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Finding hidden gems no easy task for Canes

I've never been a believer in the star system used to rate recruits. Just because a player has a certain number of stars -- or offers -- doesn't necessarily mean he'll become a superstar in college. 

Is linebacker Kelvin Cain going to be another Colin McCarthy or will he end up being the next Eric Houston?  But on the flip side of the argument -- and one I think maybe isn't discussed enough -- are the under the radar players, the kids who don't have offers from many BCS schools. There has been a long held belief that when the University of Miami was thriving in the 1980s and late 1990s, it did a great job at finding those hidden gems and signing them. 

Over the past couple of days, we've heard about how UM has gone after players like Miami Beach defensive tackle Delmar Taylor (a player with five high school games under his belt), Buffalo Canisius High linebacker Jimmy Gaines (a Buffalo commitment and 2-star prospect visiting UM this weekend), Clovis (Calif.) Buchanan High linebacker Kelvin Cain (a player with no other BCS offers). 

If there is one common theme with the Hurricanes' 2010 recruiting class its that most of the players expected to sign on Feb. 3 aren't among the most highly coveted in the nation. In fact, if you look at Rivals for instance, only six of UM's 24 commitments are rated four stars (elite) or above. Those are: RB Storm Johnson, OL Malcolm Bunche, RB Eduardo Clements, OT Tavadis Glenn, OT Brandon Linder and LB Travis Williams. ESPN also has six players rated four stars or above. Their list has: Johnson, Clements, Linder, Glenn and DE David Perry and LB Kevin Nelson. 

For argument sake, let's say there are eight players that are being recognized as "BCS caliber." That means the Hurricanes are counting on 16 current commitments, considered "middle of the road" to "2-star gambles" that UM's staff is hoping develops into gems. So what is the likelihood of that happening? Who really knows. But if you look at UM's recent history with players rated 3-stars or less, it's easy to see finding a gem is harder than it might have been when UM was winning national titles. 

Here's a look at the good, the bad and the ugly since 2005 when the Canes signed players considered by Rivals.com to be three stars or less. Note: *-denotes 2-star player.

- Eric Houston, LB: Career special teams player
- Daryl Shaprton, LB: Late bloomer broke out his senior year
- Matt Pipho, OL: Didn't play until his fifth season, struggled at right tackle
* Jerrell Mabry, FB: Never panned out 

- Chris Lewis, DE: Transferred to Fresno State, had 20 tackles, 1 INT in 2009
- Colin McCarthy, LB: 3-year starter, All-ACC First Team in 2009 
- Ian Symonnette, OL: Career special teams player
- Chavez Grant, CB: Never made a strong impact. Started 19 games, 2 INTs
- Steven Wesley, DL: Has started 17 games and has 3 sacks heading into senior year
- Matt Bosher, K: Team MVP in 2008, All-ACC First Team
- Chaz Washington, DT: Never panned out
* Daniel Stegall, QB: Returned to baseball, career fizzled with Mets in minors
* Joel Figueroa, OL: Has 13 career starts heading into senior year at guard
* George Robinson, WR: Quit football after one year

- Lee Chambers, RB: Career backup has 272 yards rushing, 1 TD heading into junior year
- Harland Gunn, OL: After two years on scout team, he started five games in 2009
- Leonard Hankerson, WR: Had breakout 2009 season and enters senior year highly touted
- Shawnbrey McNeal, RB: Transferred to SMU and had breakout season, entering NFL Draft
- Jojo Nicholas, S: Injured in '09, likely will be passed up on depth chart in 2010
Chris Perry, DT: Played in eight games in '09 at Texas Tech, four tackles, 1 sack
Adewale Ojomo, DE: Broke jaw in a preseason fight with walk-on; expected to start in 2010 
Jared Campbell, S: Made 6 starts in 2009, 31 tackles, 5 pass breakups 
* Tyler Horn, OL: Projected started at center in 2010
* Daniel Adderley, WR: Has not panned out 

