the U Delmar. Now the fun begins. Also appreciate the settling news regarding Stephen Morris. Finally we get some depth at QB in the Spring.

As for the other two guys, good luck. If you remain committed, you will pay for these sins come football practice in the Spring or Summer.

I hope he pans out, look at B Mac noew at Minnesota. With that being said, this class bothers me. We should have a better class after two years of improvement on the field. Is it Shannon or the administration, I don't know. I love the Canes and always will, but I'm not satisfied. I hope they aren't either!

QB Cole Marcoux! Please, someone!

Any news on recruits we've heard of

It's always a crap shoot this time of year with the big named recruits because I think they only come down to miami for vacation and especially with the 29th being pro bowl weekend. The DB from ohio who committed to west virginia is a perfect example. He probably only came down to hang out w? Ted Ginn anyway.

great write up by manny. sounds like a good development prospect.

it would be helpful if we could get a report on Cain too? is he a raw sleeper with great potential or just on OK LB?

an ideal class has a mix of stars, gritty guys, and development projects. just saying...

Too many feel good stories and not enough blue chip athletes. Again Miami lands another recruit nobody has heard of and another 4 star walks out the back door.

Manny - that why i could care less about Rivals, Scout or any of these so called ranking sites.

It's about finding smart, hungry players who will give it all to represent the U.

Great! Let's get some more 2 star guys that Idaho, Northern Washington, and FIU are hot after.

This is a joke right??? we are losing 4-5 star guys and we have the time to recruit a guy this large that can only bench 260lbs...Frank Gore can bench 375lbs...Good story and I hope the best for this young man..we need BULLS up front,....this coaching staff has yet to prove to me they can coach great talent no less someone this raw...PLEASEEEEE prove me wrong

Glad to sign another D-line men. Looks like the kid may be a project but he could have a high ceiling which is a bonus. Bout time to hear some good news although I am weary about the corners taking visits...

I agree with you (beacane) I'm not very satisfied with this recruitment class overall. I am happy with the acquisitions of Storm Johnson and Eduardo Clements, but after that, nobody jumps off the page. I'm a cane for life regardless, I would just like to see us be a little more competitive in recruiting, the gators appear to have the blueprint this year, perhaps we elevate our recruiting game.

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Who are they going to recruit next,0 star players, non-existant players. maybe waterboys or cheerleading squad members? This is an utter travesty. UM is just filling slots and numbers with total unknowns. In a few years, UM will be beneath FIU in college football. Now, 2 CB's jeremy davis and andra davis are visitng elsewhere this weekend.
two more decommitts coming. No other top recruit will sign on february 3rd, and the class will not even be listed in the top 20.
This is a TOTAL, unacceptable travesty. FIRE SHANNON NOW!!!!!!!! before the entire U is submerged in mediocrity.

nice land that kid looks like a star... welcome to the U!!!!!!!!!

That kid Marcoux was UNREAL in the AA game, anyone have updates on him?!?!?

Are you guys serious? People are going to UF because of Miami's depth chart. You must be smoking something. One team was #3 in the country and another was 4th place in the ACC coastal. What a joke.

Harris lost to Wisconsin, a big ten team and had a 9-4 record.
Tebow went 9-4 his sophomore year after splitting time his freshmen year ( sound familiar?)
Tebow lost his sophomore bowl game against a lower ranked big ten team in the closing minutes (sound familiar?)
He won the heisman because the media loved him, his stats from that season weren't that great, he posted much much better stats the next few years.
I don't know about you, but sounds strangely familiar to Jacory.

I'm not saying Jacory will be the next Tebow. What I am saying is you don't know what will happen. Based on his record, history and stats he has parrels with sophomore campaigns by both Tebow and Jimmy Clausen (in terms of stats, Jacoiry had more wins). But, if the 2007UF team had miami fans, they would be screaming for Meyer' s head. After all, Meyer was getting wooped in recruiting by an unexperienced coach at a school with little recent power ( Shannon and Miami), plus he had gone 9-4 showing a DECLINE in record from the previous years ( shannon improved). What I'm trying to show is that many things are being overexagerated right now by UM fans, relax.
Furthermore I would like to say I do not think Shannon is the best coach in the world, but his improvement makes him deserve a chance to finish proving himself. If he doesn't, then I'm all for firing him, but atleast let him bring things full circle. Worst case scenario we have a stocked team any head coach would take a la Urban Meyer in 2006 ( because what most fans don't realize is if we fire Shannon good luck finding a coach, after all look at USC's troubles which pays well, has a great fan base, and a stocked team in national spotlight with a recent tradition of winning)

Hmmm...in yesterday's blog our corners were not highly rated--but, today's news is that Butch and Bobby Petrino are among the coaches trying to steal them??
It's a great class. Go Canes!


