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Canes set to make final recruiting push

University of Miami coach Randy Shannon and offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland will be in the living room of the top offensive lineman in the country tonight, trying to convince Seantrel Henderson and his parents that The U is the best place for him. 

Seantrel Henderson After they're done, Shannon and Stoutland will come racing back home from chilly St. Paul, Minnesota to host what will be the final recruiting weekend before National Signing Day. Most experts think Henderson, a 6-8, 320-pound monster left tackle and Parade Magazine's National Player of the Year, will opt to stick with Big Ten power Ohio State or Notre Dame when he announces his decision Monday afternoon in a CBS studio in New York. 

But his coach said the Canes, who will host Henderson and a rather large group of visitors this weekend are definitely in the running. "They're definitely on the short list he's seriously thinking about," Cretin-Derham Hall coach Mike Scanlon said. "He wouldn't be wasting their time if he wasn't."

Even though fans might feel down, the Canes have a consensus Top 20 recruiting class according to all three major recruiting services. ESPN currently has UM highest at 12. Both Scout and Rivals have UM 20th. But landing Henderson -- or any other of the top-end weekend visitors -- would go a long way in improving that ranking. And it might even put a smile on some of even the most critical of Shannon bashers. 

So who else will UM get a visit from? Aside from U.S. Army All-American receiver Ivan McCartney from Miramar High (whom UM has a 50-50 shot at) and a handful of other commitments, the rest are out of towners the Canes are hoping to make a big impression on. 

> There is highly-touted defensive tackle Ego Ferguson from Hargrave Military Academy, whose father McDonald played at Miami Edison with UM director of football operations Corey Bell. Florida State and Notre Dame are considered the front runners, though, for the 6-4, 270-pound standout who also has Cal and LSU in the mix. He's supposed to announce his decision Wednesday in New York.

> In addition to Ferguson, two other less touted defensive tackles will be visiting. UM probably has a better shot at landing at least one -- if not both.

Jeffrey Brown, a 6-2, 270-pound senior from Township High in Evanston (Ill.) is expected to become UM's 27th commitment after his weekend visit to Coral Gables. Lightly recruited out of the Chicago area (his other offers are from Eastern Michigan, Illinois State and Toledo), his coach told me Brown is an under the radar star with big hands and a lot of upside. He was discovered by defensive coordinator John Lovett.

Jeff Whitaker, a much more highly-touted player (Rivals has him ranked as the fifth best defensive tackle in the country) out of Warner Robins, Ga., has taken a liking to the Canes and defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff. Whitaker's coach, Bryan Way, said the Canes have worked hard since December 1st to convince Whitaker (also considering Auburn and Georgia) to give UM a look. Wednesday, new defensive line coach Rick Petri was at Warner Robins with McGriff to meet Whitaker.

"A month ago when McGriff came in here, I told him coach, I really don't think you should bother," Way said. "But since that time, their chances have definitely gone up. I still think it's probably going to be Georgia or Auburn. I'm not sure Jeff wants to go that far from home. But then again, a month ago, I wouldn't have even considered Miami. Jeff is definitely intrigued by it and wants to see how it's going to be down there. So, I'd give them a chance."

Whitaker is planning to announce his decision Monday during a press conference at his school at 2 p.m.

> Three other players are scheduled to make trips to UM: Olive Branch (Miss.) offensive tackle Shon Coleman, Fontana (Calif.) linebacker Josh Shirley and Decatur (Ga.) cornerback Marques Dixon

Coleman was committed to Auburn and is likely to end up there or somewhere else in the SEC; Shirley might not even make the trip after a "strong visit" at USC last weekend and Dixon, a Tennessee commitment, might not visit either.

> For those that are interested, three video segments I recorded this week have been posted on MiamiHerald.com. There is the Recruiting Report with Larry Blustein, a studio interview with Miami Beach defensive tackle and Canes recruit Delmar Taylor, and another I shot with 2011 quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Check it out. 


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All u Randy bashers make me sick. You supposed to suppert your team and coach. Stop believing all these ranking services! They don't measure a kid's heart. Relax and show up for games sometimes!


