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Haith wants to see more aggression from Scott

Having a long break after a tough loss can usually hurt a team. But in this case, University of Miami basketball coach Frank Haith said Monday his team's long after last Tuesday's 79-75 loss to Boston College might be just what his team needs to get jump-started going again.

Durand Scott  "I think it was great for us," Haith said during Monday's ACC Teleconference. "We got some really good practice time in. We have a lot of guys competing for playing time. We did a lot of scrimmaging. It was good for us because we got better during the time off."

Few Hurricanes could have needed a break more than freshman point guard Durand Scott. Haith said Scott recently returned home to attend his grandmother's funeral during the break. Haith said Scott and fellow New York guard Malcolm Grant "really struggled at times" getting their teammates good shots during the 10 minute stretch Tuesday that saw Boston College erase a 17-point deficit. Haith said he would like to see Grant become more aggressive again on the offensive end.

Scott is averaging 7.6 points and only two assists a game in ACC play. He averaged 8.3 points and 4.7 assists in non-conference games. "Durand can score more and we need him to do that," Haith said. "He's very capable of doing that... Hopefully, we can see Durand in terms of what we saw earlier in the year when he was aggressive on both ends of the court."


- Haith said he expects senior Adrian Thomas to see starter minutes at small forward and power forward. Thomas replaced sophomore DeQuan Jones in the starting lineup against Boston College. Jones has only played a combined 34 minutes (20 against Virginia Tech) in his last four games.

- Look for redshirt freshman Reggie Johnson to continue to get more chances to score in the post. Johnson, who has started the last two games, fell just one rebound shy of his first career double-double with a career-high 15 points and nine rebounds. Haith said Johnson has a nice touch around the basket. Believe it or not, he's also the team's best free throw shooter at nearly 77 percent.


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Talk about FOOTBALL.

Why are we not getting more 4-5 star recruits?

Gayturds & SemiHoles are feasting on them & we are adding 1-2 star kids. Whats uo?

I though Shannon way good at recruiting.

Why havn't the Canes attracted a better class?

Whats going on?

football!!!!!! fool

quick question, does anyone have acess to insidetheu? Could you tell what went on with the lemonier update? Also i know it’s old, but there is a stock report from the 7th saying there was a coaching hire? Could anyone give me the details?
I would really appreciate it, thank you.


It's basketball season.

so sorry Manny. i didn't mean to call anybody a fool. u always do a good job and we appreciate you

Haith has done less with good talent the past two seasons as any coach in the country..

Haith needs to do a better job with his substitutions

He is killing us with that crap

Its now or never with this team

Hey Manny is there any news or information on how Brandon Knight's visit went?


Once again...How was Brandon Knight's visit?? And what's up with Donovan Kirk?

Keep putting out the myths and excuses. WR's and Qb's are the highly ranked players. That is another lie. Just as many 5 star OL and DE's as Wr's.

Where are the people that said SF is where all the players at? What does it say when an Upstate NY kid is not even offered by Syracuse?

lemonier, is playing games so we pulled his schoolie

Hey Starboys - Derrelle Revis, the most dominating cornerback in the NFL, was a three star (rivals, 5.5) going into the University of Pittsburgh in 2004. Please stop with the Stargazing.

The first three posters that came to this blog Manny have to be exspellled from our school. There are just too many dumb guys comming to this site. Hey man Basketball is the now sport. If you follow the U only for football then I suggest you just dry up and go AWAY as fast as you can. As far back as I can remember the U represented sports in Baseball, Football, Basketball, Track, Golf, Swimming, and a host of others too numerious to mention. I have ALWAYS been a fan of this school supporting ALL THE SPORTS AND BOTH MEN'S AND WOMAN'S How dare you come on here and only worry about the 5-4 star players that we don't get in recruiting. Hey let's follow their names and see how much trouble those star'd players get in. Especially going to FSU and UF In three years my perdiction both schools will be looking for new head coaches in football. We will have another NC and a head coach that the pro's will want but never get. To heck with all you Shannon haters. PLEASE jusst jump on the train and enjoy the ride. Win or loose this is our team that is unless youo only want to back a winner all the time.... Ask yourself this big shots....Are you a winner everytime you try to do something?

Why havn't the Canes attracted a better class?

Whats going on?

Posted by: Sharkdaddy | January 25, 2010 at 02:31 PM

I for one am happy with the way the class is shaping up.

I think it's probably hard to have a highly rated class when your main concern is getting the big uglies on the OL. They aren't as highly touted most of the time. Miami is going after what they need. And while it might not be of big importance to everybody else, Miami is still the highest rated recruiting class in the ACC.

WE R Filling needs! C' On Man! The stars are for selling web memberships!!!! You either have faith in your coach or you don't.

2007 5-7

2008 7-6

2009 9-4

Improvement EVERY Year.

My Prediction 2010 11-2 or 10 - 3 AT WORST!!!


Manny, do you have any news on how Brandon Knight's visit went?

From a West Coast of FL, U Alumni, diehard Canamaniac, lets talk FOOTBALL. Is it September yet??? I mean, even baseball.

While the player has moved on from the disappointment with the Hurricanes, it's safe to say that the feelings from those close to Chandler will continue to linger.

"I'm still hot about it," added Craig. "It's like the coaches took the eight kids from the 2007 team and never looked back. The people in the community here at Northwestern won't forget this."-ESPN

If we weren't interest in Chandler anymore, we should've let him know. I have to agree it doesn't leave the kid with many options.

has anyone heard anything about Whipple leaving for the OC job at USC?


good stuff with Blue. I think it should be required listening for every Canes fan.

wayne ritchie, you call people stupid, and then proceed to propose them being "exspelled", and use the word "loose" instead of lose.YOU ARE IN NO POSITION TO CALL ANYONE STUPID, LEARN TO SPELL, I NEVER NIT PICK ABOUT SPELLING ON BLOGS , I MYSELF WRITE TOO FAST AND OMMIT LETTERS IN WORDS A LOT ON THESE BLOGS, BUT wayne ritchie IS CALLING OUT PEOPLE FOR BEING STUPID, AND CALLING "UM" OUR SCHOOL, UNLESS THE REQUIREMENTS TO GET IN HAVE GONE DOWN SUBSTANTIALLY ,AS A UM GRAD CLASS OF '99, I REALLY DOUBT WAYNE RITCHIE IS A UM ALUMN, SO IT IS NOT YOUR SCHOOL, AND YOU ARE APPEALING TO MANNY , AND WITH ALL DUE RESPECT TO HIM, MANNY IS AN FIU GRAD, SO IT IS NOT "YOUR" SCHOOL! sorry i just realized i had the all caps on. anyways i like basketball and appreciate basketball updates, football is my favorite sport but i do not see why we can't follow both sports, so all you mad about an article on b- ball , chill, don't read it!

Hey Haith! Can we draw up a all Out of Conference schedule for the entire season? That way we can go 25 and 1.

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