Well if he doesn't work out, atleast there will be some great Conch Fritter frys around the dorms.

He looks like a talent!
very raw but a talent all the same

at least he qualifies as an an ACTUAL sleeper unlike some of the other recruits we've received verbals from. this guy is unknown to everyone for the most part and has seen limited game action; whereas the others are on the radar but only with teams like cent/west michigan, nevada, akron, san jose st, fresno st, smu, tulane, etc.

for all the star haters here: had those players chosen to go to those lesser schools, i hardly think they wouldve all turned out to be diamonds in the rough like everyone seems to think they'll be here at The U. the fact is is that favoritism for the hurricanes forces people to believe they'll be studs because they play for our team which is rarely the case.

in general there's a direct correlation b/w great teams and great recruiting classes. the same goes for bad teams and bad recruiting classes. yes sometimes anomalies happen aka: tcu, boise, utah. but thats rare and those teams wont have long term success like bama, tex, uf, because their luck with diamonds in the rough will eventually wear out either due to a coach moving on or inability to recruit big name players. ultimately it comes down to who's doing the coaching, whether the player fits the system, or whether a player lacks the dedication to live up to their potential. no one here can argue that our resurgence to AT LEAST respectability(9-4) is heavily due to the contributions of our exceptional 2008 recruiting class.

its no different than the nfl draft. there's always going to be first round busts. but for every tim couch, there's a peyton manning. and everyone would be fuming if their favorite NFL team selected a player projected to be a seventh rounder in the first round. the players are ranked high for a reason: because theyre loaded with talent. some just dont have what it takes mentally to live up to potential and dedicate themselves to hard work. the success rate of players who pan out per round/per star goes down significantly the later the round/lower the star.

we, since that 2008 class however, have done very mediocre in recruiting. lack of consistency in recruiting can be killer. also waiting for the 2011 class to fill out doesnt seem very smart. by then our guys will be jr's and sr's and we'll be starting another cycle of freshman yet again when they move on rather then some redshirt sophomores.

what also bothers me, like manny said, is keeping the local talent home. UF is absolutely stacked with top recruits right now. alot of whom are out of our backyard. DEPTH is not the issue like some seem to think. otherwise no one would be heading to florida right now. and the ones who are going elsewhere seem to have a very negative image of the canes. the ones who were diehards growing up seem to have lost interest or been ticked off in some form or fashion. we cant afford to keep losing big time players like patrick peterson(we'd have one of the best secondaries in the country with him and b. harris), bryce brown(say what you want about arthur but IMO both are very talented), and now dunbar, chandler, nix, gore, dent, trail, and johnson all in one year.

-"One thing he's done is gotten a lot stronger," Jimenez said. "When he first got here he was 6-4, 225. Now, he's 6-5, 260. He was benching 185 and now he's up to 260. He was power cleaning 125 and is at 225. We really pushed himself in the weight room. He was one of the guys who broke records. Now, he's squating 385 pounds. He's a great story."

Jimenez said Taylor has the grades to get into UM. "He's got like a 2.8 GPA and an 18 on his ACT score," Jimenez said. "Believe me, UM wouldn't have offered if they didn't think he could make it into school. He's a qualifier."

the funny part about reading this was that even i was squatting 415, benching 270, cleaning 225, had a 3.5 gpa and a 21 on the act by the end of senior year. where's my scholly? lol. i guess thats the drawback of only being 5'9. kid has the size and upside though. welcome to the family son!

also, people: quit with the fire shannon crap. (especially for coaches who would be ten times worse. aka mike leach) give the guy a chance at least. i wish he'd show some emotion, be friendlier to the media, ease up on the transfers, have the team more prepared, adjust/develop a gameplan, and manage the game better too but dont call for his firing when he hasnt even been there for a full graduating class yet. lets see how 2010 plays itself out first. its his first HC gig. he's learning too.

