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Courtside blog: UM-Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG, VA. -- Just got to my courtside seat for tonight's ACC showdown between the 23rd ranked Canes (15-1, 1-1 ACC) and Virginia Tech (12-2, 0-1). It's been a long day of travel. I left my house at 4:30 a.m. and after two flights I arrived in Charlottesville, where I picked up a rental car and drove for 3 hours to get here tonight. 

Hopefully, the Canes didn't have such a strenuous venture to the game tonight. I'll provide some thoughts and highlights as this one rolls along. No TV, but Joe Zagacki is sitting two seats to my right and will be broadcasting the game on WQAM. Be sure to follow along.


> Virginia Tech has come out shooting threes early. Hokies have hit 3 of 4 to start the game and have an early 13-4 lead. Funny thing is Canes lead the league in three pointers made and Hokies are 11th out of 12 in 3-point percentage. Go figure.

> Hokies have started this one off red-hot and Miami ice cold. Canes are 2 of 11 and 0 for 6 from three-point range to start. Hokies are 7 of 9 from the field and have an 18-5 lead.

> DeQuan Jones ends UM's 2-for-11 start from the field with a bucket with 11:50 left. Canes trail 20-7.

> This might have been a long trip for nothing. Canes getting blown out 26-8 with 9:11 left in the first half. Yikes!

> Well, the Canes are only down four touchdowns, 35-8. Maybe Jacory can get the offense rolling in the second half.

> Nothing positive you can say at this point for the Canes. They are trailing 48-13. Worst hoops game ever? Feels like it.

> Here's all you need to know: Canes close out the first half with a 7-0 run and still trail 50-23.


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Anyone on the team that can play TE for UM next year ?? if so, could you let them know UM is short on TE's this season too !!
Thanks Manny !!!!!
- Vlady

what's goning on with recruiting, does the vols vac help us with recruiting.

I just saw the score on the ticker. Let me guess...Collins has disappeared again, and they are jacking from 3 almost every possesion? Well, nice to be ranked at least once.

Don't care about one 1pt win against Wake, down 35-8 is a by product of who they played noncon. Disgusting.

Congratulation Frank Haith. You are the first coach ever, to say to his ranked team before the end of the first half, "okay guys, if we can just this within 30."

Is VT defense that much better than our Offense?

They still have a brighter future than our football team!!

Um is making a charge!!!!

Manny, did you leave the game?

seems like our offense is just jacking 3's and hoping Collins decides to play. pathetic.

The last time the canes beat the hokies was when Rios was playing and he scored 14pts and had 6 ast in their house.
Eddie Rios became the latest ACC point guard to have a surprisingly good game against the Hokies. Rios, a freshman reserve who had been averaging 3 points, had 11 of his career-high 14 points in the second half.

Rios and McClinton combined for six 3-pointers, including five in the second half.

We have an ACC caliber basketball team?
Is Ed "Too Tall" Jones too small?

Eye opening stat of the night: Miami is 5 and 24 on the road in the ACC since joining. They will never be taken seriously until that changes.

sorry, 5-24 in last 29 games

just when your hopes get up, they crash like the football team. along way to go, come back and beat virg.

TYpical Canes..get blown out after crying about not being respected in the polls..well that aint happening again.....way to go...was it raining the whole time...Get real...15-2 now 30 days 17-14 waiting to here from the NIT....Good luck...makes the football team look good...

hey manny what going on with Whipple i hear USF plan to offer him a Head Coach position? I hope this not true.


Would Whipple pull a Kiffin and head for a head coaching job at another school after one year? Even with his kid still at UM? My gut tells me that would not be good for the program. What're your thoughts on the matter?

Thank you, my friend.

Canesport is reporting mark whipple more than likely leaving UM....

I said it two years ago, Frank Haith is one of the worst X's and O's coaches in America. If Seth Greenberg coached UM, we'd be top 15. We are more talented than almost every team we play except for UNC, Duke and maybe Georgia Tech. He's awful.

is whipple really gone?

What's up with whipple?

Hey manny

There is rumor that WR Kendal Thompkins has been ask to move to CB but one of my friend go to miami and he is friend with alot of football players. He inform me Kendal Thomkins, Arthur Brown, T. Streeter are thinking about transfer out of Miami. i hope this not true but it is a possibility that this will happen. Do you think this will happen Manny please let me know thanks

Remember the 24hr rule and get ready for Virginia. This is a top 20 team. Go Canes!!

what's going on with whipple and usf

fyi to everyone, ESPN recently reviewed Taylor after all the buzz eh caused and gave him a grade of 79, that's right in between 3-4 stars, not too bad for 5 games huh?

Posted by: Chris | January 13, 2010 at 10:32 AM


U keep turning those 1 Star projects into 3 Star, 5 year later, undrafted, blocking dummy Free Agents Coach.

It is typical of this coach and of this team to gag the big salami when a quality road win would be huge. No they couldnt/ wouldnt do it. gag. Lets see what they do against Va.