Rumor has it that the recruit you're talking about was caught STEALING on his visit to Coral Gables. That type of recruit doesn't need to hear from the coaches no more.

Not much exitement from the recruiting world this year for the "U" faithful, so I guess the 2010 football season just became even more significant. If the "U" makes a BCS bowl game next year and wins it then the recruits will come. If and when that happens recruits will see how many 2 to 3 star players the "U" has on its roster. They will know that playing time is to be had. So, its BCS or bust this year. GOOOO! CANES! WHATS UP EDD

So what I take from that article is the following:

Henderson is going to Ohio State or Notre Dame
Ferguson is going to Florida State or ND
Whitaker is going to GA or Auburn
Shirley may not even come
Coleman and Dixon are taking the trip to check out South Beach during the Pro Bowl weekend.....but we probably will get 2 star Jeffrey Brown!!!! Yeah!!! Way to go Randy.

I am not sure that playing badly against Wisconsin or VaTech will hurt recruiting. Perhaps it will let recruits think that if they perform well there is a better chance that they could get more playing time, as opposed to programs where they would be behind one or two well established players. I want players who want to be on the field. I want players who want to be the ones that re-establish the U as a dominant program.

Don't worry about this class it is very good. Ask any fan of the 100+ FBS schools with classes rated below the U. If we get any of these guys coming in this weekend, that is great. But, I was happy to see the great quality OL recruits we already have committed.

Recruits choose a program primarily based on 1) the coach, 2) the depth chart. Given that UF has a very good coach (for now) and a lot of needs in terms of depth, it makes sense that they are getting the best class. Just as Miami had the number 1 class in 2008 when they had needs at every position. You can't compare progams at different stages of development. I think the class rankings should more heavily weight how well that class addresses the team's needs. On that basis, the U is doing great.

By the way, don't deceive yourself that Randy Shannon is not a very good coach. His personality and approach may not be a fit for every kid, but he is very good and highly respected. I hope he stays at Miami for the next 30 years.

I think most, if not all, the negative comments on these blogs are from agent provocateurs attempting to cast a negative light on UM fans.

Just my thoughts.

Somebody said "we are into 2 and 1 stars now...this is bad". Well, lets see, Ed Reed was a 2 star recruit. Not bad at UM and not bad at the pro level either. The concern I have is, not the stars, but the coaches ability to develop the players. Thats what Butch Davis was a pro at. Look at what he has done at NC. I dont care about stars. Futch was a 3 star recruit. He is better than 5 star Author Brown. I want a 5 star Cane attitude is what I want. Look at Nelson and Davis taking other visits this weekend. All we heard was how Nelson is a UM diehard, yet he sees Reutgers this weekend. THats bull crap!! A true Cane, is one who commits to UM and visits no other schools. Plain and simple, end of story. That is a true bleeder of Orange and Green. Who cares if we dont get these 4 and 5 star guys. At least the 1 and 2 stars play with a chip on their shoulder. If we have to wine and dine recruits just to get them here, then I dont want them. They dont bleed the right color of blood. Randy & Co., deveolop the players...yes it starts with our D-Line and the new Petri dish. Mr. Hurtt, well, if you cant develope players, then go kiss Strong's butt. See ya!! ITS ALL ABOUT THIS U!!!!!

2010 is huge. We beter win big in 2010. (top five finish). Reading JJ's interview gives me hope. He always went after the unknowns and it paid off. (Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor). If ANY game in 2010 ends like the Wisconsin carapola, then nothing has changed and no 5* or 2* recruit will make a difference. I just can't get over the product on the field at that bowl game. "Good grief". What's up bro!!! GO F'n Canes. They're like my wife, can't live without them and....