- Micanor Regis, DT, Made strong push toward end of '09 season, 2 INTs in 13 games
LaRon Byrd, WR, Struggled down stretch of '09 season, 33 catches, 460 yards, 1 TD
Joe Wylie, DB, Left the program last summer 
Thearon Collier, WR, Shined as a punt returner, finished with 18 catches, 250 yards
Antonio Harper, LB, Academic casualty, now a defensive end at Troy
Kendall Thompkins, WR: Has hardly played, rumored to be transferring or switching to cornerback
Gavin Hardin, LB: Played in one game in '09, missed rest of season with injury
Cannon Smith, QB: Transferred to Memphis, expected to assume backup role in 2010
* Taylor Cook, QB: Transferred to Rice, expected to assume backup role in 2010
* Brandon Marti, LB: Arrested, cut from the team; in JUCO trying to revive career
* Zach Kane, LB: Arrested, cut from team, not heard from since he entered prep school
* C.J. Odom, DB: Another academic casualty. Out of football
* John Calhoun, FB: Has played mostly on special teams
* Patrick Hill, FB: A two-year starter expected to return in 2010 after missing most of '09 with injury.
* Jake Wieclaw, K: Hasn't been able to wrestle away any of the three kicking jobs from Bosher 

- Prince Kent, DB: Academic casualty, signed with Baylor after shining in prep school
Curtis Porter, DT: Filled in well during his freshman season for injured Marcus Forston
A.J. Highsmith, QB: Elevated himself to backup quarterback in the spring
Billy Sanders, TE: Expected to compete for the starting tight end job
Jared Wheeler, OL: Could compete for playing time at guard or center
Cory White, TE: Converted to offensive tackle, played on scout team
Shayon Green, DE: Injured, missed entire freshman season
Stephen Plein, TE: Converted to offensive tackle, played on scout team


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Manny think in the last few yrs you have a point.
But this year has a different feel to recruiting, not sure who is spear-heading the recruiting this yr.
It will be wait and see, I think, the U wants guys that are willing to reshirt and develop.
Plus if guys do not work out it is cut your losses and move on.

Pretty sure Bosher was a 4 star kicker. I know i remember him rated in the top 3 as far as kickers go. Byrd, Collier, Taylor Cook, and Regis were in NO way projects when they committed. Some services had them near the 4 star level. I don't agree with some of the guys Manny listed as low-level recruits, some of the guys on the list recruiting services were high on! Shawnbrey Mcneil, Chambers, Gunn and Hankerson were No slouch recruits either, they were close to 4 stars also on some recruiting sights. Those are BAD examples to compare to this years 1-2 star recruits!! Curtis Porter was a high end 3 star also.

boca man the epitome of a canes fan.

so if shannon doesn't win a championship in his 4th year he should be fired. then lets hire another coach and tell him he gets four years or he'll get fired and we'll just keep changing coaches every four years. how about if we change the fans.

when will you people realize that kids want to play where they're wanted not booed and when will you realize this fan base makes it harder on the program.

manny in your list you forgot orlando franklin who was considered a 2 star recruit.... Idk bout you but he's rated the #5 junior guard........ Not bad development

Something I would like for all those fireshannonnow.com posters & haters to ask themselves.

If UM had somehow hired Schiano, Butch, Tubberville or any other good ol' boy coach they wanted. And if the exact thing happened with them as it has happened with Shannon. You know, empty cupboard in talent, injuries, transfers, same hiring & firing of coaches. Same recruiting classes. Same EVERYTHING!

Would you have the EXACT same intensity in wanting them fired as you have with Shannon?

Or would you be like the rest of us are where we are realistic? Would you be saying it's Schaino's, Butch's or Tubberville's 3rd year? Give them more time? Be patiant? They are showing progress each year?


UM is heading in the right direction. If you take a look at how Alabama improved over the past 3 years, they did it with increasing their recruiting numbers each year to help build depth with 2 and 3 stars not 4 and 5 stars players. Coach Shannon and his staff is taking the same approach. Alabama won the national championship with more 2 and 3 star players on the field than 4 and 5 stars. Get off of the coaching staff back and give them time to build a winning program. 2010 is the year this program will make a move in a BCS bowl. The U had alot to overcome being a small school. How may private schools have accomplished what this school have over the years. All of us should be proud of this program because this private school is beating all odds. Most of the time, the U fan base are being unrealistic when it comes to winning. Most were spoiled by the past and think winning a national title should happen every year. Let's keep it real, we should be happy to win a championship once or twice in a decade. UM proved you can win with underrated players in the past and they can do it again. Mark this down, this will be the class to help get this program over the hump like the class of 1984.

