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Is UM fading down the recruiting stretch?

I got to enjoy a few days off after the Orange Bowl last week and took comfort in the fact there probably wouldn't be much Canes news outside of what Frank Haith's basketball team would do Saturday night against Wake Forest in a big ACC showdown.

It was definitely a good win for the Canes, who needed a big win to hang their hat on after going 14-1 against what was ranked the 313th best non-conference schedule. But as much as I want to keep focus on Canes hoops, the disturbing trend of emails I've been receiving lately concerning what U perceive as UM fading down the recruiting stretch warrants conversation.

Javarie Johnson Sunday night, UM lost yet another commitment from its 2010 class when Javarie Johnson of Dunbar High in Washington -- considered the Canes' top linebacker -- switched from UM to Maryland. According to several recruiting websites, Johnson's coaches said he wanted to stay closer to home.  Canesport.com reported Johnson scored below an 820 on his SAT, which is the athlete requirement for admission to UM. Either way, Johnson became the third highly-rated recruit to drop off UM's commitment list since December, joining Miami Northwestern defensive tackle Todd Chandler (now headed to USF) and Jacksonville's Louis Nix (bound for Notre Dame) 

The Hurricanes basically replaced Johnson with little known Kelvin Cain, a 6-4, 215-pound linebacker from Clovis Buchanan High School in California. Cain's other scholarship offers were from Fresno State, Portland State, Nevada and San Jose State, according to CaneSport. 

Losing "commitments" is never good, especially those considered highly ranked. But it happens in recruiting. So you probably shouldn't be stunned or feel like the Canes' recruiting efforts are crumbling to the ground when it happens. 

The real cause for concern will be if UM doesn't close strong come Feb. 3. Right now, most recruiting analysts would tell you this UM class being put together after a 9-3 season and bowl loss to Wisconsin is average at best, and certainly not anywhere near the top of any national rankings. UM has met needs. There are seven offensive linemen (St. Thomas Aquinas tackle Brandon Linder, Malcolme Bunche and Shane McDermott are solid), four linebackers (Gainesville Kevin Nelson is impressive), four cornerbacks (none highly regarded), three running backs (Storm Johnson and Eduardo Clements are considered high-end), two tight ends (JUCO signee Chase Ford should help right away), a quarterback, a safety, a defensive end and a receiver. 

But where critics say UM has failed is nabbing the stars in their own backyard. And they -- the critics -- would be right. The 2010 class in South Florida was considered one of the best in the country (as usual). Yet, when you look over the top names from Palm Beach south all the way to Homestead, there aren't many who will be heading to Coral Gables in a few months to continue their football careers. 

Look at the Top 40 players from South Florida according to Rivals.com and see where they are headed or what schools they are considering. I bolded the future Canes to make them easier to find... 

