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Is UM fading down the recruiting stretch?

I got to enjoy a few days off after the Orange Bowl last week and took comfort in the fact there probably wouldn't be much Canes news outside of what Frank Haith's basketball team would do Saturday night against Wake Forest in a big ACC showdown.

It was definitely a good win for the Canes, who needed a big win to hang their hat on after going 14-1 against what was ranked the 313th best non-conference schedule. But as much as I want to keep focus on Canes hoops, the disturbing trend of emails I've been receiving lately concerning what U perceive as UM fading down the recruiting stretch warrants conversation.

Javarie Johnson Sunday night, UM lost yet another commitment from its 2010 class when Javarie Johnson of Dunbar High in Washington -- considered the Canes' top linebacker -- switched from UM to Maryland. According to several recruiting websites, Johnson's coaches said he wanted to stay closer to home.  Canesport.com reported Johnson scored below an 820 on his SAT, which is the athlete requirement for admission to UM. Either way, Johnson became the third highly-rated recruit to drop off UM's commitment list since December, joining Miami Northwestern defensive tackle Todd Chandler (now headed to USF) and Jacksonville's Louis Nix (bound for Notre Dame) 

The Hurricanes basically replaced Johnson with little known Kelvin Cain, a 6-4, 215-pound linebacker from Clovis Buchanan High School in California. Cain's other scholarship offers were from Fresno State, Portland State, Nevada and San Jose State, according to CaneSport. 

Losing "commitments" is never good, especially those considered highly ranked. But it happens in recruiting. So you probably shouldn't be stunned or feel like the Canes' recruiting efforts are crumbling to the ground when it happens. 

The real cause for concern will be if UM doesn't close strong come Feb. 3. Right now, most recruiting analysts would tell you this UM class being put together after a 9-3 season and bowl loss to Wisconsin is average at best, and certainly not anywhere near the top of any national rankings. UM has met needs. There are seven offensive linemen (St. Thomas Aquinas tackle Brandon Linder, Malcolme Bunche and Shane McDermott are solid), four linebackers (Gainesville Kevin Nelson is impressive), four cornerbacks (none highly regarded), three running backs (Storm Johnson and Eduardo Clements are considered high-end), two tight ends (JUCO signee Chase Ford should help right away), a quarterback, a safety, a defensive end and a receiver. 

But where critics say UM has failed is nabbing the stars in their own backyard. And they -- the critics -- would be right. The 2010 class in South Florida was considered one of the best in the country (as usual). Yet, when you look over the top names from Palm Beach south all the way to Homestead, there aren't many who will be heading to Coral Gables in a few months to continue their football careers. 

Look at the Top 40 players from South Florida according to Rivals.com and see where they are headed or what schools they are considering. I bolded the future Canes to make them easier to find... 