Yeah, I guess it was the coaches fault that Kyle Wright, Lance leggett, Ryan Moore, Tyrone Moss, and Sam Shields were all 4-5 star B-U-S-T-S!

It was the coaches fault and the lack of developing that these players couldnt make reads, threw too many ints, and dropped balls, or didnt run routes full speed, or caused penalties that cost the game (SS against FSU 2008)

Its been the coaches fault that Arthur Brown has not caught on- despite 2 DCs. Hey, if that kid was all that, and was seen as a future NFLer- NEWSFLASH: GUESS WHAT HAPPENS IN THE NFL, WITH COACHING CARRUSELS?


The kid was just simply, over hyped
the recruiting rankings are a flawed system
The kid is lazy
The kid just doesnt get it
The kid is no longer into it

And for the haters, I see Alabama as a perfect example of why we Cane fans should be patient. Alabama, with 7 national Championships, Alabama typical football powerhouse, traditional football school, Alabama of Bear Bryant. Indestructible football program with a name that exuuuudes football tradition-

What was Alabama's record 1993-2007?
How many losing records has Alabama posted since their last NC in 1992?

Look it up. Um isnt in that bad of a boat. Believe it. Lets just be patient. For now.

So....from what I just read above there are 10 out of the 34 referenced above that you think are "gems" that have panned out. So the jury is still out on:

Wesley - Will be 11th "gem"
Figeoroa - 13 Starts...will compete in 2010
Chambers - Mop up duty...only junior...who knows
Gunn - Will compete for playing timme in 2010
Ojomo - This guy is legit....12th "gem"
Horn - Projected starter for 2010...we will see
Hardin - Coming off injury...we will see
Porter - Played as true freshman...we will see
Highsmith - I dont think he pans out as QB...bust
Wheeler - Should compete for playing time...
Green - Injured freahman year..we will see in time...

So from my estimation above we have 12 "gems" out of 34...with 9 still waiting to prove themselves....I guess only time will tell...I say there is a good chance that 4 of the 9 will pan out giving us 16 out of 34....almost 50%....

Would you take 50% odds of winning if you were in Vegas?

Fire RS? Are you kidding me? Give him a 5 year contract instead.

Manny, I know you are right statistically about finding gems from a 3 star crowd but what is the stats for 5 and 4 stars?

Point is, 1st rounders are few and stars are no guarantee on how they do in college. Heck, they may be even be busts after they star in college.

Willie Parker of the Steelers was thought to be a bust in college but did well in the NFL.

But you are absolutely right in you premise. They are difficult to find.

One constant here is the extreme anger and bitterness of so called UM "fans". Amazing! Who knows if Shannon and these recruits coming now will take UM back to the top. But it's obvious the one place the Canes are lacking in the most is halfway decent and knowledgeable fans.

If a particular football program or coach causes your life to be that miserable, why would you continue to be involved with it in any way? Well, we do know you stopped being involved by supporting the team with attending games!

All you idiots who supposedley know which 17 year old kid will be a great college player need to find another outlet for your pathetic, loser lives and let decent people enjoy a football program!


I rather have continuity in a coach than some media darling who is waiting for his next offer

Let's face it why fire Shannon he is doing a good job
not to mention the university will not shell out any
money for a big name coach anyhow

manny first i'm callin you out on laron byrd. 2 years over 60 catches and 4 or 5 tds. he struggled down the stretch? look at the body of work.

2nd the best highschool player in the country brandon knight is on campus this weekend. what a shame his visit has to be when there isn't a game because no one would acknowledge him. when he goes to kentucky 25,000 fans will chant his name.

lets convince brandon to come to miami. let go brandon! let go brandon! lets go brandon! fans can help in recruiting.

(this should be above my previous post)


Devin hester
Baraka atkins
Kareem brown
Greg threat
Glenn sharpe
Eric Winston
John peattie
Darnell Jenkins
Greg olsen
Jonathan beason
Tavares gooden
Tyrone moss
Bryan pata
Calais Campbell
Kenny Phillips
Bruce johnson
Javarris james
Dedrick epps
Jason fox
Orlando franklin
Lesean mccoy (before the switch)
Graig cooper
Allen bailey

Manny, thanks for popping onto Canespace for a quick Q and A in the 1 to 3 am hour last night! Love when you take the journalist hat off for a bit and give your take on the state of the program candidly. I agree with your current blog's premise, but to be honest, you could replace the word, "Canes," in the title and substitute the word, "everybody," and still have it be correct.

