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DT recruit Jeffrey Brown a star wrestler

The final recruiting weekend of the 2010 season has come and gone. So how did it go in Coral Gables? We really won't know until Wednesday. But as expected the University of Miami landed the commitment everyone expected them to from Evanston (Ill.) Township defensive tackle Jeffrey Brown.

Brown pledged his allegiance to the Hurricanes this morning when he met with UM coach Randy Shannon before leaving campus. Of course, it wasn't very hard for Brown to fall in love with the place considering his other offers were from Illinois State, Eastern Michigan and Toledo. Still, Brown became the 27th player to say he'll sign with the University of MIami Wednesday.

So what kind of player are the Canes getting? According to Rivals (2-star), ESPN (3-star) and Scout (75th defensive tackle in country), another under-the-radar recruit. But if you ask his high school coach Mike Burzawa, Brown (6-3, 275) is someone UM defensive coordinator John Lovett fell in love with after seeing on film. 

Burzawa, who attended a UM alumni dinner in Chicago with Shannon two years ago, said he called Hurricanes coaches in November and told them about Brown, who had received very little attention from BCS schools until that point.

"The biggest problem for Jeff was he didn't go to a lot of camps, so he wasn't seen by a lot of scouts," Berzawa said. "I think everybody gets caught up on the recruiting service, the four-star, five-star. Some kids develop in their senior year. Jeffrey was a dominating force this season. We had every coach in our conference sending scouts over here. To me, it was surprising nobody was all over him. Michigan called, liked him. We sent tapes to everyone in the Big Ten. They all liked what they saw. But nobody followed through. Everybody has different needs. Miami is doing things this year a little differently. And I know they like what they see in Jeffrey."

Brown is actually a three sport star. On the football field, Berzawa said Brown had 42 solo tackles, five sacks, nine tackles for loss, a forced fumble, four fumble recoveries, two blocked kicks and blocked for a 1,300 yard rusher as a pulling guard. But his talents were not only reserved for the gridiron. As a wrestler, he's compiled a 39-1 record as a senior and is a favorite to win a state title in the heavyweight division. Last year in track, Brown was a state qualifier in the shot put.

"The No. 1 characteristic is he's an outstanding young man," Berzawa said. "He's a leader in our school, a leader in the field. Wrestling has helped him. He wins the leverage war and has some huge hands and can dominate defenders. We played Hubbard High from Chicago and he was the Channel 2 Player of the Week with 12 tackles and a couple fumble recoveries. Against Main South, the 8A state champion, he had one of the most incredible performances we've ever seen."

> I'm at the UM-Virginia Tech basketball game. I'll have more recruiting news for you as we near National Signing Day.


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Does anyone subscribe to Rivals? If so what did Henderson say about his visit? I know he said it was a 10, but was wondering what else he had to say.

Great News!!! Now that I live in SoCal you are my eyes and ears Manny.

Hopefully the Canes can close on a couple more kids here in the last few days but even if they don't I feel great about our direction.

Haters beware!

First! Nothing better than a wrestling background for a lineman!

Thanks Manny. What's goin on with IMac? What about Ego? I'd love to have one more commit from this past weekends visitors.

1st ?

What ever the Herald is paying you Manny, it should be doubled !!!
Thanks for all the research !!!
You know us readers appreciate it.
- Vlady

Anddddd let the whining begin from Cane fans who cry about getting a 2 or 3 star rated kid by publications that are generally full of garbage and feed off of absolute speculation in their heads. All of you that completely believe in the star rating system by Rivals or Scout - hey, it's your money that you're wasting so have at it

Go ahead and whine, moan, cry, have your diapers changed and once again babble about firing Randy Shannon & President Shalala. After that, just make sure you get up when your alarm clock rings tomorrow morning to go to your job - WHICH ISN'T ANYTHING TO DO WITH MIAMI HURRICANES FOOTBALL or BEING EMPLOYED BY THE UNIVERSITY TO DO A JOB THAT PERTAINS TO MIAMI HURRICANES FOOTBALL & RECRUITING