1. Matt Elam, DB, Palm Beach Dwyer (Florida commitment)
2. Lamarcus Joyner, CB, St. Thomas Aquinas (Florida State commitment)
3. Jeff Luc, LB, Port St. Lucie (Florida State commitment)
4. Ivan McCartney, WR, Miramar (UM/West Virginia)
5. Gerald Christian, TE, Palm Beach Dwyer (Florida commitment)
6. Chris Dunkley, WR, Pahokee (Florida commitment)
7. Corey Lemonier, DL, Hialeah High (UM among six schools, but not favored)
8. Cody Riggs, CB, St. Thomas Aquinas (Florida commitment)
9. Michaelee Harris, WR, Northwestern (Louisville commitment)
10. Joshua Reese, WR, Miami Central (UCF commitment)
11. Quinton Dunbar, WR, Booker T. Washington (Florida commitment)
12. Eduardo Clements, RB, Booker T. Washington (Miami commitment)
13. Jakhari Gore, RB, Columbus (LSU commitment)
14. Giovanni Bernard, RB, St. Thomas Aquinas (Notre Dame commitment)
15. Lynden Trail, DE, Booker T. Washington (Florida commitment)
16. Delvin Jones, DE, Miami Palmetto (Tennessee commitment)
17. Torrian Wilson, OL, Miami Northwestern (Michigan, Tenn, Louisville)
18. Todd Chandler, DT, Miami Northwestern (USF commitment)
19. Brandon Gainer, RB, Miami Central (undecided)
20. De'Joshua Johnson, WR, Pahokee (Florida State commitment)
21. Brandon Linder, OL, St. Thomas Aquinas (Miami commitment)
22. Ethan Grant, RB, North Broward Prep (TCU commitment)
23. James Louis, WR, Delray Beach Atlantic (Ohio State commitment)
24. Jeffrey Godfrey, QB, Miami Central (UCF commitment)
25. Demar Dorsey, S, Boyd Anderson (Florida commitment)
26. Ted Meline, WR, North Miami (Tennessee commitment)
27. Richard Ash, DT, Pahokee (Michigan commitment)
28. Calvin Smith, DT, Hialeah (Tennessee commitment)
29. Brian Robinson, DB, St. Thomas Aquinas (undecided)
30. Shawn Corker, WR, Cardinal Gibbons (Texas Tech commitment)
31. Keion Payne, CB, St. Thomas Aquinas (Miami commitment)
32. Allen Hurns, WR, Carol City (Miami commitment)
33. David Perry, DE, University (Miami commitment)
34. James White, RB, St. Thomas Aquinas (Wisconsin commitment)
35. Darrius Milines, WR, Delray American Heritage (West Virginia commitment)
36. Max Beaulieu, DE, University (Syracuse commitment)
37. Shane McDermott, C, Palm Beach Central (Miami commitment)
38. Zachary Allen, LB, Pahokee (Wake Forest commitment)
39. Tony Grimes, CB, Hollywood Hills (Michigan/Mississippi)
40. Charles Fashaw, TE, Miami Northwestern (Undecided)

There were a few other Canes sprinkled in the Rivals 100 for Florida from other parts of the state: OT Tavadis Glenn from Jacksonville Parker was sandwiched in between Meline and Ash in the state rankings at No. 44; RB Darion Hall from Naples Lely is ranked 75th, right after Fashaw. Gainesville LB Kevin Nelson follows at 77, Fort Myers High CB Jeremy Davis is ranked 78th, OL Jonathan Feliciano from Davie Western is listed 92nd and QB Stephen Morris from Monsignor Pace is 93rd. 

Rankings and stars aren't everything. But the fact remains there is a lot of talent in UM's backyard heading to other place (namely pretty good football programs). Randy Shannon and his staff could make up for it with some excellent evaluation work and coaching, getting under the radar guys, making them better players and superstars. And they still have plenty of other high-end recruits (No. 1 OL Seantrel Henderson, Lemonier, McCartney, LB Christian Jones, TE Christian Thomas) at least reportedly interested in giving the program a look with visits.

But here's my advice: Keep your fingers crossed and hope the guys Shannon hired to restock his program with talent are a lot better at this than Rivals.

> In case you were wondering... Last year, the Canes nabbed RB Lamar Miller, DB Brandon McGee, DL Luther Robinson and DL Olivier Vernon among the Top 12 South Florida prospects according to Rivals. Among the state's Top 100 recruits, UM signed No. 2 overall player and safety Ray Ray Armstrong, No. 33 prospect in defensive end Dyron Dye, No. 39 prospect in cornerback Jamal Reid, No. 43 prospect in RB Mike James and No. 92 prospect in OL Cory White.


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Manny why are you trying to make the staff look bad. You fell to metion that elam and joyner went to their dream schools. Luc parents don't want him growing up in Miami. Some of the other kids wants to play right away and that is not going to happen at the u at the skilled positions. If you are going to report try doing it for both sides and let us make our own mind up.

Javarie Johnson scored below 820 on the SAT. He can't even reach the minimum for an athlete. That says it all. I wish him well, but why would UM want that kind of burden right now?

These kids have to help themselves out a little bit here. Be prepared to do schoolwork.

Florida cleaned your clock Randy.

What about your fence that everyone is always talking about? That's a joke.

Not only did Meyer get the motherlode of in-state elite guys, he also cleaned up nationally.

Sorry UM, the gap has widened. Don't blame Manny. He told you months ago that the winds of change were blowing hard. Of course you tried to crucify him for reporting what he was actually seeing. Apparently reality is a bitter pill for Miami fans to swallow.