People can argue all they want about how ratings mean nothing, if you have average incoming recruits but professional quality coaches, you can win. If you have superstar recruits and average coaches, you can win. But if you have average recruits and average coaches, you are going to be average. WE ARE AVERAGE. WE STRUGGLE AGAINST TEAMS LIKE DUKE AND WAKE FOREST. IF WE WERE TO PLAY TEXAS OR ALABAMA OR FLORIDA OR USC WE WOULD GET DESTROYED. The ugly truth.

Has Randy done a GREAT job? It depends where your question is directed to. Academically? Absolutely. On the field? No. But he has done a good job on the field. What you "FAKE" canes fan fail to realize is that there's a new era of []_[] football. It isn't about winning championships, but also succeeding in the classrooms. It's a tough goal. If you're a recruit, you can't impress []_[] only with your 40 time. You also have to impress []_[] with your grades. Why would you want to come to Miami when you have to retake or take some more exams to get your grades up when you can already be accepted elsewhere(a school that has contended for a national title in the past year or so)? Love it or hate it, Miami has set its goals high. Not every student athlete is fitted for the task. If []_[] succeeds both on the football field AND classroom, it'll be the only school in this era with that accomplishment. []_[]

It's not about the stars becuase the fact of the matter is ...

Posted by: Mg050 | January 23, 2010 at 09:38 AM

Miami doesn't have them ?

i love my canes always will be a fan of my team but you wanabe fans make us real canes fan be embarrassed. i just cant understand you people when coker was here and messup everything you guys wanted his head now shannon has to come and deal with coker's crap(i know shannon was a coordinator under coker administration)but he has made improvement you people had to undertand not everyone recruits the same way hey look at vtech they don't recruit 5* but they are always in the top 10 everyyear.

Manny, great work! I really enjoyed looking at that. I'm all over recruiting websites and have done some of my own studying.

To me, you are right, the star rating can get it wrong alot. But it hits more on potential, and seems to get that right alot too.

With that said, I think this Miami recruiting class is embarrassing. You need to look no further than Dade, Palm Beach, and Broward Counties for the best high school talent in the country. But, Miami is missing out on a ton of that talent, and that is alarming.

I just don't trust Randy Shannon enough for his excuses, that he is recruiting a certain kid of kid. Matt Elam, Lemarcus Joiner, and Gerald Christian are the kids you have to get in order to win. Let's go here Randy!!!!

Boca Man and Numberjuanphinfan keep up the good work. All these Shannon apologists are complete morons!!!! They don't want to look at the facts that this man is in over his head because they have a liberal agenda that them and many others are pushing and that is to ensure that a black man becomes a successful head coach at a major college program. They don't care about the program and it's long term success they want to push their agenda program be damned. So all you idiots trumping Shannon take that garbage to another board. We real cane fans are not going to accept this fifth rate garbage of a coach who is destroying our program!!! You want to follow him blindly over the edge go right ahead we will move on gladly without you!!!!

Manny, I see where you were trying to go, but I don't agree with your analysis.

Every team has 2 and 3 star recruits. What you should be comparing is the 2 or 3 star players that were chosen instead of highly touted 4 stars.

It's unfair to define the performance of players that were recruited to be 2nd or 3rd stringers.

the problem has nothing to do with star rankings and everything to do with the fact that Randy Shannon has not proven himself to be a good head coach. Coker did much more (i know i'm going to get castigated for saying that) than Shannon has done so far. I wanted Shannon to be our head coach but, SO FAR, he has not panned out. I don't know why some of us continue to defend this mediocrity.

Thanks for stopping by the Space last night.

While I don't agree with your article, it took some stones to defend it.

I admire that and that's stand-up in my book.

I don't recall much complaining about the recruitng the last few years under Shannon. According to ESPN- 2009 #9 class. 2008- #1 class. 2007- #7 class. They will be fine. Lets go CANES!