1. Matt Elam, DB, Palm Beach Dwyer (Florida commitment)
2. Lamarcus Joyner, CB, St. Thomas Aquinas (Florida State commitment)
3. Jeff Luc, LB, Port St. Lucie (Florida State commitment)
4. Ivan McCartney, WR, Miramar (UM/West Virginia)
5. Gerald Christian, TE, Palm Beach Dwyer (Florida commitment)
6. Chris Dunkley, WR, Pahokee (Florida commitment)
7. Corey Lemonier, DL, Hialeah High (UM among six schools, but not favored)
8. Cody Riggs, CB, St. Thomas Aquinas (Florida commitment)
9. Michaelee Harris, WR, Northwestern (Louisville commitment)
10. Joshua Reese, WR, Miami Central (UCF commitment)
11. Quinton Dunbar, WR, Booker T. Washington (Florida commitment)
12. Eduardo Clements, RB, Booker T. Washington (Miami commitment)
13. Jakhari Gore, RB, Columbus (LSU commitment)
14. Giovanni Bernard, RB, St. Thomas Aquinas (Notre Dame commitment)
15. Lynden Trail, DE, Booker T. Washington (Florida commitment)
16. Delvin Jones, DE, Miami Palmetto (Tennessee commitment)
17. Torrian Wilson, OL, Miami Northwestern (Michigan, Tenn, Louisville)
18. Todd Chandler, DT, Miami Northwestern (USF commitment)
19. Brandon Gainer, RB, Miami Central (undecided)
20. De'Joshua Johnson, WR, Pahokee (Florida State commitment)
21. Brandon Linder, OL, St. Thomas Aquinas (Miami commitment)
22. Ethan Grant, RB, North Broward Prep (TCU commitment)
23. James Louis, WR, Delray Beach Atlantic (Ohio State commitment)
24. Jeffrey Godfrey, QB, Miami Central (UCF commitment)
25. Demar Dorsey, S, Boyd Anderson (Florida commitment)
26. Ted Meline, WR, North Miami (Tennessee commitment)
27. Richard Ash, DT, Pahokee (Michigan commitment)
28. Calvin Smith, DT, Hialeah (Tennessee commitment)
29. Brian Robinson, DB, St. Thomas Aquinas (undecided)
30. Shawn Corker, WR, Cardinal Gibbons (Texas Tech commitment)
31. Keion Payne, CB, St. Thomas Aquinas (Miami commitment)
32. Allen Hurns, WR, Carol City (Miami commitment)
33. David Perry, DE, University (Miami commitment)
34. James White, RB, St. Thomas Aquinas (Wisconsin commitment)
35. Darrius Milines, WR, Delray American Heritage (West Virginia commitment)
36. Max Beaulieu, DE, University (Syracuse commitment)
37. Shane McDermott, C, Palm Beach Central (Miami commitment)
38. Zachary Allen, LB, Pahokee (Wake Forest commitment)
39. Tony Grimes, CB, Hollywood Hills (Michigan/Mississippi)
40. Charles Fashaw, TE, Miami Northwestern (Undecided)

There were a few other Canes sprinkled in the Rivals 100 for Florida from other parts of the state: OT Tavadis Glenn from Jacksonville Parker was sandwiched in between Meline and Ash in the state rankings at No. 44; RB Darion Hall from Naples Lely is ranked 75th, right after Fashaw. Gainesville LB Kevin Nelson follows at 77, Fort Myers High CB Jeremy Davis is ranked 78th, OL Jonathan Feliciano from Davie Western is listed 92nd and QB Stephen Morris from Monsignor Pace is 93rd. 

Rankings and stars aren't everything. But the fact remains there is a lot of talent in UM's backyard heading to other place (namely pretty good football programs). Randy Shannon and his staff could make up for it with some excellent evaluation work and coaching, getting under the radar guys, making them better players and superstars. And they still have plenty of other high-end recruits (No. 1 OL Seantrel Henderson, Lemonier, McCartney, LB Christian Jones, TE Christian Thomas) at least reportedly interested in giving the program a look with visits.

But here's my advice: Keep your fingers crossed and hope the guys Shannon hired to restock his program with talent are a lot better at this than Rivals.

> In case you were wondering... Last year, the Canes nabbed RB Lamar Miller, DB Brandon McGee, DL Luther Robinson and DL Olivier Vernon among the Top 12 South Florida prospects according to Rivals. Among the state's Top 100 recruits, UM signed No. 2 overall player and safety Ray Ray Armstrong, No. 33 prospect in defensive end Dyron Dye, No. 39 prospect in cornerback Jamal Reid, No. 43 prospect in RB Mike James and No. 92 prospect in OL Cory White.


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Shannon was considered a great recruiter when he was an assistant. What is the problem now? Why can't we keep the kids from the "State of Miami?"
A couple of thoughts... Could all the attention to the Miami Northwestern connection and the staff showing up in mass to their games have had a negative impact on other schools? Could Shannon's terrible attitude when dealing with the media have effected the way the team was covered and thus, the way recruits view the U? Could the half empty Dolphin stadium be a drawback when a kid goes and visits other schools on game day and see their stands packed? Or quite simply, could recruits be like the rest of us and look at wasted time outs, poor clock management and not being able to finish games or seasons as a sign of poor coaching?

Finally, I keep asking this question and would love Manny or someone in the know to answer it. "What do the former players, the NFL Canes, think about Shannon?"