Disregard the star system all you want and mention guys like Williams, and Torrey Davis. Tim Tebow, Mark Ingram, Percy Harvin, all highly rated guys. And there are so many more. To dismiss the star system because some don't pan out is absurd. It's subjective nonsense cane fan.

If Shannon is no longer among the best recruiter then he is in trouble because in my book he is more than an average Head Coach...

The lost to Wisconsin was unacceptable...He is 0-2 in bowl games...He didn't prepare his team
well for key games this year...Clemson, North Carolina, VT and the Badgers...The biggest mistake from Paul Dee was not to offer the HC job to Butch Davis who was available...Davis is always outcoaching Shannon with an inferior team...Shannon has major problems with decision
making, time clock management and time outs management...He was not able to recruit a top notch QB in this class and he should know damn well that he will be in deep....I don't see the Canes finishing in the top 15 in 2010...S0 no progress...My hope is we keep Whipple, Lovett, Hill, Hurtt and Barrow...

this is very depressing, looks like the Gators reloading, while we shoot blanks

One year does not make a disturbing trend. I agree that this is definitely going to be a sub-par year for The U in Recruiting but next year is actually more important in the grand scheme of things, since many our starters will be Juniors and Seniors. Also, if we have a big showing next year in terms of AP rankings and possibly playing for a major bowl, we should have a dynamite recruiting class. If we are not successful next year than we will likely suffer a second sub-par recruiting class and be very worried about the future of this program under Shannon.

Manny! Keep the info comming on Football because basketball don't matter...I think we should have hit the JUCO's harder for OL, LB, and DE talent. JUCO guys are more polished and could help right-away at three positions that are not strong-points for us today.

Manny- how about a comment on how the canes have finally broken into the round ball rankings? That UM is the only florida team that is currently ranked?

Lo! that little private school in Coral Gables!

To that earlier comment (on another topic) regarding gators in the NFL vs Canes: Ok, I'll give you that this or next year they may surpass the canes... temporarily. By 2011, it will be ovah again.

In the meantime, lets go with this...

- How many UF players in the probowl? ZERO.
- UM: 7
By comparison, texas will have 2, Alabama 2

-How many UF players did anything of notoriety inthe NFL this year? eg rushing for 1000 yds, etc? 1- Percy Harvin Offensive rookie of the year

-UM: #1 receiver, # 2 receiver, #11 rb (Gore) had >1000yds, 2 top ten tacklers in Beason and Lewis.

How many UF players of notoriety (that did anything worth mentioning) or even played in playoff games this weekend? One? two?

UM: Lewis, Reed, McGahee, Merriwhether, Rolle, Campbell ( I am missing one or 2).

I can go on for hours with this.

It was, is and forever will be NFL-U.

Kindly explain why Miami is not getting the higher picks. Is it because the Canes' academic requirements are a bit high, the lack of quality recruiting, the less than top notch athletic equipment &/or the lack of interest in prioritizing championship football objectives?
Thanks, Adeastar

Donna Shalala is a true politician: she says one thing but means the opposite. She says she wants Miami to be tops in athletics but her actions say otherwise. Fact is it's easier for an athlete to enroll in UNC, Virgina and Florida, all schools ranked higher than UM in academics. Miami will never be as good, certainly not as Virgina in academics. She could care less about a football program that has brought and would bring in more money and recognition to the University than anything in academics ever could!

Fact is Miami is a small market school in a league of large market schools in terms of finances. Miami will not be able to consistently hire top coaches, head or assistant because they can not compete financially. FSU can throw away millions to get rid of jeff bowden when he was oc and not even bat an eyelash (and would've paid jimbo fisher $5million if they had to) whereas Miami can barely afford to pay Randy Shannon a head coaches salary.