Shannon has done what was expected this year & that was to restock the O-Line, D.B's & L.B.'s. No, most are not 4 or 5 star players but they will provide depth and if 2 or 3 of them blossom then everything will be cool. As for Chandler & Nix One is to short and the other to heavy. We don't need no 6'0 tall d.t. unless we were running a 3-4 defense and needed a nose tackle. Some kids are grade casualties, some want to go where they can play right away and if you are a W.R. you'll be lucky to play period the next 2 years. We don't need to no 5'8 or 9 d.b.'s, there to short, so let joiner and Riggs go somewhere else to get torched. Our biggest need is a stud D.T., something we haven't had in forever. We have absolutely no push up the middle when a team passes against us. Ferguson or Whitaker would truely help there. We need one more stud L.b. and Shirley would be a great fit there. Lastly we need someone that can cover a T.E. and oh yeah we do need a couple more of those.

Dear Randy Shannon, please provide an all access to the Rolex. That should do the trick. Once done, Seantrel Henderson will have no problems committing. I'll send you the bill for the information.

OOh, I almost forget. Tell Pinky I sent you.

All you non-football knowing people have to know is look at Virginia Tech's class, Wisconsin, Penn State, look at anyone's classes. You can't always get the best 5 stars, and the one's you do can flop. The best thing you can do is get a core of guys(we have it) build depth behind it.(we're doing it) You need beef, Linder is stellar, McDermott was an all american, Bunche was a high recruit last year. We are building depth. It doesn't matter what they are ranked. I love what Shannon does, he has academic restrictions that USC, Fla., FSU don't have. He can't recruit someone that doesn't stand a chance on being eligible. As far as the kid from Buffalo that so many people bash...he's college size and speed ready and averages 18 tackles a game....that is a football player. He also knows about the cold weather. Watch the kids develope before you rank the class. Everyone probably thought Jacory was a plan B kid when he was recruited because of the other kids out there. He's a beast, now he has to adapt to the speed of college for us to progress and stop making mistakes. In order to do that we need him standing up. Get 15 2* lineman, i don't care, just get lineman!!!!!

i thought the rankings for the bcs is what counted. not this recruiting crap. it doesnt matter, we dont have the coach to make these guys better than average anyway. when shannon is gone, the recruits will come. for 3 years, they have watched a team that doesnt improve as the year goes on. it gets worse. these recruits have watched miami play. why come here and get run over by crappy teams. shannon cannot recruit, and cant coach. he IS the reason we are lower middle class. save the program, firecoachshannon.com

there is a blog on the turd's herald page about them getting players from dade county and it is followed with some interesting exchanges with strong inputs from cane fans.
thing is, for those of us that are regular fans and cane followers that dont live in the 305 or gone to school in the 305, there are a lot more to recruiting that we dont understand. for the fans that will just come on blogs and wail about loosing recruits and deommitments, please before u open your trap to post, read 1st. there are some poters with good inside information, like bg1906 and mcnairuser and agroup of others.
reading the previously mentioned blog, we found out that trail and dumbar had beef with brandon harris, davon johnson and eduardo cements andthat this was possibly part of the reason they didnt commit to us. also, someone pointed out that tim harris left for UM with his son Brandon and some of the other kids might have felt abandon by tim.you all need to remember, randy was born, raised, played and coached in miami. he is miami. he has hes ear to the streets and knows everything happening before they happen. he grew up with and played with some of these coaches in dade county. how can any of you form an opinion on these issues without randy speaking on it. u will only look like an a.s.s when u r proven wrong. you think randy has no clue about this 2010 class in is own backyard? as much as u r all in awe of this dade county class and dade county players as it were, these are kids randy grew up watching; they are kids of his friends and aquintances. he knows these kids well. u all see rival stars, he sees the true players.
also, he didn't recruit most of this so called 'star spangled' players anyway. he watches their films; he talks to their coaches; he sees them growng up, way before rivals and scout notices them. trail-6'7" and only 200ibs? he will never put enough weight to fill that frame. chandler at 5'11" going against 6'8", 300ibs OL beasts? how about the 5'9" CB florida got? jef luc-we heard he was a stiff on film. and dont start with the WRs & RB. we are stocked full of them, y would we get anymore? just to improve our star ratings?
in conclusion read, learn and watch before u post garbage about this coaching staff!