It makes me pretty sad to see us keep losing guys. What is the reason? I do not care about star ratings much just keeping guys we like is more important. Guess we won't know how they will develop. We are just building depth. We can reload next year

Manny, have you spoken with the recruits to find out why they are choosing other schools? Is there a trend in their answers? I know Miami can't get everybody, but just wondering the reasons. Grades, coaching, or I wasn't recruited heavy enough? Seem like the team also needs to get QB's too. Any input on that position? Thanks.

Always difficult to see good players go elsewhere, especially to FSU or Florida. However, if you can't score 820 on the SAT you either have serious cognitive problems (won't succeed in college and probably can't learn a playbook) or you're not trying which means you have attitude problems - no thanks, just be a problem somewhere else. In other words, there's always more to the story. What we learned in the Coker years is that Rivals and ESPN really don't know what they're talking about when it comes to predicting college success for HS players.

I hear McCartney and Lemonier are going elsewhere and that Harris is interested again but still committed to Louisville. The staff that recruits hasn't changed, right? It's still the same Assistants that reeled in the higher ranked classes the last 2 years (Barrow, I believe). Unfortunately, until UF starts to lose ground to Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia, and the other up-and-coming SEC teams, they will have priority over some of our backyard. And, that's excluding if Jimbo turns FSU around and keep up his steam. More pressure in my mind for Shannon to AT LEAST win the ACC THIS YEAR or he'll be regarded as a Ron Zook recruiter/coach equivalent.

Funny how there has been not even a peep about this by UM staff. Hey Hocutt will this weigh in on your decision to give Randy a big extension?

I don't know man...a lot of it seems like a crapshoot. It seems like there a lot of RBs, WRs in the top 40, which are positions the Canes are stocked at. The most disturbing part is the amount of UF and FSU commitments. Hopefully the team is being widely selective.

I have worried on this same subject. Why at a time when some of the schools we are competing against are having coaching issues, we are loosing ground to them? Are this kids that ignorant or do they know something we don't?

This staff deserves nothing, certainly not another pass. This class appears to be weak, and who's to say there won't be more guys decommitng. I hope I'm wrong. Go Canes.

Things have caught up with Randy and his coaches. Today's recruits are smarter than we think. Yes, there are plenty of air headed ego seekers but for the most part they're logical in their perception of things. Kids today are looking for coaches with passion and emotions like Meyer, Saban, Carroll, Kelley, etc. They are not looking for the" stoic character" standing on the sidelines. Kids want to be made better players and need to be coached up to the next level.
The top players have recognized that that's not happening at the "U". We have better than average players so beating the average teams is not a problem. But to beat the above average teams on a consistent basis it takes above average coaching and that's not happening at the "U" and that is impacting the recruiting. Look back to when the Canes were at the peak of the football world. Schnellenberger, Johnson, Ericsson and Davis all had top notch assistants and a hands on fiery emotional temperament. Look at Coker and Shannon none of those traits. Kids see this and bolt for the hills. What you're left with is average recruits. Let's face it. We could have easily been 5-7 instead of 9-3 in the regular season and our last 2 bowl games have shown the horrible prep work by the coaches.


Shannon... We have a problem!!
Better win next year or it's all over.
Gators and Noles are KILLING us in recruiting

Win and recruiting becomes easier. Put guys in the league and recruiting becomes easier. Miami has had a poor showing at both recently.

welcome back.

Thanks Manny. Yeah losing that commit from Washington DC hurts. But if we can get Josh Shirley out of Fontana, CA that would be great. The kid is a beast. Also, USC is about lose some commits so I hope UM is able to get some of them guys. Go Canes 2010!

Something tells me we are loosing this recruiting battle. I dont care a lot about 5, 4, 3 stars rankings but over all we are loosing a lot of talent. I hate it when UA and Army game guys decide to commit to Florida. Much have been said here about RS ability to recruit, for a while now it has been proven otherwise, if he can recruit what else is left?

Go Canes!

ment can't recruit, sorry

Recruiting isnt about what rivals say, Its about what needs you need to fill. Look at facts, Mark Ingram wasnt a "prized" recruit and he did pretty well. I will take 5 J12's over a "prized" Rob Marve any day.

Manny have you checked to see if all of the 40 players you mentioned above would have the grades to qualify at UM?

