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Canes targeting New York area linebacker

With two recruiting weekends left before National Signing Day, the University of Miami is close to wrapping up its 2010 class. But there are a few players they still are trying to land, including someone relatively new to the recruiting radar: Buffalo (N.Y.) Canisius High linebacker James Gaines.

James Gaines The 6-3, 216-pound senior grew up a huge fan of former Hurricanes running back Willis McGahee and is one of a few uncommitted recruits visiting the Hurricanes this weekend with his family. According to his coach, Brandon Harris, Gaines was all set to go to the nearby University of Buffalo before coach Turner Gill bolted for the University of Kansas on Dec. 13. Shortly after Gill left, Gaines reopened his recruiting and sent out highlight tapes across the country.

Using his connection to the University of Miami, Harris quickly got the attention of Hurricanes defensive coordinator John Lovett, who made the trip up to Buffalo, made an in-home visit and watched Gaines play basketball. The Hurricanes have been among several BCS schools in hot pursuit of Gaines ever since.

"It's been crazy since we sent those tapes out around Christmas," Harris said. "Being in Buffalo, we're in an area where some of the top schools in the country drive right past. But Jimmy is a diamond in the rough. He's a great player. He wouldn't be down [at UM] visiting right now if he wasn't. Oklahoma wouldn't be calling either if he wasn't good. In fact, they're a little irritated because there just aren't enough recruiting weekends left. Right now, I'd say it's either going to be Arkansas, Miami or Buffalo."

Gaines can't be found on Rivals.com, ESPN or Scout.com. But he comes highly recommended by Harris, who was coached at Idaho by former Hurricanes receivers coach Curtis Johnson. Harris has had plenty of run-ins with the Hurricanes since his playing days. At Brophy Prep in Arizona, he coached Raiders tight end Zach Miller (who was recruited by UM) and current Hurricanes redshirt freshman tight end Billy Sanders. 

According to the team stats on MaxPreps.com, Gaines had 154 tackles (108 solo), three sacks, an interception while playing inside and outside linebacker. On offense, he played tight end and running back and finished with 15 catches for 270 yards and three scores.

"Usually when I call Miami and tell them I got one, they know I'm not just throwing any player at out there,"  Harris said. "Jimmy brings a lot intensity and a lot thud when he hits people. When I called over there, I said he's another Sean Taylor. Jimmy can hit. Miami loves his frame and the fact he's a 4.5 kid. Once [strength and conditioning coach Andreu] Swasey gets a hold of him, he'll be exactly what they want. He can bench over 300 now and squat in the 400s. His mom was a track star and his dad played football and basketball. And he's got the grades too with a 3.5 GPA and a test score in the four digits."

Harris said if UM offers Gaines a scholarship, he's almost sure he'll commit and cancel his scheduled trip next week to Arkansas. "When I told him the University of Miami was coming in, he was beaming," Harris said. "The U is his dream school."


> Aside from Gaines, the only non Canes commitment visiting UM this weekend appears to be St. Thomas Aquinas kicker Michael Palardy, who is still committed to Tennessee. UM was chasing after Bjoern Werner, a 6-4, 264-pound defensive tackle/tight end from the Salisbury School in Connecticut. But Warchant.com quoted Werner's coach saying he had canceled his visit to UM and was deciding between Florida State and Oregon.

> Delray Beach Atlantic receiver Quadarius Mireles has told a lot of recruiting websites he was visiting UM this weekend. But that was news to his coach. Andre Thadbies said Mireles was probably playing reporters and has simply been waiting to be cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse so he could enroll at Mississippi. 

"Coach [Aubrey] Hill and their offensive coordinator [Mark Whipple] we're here about three weeks ago to talk to him and check him out when things were heating up," Thadbies said. "But no ever called us back. Quad's always been set on going to Ole Miss."