Canes fans?? I here a bunch of whiney children who don't know much about college football. NUMBERJUANPHINSFAN your long winded but you just ramble and take up space without making a point. The canes were set back 10 years by larry coker. Shannon is just starting to get Miam i back on the map. In this day and age a 4-5 star kid does not want to be part of a rebuilding team. Alot of them are planning to play 2 years maybe 3, they need a team in the limelight now. Winning programs attract kids, also lack of depth thus giving them a chance to get on the field right away. Shannon also has higher academic requirements to deal with and I for one am happy that he is sticking to the high road but it limits recruits. I know of one 4 star recruit that couldn't pass a high school math test in 2007 (scored a 17%)I'm not sure how thats Shannons fault.

first off its funny that shannon is being touted as a great recruiter.......cokers classes all have had a higher average rank than shannons have

the rating system at face value is useless but the problem is that we dont have a staff in place that can develop anybody into college players which is why we had 5 star guys like jolla, leggett, and moore who were awful because even though they were great HS players they never adjusted to the college game

secondly......guys like wayne and reed came in under butch which was a completely different era and story

id much rather have butch back

even though he wasnt a good gameday coach......he had an eye for talent and had a great staff that developed that talent

he didnt hire his friends and guys who fit an affirmative action hiring

shannon has to go

The star system doesnt matter at all. Look at all the hidden Gem coaches and recruiters that come on here and post. No one has ever heard of Boca Dude and Numberjuanphinsfan, but they obviously are some under the radar genuises. They are sooo smart they can assess a players intelligence, skill, desire, and predict their future just by info on the internet. They can even describe to you what emotion the coaches are feeling, along with gameplans, and identify who is the blame for every imperfection. How ESPN missed these 5 star genuises is anyones guess. At the end of the day some people should just stick to being fanatical fans and allow the paid professionals to coach, recruit and do their job.

I just find it hard to believe how people continue to call for Randy's head. This is a GOOD recruiting class. Face it 90% of 5 star recruits are almost always at the skill level position (RB, WR, etc.) and we have 5 and 9 players respectively at those positions that could start for any other program hence the reason we are not recruiting at those positions.

Randy has improved this team and he IS progressing as a coach. As for Coordinators, stop whining, turnover has been a constant for 25 years at UM. Name the last Offensive or Defensive Coordinator that stayed more than 5 years (here is a tip, his first name was Larry). What does that tell you? These guys will stay 3 - 4 years tops because they know this program will give them the exposure to go to the next level if they succeed.

Shawnbrey McNeal, RB: Transferred to SMU and had breakout season, entering NFL Draft !!!!

I posted on here several time that I thought Shawnbrey was our best running back on the team and just like Berry this year never got the correct amount of playing time by Shannon. The few chances he got he did nothing but rip off 50 yard TD runs for us. I seems that Shannon from day one made up his mind that Cooper & James was his guys and better back have been setting on the bench no matter how well the preformed.

Ha Ha... These fools act like National Signing day was yesterday. Wait until the class is complete to start b**ching...

Hilarious to see canes fans all of the sudden constantly mentioning Alabama. 13 months ago Meyer kicked the stuffing out of Bama and rolled to the 'ship but he is an evil dirtbag. Fast forward and Nick is "doing all the right things." U hate the SEC but shelved that to praise Alabama. Is it that you are so happy to see UF get beat?

Meyer v. Saban 1-1 Both are recruiting extremely well and basking in National Championship light. Yet you completely dismiss Meyer and praise Saban and the Tide. The level of denial brought on by your dislike of UF is beyond comical.

Shannon & this current staff have been given enough time to coach up the young players Coker left & Shannon has brought in.
It's obvious they can't coach, the U is not producing pro players anymore!
Why can't people admit Shannon is failing?
Shannon didnt even know what running back to play in the bowl game.
Shannon might be a good defensive coordinator, head coach he is not.
We will suffer another year until Whipple is promoted or another head coach is brought in.
A GREAT head coach, coaches his coaches! & those coaches teach the players. Our head coach is running in circles.
I love the canes! Just stating what I see.

anyone know who the linebacker commit on rivals the canes picked up this weekend?