Manny, great, great article/post. A major question for you. In speaking with kids from S. Fla. who are not coming to UM is there anything in particular that the U is lacking or doing wrong?

I know some kids want to play away from home, others just have favorite teams, but it seems on pure dumb luck we would get the same amount of kids from S. Fla that we are getting, even if we did not lift a phone.

I am also very concerned about losing a LB commit as I see that as one of the main concerns along with both lines and QB. We need to pick it up nationally. Jesse Armstead (tex.), DJ Williams (Cal.)

We sometimes forget that the admissions standards have changed from the 8o's. Now an athlete must score 820 on the SAT. That is why most kids that wanted the 'U' back in October re-took the exam only to fail to score the minimun of 820 and now they are electing one of the many schools that make exceptions for college athletes. But before we bail let's let Randy and the staff coach the keeper up. Always remember Warren Sapp came in as an overweight tight end.

And you guys go on the Gator Boards to say UF's future looks bleak?

This is bleak.

I would not be very concerned with losing this Dunbar kid.
The talent down there is way way better than the mid Atlantic, but I agree... Shannon has to close stong with the Miami Dade kids.


I hope you are right. Because right now it looks like we are number 3 in the state of Florida behind the Gators & the Noles in where recruits want to play. I know the WRs recruits see all the young WRs we signed last year, and don't want to sit the pine for a couple of years. Don't blame them, we have some young studs at WRs. But we need some stud DEs that can pressure the QB, we had no pass rush last year.

thanks manny, maybe lb josh shirley can be persuaded by m barrow now that carrol left usc, anyways out of all the plyers remaining if he is as good as advertised ill take c thomas the te from cali, imo that is something we have been sorely missing here lately, and was always a staple of great cane teams in the past, last thought , what about wr willis wright, supposedly he is a silent, and chances on out of state dl jr ferguson, anyone know? tia

If you don't wanna compete, then go somewhere else!! The U is all about competing and winning. These clowns wanna go somewhere they can play "right away". Then go!!!!

I read somewhere that Brandon Harris is "calling out" sort of speak, or complaining about UM fans on his facebook page. While I havent seen it, themere thought that a UMplayer is publically complaining aboutUM fans irritates me beyond belief. If this is true, I have this to say,

Open letter to BH:

Are you serious?
Can you honestly, after 7-6, and 9-4 seasons, after not winningthe last 2 bowls, after literally falling asleep towards the end of the last 2 seasons (USF excepted), come here and complain about UM fans?

DId youlook up at the stands at the Citrus bowl? The stadium was nearly a sell out, and 70% of the stadium was UM fans. Despite the horrioble venue, and the horrible cold, we huddled together, in unity to cheer our beloved canes. We made the trip to Orlando, some of us spending up to $300 for the 2 nights to cheer our beloved canes. And for what? You guys laid an egg the size of the Epcot center building!

Why do you feel compelled to complain about fans, Brandon, because yo daddy told you to? Because you were the an all-ACC d-back? Superb at pass break ups (but lacking in ints?).

Did you watch the U documentary, BH? Do you think any of those former canes would have whined publically about the fans, instead of putting it on opposing players? Do you think Sean Taylor (RIP) would have whined about the fans?

Go get us some ints, be a playmaker (a Kenny Phillips, Antrel Rolle, Ed Reed you aren't. Yet. maybe you will be). Until then, shut up, get beigger, faster, and win us a NC. Otherwise, transefer to Gainseville. that's where whiners belong!

R U kidding me?

Now, if this is not true, I take it back.

Why didn't they just offer a linebacker from Florida? I'm sure there are some linebackers in FLA thats better than this kid from CA...

This is very disconcerting as Randy's best attributes seem to be recruiting and running a tight ship. It certainly is not being a head coach. Two years ago; when he elected to randomly use two quarterbacks, he should have known it would throw off the rhythm of the offense and quarterbacks. That team was flat for big games and at times look liked they gave up. I must say that this year was a big improvement, as the team seemed better organized and better coached. That is why the drop off in recruiting is so disappointing. Perhaps there are somethings the coaches know about these recruits that the "experts" don't but I don't think Randy can afford to be wrong.We are never going to win every recruiting battle, but I think it's obvious we are losing the war to the scumbag Gators.