Ok...this is more about football. If no one has seen yet we are most likely gonna lose whipple to usf. So let's count them...we will be going on 3 diff OC's and are already on our 3rd DC. No consistency, no repetition, no titles. I don't blame the players for not improving...they have no direction. I'm so frustrated w the Miami program. Did they not watch the documentary?? The U is about passion, heart, hard work and yes...arrogance. All of these equals titles. We have the talent...just no confidence. We keep playing down to our opponents level. The only games we dominated were UVA and usf. We couldn't even blow out duke at home. I was at the champs bowl and it was an embarrassment the way we played. Now all the hope for our offense improving is going elsewhere so jacory and the O needs to learn yet another scheme. With games next year @Clemson, @Ohio st, @gt, @Pitt, unc, fsu, and vt...be ready to welcome another disappointing season. I'm so tired of mediocrity!!!!

Will it be one and done for Hurricanes’ OC Mark Whipple?

by Jorge Milian
Are Mark Whipple’s days numbers as UM’s offensive coordinator?

Citing unnamed sources, CaneSport is reporting that Whipple is the leading candidate to replace Jim Leavitt as coach at South Florida. According to the story, Whipple “has either been offered the job or will likely be offered it on Thursday.”

The St. Petersburg Times reported Thursday that East Carolina coach Skip Holtz “remained front and center of USF’s options” and added that a decision is expected by Friday.

Others vying for the USF job, vacated when Leavitt was fired last week, are former NFL quarterback Doug Williams, ex-Clemson coach Tommy Bowden, Michigan assistant coach Calvin McGee and Florida assistant coach Dan McCarney.

Suffice it to say that losing Whipple, who also holds the titles of assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach at UM, would be a major blow for the Hurricanes.

Hired last Jan. 24 to replace Patrick Nix as UM’s offensive architect, the Hurricanes scored 394 points in 2009, their highest total since 2002. He was also instrumental in the development of sophomore quarterback Jacory Harris, who threw for 3,352 yards and 24 touchdowns. The 3,352 passing yards by Harris ranks fourth all-time on UM’s single-season list.

Whipple, who was a head coach for 16 years at Massachusetts, Brown and New Haven and also worked in the NFL for Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, reportedly was in serious consideration for the head coaching job at Cincinnati that became open when Brian Kelly left the Bearcats in December for Notre Dame. That job went to former Central Michigan coach Butch Jones.

Attempts to reach Whipple have so far been unsuccessful. Whipple was made unavailable to reporters most of the season by UM coach Randy Shannon.

Whipple’s son, Spencer, is a walk-on

It's comments like that, that prove how crappy Hurricanes "Fans" are. Guys, the football season is over. GET OVER IT! The football team has gotten better the last three years, but you nickel and dime fans who don't financially support the program, don't pay for tickets, or go to games need to comprehend what is happening.

Each year coach Shannon has improved his win total. Each year he has brought in the type of players that WANT to work and WANT to strive to get better. Shannon and his coaching staff have done a great job recruiting the last couple of years which leads me to believe they know what they are doing with this class.

As far as the basketball team goes, they had a bad night. It happens. You "fans" are ridiculous. If we beat Virginia next, but lose to Duke or UNC will you say, "Fire Haith!"

Try once to use your brains and comprehend what our programs are trying to achieve. Stop being selfish and understand their is a process. Try donating to the program to help our coaches out. Stop hiding on message boards doing nothing.

Believe in our coaches and try supporting the program you claim to be a fan of!

Canesport is reporting Whipple is getting alot of offers for a head coaching job. Says USF wants him really bad. According to them no matter what, he will not be back with the Canes next year.

UM is doomed. They are not only loosing their recruits, now they are lossing Whipple. On top of that he will coach South Florida. How embarrasing and destructive,
Get a real head coach and staff here ASAP or loose UM Football forever.

U mean do we have or are we bringing in anyone who can cover a T.E.?

Brighter future than our football team?? are u kidding me??

Is that because u believe the hype that Frank Haith is a great recruiter...The garbage that they feed us every year...Let me enlighten you guys real quick...If you're getting good recruits in basketball it shows that very same year...The big time players in college basketball are Freshman and Sophomores...Haith has been here awhile now and it's the same story every year...Rip through a soft as non-conference schedule and get ripped in conference..sometimes good enough to make it to the tournament and get rocked in the 1st round..Im sick of hearing about all these great recruits that never play or never live up to the hype..Theres a reason we're not on ESPN and local TV...Teams that are - actually have great recruits that ball as freshman and sophomores and go pro...but go ahead and feed into it when Manny or Shandel tell u about our next great recruit that ends up averaging 5 pts a game...good luck with the courtside blogs this year my friends..ill be back when football starts!!

Skip Holtz named New Head Coach at USF.

i'm still pissed that va tech blew us out.

A good hire by the way. I beleive he will do good things at USF. I beleive Holtz will take many of his staff at ECU with him, due to their success togethger. Maybe Canesport will report now that Whipple will be USF's TE ends coach or maybe be their outside linebackers coach, no, let's see now, maybe he will coach their defensive ends who are over 6' 3" tall, but weigh less than 263 lbs.

Re: Basketball,
Can we get rid of those BLACK away uniforms please. We have never done well on the road since we got those. We look like Oklahoma State. We need the green unies with the U in the middle. Manny, or anyone else who does UM blogs, spread the word to Haith or Hocutt about this. I am sick of the Black uniforms and UM getting crushed on the road in the ACC.

The Canes BB team has no offensive scheme. A good defense shuts them down totally. They play backyard ball. They don't play defense. Its not talent - they have it. It is the coach - he is terrible. Same every year. Lets get off Shannon's back and take a good hard look at Haith. If we win 5 ACC games, I'll be amazed.

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