Thadbies, who was the defensive coordinator at Atlantic when Orlando Franklin was there as junior and senior, said UM coaches are very much interested in 2011 receiver Ezekiel Turner (5-10, 170-pounds). Thadbies said Turner is close with Franklin and stays with him at times when he visits Miami. Turner caught 23 passes for 458 yards and eight touchdowns this past season.

> Palm Beach Post high school writer Jason Lieser reported earlier this week that the Hurricanes were no longer recruiting Pahokee safety Raheam Buxton. Not much of a surprise considering Buxton was an early commitment and had a tough senior season. The real worry here is how this might hinder UM from recruiting more Pahokee players in the future. 


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How did Buxton have a tough senior season? Grades? Injuries? Poor play?

Manny, you forgot, Brandon Knight, the best basketball Senior in the country is visiting this weekend. Let us know how it goes.

So we're now taking kids away from the likes of Nevada, Western Michigan, Bowling Green and now Buffalo ?

Something is just not right with this ongoing disturbing scenario.

As I said previously, UM cannot get ANY topfligtht recruits. They are desperate to find TOTAL unknowns players (not even 1 star) like Gaines. This is a DISGRACE!!!!!
They will not even have a top 20 class this year. The more reason to NOT RENEW RANY SHANNON!!!!!!!!!!
Thomas and Werner cancel. Q won't even visit. They have as much chanec with Henderson, Shirley, Whittaker, Ferguson, and Mccartney as I have to become the starting QB for the Dolphins.
Where is the outcry??? I hear nothing from the UM braintrusts. how is this acceptable??? Shannon supposedly was a "GREAT" (LOL) recruiter. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!

"Usually when I call Miami and tell them I got one, they know I'm not just throwing any player at out there," Harris said. "Jimmy brings a lot intensity and a lot thud when he hits people. When I called over there, I said he's another Sean Taylor.

There will only be ONE Sean Taylor !

Boca Man, it is NOT acceptable! Too many kool-aid drinkers on Miami Hurricane websites! At 9-4 this year, we have reached the pinnacle of where we can go under Shannon. Coach Hurtt is gone, and so too is prob any chance to save this recruiting year! Shannon is done a good job under the circumstances, but despite our moderate improvement on the field, we are not gonna get any better with these coaches! Dont tell me stars mean nothing...Alabama,Florida, and Texas get all the 4-5 stars...and they are they ones playing for national championships!! We needed to backup the #1 class of 2 years ago, and simply cannot do it!!

Another Sean Taylor...this guys on crack!! I don't think we can recruit regularly in the top 5, but we need to stay at or near the top 10 to be able to challenge for acc titles and bcs berths!

Too bad for Buxton, I'm all for recruiting the best players, but you don't wait until the last minute and tell a kid he's no longer wanted... now he has to run out and find more options without much time left...

You guys are morons....yeah he's terrible... OU is calling him also...this class is just where it needs to be and we have plenty coming back next year. We will finish out in or around the top ten. You guys call that a BAD class?? Randy will finish his first few years with recruiting classes that any coach would love to have. Gaytors cane have the itty bitty fellas. We want pro talent. We always have! Next year when we need SKILL positions....we will SIGN SKILL positions!!



Alex- If thats true and its just 1 side of the story, then is it ok for a player to give his commitment then sign somewhere else at the last minute?

boca man are you a personnel expert. what are your credentials? how do know how they are evaluating players? with negative fans like you and all the negativity around the program
why would any recruit want to come to miami?

maybe they think they have enough stars and are balancing the class with players that can be developed.

other schools like alabama, florida and texas
support their teams with money and by going to the games. not here, its always on the coaches.

why dont you put your money where your mouth is and make a big donation.

All you so-called Canes fans need to quit it and just trust the coaching staff. Ed Reed, Ray Lewis and Reggie Wayne were all 2 or 3 star recruits when they arrived at Miami. When they left they were name-brand players and are NFL All-Pros. Quit complaining and just believe in the coaching staff...Oh I forgot you can't trust a Brother coach!! If it was Coker, all of you would be singing dixie!! LOSERS!! All of you!!!!

im getting sick of people crying. espn has us ranked # 12 in the 2010 recruiting class. we have a decent recruiting class. and if we land seantral henderson ( big if) we will be top 8.