All you armchair head coaches & recruiting "gurus" out there. Maybe there's a reason why you aren't on any collegiate staff ANYWHERE - ever think about that? And coaching Optimist Football or being the equipment manager at some high school doesn't count - so don't pull that garbage out

Now, I'm sure I'll be called names or my screen name will be made fun of or whatever all you internet keyboard "tough guys" will put out - honestly, I don't care, b/c the reality is what I just said. You have nothing to do with recruiting, coaching or anything else pertaining to the football team at The U - and yes, they do a better job than you could and if they didn't, you wouldn't be pulling a paycheck from where you are now .... you'd be visiting kids on recruiting trips, you'd be coaching kids out at Greentree, you'd be pushing them in the weight room or the sand pit, you'd be on the sidelines during games next to the bench with a headset on and a dry-erase board in your hands to diagram plays

That's reality - like it or not

3 .. 2 .. 1 .. start whining

Manny great basketball game. I was there saw Shannon chatting with some people. Seemed like he had. Good weekend. Why does the bball team seem to come apart in the second half? I feel like haith rotates to often killing any rythm that might builD

i think we're gonna have a really good chance of landing henderson, shirley, mccartney, and ferguson. whitaker would be plus but this class is gonna put us into the national championship in 2 years.

Great story. We need this kid at the U. However, we do need some horses (4 and 5 stars) to get Us a NC.

Please do not hope of their nuts when some of these players became great, Manny. Your little smart remarks regarding this class is unprofessional.

Just talked to dayrll oliver (1983 db nc team). He seems to think THE CANES will improve this year.He said Petri should make a big difference this season.Hopfully we hear from Henderson wed.Buy some tic's people! Attendance was one of the things oliver and I talked about , I could tell he was a little let down by the fans not making an appearance.1800-GO-CANES , they start at $99 for season tic's... I believe like...$20 for individual games. Hope to see ya'll there.CANE TIL' I DIE!!!

All about the U

Thats what UM needs, character players that help the entire squad....the TEAM!

Another special ops recruit. I think the recruiting pattern for Miami is to get players with less ego and more team oriented athletically gifted recruits. Sure we will try for the big name but only if they fill our needs. We have the coaches that teach solid fundamentals up and down the coaching roster.

I like it a lot!

Oh my lord!!!!! Not another "slepper"!!! You've got to be kidding me!! What in the world are these guys doing!? Randy Shannon is destroying the University of Miami! Get him out of there asap,please!!

geat news , welcome to tha fam brother

I saw the kids video. He looks good.

Manny... ur usual best... i just got a question: was he recruited by anyone to wrestler?

Brown is actually a three sport star. On the football field, Berzawa said Brown had 42 solo tackles, five sacks, nine tackles for loss, a forced fumble, four fumble recoveries, two blocked kicks and blocked for a 1,300 yard rusher as a pulling guard.

Definitely an under the radar prospect!

Them BigTen teams will regret passing up this kid.

First. I don't have anything insightful to say, I'm just taking up space.

Canedude. I think we did a great job in this year recruting class,but then again I'm at carabase restaurant half drunk. Go canes!

Great 2 star pick up. For a D-Line that needs ALOT of help.

oh boy, another walk-on type of player. So, we do not get Chandler and steal a player from Ball State and Toledo.

6'3" 275...wrestler, good balance, leverage, not afraid of conditioning type workouts associated with wrestling...I'll take this guy! I sure hope we can see the days of rotating D-lineman 3-4 at a time..just used to demoralize the offense...let's go Canes.


We will see if this whole star rating is based on hype and politics following these recruits or if Shannon actually knows what kind of talent to look for better than the so called experts.

yo Manny whats the word on the street

Eastern Michigan, Toledo and Illinois State huh ?

Seems to be alot of projects signing up lately... Hope it works out.

Great news! I was perusing the catalog of "Video Professor." You know, the one with CEO John Scherer. Guess what, they have one on recruiting! I sent it to Dandy and he was delighted. He's now educated about the process. See, Dandy told me he thought 1 star was good, and 5 stars was bad. He figured it out now. He's now going to order the video professor tutorial on how to use ebay.