...unless of course schnellenberger, johnson, erickson, or davis wanted to come back. or, (just for kicks) pete carroll got fired from seattle.

now that South Florida has collapsed, I wish we could get Jose Jose and Chandler.

The headline says Defensive Tackle recruit, but every highlight in the video shows him playing left tackle.

Are they planning to convert him or has he already played some D Tackle?

So what about his play makes anyone think this guy is a DL. Looks to mostly be on the OL. What gives?

We will be Ok. Wait until the next day after signing day. Trust Randy and the crew. They know what they doing without getting any violation. Kids just have to work harder in class and get there grades up. Yall have to remember we have alot of returners and most of these recruits dont want to compete for playing time. To many coaches leaving there schools or getting fired. These recruits will change there mind on signing day. Yall sit back and have faith and stop blaming Randy. Relax and have a coke and a smile.


Is K Palardy, Calvin Smith or Willis considering UM as an real high option now that Tennessee has lost Kiffin ???
Thanks !!!
- Vlady Garcia

Well now that we got Delmar Taylor I can sleep at night. Are you kidding me...the guy is a 2 year project at best. He might be a player but it will take a while to find out. I don't get how UF and FSU are getting our guys..yes I said it our guys. I bet if you ask RS he would love to get some of those kids. And I don't want to hear "they are afraid of competition"....UF is far more stacked then the U right now and they are still getting studs willing to sit on the bench for a year or two for a coach who might never come back...I don't know whats wrong, but I don't like it. I hope some of the sleepers in our class pan out but the chances of a 5/4 star kid being good are much greater then a 3/2/1 star kid. We'll see come signing day. Maybe RS has something up his sleeve.

I still love the U

When we were winning championships, we had the 15-25 rated class in recruiting...who cares about being the top class? With the right kids for the program it can go a long way.

Why are we not landing top recruits and giving local talent to UF and FSU in a year that they don't have a stable coach?

This is ridiculous. I can't believe that we're resorting to 2nd class talent. This kid won't be ready for the next 2-3 years.

This is a problem! Everyone else is getting the top talent, and we end with what no one wants.

The fault lies with:

* Poor recruiters;
* Bad head coach;
* and a President that's not interested in athletics, in particular the football program.

If we want to be a top 5 school again we have:

- Replace the Head Coach;
- Tone down Shalalala, or get rid of her; and
- Bring a Head Coach that can take us back to the glory days.

This is at best a 2nd - 3rd tier recruiting class.

I think Shanon made friends with the Northwestern H.S. group of Jacory's class, and has not anything since.

What do you mean dont hold your breath on Seantrel Henderson? Doesnt he have a confirmed visit on the 29th? Theres still a chance

Of course this recruiting class could've been better, but, []_[] got much needed help on OL. It's going to be alright. Storm Johnson is a beast!!! Probably the best RB in the nation! []_[]

way to go Delmar we are all very proud of you and know you will do very well.Lets show all of them that has something negative to say what you working with and what talents a true son of the Bahamas has.In a couple of years i know i will be seeing and hearing alot more about you and is actually looking forward to that day in the mean time do us all proud.

Maybe some of you armchair athletes insulting this kid arent using your "superior" analytical skills to infer. In a very short time this kid has grown fast in strength and in size. Maybe, just maybe..they see this kid growing more and he probably didnt have the best diet in Haiti, so Im betting by summer hes close to 270-280, benching 325, squatting 450..etc You heard it here first. Im taking bets.

We still have not found that DT with the build of Wilfork, Sapp, Brown, Kennedy: naturally strong, big butt, 300+, no neck, long arms, quick and just mean. Canes have not controlled the middle in a long time. That has been hurting our defense against the run every year. That type of player also opens out lanes for LB sacks. That recruit has got to be out there.

We still have not found that DT with the build of Wilfork, Sapp, Brown, Kennedy: naturally strong, big bottom, 300+, no neck, long arms, quick and just mean. Canes have not controlled the middle in a long time. That has been hurting our defense against the run every year. That type of player also opens out lanes for LB sacks. That recruit has got to be out there.