Not looking good....there is no reason we should be losing out on the local guys to schools like UCF, USF, Maryland, etc....ridiculous!

Who want their kids to go sit on the bench for randy shannon!

The lack of noise in Miami recruiting has been very dissapointing, especially when you consider all of the recent head coaching "instabililty" in other programs. I mean, you have Urban Myer in Florida flip flopping on his decision to come back and reports of significant health issues, and Florida continues to clean house. Even USC was able to nab another high end recruit this weekend at the same time we were getting reports of Pete going back to the NFL. What happened to Shannon locking down "the State of Miami"? Not good.

Who's eyes do you trust? Rivals (highlight film) or Shannon's (game film)? That question remains to be answered...

I suspect one of the main resons,recruits
may look elsewhere because of grades and test
scores.Perhaps the U coaches this year are going after recruits that will be admitted, rather than recruits that had to go to prep
school,first to get admitted.
For all the complaining about Shannon,the
recruiting sevices have Ohio St.'s Tressel and
Virgina Tech's Beamer behind Shannon.
Tressel and Beamer poor coaches,I don't think so!

None in TOP 10 in our own bakyard is VERY discouraging .. IVAN wants to play with his buddy at WVA (NOT SURE WHY It is morgantown. Bunch of moonshine & tobaco!

Corey Lemonier wants to play with his buddy at UT.. They have Ed Orgeon coaching the DL line...If his name sounds fimilar he was here on Jimmy staff when we where kicking everyone's but!!!!!

The way Miami used 2 recruit is to lockdown their own back yard from Palm Beach 2 Dade. Then cherry pick across the state of Fla & U.S..
Very Disappointing so far but theses are 17-19 yrd old kids. So there mind changes quite often. We will not know offcially until signing day!

Manny, I see you're hopping on the TAB;LOID bandwagon, trying to make something out of nothing. How many times does this happen at UF, FSU even USF, not to mention other out of state big schools, with barely the bat of an eyelash??

But now you're sitting down there with lard-face Rudy and lame-face Christ Stock trying to slam the staff.

Yet you said JACK when we snatched recruits from UF's backyard when we were 7-6.

And now you're touting Rivals and Scout as authorities on recruiting, NOT coaches who have actually PLAYED the game and proven they can recruit anyone from anywhere.

Are you a closet hater or are you just desperate for readers?

And I really don't care if you post this just so long as you read it. You've been going down the yellow-brick-road real fast lately. It's kind of pathetic because you could easily report the same dam information from two or three difference angles but you take the sleazy road every time.

Oh and Manny great job at nor really pointing to the grade issue as to why javarie johnson de committed, in your article you mention what canesport says about his sat score , but also give the take from his HS coach, and as far as i know grades don't make sense as the reason for his loss as maryland is on par with miami academically, if he had gone over to west virg, or F$U i could buy grades as the reason, well lets hope we close out strong, if i may make a suggestion, maybe you can tell us a little bit about jamal reaid and brandon mcgee, in an upcoming article along with the development of luther robinson and the health of dyron dye and recruit from the class before that, gavin hardin thanks


Could you please let us know how many of those highly regarded S. Fla recruits were actually highly pursued targets of the U? I know a lot of people outside the program considered these guys must-gets, but when I look at the big board posted on InsidetheU.com, most of those names are not highly regarded by the UM staff. We're losing some, but not many of the guys we're actually making a big push for. What gives? Does the staff really disagree this much with the ratings? It is hard to believe that after our best season in 3 years that Shannon can't close the deal with these guys.

I agree with you that we had better keep our fingers crossed and hope that our evaluators know something the rivals recruiters do not. Character issues? Grade problems (seems the case with the Maryland linebacker)? Not suited to our schemes?

Can you provide any info on this. I was surprised to see us go all the way to Cali to pick up a sleeper linebacker.

Go Canes!

I have to say, for the first time since Randy has been the coach, I am starting to waver. I mean the one thing that allows you to look past some of his coaching deficiencies is the fact that he was considered a great recruiter. If he can't do that we are in some serious trouble.