Quote from Jimmy Johnson on this recruiting class:
"I think Randy and his staff have zeroed in on what they need to improve as a team. Look at some of the great classes that we had. Jimmie Jones did not have a single offer. Russell Maryland had one offfer. Rob Chudzinski . . . Villanova was the only offer. So we took a lot of players that we wanted, but weren't highly recruited. I think Randy is doing the same thing. He has proven in the last few years that he knows talent and he knows how to recruit."

Another great class, another 2-win improvement next year, to 11-1.

ink this kid. we need lineman bad. offensive and defensive. just give me a kid with a motor and some fight. we laid down against wisconsin

Derrelle Revis is the No. 1 shutdown corner in the NFL. He was a three star coming out of high school, with offers from Pitt, and several MAC schools. Please stop stargazing, its absurd.

Ponce, Jimmy Graham only played football his freshman year in high school. We did well with him didn't we. He didn't even have any stars. Dude, u r confused!!

NigerianCane Thats a good post and your right. 6'3", 235, 4.5 40, 135 tackles, 10 sacks............sounds like a great linebacker until you find out he has a 1.2 GPA and got 550 on his SAT. There are so many reasons a kid doesn't commit, all this bashing is dumb.

UM was put on the map by young men that had conviction and a winning attitude not a 5-star rating by some loser watching video in his mother's basement. Give the coaches the benefit of the doubt--time will tell.

does it really matter who we are able to sign this year? i mean lets be honest... we could sign the rivals top 10, and we would still be an above average team. talent is not the problem at miami... player development is. randy is in way over his head.

Here is my take ....

Hurtt recruits Nix and Chandler ... when his job was secure...

Hurtt sucks as a coach ...
It really shows in several games this season and particularly Wisconsin game how much our Dline sucked ...

Hurtt comes under fire for coaching ....

Hurtt gets disgruntled and starts worrying about his own job ...

Hurtt stops calling kids .... Stops DOING HIS JOB .... Thus RECRUITING is NOT being done appropriately during the past 4 months ..

Hurtt is asked to leave .... Heads to Louisville

Who Hired and PROMOTED Hurtt ???????????????????

I agree with some of u... I panic about the recruiting class but my god we got the 18 best class out of 100 plus schools plus none lf those guys will be the reason for our top ten chance this coming season... Your building for the future.. Some make it and some don't.. It doesn't matter if it's a blue chip or two star.. Fact is colleges recruit several at every position cause many don't pan out.. They have an above average class this year... And with a 10 win or more season u will build with a great class next year... I'm not a huge Shannon fan because his intensity is low on the sidelines but we could have far worse so I will stick my faith on him for now and see what he can accomplish this year

Yeah stars dont matter. You guys are too funny!

Especially now when recruiting is so high profile and people now know when a kid is a good in elementary school.

If stars didnt matter these schools like Texas, Alabama, Florida and most of the SEC would be terrible. Instead they are in the mix for the national title every single year!

So you want to bring up one guy, Ed Reed, who played for the Canes like 10 years ago when recruiting and evaluating talent wasnt even close to as it is now.

The Canes had one good recruiting class under Shannon, and that is because the Northwestern class came. They were coming to Miami even if Bozo the clown was head coach and the Canes went 0-12 the year before. It wasnt because of Randy Shannon they came.

Randy Shannon is a terrible head coach and a very average recruiter. Please though, keep up the blind support for him!

It only makes FSU and Florida that much stronger.

P.S. FSU and Florida will be having top 5 classes this year while the Canes sit at 20 on Scouts and Rivals and their average star rating is laughable.


haha we're not getting anyone else. i'm not really proud of the class. stealing kids away from northern illinois and bowling green. look at the top recruiting rankings. they go hand in hand with national championships. mediocre players don't equal NC;s

a kid FROM GAINSVILLE stating he will "be the next" great linebacker at the U (Nelson)....we dont need running backs...but who do they sign.....only one of the best RB's in the country named Storm Johnson....get real brother...

Posted by: Joe | January 29, 2010 at 02:17 AM

Some 18-year-old says he's going to be "the next great one"? OK, that really means something. Whew, I can rest at night now.

