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Clements open to idea of playing corner

ROANOKE, VA. -- The only position Eduardo Clements took seriously growing up was running back. But as he prepares to begin taking classes at the University of Miami, the Miami Booker T. Washington standout isn't sure that when he finishes his college career he'll still be taking handoffs.

Eduardo ClementsFor the past two weeks, Clements has been working out with former high school teammate and Canes cornerback Brandon Harris, who apparently has been getting in Clements' ear about giving the secondary a try.

"Brandon and I got into a heated discussion the other day," said Clements, who is expected to begin taking classes at UM on Jan. 23, a few days after he receives his final report card from Booker T. "He said, 'Bro, if you go in there and learn the system, I know you can play corner.' He said because a couple of other guys will be doing track, they'll only be like three corners around for the spring. [Defensive backs] coach [Wesley] McGriff] jokes with me all the time about going out for corner.

"To be honest, if I had to make a choice and switch, of all the positions I'd pick corner. I always liked playing it during 7-on-7. If I had to do it, I could."

With Miami's wealth and depth at running back, Clements (5-10, 190) might eventually be asked to do so. But at least when spring football begins in late February, Clements expects to be where he always has -- on the offensive side of things. That is, of course, if he's physically ready.

Five games into his senior season, Clements badly sprained the meniscus in his left knee while playing defensive end in the Tornadoes' 35-28 win over rival Miami Northwestern. He sat out his team's next three games in October before returning for the final month of the season. He finished with 694 yards rushing and 12 catches for 151 yards and a score, his worst season his freshman year when he ran for 624 yards and eight touchdowns and caught 10 passes for 107 yards. Clements still finished his career as one of the best all-time in Miami-Dade County, rushing for 3,105 yards and 50 touchdowns and catching 77 passes for 743 yards and five TDs. He also was named Most Valuable Player of the Class 4A state championship game in 2007.

"Basically, I'm still rehabbing," said Clements, who is graduating from Booker T. with a 3.2 GPA and 22 on the ACT exam. "The last time I saw my doctor he told me I didn't heal the way it needed to. So, now, I'm wearing a brace, trying to workout with it, stuff like that. The past two weeks, [Brandon] has been coming to Booker T., training me at corner. I'm just working to get my knee back 100 percent. I should be there by the spring game."

Rated by Rivals as the 10th best running back in the country (14th by ESPN), Clements said he feels like he closely resembles the playing style of Graig Cooper, who has become a close friend of his. With Cooper not expected to play in 2010, Clements feels he could fill the Canes' need for "a scatback."

"When you look at it, Damien Berry, Lamar Miller and Mike James are all downhill runners," Clements said. "Me and Coop are guys you can split out wide, just like he was against Florida State when he caught the touchdown.

"Basically, in all our meetings, coach Robinson tells me to be patient because they don't really know how they're going to use me. I can be patient. If I have to do the same thing Lamar Miller did, run the scout team, I will. Lamar was still ringing bells, though. I can do the same."

Clements said what he loves about Miami is the family atmosphere, which he said showed itself perfectly in the Champs Sports Bowl. "If you want to know why I picked UM, just look at one play -- when Coop got hurt," Clements said. "The first guys on the field where JJ [Javarris James] and Berry. They picked him up, helped him off the field. On this team, there are no selfish attitudes. There is just family. That's why I love The U."

> For what it's worth, Clements said Cooper told him recently his decision to return to UM or enter the NFL Draft remains "in the air." But Clements said he thinks Cooper will come back to UM. "He's down, but he's trying to stay positive," Clements said. "I think Coop just loves the UM family too much to go out like that. I think he'll be back."

> Althought I haven't been able to confirm it yet with Carol City High receiver Allen Hurns (he wasn't answering his phone late Thursday night), Clements said Hurns will be his roommate in the spring. Hurns has been waiting on receiving news regarding his grades. 

> So much for giving up on Seantrel Henderson. On Thursday, Scout.com spoke to the father of U.S. Army-All American and the nation's No. 1 offensive tackle, who said his son will take his last official to the University of Miami on Jan. 22. Henderson (6-8, 330) would be the home runs of home runs if the Canes were to land him in this class. But being from Saint Paul, Minnesota, I've always felt this was a long shot. And I'm sticking to it, no matter all the nice things his dad might have to say about UM.


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whatever position he plays, play with heart and determination

Homerun of homeruns

I want him to stay at rb. He can be real special there. I love his attitude he does not think he is bigger than the program. Seems like this class has alot of these classy guys. I do not care about the rivals rating these guys are special


Why are you in Roanoke, Va? You're like 20 minutes down the road.......

Let's hope its sunny and warm as hell when Henderson visits from Minnesota.

Nice work again Manny. Clements is True U and a real football player.

