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Clements open to idea of playing corner

ROANOKE, VA. -- The only position Eduardo Clements took seriously growing up was running back. But as he prepares to begin taking classes at the University of Miami, the Miami Booker T. Washington standout isn't sure that when he finishes his college career he'll still be taking handoffs.

Eduardo ClementsFor the past two weeks, Clements has been working out with former high school teammate and Canes cornerback Brandon Harris, who apparently has been getting in Clements' ear about giving the secondary a try.

"Brandon and I got into a heated discussion the other day," said Clements, who is expected to begin taking classes at UM on Jan. 23, a few days after he receives his final report card from Booker T. "He said, 'Bro, if you go in there and learn the system, I know you can play corner.' He said because a couple of other guys will be doing track, they'll only be like three corners around for the spring. [Defensive backs] coach [Wesley] McGriff] jokes with me all the time about going out for corner.

"To be honest, if I had to make a choice and switch, of all the positions I'd pick corner. I always liked playing it during 7-on-7. If I had to do it, I could."

With Miami's wealth and depth at running back, Clements (5-10, 190) might eventually be asked to do so. But at least when spring football begins in late February, Clements expects to be where he always has -- on the offensive side of things. That is, of course, if he's physically ready.

Five games into his senior season, Clements badly sprained the meniscus in his left knee while playing defensive end in the Tornadoes' 35-28 win over rival Miami Northwestern. He sat out his team's next three games in October before returning for the final month of the season. He finished with 694 yards rushing and 12 catches for 151 yards and a score, his worst season his freshman year when he ran for 624 yards and eight touchdowns and caught 10 passes for 107 yards. Clements still finished his career as one of the best all-time in Miami-Dade County, rushing for 3,105 yards and 50 touchdowns and catching 77 passes for 743 yards and five TDs. He also was named Most Valuable Player of the Class 4A state championship game in 2007.

"Basically, I'm still rehabbing," said Clements, who is graduating from Booker T. with a 3.2 GPA and 22 on the ACT exam. "The last time I saw my doctor he told me I didn't heal the way it needed to. So, now, I'm wearing a brace, trying to workout with it, stuff like that. The past two weeks, [Brandon] has been coming to Booker T., training me at corner. I'm just working to get my knee back 100 percent. I should be there by the spring game."

Rated by Rivals as the 10th best running back in the country (14th by ESPN), Clements said he feels like he closely resembles the playing style of Graig Cooper, who has become a close friend of his. With Cooper not expected to play in 2010, Clements feels he could fill the Canes' need for "a scatback."

"When you look at it, Damien Berry, Lamar Miller and Mike James are all downhill runners," Clements said. "Me and Coop are guys you can split out wide, just like he was against Florida State when he caught the touchdown.

"Basically, in all our meetings, coach Robinson tells me to be patient because they don't really know how they're going to use me. I can be patient. If I have to do the same thing Lamar Miller did, run the scout team, I will. Lamar was still ringing bells, though. I can do the same."

Clements said what he loves about Miami is the family atmosphere, which he said showed itself perfectly in the Champs Sports Bowl. "If you want to know why I picked UM, just look at one play -- when Coop got hurt," Clements said. "The first guys on the field where JJ [Javarris James] and Berry. They picked him up, helped him off the field. On this team, there are no selfish attitudes. There is just family. That's why I love The U."

> For what it's worth, Clements said Cooper told him recently his decision to return to UM or enter the NFL Draft remains "in the air." But Clements said he thinks Cooper will come back to UM. "He's down, but he's trying to stay positive," Clements said. "I think Coop just loves the UM family too much to go out like that. I think he'll be back."

> Althought I haven't been able to confirm it yet with Carol City High receiver Allen Hurns (he wasn't answering his phone late Thursday night), Clements said Hurns will be his roommate in the spring. Hurns has been waiting on receiving news regarding his grades. 

> So much for giving up on Seantrel Henderson. On Thursday, Scout.com spoke to the father of U.S. Army-All American and the nation's No. 1 offensive tackle, who said his son will take his last official to the University of Miami on Jan. 22. Henderson (6-8, 330) would be the home runs of home runs if the Canes were to land him in this class. But being from Saint Paul, Minnesota, I've always felt this was a long shot. And I'm sticking to it, no matter all the nice things his dad might have to say about UM.


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For this final recruiting push, we need to pull out all the stops......within the law of course. Every available Cane, past and present are in the lobby at the airport when these recuits arrive.....especially for Henderson.