I liked buxton early commits that stick are good for the program even if their not great players. This class is good. Espn has it 12. Our main need was ol and we got that. Not many ol take the high star ratings. Relax the team has improved alot

When are you guys going to get it? The U MUST win something before these 5 star recruits want to come here. These kids want to go to winning programs...Period! They aren't interested in documentaries on ESPN, or infatuated with Randy Shannon as supossedly a great recruiter or the appeal of the "family" atmosphere the U projects. They want to play for a winner.

So, if Shannon wants the big time recruits to fall in his lap...win the ACC or at least show up and win a bowl game.

Maybe we'll steal one from from FIU or FAMU on signing day. Let's hope so.

What happened to Buxton? Did they just flat-out tell the kid he's not wanted or did they tell him a long time ago? I thought he was another one of those diamonds in the rough that UM seems to be recruiting this year.

i dont know what you all are complaining about. RS had a #1 rated class, a 7th rated class and class currently that ranks 12th. which none of this really means a thing, but still. what the hell are you complaining about? you say he's "suppose" to be a good recruiter... he obviously is. leave the coaching to the coaches! and give him some time to fix what Larry screwed up. teams dont go from out of top 25 to NC in one year. You "fake" canes fans know who you are. try supporting your team for once. these guys are studs.

also. since 2006, Georgia, FSU, and Notre Dame have had top 5-10 recruiting classes every year. what have they accomplished?

Sup Fellas: Manny,Caniac,binky,caneboss,sergentmajor,chicagocane,oh and Green(sup homie)you know who u are CaneBrethren. I finally brokedown and got the rivals membership. UMM I must say it does have way more info than you will get anywhere else. reason is people involveed in program post on message board. SO now that I'm an insider and know more than Manny I will know enlighten you with all the info I know and I am going to claim I cut Coach Shannons hair so I know the scoop.
First they Bash Coach really bad but I'm trying to stand up for the man. He got some supporters but the fans...they want rings. Some are wondering why we not getting the top flight FLA kids. Well as you read some were grades some were wanting to leave and some did not like UM at all(Joyner). First you must understand you not the coach or on staff so what we see and they see are to different things. For example. Joyner was the best DB in the land and he didn't start? Payne has height and they feel they can coach him up. Joyner was getting killed in UA practices by tall receivers. What you not looking at is the lineman that UM sorely needed in this class. Manny mentioned stars and people do get caught up in stars. Another example is Kacy Rodgers he was hurt his senior yr but has over 15 BCS offers and has played against some of the best in TX. He just attained a fourth star and the fans went from he sux to he really good...from 1 star really. So we don't know how these kids gonna turn out.
That being said we got a shot at Henderson. I thinkthe MNW class was an overated #1. What I mean is this is where Coach pulls his bones. Can he bring in an Out-of State recruit in a position we desparetly need. Notre Dame got coaching issues. So does SC. Looks like us and Ohio State. The Lemonier saga is driving people nuts. One day he a Cane next day he a Nole. This wont end until NSD. Same thing with I-MAC. The word is he wants in but don't got the grades. Same with Chandler and Buxton. Coach might say you got a scolly if you EE. Buxton didn't EE so he got booted. The kid knew the deal on that..
Chandler too. Bad thing is staff can't speak on it so its speculation really.
I believe we pull another lineman(s.Coleman,Henderson) Another end (EgoFerguson, Lemionier) TE and another OLB. Who it is well thats what FEB is for.

does anyone know if eantral henderson the offensive lineman is coming this weekend?


Why has nobody put the story up about our new defensive line coach and recruiting coordinater, Petri?