Yes, I get the argument of a 2-3* star guys getting better/coached up. It's been 3 years and who's really improved that much? Who have been the "diamonds in the rough" who "shined?" Where's that 2* guy who thrived under Shannon? (insert cricket noise here). That's right, no one. Few players have realy become better players under Shannon. Just look at our teams, they typically fall apart at the end of the season. Look at that WI game. You can't deny that; they looked awful! Unprepared, uninspired, and--as Todd Blackledge had to point out--they looked cold! No balls on the team.

cane resurrection--more than one recruit has played the "coaches don't call me no more"

That's because they're in Buffalo recruiting Daniel Adderly's cousin; more 2* glory.

cane305 and al the others, who are delusinal shannon advocates , relax, maybe after he is fired he will hae more free time, and you may be able to get a chance to express your admiration for him personaly as he coaches on of the local high scholl teams. f what i just heard is true, I Mac to WVU acording to ik Farrell, no christia thomas, no seantrel hendersn, no anything other thaperhap Jeffry Brown, if we can "sway him away from illinois st" then, this class is a failure, am i saying there are o god players in this class? no, butthere is no excuse for not having more, i did'nt even mntion c lemonier, he is suposed to be all F$U,embarassing, www.firecoachshanon.com! and please enough of te racism accusations, coker was whiter than white and we all wanted him out o here!again WWW.FIRECOACHSHANNON.COM!

seantrel!!! miami is great, great weather, great females, great beaches, great clubs!!! come play football for the U! U definitely will be a key in turning it around. U might not play in front of a crowd like Ohio State but we do play Ohio State next year.

numberjuan, ponce and all the "star struck" , star gazers, Iwannabekissedbya5starrecruit-types:

Please. Enough. 5 stars mean nothing. So, ok you build a team with all of these 5 star athletes but one wins the NC. Floridas 2006 recruiting class was one of the best all time. They're a 9-4 bust in 2007, win one NC in 2008, and are another major bust in 2009.

Ed Reed was not the only 2-3 star that fluorished at UM. There were others.

There were also several other 5 star football players, that no matter which way you look at it were over-hyped, major busts. Player development has NOTHING to do with it. If you are a so-called 5 star, you are innately good at your position. No matter who your coach is. Examples:

Kyle Wright- Where is he now?- Out of football. BUST
Lance leggett?BUST
Ryan Moore?BUST

Tony Sparano said that Darryl Sharpton seems to have been coached very well, developed very well. Which one of you geniuses think you know more about football than an NFL coach?

All of you who come here spewing hatred on RS, are a bunch of know-nothings. That doesnt mean he is above critcicism. Thats not what I am saying. He should be criticized. But give the man a chance.

FSU, with its top 10 recruiting classes in the last 5 years- yes check them all out.

What have they done, other than lose to Wake Forest 3 years in a row (until last year?)

Can someone tell me where Boise State, TCU and Cincinnati were in the recruiting rankings starting 4 years ago?

Can any of you experts tell me whatthe inherent difference is between a 5 star football player and a 3 star if they run equally fast and are similar in size?

Several questions remain unanswered thanks to the UM media NON ANSWERS:

- What happened with Clint Hurtt
- What exactly was the reason for UM not recruiting Todd Chandler.
- When is RS getting a new contract. Or is he?

People - Quit whining about a lack of information. The University of Miami is a PRIVATE school and under no obligation to provide you with any information. And last I checked it was a University with a football program, not the other way around. If their standards are higher, good for them. And the graduation rate is very impressive. Randy Shannon has done a superb job in my view, finding the right balance. Those of you who feel you are entitled to a National Championship without stepping up and filling the stadium and sending contributions to the school are delusional.

Easy. Hurtt was offered more money. #1 reason why mostly all of the coaches leave Miami. The herald reported it was some 50k more to coach at Louisville.
There have been a number of reason why Chandler wasnt being recruited anymore. Mainly his height, others have been character, but nothing confirmed.
The herald has reported to date that Shannons extension is being worked on, the only issue yet to be ironed out is a buy out amount.