Still until it's all over (Feb 3rd) I'm giving him a shot to finish strong on this class. If he doesn't he may lose the support that he has left because we the fans, the media, boosters etc won't accept another 9-4 season.

Thank you for the post, Manny. Recruiting, especially locking down South FL, was supposed to be the main strength of Shannon and his staff. I've seen nothing from this staff or Coker's (Shannon was an integral part of that staff) that would indicate that we've ever properly developed talent, let alone to take "diamonds in the rough" and turn them into stars. In fact, most of the UM players drafted in the past 7 years were not great at Miami, but have now developed into All-Pro caliber players.

What especially troubles me about the recruits that have dropped, as well as others that were on the intereted list, is that in almost every case they lose interest because of a lack of communication on the part of Miami. Some posters will go to the worn out excuse that "we only want players that bleed orange and green". The truth, however, is that the true star players are coveted by everyone. They want to win, want big time exposure, want to be pampered and want a shot at the next level. If you really liked a company, but 5 others offered you significantly more money and treated you like gold while the original company rarely contacted you, where would you ultimately go?

I've really been trying to be optomistic about the future, but after attending the putrid performance at the Champs Bowl and seeing the lack-luster recruiting effort, my gut is that we're heading more in the direction of the perpetual 6, 7 and 8 win seasons.

By the way, if you go by Rivals, Coker only finished out of the top 10 in recruiting once. The 2006 class was ranked 14th.

Randy is as follows:
2007 - 19
2008 - 5
2009 - 15
2010 - ?

im really concerned about this due to the fact that miami is the ONLY fla school that HAS head coach stability, and they are still losing the battle w/ everyone here! I mean jesus christ all of the school you listed are getting new head coaches whereas miami is/has been stable.
ND-new coach
USC - new coach
FSU - new coach
UF - God only knows
I feel alot of these recruits are taking a big gamble considering this will be the 1st yr for alot of these new guys. Maybe this is the wisdom of being older and not a 18 yr old. But why wouldnt a 18yr not want to come to miami and be a celebrity or go to UF where all there is to do is shoot out windows w/ ur AK-47. FSU and deal with all the rednecks there, and ND where you cant be in the same room as a girl past 8pm.
I know these kids only get about an SAT score of 800 (which you get a score of 600 for bubbling your name in correctly) but come on this would seem as a no brainer.

It's time to worry when these players are starting to choose places like UCF, Louisville, West Virginia, TCU, and Texas Tech over Miami...

we definitely did not reload with a 2010 class...maybe if we win the ACC and become BCS bound next year, our 2011 class will look more promising...just saying...

That is exactly it Manny!! Is rivals better than Miami at evaluating talent??? We will have to wait and see.. only time will tell. I am a little jealous when Florida reals in these big classes according to rivals and we go for the diamonds in the rough. Alabama gets big recruiting class National championship, Florida in 2006 got 3 five star players Harven, Tebow, and Spikes. National Champions, USC National champions, LSU, Texas!! I mean win the recruiting war win the big game. Miami has only one it once in four years and only according to espn not rivals or scout. We need big class after big class five star devin hesters or greg olsens!!!


Freedom for cane fans

I agree Manny. We are getting beat to the punch today. I think other college coaches are becoming much more aggressive regarding recruiting everywhere and Miami has been living on its laurels lately. After the Wisconsin loss I predicted a drop-off in recruiting as a result of that loss. We looked horrible. The coaching looked horrible and clueless. During that game. My opinion. The Rivals early-look preseason poll just announced rates Miami 18th and cites the loss to Wisconsin as follows: "The Hurricanes were seen as a potential preseason top-10 team until they closed 2009 with a poor performance in a Champs Sports Bowl loss to Wisconsin." I think the negative close to the season will translate into negative recruiting. Same thing for last year. We never finished strong in either category. The coaching looked inept on national TV

- We lost a few recruits that had Miami on their radar screens over the weekend. Floyd, Anderson, and Willis (he's playing head games) are all gone. Mean-while, Florida continued to re-load. We did sign a 1 star recruit though.