Recruiting isn't looking good when you have the Canes signing players away from the Portland States (Kevin Cain)and Illinois States. Randy Shannon had a fantastic recruting class on paper in his seocnd year here. I figured he would sign such highly touted classes every year. I figured the inner city kids would be able to relate to him and would want to play for such a guy who came from a similar background.
But his recruitng classes have gotten worse every year since that great class.

Henderson,sticks, and Ego is ours mark my words.

Anyone notice that our recruiting class is the polar opposite of what RS said when he came into the job?

Supposedly we were going back to the old ways and focusing on Florida, specifically South Florida and we were going to take care of our back yard, and lock up the talent here and then fill in with kids from all over.

Now, every article I read is about a kid from some other state. Either we are losing the battle and settling or we are changing direction.


nice addition to an already strong recruiting yr. cant get anything but better from here on out

we r putting together a great class.we are filling our needs. to all the haters keep hateing

How big is he, and his coach is sure right, differently?

Welcome aboard Jeffrey. May U have a great educational and athletic experience at Miami. It's all about the U baby.

In the U we trust, but this is getting a little bit iffy. I hope all these under the radar kids pan out.

I like this kid! He has that look of our DT of the past. This is what we need in the middle. He's big, strong, fast and mean. Compare his highlight video to the the 5 Star DT on Scout.com. This guy raises H?ll in everygame. That wrestling background shows he can whoop some b%tt hand to hand. I welcome Jeffrey Brown and look forward to our annoucer calling his name like this kid's hometown announcer. JEFFREY BROWN on the tackle. Go Canes!

Sports fans ask yourself,
Why is there 11 MIAMI HURRICANES(a record) in the Pro Bowl and NOT 1 florida gaytor (even with all the 4-5 star recruits u'all get).
and 2 all you gaytors who'll respond that thats the old CANES, but it just so happens that 6 of them have 5 yrs exp. or less.
and 2 all you gaytors,
Why don't u have any, YOUNG or OLD?
Is it the coaching?
Is it the gimmicky offense??
Is it the geeks doin, & the geeks followin the rankings???
Is it that they have peaked already????
Is it that they flame-out in gayniesville?????
Or is it that they're a bunch of prima-donnas who don't want 2 put in the hard work like the CANES do 2 reach the NFL.

Another project. I sure hope he pans out. I hope Randy is around to help/see him pan out. Good luck.

Lots of UM talk during the Probowl. There were many former canes playing and on the sidelines.

Check out the Herald article on the canes.

I loved that when they ran out to be announced, the probowl starters flashed the U. When Andre Johnson scored his TD in the 1st q what did he do as he score?

He flashed up the U.

Recruits, unless you hate miami, why would youwant to go anywhere else?

And it isnt like the haters say, that we all live in the past- there they were, the wiley veteran Ray Lewis from 15 years ago- through Big daddy Wilfork from the c/o 2002, and Jon Beason from a couple of years ago!

Its a brotherhood like none other. And remember, Ray Lewis never won the big prize at UM. But Wilfork did. Buttheyre all still in the club. That club called...


C.A.N.E.S. canes canes canes ! kick it off i can't wait !

Good job coach Shannon. I really think this recruiting class is going to be much more effecttive than people think. Shannon went after NEEDS and not the big time star recruits. Some of them will be able to step right in an contribute while others will be ready for the future.

He just can't keep taking WR's and RB's. The team has other important needs that must be addressed now in order to secure this year and the years to come.

2010 is going to be significant for this program. The opportunity to really make a statement will come from this schedule. VT,GT,OS and PIT. The future of the U recruiting program will come from the results of next year.

Shannon has to win Something to maintain and regain control of the recruiting game in So Fla......we'll see.

Got to like kids with leadership skills. Welcome to the U!

2 star nobody

great !

we are gonna have an amazing scout team

Welcome to the Fam J Brown!! We're expecting big things from you. Good luck and GodSpeed!!

It wasnt just former cane players in the nfl-

Asante Samuel- Boyd Anderson Laud Lks
Dumervil -Miami Jackson
Chad Ocho cinco- ???

The entire 305 and 954 are represented.

THAT is why UM should continue to recruit heavily in ALL of So Florida, and not just at Miami NW

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