This recruiting class sucks!!! Hello!! This is THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI!!! Why in the world are we getting all of these "projects" and "diamonds in the rough"! We need guys that are ready to play! Guys that have been recognized as some of the best in the nation because they've gone to camps and all-star games all across the nation and have competed against the best, therefore, making them worthy of their 4 and 5 star ratings! Randy Shannon & UM assts,if you're reading this,PLEASE stop wasting all your time and effort on recruiting these nobodys!! We reside in DADE COUNTY for crying out loud!! All you need to do is recruit South Florida and we'll have a monster class!!! Randy,We need to protect the STATE OF MIAMI!!! We've let alot of guys get away from us this year and i just know that its going to come back to haunt us! Im still a die hard UM fan,but my god! I need to see some progress being made!

akane what you see is nothing your blind.maybe you didnt see the the 7-6 team shanon was left with. do you think any coach could have taken the 07 team and won a championship?

why do you blame shannon for everything and credit him for nothing?

if he and his coaches dont know how to coach how do you explain they went from unranked this year to 19th. how do you explain the offense went from 80th to 45th. how do you explain they scored over 30 points per game
and how do you explain jacory harris passed for the 5th most yards in history of program. how do you explain the defense vs run went from 75th to 32nd. all by accident.

how do you explain from 5 wins to 7 wins to 9 wins?

Potrawski23: i think its that linebacker from new york. im nost sure though. look back a couple of posts and youll see it. personally, i hope its shirley. either way, you cant go wrong

BRING BACK JIMMY JOHNSON!!!!! I doubt he'll come back but hey, just throwing it out there

Tom Falls,

I appreciate your comments & questions.
We can agree we both care about the U.
What is Shannon's record in bowl games?
Great coaches win there bowl games & finish seasons strong.

Unranked to 19th? Shannon hired an offensive coordinator who took over half the team, so yes I give Whipple all the credit for our offensive improvement.
Again, do you really think Shannon had any coaching advice to offer Jacory Harris? Doubt it!.
Defense improved from 75th to 32nd?
When it mattered most could we stop the run?
V Tec, Clemson, N.C., Wisconsin.
75th is embarassing.
32nd is also embarassing.
The u dominates & finishes #1.
Great coaches can make a immediate impact on a team, who cares what players they are & who recruited them.
Did any of the past 5 coaches at the U take 3 years to build there own team?
Did they make you want to puke while watching the bowl game?

I expect more out of my team & the coach in charge of it!

I don't know who I would hire to replace Shannon, I am tired of excuses.
Shannon does not get enough out of the best talent in the country!

What do you think Tom Falls?

This recruiting class sucks!!! ...I need to see some progress being made!

Posted by: canesallday | January 24, 2010 at 03:12 PM

AGREE!!! Let's start by dumping all the dumb fans who think they 1. Pay for the salaries of the coaches, and 2. think they can coach the team better.

Okay, you want to recruit just south florida? name me the last offensive lineman that came out of the state of miami that made it to the NFL. wth the exception of lester williams, (UM class of 82, carol city class of 78) i can't think of any. to get the big uglies, you got to go elsewhere.


A great team cant do a damn thing against a team thats just flat out better than them. VT, NC, and Wisconsin we were all dominated at the point of attack up front. Jacory was running for his life, getting sacked, or hit while releasing the ball. Your pereception on wanting to win doesnt line up with the reality of where teams are better than us at. Instead you and most other dillusional fans, blind yourself to the facts and point fingers and blame Shannon. When Shannon hired Nix he was blasted for Nix's performance. Now he hires Whipple and as Whipple is successful with the offense Shannon gets no credit, that was all Whipple and his brilliance that helped the offense. Shannon didnt provide anything let you guys tell it. It took Schnellenberger his 5th year to play for and win the national title. In Butch Davis's 5th year he lost 4 games,and in his 6th lost 1, never playing for a NC. So your comment about great coaches having a immediate impact and the last 5 UM coaches, and it shouldnt take a coach 3 yrs to build a team is horribly incorrect. The only thing wrong with Shannon is he doesnt look like Johnson, Schnellenberger, and Ercikson. Neither does he look like Saban, Meyer, or Mack Brown. Cant help it if you people cant trust a Black Guy as a leader. If all of you intellectuals who know so much about getting the most out of players, and coaching know so much, why dont you spend time submitting applications fto coach instead of stinking up blogs with silly comments.

I think I am going to be sick. Just to think how many 2-3 star recruits we have comming in this year. Going down that list not to many NFL stars. No wonder we were 9-4. Just not enough talent and from the looks of it not much talent comming in aside from o-line and LB. GOOOO! CANES! WHATS UP EDD!