When the Troops come back from the war, all available units are there to greet them. I can't tell U how that makes them feel. Same-same here. Every swinging "Richard's" place of duty is at MIA when Henderson, Ferguson, Shirley, et al roll off those airplanes. That includes Madam President, Hocutt, Shannon, Whip, Lovett, position coaches, along with the recruiting coordinators, and as suggested above, the entire team.

If U go the extra mile, U will get some of these studs. Wow them! Throw old school out the window! This would be unprecedented and solidify the legacy of The U to these few remaining recruits. Watch Rivals, Scout, and ESPNU light up then. In fact.....invite the whole darn city.

Do little or nothing and we've just wasted several thousand dollars on these trips and bummed out the entire Cane Nation going into the Spring.

What I'm saying is, what we lack in dollars, facilities, and support, we more than make up for that in effort.

thanks gery, i love that others are not satisfied with the job shannon has done. this program is stagnant. its time and people should know, there are thousands who feel the same way. and the ones who say im not a true fan, are the same ones who wanted coker fired, with a better record. even after butch's boys left. the true fans want the best for the program, even if that means a new coach.

How is it that you RS haters are able to say he wants Clements to play corner? McGriff and Harris are just having fun with him. Clements is going to be a RB. Some of you so called fans will just find any darn reason to jump on RS or any of the staff..

Shannon sucks. No "buzz" about the program; getting out recruited by Lane Kiffin, 9-4 and not even sniffing the ACC championship game, much less winning it, much less getting to a BCS game, much less winning it; poor gameplan and motivation against UW. teams not getting better as the season progresses; those last few (the UW game, consistently looking unmotivated and lost, and teams getting worse as the season goes on) say it all, although there's tons of other evidence suggesting Dandy ain't the answer none. I will be very, very surprised if any of the top guys commit to us down the stretch. Didn't you watch that Army bowl game? Those clowns couldn't wait to sign with UF. Randy's in third place in FL, and losing fast.

I like this guy!! He's got the right "attitude"
not like the running back from Kansas last
year who signed with Tenn.

people like Canesjunkie these r the people don't need to b here do u know how many players from the U that play n the NFL that didn't play the same position n high school it's u johnny come lately fans that drag down this blog.

no-one is knocking positions. its the coach, the record of the coach, the lack of trust in the coach, the lack of excitement because of the coach, lack of developement from the coach and on and on. we need a coach. we have great players, not being coached to their full potential. its time, no more false hype or hope. do whats needed kirby, save the program.


You need to realize that Shannon was in the UM system personally as a player. He was around what I feel was THE BEST COACHING STAFF EVER ASSEMBLED IN COLLEGE ...HERE ARE A FEW:

Jimmy Johnson - Front man
Butch Davis - Defense
Dave Wanstead - Defense
Gary Stevens - OC
Art Kehoe - OL
Alexander Hubbard - RB'S
Joe Broadsky - QB'S
Tony Wise - OL

These coaches were GREAT at taking certain high school football players and switching their posistion to something other then what they played in college and had great success with it...if I were an incoming player my question would be to them...Hey coach...I know I was a RB in High school...but...if their is a posistion you think I could even be better at...that would GET ME TO THE NFL...then I'm all for it...

Canesjunkie...you got it all wrong dude...

b harris is the man. he's one of the few guys with swagger. nothin funnier than watchin him dance to swag surfin at the usf game. great to see him help out the new canes too. brandon if youre readin: not all of us are fake @ss fans and some of us support you guys like crazy!

dream scenario:

Darius Robinson
Calvin Smith
Seantrel Henderson
Christian Jones
Willis Wright
Michael Taylor
Christian Thomas
Josh Shirley
Arie Kouandjio


The NC for graduation or whatever it was is pretty impressive for Miami to get. None of the haters have recognized that. Shannon & CO deserve another year. If they continue improving and stay healthy, it could easily be an 11 win season and BCS birth. Stars do matter but aren't everything. I'm from Utah so obviously follow their schools too. Utah has two BCS wins in the last 5 years with probably less than 5 four star recruits over that same period. Last years Sugar bowl win was a beating they put on Alabama. Be optimistic and give this staff another year. If they don't improve next year, I'll feel the same as a lot of you guys!

BertDawg: Ok, we get it. You are a liberal. We get it, you hate Sarah Palin (even though youdont know her). We get it- you hate Rush Limbaugh. Do you hate Harry Reid? Nancy Pelosi? Al Sharpton? I didnt think so. You are a white hater. A racist. By the way, in case you didnt realize it, this is a UM football blog. Go to Ariana Huffington's blog, where you left wing socialists can complain about conservatives all you want. But this blog is about the U.