- Urban Meyer not coming back? Well, I'm now wondering how serious his reported bad health issues really were. Did he jump the gun too early? Did his doctors give him a "so-so" report and he in turn flipped out and announced his retirement? Or, was this a recruiting ploy from the beginning? I'd hate to think so, but it's amazing how many top recruits they've amassed just since his initial anouncement, and then his semi-flip-flop announcement.

- Coach Shannon reportedly spent time in the living rooms of several recruits over the past week or so. Most of those guys (according to reports) we already had. What about the Fergusons, Hendersons, Andersons, Willis', Jones', and Thomas', and many more of the world that list Miami as a possible school? Was he in their living rooms? Was he also in San Antonio?

- Sooner or later, Coach is gonna have to understand that he has to stroke these kids 24/7, 365 days a year, from the day they're first recruited until LOI day. That's the way kids are today. They want everything now. They need the love. They want to be wanted. He can kick butt once they're signed and on the practice field. Forget the notion that these players are afraid of competition, so we don't want them. They're afraid they won't have a chance to play in Miami even if they win out a position. Look at Damien Berry. There were others too. We can't live in the past. Coach needs to start playing the game just like Meyer, Kiffin, Chizic, Carrol, and the rest do.

- True competition is playing the best players you have. Some young recruits might perceive that Miami plays football players based on class rankings. I do to an extent. That's bad business.

- Miami has great tradition, but the reality is, tradition was then and this is now. If Coach Shannon has one glaring weakness that I perceive, it's his pride. Pride's great. It's admirable. He is a great man and a good role model of young kids. But sometimes pride can affect results. I hope he doesn't get fired because he didn't adjust to the changing dynamics of the recruiting base, which translated to inferior talent on the field. We aren't entitled to any top recruit in the nation just because we're Miami. We have to work and claw and spit for every last one of them. We have inferior facilities, less money, and higher academic requirements than most top schools. If anything, Shannon needs to recruit harder than the rest, throughout the year, irregardless of what optempo level his team or his schedule is at during the course of the year.

- We are still in the running for some top recruits. There are still about 5 or 6 that list Miami on their radars. Some of them will come-a-calling in a week or two for their last official visit. I hope we go all out. As for the ones who decommitted, i.e., Chandler, Nix, Dent, I would continue to go after these guys. I would also stray into other teams reported recuiting rolls. Recruit Bama's or USC's or UF's recruits. They have more depth at every position than we do. Create the illusion to the recruit that they may never see the field at those schools. It's true. It wouldn't hurt. It might help us. We might get lucky if we show them some love.


As I look at the positions on the list, I dont see a whole lot of places where we actually have a NEED. Of course it would be great to stockpile that talent, but for the most part I think that spending scholarships on more running backs or wide receivers is a bit of a waste. This way these kids can go somewhere they can play and we can put together a line that will allow our offense to function.

U need to take this with a grain of salt. UM is loaded with Wide Receivers, Defensive Linemen, Safeties, and RBs. There isn’t a lot of talented players in this years South Florida recruiting class that are in key positions that Miami needs. Look at the positions that these top Recruits play. Our current players in these positions are mainly sophomores; and, more than likely, they will have two more years to play. It is understood that the top Recruits think they should play sooner and don't want to sit out and wait their turn, so of course they are not going to sign with UM. If you remove those recruits that play in positions that UM is loaded at and those players that Miami didn’t want the picture isn’t so grim. Rather than claim (in a round about way) the sky is falling...Manny should have pointed this out. For argument’s sake, I have whittled the list of players down to those that Miami “missed” on, even though some of these Miami didn’t recruit or want. 1. Matt Elam, DB, 2. Lamarcus Joyner, CB, 3. Jeff Luc, LB, 5. Gerald Christian, TE, 8. Cody Riggs, CB, 17. Torrian Wilson, OL, 24. Jeffrey Godfrey, QB, 29. Brian Robinson, DB, 38. Zachary Allen, LB, 39. Tony Grimes, CB, 40. Charles Fashaw, TE. Its just a leaf falling Manny!

I heard that if Todd chandler foes everything that he is supposed to ( work on his grades and such) Miami will re offer and he will likely accept that offer. But other than him, storm Johnson and Eduardo clements I really see a problem with our recruiting so far this year

You wrote the obvious. Now write about why it is happening.

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