My point exactly! Shannon recruited 7 receivers 2 years ago! It's not like we have guys leaving for the pro's early & we still lack depth at over half the positions.
All i'm stating is the obvious. I used to be a faithful believer in Shannon. Recruiting this year is the worst I have ever seen! Why are we recruiting so many lineman & RB's? Where is a stud TE? The great recruiting class from 2 years ago? Who looks really good from that amazing job of recruting? oh wait, you mean those players have to be coached after they get to college?
5 star recruits are nice, i'd rather have a coach who can teach a 3 star player how to become a first round draft pick & future NFL star! since when has this staff produced a NFL star player?

I've noticed alot of our fans are flipping out about Shannons' recruiting. He has finally addressed a huge need for the program...something we've lacked since 2003. Offensive Line!!! Line Backers!!! Yea we didn't land the big names and the 5 star studs...but we're loaded as is right now at those skill positions. All these kids that want to go somewhere else know they can't compete with what we have now. Guaranteed we'll land the 5 star studs next year!!

why Recruits should sign at Miami.
Here are Miami's representatives in the Pro Bowl:

Frank Gore, RB, San Francisco, National
Andre Johnson, WR, Houston, American
Ray Lewis, LB, Baltimore, American
Bryant McKinnie, OT, Minnesota, National
Brandon Meriweather, S, New England, American (He counts)
Ed Reed, S, Baltimore, National
Antrel Rolle, FS, Arizona, National
Reggie Wayne, WR, Indianapolis, American
Vince Wilfork, DL, New England, American
Jonathan Vilma, LB, New Orleans, National

10 players from Miami (Most of any College Program)

Yet another reason for you all obsessed with star ratings to give it a rest....
here is a snip from another article on the colts starters and their respective recruit ratings.

Starting left tackle Charlie Johnson was deemed a two-star tight end prospect; left guard Ryan Lilja was a three-star O-lineman; RG Kyle DeVan was a three-star; Austin Collie was a three-star receiver. Of the remaining starters on the Colts' offense, you either have guys who entered college before the boom of the Internet recruiting era -- QB Peyton Manning (who would've had to have been a five-star); center Jeff Saturday, WR Reggie Wayne, RB Joseph Addai and RT Ryan Diem were walk-ons -- or players who ended up at schools that are almost assuredly deemed as two-star recruits: TE Dallas Clark, WR Pierre Garcon and H-back Gijon Robinson.
On defense, the lone starter ranked above the three-star level is startling left cornerback Kelvin Hayden, who was labeled as a four-star ... but at wide receiver. After that it was DT Antonio Johnson, a three-star JC recruit; LB Philip Wheeler, a three-star; LB Clint Session, a three-star; DB Melvin Bullitt, a three-star, and the same for CB Jacob Lacey.

GB, ur right bro. Stay home with kids even if their not the biggest stars. Lebranden Richardson who u just mentioned earned first team all dade and was selected to play in team USA vs the World. He's got talent and he's going to grow more, his dad is 6'3 300.

Wow its amazing how many college football experts are commenting on this article. If all of you have the answers then send your resume's into the University Of Miami and lets see your credentials and what you can do?? No one commenting here is even in the building to know what is going on with the coaches or speaking of Whipple what is intentions are?? So the wild speculating of what someone's motives are should stop. I am very proud of what Coach Shannon has done, has he been perfect NO, but he is building something from the ground up and taking his hits along the way and the kids and the image of the University if benefiting from that and it will translate into wins. Do you forget what this inexperienced team was able to do in the beginning of the season?? No one in college football gave the University Of Miami a chance to beat FSU, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma and they showed a level of growth from the previous season. Did they have some growing pains as injuries mounted and inexperience showed as the season got longer yes they did, but I expect them all to learn from those losses and to be a better team this year. I believe in bringing in the right kids, that meet needs and they are addressing depth in this class, they have plenty of young stars, now is the time for them to step up. I expect JH to not have as many silly interceptions this year, I expect the RBs to really show up more, the receivers to be more consistent and the OL to protect better after being in Whipple's system for a year. I believe the defense will stop the run and cover the middle of the field better with the depth and talent that will be on the field next year. So I am very optimistic about this teams chances to shine..

Go Canes..

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