You are racist as hell. You might not have liked Coker b/c he wasnt winning. You dont lke Shannon b/c he hasnt won a NC and he's Black also. U want Miami to do a Ty Willingham on him like Notre Dame did. U are really a piece of work!


U are an uninformed idiot. Colin McCarthy, Bosher, J Graham and Ojomo were all 3 star or less players.

Great post NigerianCanesFan

I played at the same park, and went to the same high school as Shannon. One has to truly breath, eat, see,and hear Dade County to know Dade county. These idiots that come on here and post dont have a idea, and Shannon has an advantage over all of the other coaches that come here to recruit. Do these fools really think Shannon is passing up players he knows have the skill and chracter to help UM. What idiots they are!

How can anyone say this class is a bust? They haven't even planted a toe nail on college turf. Wish I had your crystal ball. Dorks!

Several questions remain unanswered thanks to the UM media NON ANSWERS:

- What happened with Clint Hurtt
- What exactly was the reason for UM not recruiting Todd Chandler.
- When is RS getting a new contract. Or is he?

Posted by: jaime | January 30, 2010 at 01:55 PM

Who care's what happened to Hurtt??!! Our D-line was WEAK last year with great players on it, yes we were banged up but the lack of technique was obvious..:PEACE OUT HURTT

We don't need Chandler, he is not "U" material!!! Can't you tell he is a not ready to work? Why else would he be crying all over the media? No free rides here

RS contract is none of our business.



Where is Daniel Adderly, Brandon Marti, CJ Odom and so on? All two star greats.

Look at the NFL Draft. Eric Berry, Gerald McCoy, Clausen, Tate, McClain, Dunlap, Mays, Haden and so on. Where were they ranked?

Thank you NYCANES!!!

There's so much denial here:

U are an uninformed idiot. Colin McCarthy, Bosher, J Graham and Ojomo were all 3 star or less players.

Posted by: CaneBoss | January 30, 2010 at 02:38 PM

Ojomo? Who? This guy's done nothing. I know, sucker punched by a walk-on. More of the excuses by those in denial. Saban got a NC within 3 years and has a strong history of coaching, Meyer within 3 years a strong track record as a head coach, Tressel, Stoops, Carroll, etc. Randy's best is 9-4 with no chance of sniffing an ACC championship game, no BCBS bowl game, not even a bowl win in his 3 years as a head coach and no track record as a head coach. That says it all.

ponce, we all know u r really a effin gator. its ok! u dont matter anyway. in your listing of saban and meyer who made it in 3 years, you were idiotic enough not to mention that all great 'ship winning coaches dont always turn in around in 3 years, like, wait for it.........BUTCH DAVIS. and dont even forget your school's coach, in the 90s....steve spurier. how long did he take him to win a 'ship?...
ignorant b.u.t.t munch. get off our blog dude!

you people supporting a moron like shannon are the ones who will keep this program from ever reaching its former? goals. thats nat. champs. to keep a guy who has YET, in 3 full seasons, to show ANY coaching ability, is pathetic. true canes fans want to win. not aim for the stars at 10 wins. and thats with an extra game from the past. how sad. this IS shannons last year as coach. johnson is getting paid to support this guy. coker built the coffin, and randy is nailing it shut on this program. with the talent at miami now, a real coach will contend for bcs games in 1st year, shannon wont contend for a pitiful acc. its time, im sick of apathy to keep a guy who grew up in miami. just for that reason. the team will always be a recruiting class away, because of COACHING, or the lack of. firecoachshannon.com. this is a real site, and the future for randy.

Jamie asked

- What happened with Clint Hurtt
- What exactly was the reason for UM not recruiting Todd Chandler.
- When is RS getting a new contract. Or is he?

Clint Hurtt got offered more money at Louisville.

Todd Chandler didn't have the grades to qualify.

I want to see your dumbstruck face when UM brings another title under Randy.

GO IRISH From Cocoa Beach. Too Bad McKinney Got kicked off the pro bowl team . That should do wonders for your recruiting numbers LOL

where did u find the bird, does it not on the tree?

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