Should have been on the all decade team as well:

Andre Johnson
Vilma (wasnt he D rookie of the year in the nfl?)
Jeremy Shockey
Kellen Winslow
Damione Lewis

Hey guys,

Does anyone know where I could find the team recruiting rankings for Miami from '95 to '99??

Just curious, and you know where I'm going with this.

I'm tired of people throwing the race card... I'm a minority too but reality is reality... When coker was struggling we all saw it an nobody ever went around saying ... "your just mad cause he's white" people I don't care is rs is white black purple green or blue he is struggling and if u look at any picture of him... Just check the pics on this app from each week.. He has a poor attitude always with his hands at his side and no sign of fire or intensity.. The U has always had that swagger and he is destroying it.. I like him as a coordinator.. As a head coach he had done no better no worse than coker and that's a fact.. And I don't. Want to hear about how he had cleaned up the program... Leave the program alone and win some dam acc championships and hey how bout winning a dam bowl while your hear... Things that the U has always done

Shannon needs to start producing... Plain and simple.. I could care less about how the program is cleaning up... Leave the dam program the way it is and start winning acc championships and while your at it trying winning a bowl game... This guy is destroying the U swagger... No intensity no fire no passion just simple bland personailty.. It's a joke

We have everything going for us. We have over 100 other schools that would give anything to be in the position we are in. WE JUST DONT HAVE A WHITE COACH LEADING THIS TEAM THAT WILL MAKE IGNORANT PEOPLE FEEL COMFORTABLE. WE HAVE A BLACK HEAD COACH THAT THESE IGNORANT PEOPLE GIVE A VERY SHORT LEASH TO. And in there lies the only problem these fans have with this team.

first canejunkie ...you are truly that. who made you an evaluator of talent. secondly, he hasnt even started to practice yet. chill out

(idk if this makes sense but we'll go with it anyway i guess) the only reason people make an issue of race is because they choose to recognize and quantify it. if you dont see a difference you dont notice a difference. why do you point out the number of black coaches like its the elephant in the room? that in there lies the problem. why cant people look at the PERSON and not the COLOR. i hate when people say "oh he's one of 6 black head coaches in college football". why does that matter in any way whatsoever? all that matters is that he's a good coach. the problem isnt that there's not enough black coaches; its that there's not enough good coaches. if i was a recruit, i wouldnt care what color the coach was, just whether he's a good man who id want to play for. thats the problem with people. they continue to notice their color rather than the person. i like my friends for WHO they are not WHAT they look like. and both parties are guilty. some of you need to come to a point where if a black/white person walks into a room, the first thing you notice IS NOT that theyre of the opposite race. g0d d@mn... this racism $hit needs to end. if we're equals stop treating the other like minorities. and stop holding a grudge for things no one today is responsible for. be accountable, less judgemental, less stereotypical, and less ignorant people!


So let me understand your intelligent theory. You feel if Shannon jumps around and does a little more screaming and yelling, then we will win more games. I dont understand how that automatically calculates to wins, but I do know of another Black coach that was misunderstood and picked apart because of his calm professional demeanor. People didnt understand him much as they dont understand Shannon b/c there arent many Black leaders or coaches for non-Blacks to grow to understand. So you all get impatient, you get confused,and lose trust, and you dont give support. Its not even your fault b/c u just dont understand Black leaders. That other coach people didnt quite understand name is Tony Dungy. I think he proved himself and gained his respect. Lets relax and allow the same to take place with Randy Shannon.


If you examine each recruit, you might be surprised that this class is pretty solid. Its also not over, so relax and see where it ends up.
I do see where you are going and agree. Championship rosters from the past werent from #1 recruiting classes. It can't hurt to get 5 star "blue-chippers", but in reality a lot of those guys end up behind the 3-star guys. Just saying. Relax people.

Shannon needs to start producing... Plain and simple.. I could care less about how the program is cleaning up... Leave the dam program the way it is and start winning acc championships and while your at it trying winning a bowl game... This guy is destroying the U swagger... No intensity no fire no passion just simple bland personailty.. It's a joke

Posted by: Mg050 | January 16, 2010 at 11:11 AM

Well stated! Couldn't agree with you more!

It's all about the U program as we have known it for decades AND the person who is destroying it! We called for Coker's head when he was destroying the program, and now we are calling for the SAME thing with Shannon -- there's NO difference!

We will NOT sit idly by and watch the same mistake made TWICE! Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on the collective ME! It's time to make the HC CHANGE at the U and SAVE the U!!!

if you have the 10th best running back in the nation, why would you swith him to another position?????

Coach Shannon knows what he's doing. Let's not forget that Damien Berry was a highly rated safety coming out of high school before coach Shannon made the witch. I'm jus curious, how's that working out?

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