Henderson is definitely a reach, so you
re right to say you'll believe it when you see that fax. lol

i thing the U lands this guy Seantrel Henderson and all the whiners,cry babies and girlly men can get off RS back in light of the things that is happening with college coaches i'll take RS any day he's committed to the school and the young men he's brought there.

- Great as usual Manny. You're in top form. Man, Clements sounds fantastic. Great player, great attitude, good kid, academically sound, fully committed to the team's unity, and followiing the guidance of mentor and team leader Brandon Harris. Harris is really becoming the leader of this team. That's what they need. That's a key component.

- As for Seantrel Henderson. Here's how U get Henderson and the final gem recruits to commit. The ENTIRE team gets down to Miami International as they arrive and they greet these recruits as they get off the plane. THAT would send a message about what this team is all about. If I were in charge for one day, I'd call it "mandatory formation" at MIA.

If we can somehow land Seantrel Henderson along with Linder then we would have an offensive line that would act like bulldozers opening holes for the loaded backfield that we have. Running the ball more not only would take the pressure of Jacory i.e. less Int's but would open up the passing game with opposing defense's stacking the line trying to stop our running game. Of course that's a big IF getting the #1 OL but he is coming for a visit so Randy and company you had better sell him on the U. Go Canes!

Sorry meant with Linder who we already have a verbal from.

I hope he rehabs his knee and comes in 100%. I hope he doesn't come in to preseason with a balky knee..

I think your point about Henderson is right Manny. I'd stay pessimistic until he signs his LOI until I jump out of the stadium with joy. Let's face it, he's from the midwest and he has all the big boys on his list (OSU being one of them).

In reality like i've been saying for the past few weeks, this class isn't awful, it's like 15th in the nation on average. What's important i that they get 20-30 guys and they all come in to compete. We'll go from there..

The coaching staff needs to pull out all the stops in their sales pitch when Seantrel Henderson comes. To have Branden Linder and him in the same recruiting class would be remarkable and a huge step forward in the development of this team.

Great article and like the attitude of Clements.
It's about the family.

> So much for giving up on Seantrel Henderson. On Thursday, Scout.com spoke to the father of U.S. Army-All American and the nation's No. 1 offensive tackle, who said his son will take his last official to the University of Miami on Jan. 22. Henderson (6-8, 330) would be the home runs of home runs if the Canes were to land him in this class. But being from Saint Paul, Minnesota, I've always felt this was a long shot. And I'm sticking to it, no matter all the nice things his dad might have to say about UM.


That's 2 Non-Stop to Miami next week right ?

You have got to be kidding me!!!!! This kid is a gifted running back and we are going to turn him into a corner!!!

They haven't even given him a chance to show what he can do at RB.

Randy Shannon needs to go right now. I'm so sick of this patchwork team he's creating. Safeties at LB, LB's and DE, any skill position at CB.

If you need a CB go out and get one! Don't ruin this kid's shot to play RB because you've created holes in the roster.

Great job keeping us informed Manny!!!! Keep it coming!!!!

Good work Manny. It appears we may have a decent signing class afterall. How many corners do we need? What about safeties? Canes are close to a National Championship. Hears the key: Defensive Line/Pass rush. Canes get that down pat and smother the quarterbacks this year, and were in. Second, Offensive Line. Good recruiting here this year. All good football teams start in the inside and work its way out/defense and offense. Starts with the line, everything else will work out from there. Glad to see Shannon is actually going after BIG linebackers. Heck, these new guys are taller than Ray Lewis who is only 6'1. As long as they have swagger, thats all that counts to me. I dont care about stars--we learned this during the Coker years. Give me a 1 star with Cane swagger anyday.

Hopefully the weather is perfect for Henderson, if it's cold in Charlotte I can only imagine how it feels in Sota. The CANES will finish strong in these last recruiting days.

Another great kid coming to the U. Keep up the good work Coach Shannon.

When is he getting a new deal?


Any chance the Canes can steal Michael Taylor now that he has decommited from the Vols?

check out www.firecoachshannon.com(i was not the creator of it, but i srongly advocate it and applaud those who went ahead and made it happen, the GAYTURDS ,did,not sit back and accept ron zook, why are we stuck with shannon and obligated to like it? will i root for the canes every game next year even if it means shannon would keep his job, with a great year? yesssssss, i hope i am proven wrong, i can't speak for other fans, but i hope i am proven wrong and shannon starts a new dynasty here, BUT i don't see it happening, i was against it, thinking it might affect recruits, but, lollll, how can it get any worse? so check it out www.firecoachshannon.com

just because Henderson is from Minnesota doesnt mean he wouldn't at least consider us besides haven't we gotten recruits from minnesota before ? One comes to mind. His name was Steve Walsh. Just a thought.

