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Courtside blog: UM-Virginia

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. -- Checking in before the 23rd-ranked Canes (15-2, 1-2 ACC) take on the Cavaliers (10-4, 2-0 ACC) here at John Paul Jones Arena. This is without question the nicest arena in the ACC. 

I'll provide some thoughts and observations as this one goes along. Feel free to follow on Twitter. The game is being televised on ESPNU. 

> Reggie Johnson in the starting lineup for the first time this season. Looks like Haith likes the way he's playing lately.
> Another slow start for Frank Haith's basketball team. Virginia jumps out to a quick 6-0 lead with 18:14 left
> Canes started the game 0-for-8 before Adrian Thomas drilled a three-pointer with 14:03 left to make it 12-4 Virginia; Frank Haith has already played 11 players in this game.
> Canes go into the half trailing 33-21. They shot 5 of 23 from the field in the first half and were 1 of 9 from 3pt range. UM shot 7 of 26 at Virginia Tech Wednesday night. So, this is even worse.


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Canes bounce back and prove that it was a one game slip and not the norm for ACC play!
Miami wins 74-71

anyone know what lemonier said about UM on insidethe u?

thanks for your help, and sorry this isn't about basketball

Again, Miami shows no offensive flow. Players with great talent - a coach who is clueless. The players deserve better. It doesn't matter that you can recruit if you can't coach!

Haith should be fired before Shannon. Too bad no one cares about BBall around here.

This team is so frustrating. No consistency!!!!

Yes! Green uniforms. Thank you! I hope the stay. Can Miami ever start a road game NOT down by 10+? Manny, what's up with Donovan Kirk??? Will he ever play this year? McGowan and Gamble suck. And wasn't DeQuan Jones supposed to be good?

If Miami basketball had an Offensive Coordinator, he would have been canned 5 times over. Collins gets triple teamed, and no one cuts to the basket, they all stand at the NBA 3 point line.

I'm sick of Frank Haith already. Get his @ss outta here.

This team is a fraud... They'll be lucky to have the chance of losing in the NIT's 1st RD

Well, with 15 wins, they are already a lock for the NIT. How many years in the NIT before people stop druling about UM Basketball being on the right track. Let me know when the spring game or ACC Baseball Tournament begins.

Dribble, dribble and shoot (mostly misses). No passing - on 10 possessions there was only one time with more than one pass. Plus, no defense. Haith sits on the bench with a blank look on his face. He is either clueless or not interested. RCDEVI is right! Haith should go... Virginia made us look like a middle school team - as did VaTech.

This is bulls**t. Haith's been here 6 seasons & still don't know how to develop talent. His players barely improve. The team never has flow on offense. He's the only coach that consistantly brings in 4 & 5 star busts. Dequan Jones has turned out to be the most overrated 5* in his class. They always let a player that averages 2 pts a game go off on them. Where are the fundamentals. All these athletes on his team & no one can get to the rim consistantly. The hoops team will always be decent under Haith but never elite. No matter how much talent he brings in...

I said in thelast game. These guys are gaggers. They cant play with energy when it counts. They have peaked because their sorry coach has peaked. They choke when it counts. come on. Are you serious?

haith is the reason for this mediocrity

New Year's resolution for blogging and columns about the Canes basketball team: I will never make a post demanding respect for the B-Ball team until they actually deserve it.

So I'm curious, who is on the non-conference schedule next year? Perhaps we Haith can schedule 1/2 the Horizon League instead of the MEAC!


If you want to watch a team that can pass the rock around, see if you could take in a Harvard game. I was pretty impressed with their ball distribution when I saw them play Seattle U, and that kid Jeremy Lin has some game.

Fire Haith!? Are you kidding me? Leave the guy alone and let his men and he do his job. This is a young team and they are finding their bearings which takes time.

Haith won these games when Rios was around.Rios beat Virginia Tech in their house, he had 14 points and 6 assist and help beat virginia @ home vs Sean Singletary who is in the NBA.Rios had 8pts and 8 ast in that game.

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