This recruiting class is starting to scare me. I'm all for thinking "outside the box," but we have too many kids that will be "projects" for the coaching staff. We need some dedicated 2-3 year starters in high school type players. I'm sure that right now somewhere in the hills of Tennessee, there's probably a kid who is 6'8" and has been 300+ pounds since he was twelve and can chop down trees with his bare hands with no shoes on. That DOESN'T mean he's going to be a GOOD FOOTBALL PLAYER!! The last time I checked, the larger than life Bahamian we already have is a back-up on the scout team. The islands are great for a lot of things, but producing football players ain't one of them. What's next, high school sumo wrestlers from Tibet?

P.S. -- If we don't steal at least 1 recruit from someone else (Tennessee, FSU, UF, a school out west, etc.) we will REALLY KNOW that coach Shannnon has lost his touch!!

The U will be fine.

Way to go Delmar we are all very,very proud of you.Lets show the ones that has something negative to say what a true son of the Bahamas is working with.I am lookig forward in a couple of years to seeing you do great things on and off the field.Until then stay focus and do not let anyone or anything keep you from making your dreams a reality.Congratulations and good luck.

Guys, come on. Do you really think the coaches don't know what they're doing? Don't you remember how a couple years ago, we had the number one recruiting class? And guess what, it didn't really go anywhere. That's because you can't always go by what the Internet ranks someone, it's too heavily based on stats. That's why we're getting someone
Like this kid who only played
5 games, because the recruiters are actually going and heavily scouting, not just relying on the Internet. Look at other top recruits
Like Terell pryor, number one qb. Supposed to bring osu
To numerous national championships. How many have gotten so far? 0. Calm down and trust the staff, and for the rs haters, cool you're jets. You didn't complain when he was a coordinator. He's doing a good job, a 9-4 season is pretty good, and we won 3 out of the 4 first games no one expected us to win! Stop being so narrow minded and open up a little

All u guys that r just talking crap dont no a lick about football. If u wud get ur head out of ur ass and actually go to a game u would see this guys better than alot of five star guys that r out there. I ve been 2 one of his games and I can tell u he was dominating and nasty. He is all of 6'4 and some, a strong 260, and can run like the wind for a fat guy. Its hilarious when the ones talkin shyt r always those that have never been to a highschool game, and jerk off to their rivals website.

Im not going to complain about this kid, im going to complain about the class as a whole.

Randy is screwing up the future more then he is the present. We have lost the South Florida connection, which we are nothing without. The only guy we had to fight to get in So. Fla. is Brandon Linder. A kid who grew up a cane.

- Todd Chandler now visiting FSU. Great job Randy. Our biggest feeder, and your going to allow FSU in there? If we lose our lock on Northwestern, that is a huge blow for the future of our program.

Manny...now that Kiffin is officially gone from the Vols, what about us picking up some of there recruits?

for this class to be in the top 10, we need seantrel henderson, ivan mccartney, corey lemonier, willis wright, cristian jones and demar dorsey. that's all we need. none of them are gonna sign so we're not getting a top 10 class. recruiting all the wrong talent randy. get your head out of your ass.

Trust Randy and the crew. They know what they doing without getting any violation.

trust has to be earned... and randy is not even close.

listen, i have no problem with project recruits. HOWEVER, for them to turn in to stars, you must have capable coaches...something miami lacks.

You guys are a joke, Truth said it best UM has the worst "fans" in CFB. Kids like this are what made the "U" great. Look Ed Reed does not have great measureables, not every great player is an athletic freak. Besides what you want is a kid that is still GROWING and getting stronger, You do not want a 5 star that is topped out cause CFB is a big step up from HS. A kid like this will be with Swasey a summer RD another spring and summer with Swasey and be Lean but rock solid 280 benching 400 squatting 550 by the time he is a RS freshman. All you haters do not know much about football I swear. Give the damn kid a chance. Big time program's do not rely on Freshman to bring them a NCC of course he is a two year project 9/10 freshman are.

For every Tim Couch their is a Peyton Manning? Coach Shannon sucks at recruiting? You piss ass fake Cane fans make me sick. First of all you need to happy NO INFRACTIONS at the school and EVERYONE GRADUATES. You idiots will be the first to bad mouth one of these guys if they robbed somebody but they actually getting an education doin it right and you idiots talk about your team like that. I mean only thing I member bout last year is J12 runnin for his life. I hope Coach keep bringin in big bodies with heart and not big babies with attitude(Chandler). And for all the star hoochies Be happy we got a ESPNU lineman for 2011 not to mention they have offered Wilder JR Brissett Waisome Bridgewater and a lot of other star heavy kids. PUNKS.

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