Love to read stuff like this... welcome to the fam, Eduardo... he's a cane through and through...selfless, dedicated,big heart... this is what the U's all about.


What are the chances of us picking up Michael Taylor now that he has decommitted from the Volunteers? He would be a great addition to the linebacking corps that struggled last year.

I agree manny I doubt Henderson comes here. He never had the u listed until recently, might be the coaches workin har though we will see

First off all. Shalala has to PAY WHIPPLE the BUCKS!!! Don't be CHEAP!!! As for Shannon lets ride his last contract year and time will tell, although I can tell you HE'S NOT HC material period..he has too many personal issues...runs a concentration camp atmosphere and gets outcoached too often plus looses control and panics in between games and can't manage the clock.
PAY WHIPPLE: Ride Shannons last year of contract and if Whip proves to be the real deal consistently then make him HC, PERIOD>>>>

GT is paying GROH to be DC...Yea great addition, this shows they are serious about their program..Shalala learn!!! don't be CHEAP!!!

sentrel does has family in miami sooooooo don't rule hime out!!!!!

"But being from Saint Paul, Minnesota, I've always felt this was a long shot."


Time to enjoy some Florida sunshine Mr Henderson, welcome to the U!

If he can cover a T.E. I'm all for him moving to DB.Hopefully will have one player who can manage to do that next year. We need to close big in the next couple of weeks and roll out the red-hot carpet for Henderson, Thomas and Anderson to name a few. I'll be happy if we get one flippen big name, pass rushing, run stuffen, mean as a snake defensive tackle and not someone who is under 6'2.

Seantrel Henderson lists Bryant McKinney, of the Minnesota Vikings and formerly of the U (of course), as one of his heroes. He's in Minnesota in January and will be taking his last visit to sunny Miami. Don't count the U out on this one...when we have the last visit we have a great chance.

Go Canes!

Great info.! Welsom to Miami Mr. Clements!!! It's good to see that Clements is a true 'Cane and deeply committed to the program. It is also good to see that our coaches do not lie to these players lie so other schools, notice how Coach Tommie Robinson told him the truth about their plans for him. It is good to see that B. Harris has alos taken him under his wing and that Clements is open to helping the team out at another position if need be. I have seen this guy play and think that he will redshirt this year, but he will spend his career at UM as a running back (and a very good one at that). Hopefully we get Stephen Morris in over the weekend so he can get ready to compete with A.J. Highsmith for the back up QB spot. Lastly, we have lots of O-linemen in this recruiting class, which is great.You never know with kids though,we get the last shot at Henderson, maybe we have a 20% chance to get him, but it's still a chance. Go 'Canes!!

Sorry for all the gramitcal errors in my previous post. I'm at work and saw the information about Eduardo and had to sneak a post in.

6'8" - 330lbs....dang if he can move we need some hoss like that on the O-Line...Bryan mcKinnie revisited. We got the skill positions down. We need some beef up front and some LBs to step up. Tough schedule next year to me it looks like it's not front or back-laoded...just tough throughout. Hate to say wait til nxt yr, but that's all we got. Go Canes!

Thanks for the post. What are you hearing on Clint Hurtt ? Is he in or out ?

Kudos to Brandon Harris for building and coaching up a possible understudy. That ladies and gentlemen is being a Cane and by all accounts has been missing the last five years at the program.

On Henderson, I think a lot of you are banking too much on the weather card. Truth is most people from the north could care less and even like to see seasons. If the big OL is as good as advertised I'm sure he'll have his Tiger share of bikini clad coeds curling up next to him in the ole dorm.

Junkie, fair point but to pull a couple examples: DJ Williams was a uber RB in HS and played as a FB his first year w/ Miami only to wind up a 1st rd pick as a LB in the NFL

Dan Morgan I believed played FB and RB in HS and went on to become the most decorated LB in Miami history.

Now if Clements does switch, may it all work out and if it doesn't feel free to lambaste.

Go Canes!

Don't count Henderson out yet. I'm from the midwest and the weather has sucked this year and the thought of going to school on South Beach sounds pretty damn tampting to me.


Clement playing corner with his size would be great. My brother is Tyrone Williams and when he came out of HS he was on of the best running backs in the state of Florida. He was the running back and Tommie Frazier was the QB, they both went to Nebraska my brother switched to corner and played 10 years in the NFL. I say make the switch, whith his size he is a perfect corner, but a small running back.

I am not sure about this one. 10TH best running back in the country and the coaching staff is already talkIing about switching him to CB. D. Berry, T. Johnson, Ryan Hill were all in the top 10 for safties and DB backs when they came out of highschool. After the coaching staff started to switch them around one became a tight end/full back his senior year, another became a very underused RB, and for Hill this poor guy has been switched from DB to wide receiver so many times that the guy now can't play any of the two. I can understand when coaches make O-lineman out of highschool tight ends but all this switching around seems to make guys unsure of their ability. GOOO! CANES!