I can see that all the Shannon apologists are out in full force. My goodness you people who support him and the job he is doing are morons!!! If you want to settle for mediocrity then that's your problem. I for one am not following Shannon over the edge which a great deal of morons on here are doing. We need guys like Boca Man he tells it like it is. If some of you don't like it too bad. People like Shannon and most especially Donna Shalala are destroying this once proud program. If we don't get rid of Shalala it won't matter if we fire shannon because she will probably bring in someone just like him or worse if that is possible. True supporters like myself of this program who actually give money wiil not stand for this anymore. If we want to get back to prominence we first need to get a school president who champions not only academics but embraces our football program and then in turn he can hire a competent athletic director with the same vision and he in turn can hire a real coach to finally bring us back to the top. But without first getting rid of Shalala we will never get back to the top EVER!!! If you are true supporters write letters to top university officials and let them know that this is unacceptable and you won't stand for mediocrity anymore. Time to man up UM fans especially you blind and ignorant Shannon apologists.

To everyone who wants this incompetent moron gone go to: www.firecoachshannon.com

Why do we go to other WACK states and recruit no name dudes. We can find a bunch of dimonds in the rough rite here in the state of Miami. Look at Lebrendon Richardson DE/LB of Miami Central. He would be perfect for the U

...couple of things...

1. i'll take a class full of diamonds in the rough any day... these are exactly the kinds of kids that built the U...

2. Shannon HAS to win the ACC next season, period the end... i can't even believe that i am saying that because that is so much less than winning a NC but it is what it is... this is what we have and there is certainly nothing that i can do about it... i'm a UM fan and that is final... i support Shannon as much as i can because that is the position that i am in... he's only as good as his record and that is so-so... Jimmy didn't win the big one until his last year here and was quite embarrasing the the 3 bowls before that... and i mean QUITE embarrassing... would anybody trade Jimmy's legacy here? My point is that Shannon's progress is slow... but it is progress... i'm not his biggest fan... but he's earned at least 1 more year to show us something we haven't had in a while...

For all you crying losers out there.........A #1 and a top 10 and then a top 15 recruiting class is perfectly acceptable. This is a very successful three year recruiting stint. Especially with this year not over with yet, makes me think Randy is a very good recruiter. If you think otherwise, you are definitely not as smart as you think you are. How much knowledge do you have? Did we get top 10 recruiting classes every year during the 80's and 90's? How about even a #1 recruiting class ever besides Randy's? The answers are.......not every year and none........so go jump in a lake and hopefully one of those huge anacondas down there eats you alive!

Boca Man and Norm4 please just stay off the blogs.

Loosen the academic restrictions...it's killing our recruiting.

You guys sound absoulutely pathetic. Study football b4 you judge BOCA MAN! there are several things going into the reason we have the recruiting class we have...THey know what there doing old man. Get it thru you thick head, if you're not looking to get your degree or better yet EVEN MAKE THE GRADES TO COME TO THE U then you're not coming. it's as simple as that. And yes we are going to have a top 20 class u simple minds...we are 13th rite now..and to get us to that NC level like we're use to then we're gonna NEED THOSE diamonds in the ruff or you non-football players consider 1 stars to get us there just like Jimmy needed them, and the other past coaches. RANDY IS successful despite all his haters (which is alot of you) and i hope he continues grinding it out and keeping them all focused on one goal in 2010...BRINGING THE SHIP BACK TO U!

For crying out loud. Ed Reed was a two star recruit, but the coaches were excited about him and he fit into Butch's system. He ended up being pretty average?. . .. . Who needs more highly touted bombs like Kyle Wright, Lance Leggett, or Arthur Brown if we can find someone with potential who fits our current plan. For all of you complaining. . give it a rest already, get a life, and quit worrying about recruiting unless you plan on coaching the team yourself.

Again....you have to be patient....esp when Shannon has bettered the record every year...Coker RUINED this program with recruiting supposadly "5 star" players....if Shannon does worse then 9-4 next year then...I'm sure the powers that be will do what needs to be done!!

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