Sometimes I feel this team is put together with spitballs, duct tape, and bubblegum. So few players play at their natural positions or get a chance to develop at one position. Too many "Jacks of all trades" and not enough "Masters."

Same old garbage from Shannon - doesn't recruit enough players for certain positions (or the ones he does recruit don't pan out) so later on he has to convert players to new positions. If he would recruit enough of each position then he wouldn't need to pull this garbage.

See you all, here is a kid from themidwest. I dont care about his position. The fact is he isnt from the south and he is special.

ESPN: Quit the bs about the slow big ten. The midwest has tons of athletes.

Lets do it. get Mount McKinnie to give the kid a hollah about the U.

As far as Clements playing cb. i dont know. He is what he is.

once again gery and all of you Shannon bashers I really think all of you live in Alaska and lick Sarah Palins boot straps. What does Shannons personal issues have to do with anything about him being the coach ? He stepped up to the plate when nobody else wanted this job and to this day none of you shannon bashers could come up with 1 name to be the coach. I know the bar is set very high here but 9 wins is alot more than what we have seen around here in a few years and as for recruiting, yes its frustrating because good ball players are going elswhere because of grades and playing time whatever but think about this, maybe Shannon's hand could be forced by administration as far as the kids he is bringing in. It wouldn't be far-fetched. There are enough Rush Limbaguh's and Sarah Palins in the world so all you shannon haters just keep your garbage to yourself or start cheering for southern cal and alabama. It takes real fans to be cane fans and none of you have shown that.

Hey we have 2 players on the "Rivals All-Decade" team (Bryant McKinnie & Ed Reed). Florida has 1 (Tebow) and FSU had none. We were also named team of the decade (2001). Time for the coaches to recruit and raise the next crop of "all-decade" players. GO CANES!!!!

Can we have someone forge Seantrel's name on a LOI on Feb. 3 and fax it in? LOL. We love our guys like Eduardo who are bleeding and sweating the orange and green. Leave it all on the field and you will will never have regret.

I believe Steve Walsh attended the same HS as Henderson. Of the schools he has visited, he probably would have less competition at Miami than at the others.

I don't know if any of you have a Rivals account but if you would have watched Army All-American Practice highlights but when the OL vs. DL did their one on ones, Henderson and Linder both got embarrassed more than once... I actually think that Feliciano is the best O-Lineman we have coming in this year... Henderson is not mean, just big and soft... I might be judging him prematurely but he definitely got put on his butt... I REALLY hope we land this kid from Cali, Asante Cleveland... Check him out on youtube...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FGNdvnb6y8 ... He's a TE and he is the truth!!

Fire Shannon now before its to late. Miami has some of the worst coaching in the country. Can they make in games adjustments? Nope. Develop talent? Nope. Recruit with the big boys? Nope. Good motivators? Nope. Clean house and open the bank and get someone that has a clue.

Hey we have 2 players on the "Rivals All-Decade" team (Bryant McKinnie & Ed Reed). Florida has 1 (Tebow) and FSU had none. We were also named team of the decade (2001). Time for the coaches to recruit and raise the next crop of "all-decade" players. GO CANES!!!!

Posted by: CaliCanesFan | January 15, 2010 at 03:49 PM

That list is pure garbage. How Sean Taylor is not on that list is a complete joke. Watch FSU game back in 03 and tell me any other safety that ever dominated a game like that.

I really laugh & cringe at the same time seeing the un educated, un realistic, wanna be coaches, GM's, recruting coordinators, scouts & AD's on these posts.

Regardless of what a website, a beat writer or any person who is not a coach who is watching filme & ACTUALLY scouting & researching these kids say, your thoughts on who is a stud & not a stud is mute!

All od these kids are ZERO stars until they get in to school, attend & do well in class, study their playbooks & film then execute on the field!

Who you say should be recruited or is not a good signing is rediculous! Who should be HC & who should be fired after 3 years is unrealistic!

Some do not appreciate what they have in RS. Where today coaches are after the dollars & show no loyalty, he is a Cane through & through. That alone deserves the patiance of UM fans & critics. Butch had 6 years. Coker had 5 I believe. Weise??? C'mon unrealistic fans/critics... Give him his time first before going so negative.

Although I wish for the days of when the U was dominant, I am proud of the fact that there is no negative off the field issues with his teams thus far like other programs. And with each passing year, there is improvement in the Win column & no one can dispute that. And if you try to dispute the improvement in the W column each year, then it shows your hard headed, ignorance.

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