Not to mention Randy and his staff are comming off very arrogant and cocky as far as recruiting. Semms like they think they know more than anyone. That's pretty funny considering that as a head coach all he's shown is that he can bring Miami back to mediocrity! Arthur Brown will now be entering his 3rd year and he still can't sniff the 2 deep? Where's the development of this kid who obviously has talent? Fact is this staff right now looks like a one hit wonder. I don't care what Todd Chandler's problems are, the fact that he is a highly regarded player from Miami Northwestern he should've had his scholarship delivered on a silver platter and his jersey with his name & number on it before he had to sign his letter of intent. That is unacceptable that Miami rescinded his offer!

it is real sad...we DO NOT HAVE A FENCE UP AROUND DADE...this was Randys strength...now with is poor coaching abilities and the fact that we are losing kids to UCF and Louiville and USF is horrible...I pray this program gets going in the right direction...you cannot have two good classes then a bad one..that has signs of Coker all over it...all I hear is Miami did not try and recruit me...WTF is Randy just assuming all these kids wanna come here...with our star power and NFL players a call from irving or lewis or reed would be huge...Oh well I still see a great year ahead but not a great future...GO CANES...
ALSO sad to watch the ARMY game and no kids commit..real sad

Our coach is a one-trick pony who can't even do his trick anymore.

How much do we need to suffer before we get a new coach?

Another 3+ years of rebuilding coming at us.

Manny - We have good players on our list, but looking at your list is nothing short of eye-opening. So many of the top recruits are headed to Florida.

Florida - 7 of the top 25
FSU - 3
Miami - 1. (Maybe 2 if McCartney picks Miami)

How much does this play into Shannon's contract consideration by the school? The state of Miami is owned by UF and while Morris looks to be a decent player I don't see any Gatoraid All-Americans or classic PA or CA QB's headed here??!!

In case you were wondering, just cause a guy has 4 or 5 stars doesn't mean he will be great. In fact here are some of the best players from this past season or last that were 3 star players coming out of high school, including 2 Heisman Finalists (stars mean nothing):
Toby Gerhardt
Penn State
Evan Royster
Darryl Clark
Sean Lee
Ohio State
Brian Robiskie
Malcolm Jenkins
James Laurinitis
Brian Hartline
Colt McCoy
Terrence Cody, Javier Arenas, McElroy
Brandon James
Ponder, Datko, Rodney Hudson

God nabbit this recruiting thing is gettin on my d*mn nerves........ just wake me when its official and they sign the ........ line and say I DO!!!!!!!!!!

Manny, I'm sure it has been stated by some of the fans of this blog, but I have to say I hate the new wait to see comment thing on this blog. I understand the reasoning but this is no fun. Can't we just have a "report abusive comments" thing? This takes away from the fun of this blog. I find myself spending much more time at the other, less informative newspaper's blog. This takes away from the interactive experience I've come to enjoy on this blog over the last few years.

Outcoached every game, not prepared for big games, and now getting the cr-p kicked out of us in recruiting... Great job shannon..

We will just have to wait and see if any of these 5 star recruits pan out for Florida. I know for miami most of them didnt i.e. jolla, legget, wright, mcmeans, farqrasen?, moore, etc. I am sure I missed some more.

College football is a cycle. First was us, then USC, then UF, now Bama.

There are way to many great players in this country. Recruiting local is not always the answer. Remember DL Corey Liuget that signed with Illinois out of Hialeah? All these kids get lost once they leave, some excel but overall its about coaching them up and putting a good product on the field no matter what the number of stars next to your name.

5 stars to me equals me, me, me players. They are also pre madonnas and we wont need them. They are a bunch of clowns that toy with coaches and schools for no reason.

Terrel Pryor QB? all world coming out of high school but I think we would rather hae Jacory than him hands down.

The fact that we keep changing co-ordinators may be a factor in UM's recruiting and that Um can't get the fans to attend the games. UM needs to have their games either at 12 noon or 3:30 in the afternoon with top notch out of conference teams. How many time are we going to play Famu, UCF? We need the Notre Dame's, Texas, Michigan, USC, yes the teams from SEC conference once in a while. We may loose but it will start filling the stadium and bring our fan base back. This is just a thought.

I hope you are right, Florida is putting together an impressive bunch of Band Wagon Recruits. I mean, they don't want to create a legacy, just join one that is easily already there.

Just a thought, but didn't Coker recruit a whole lot of highly ranked guys who never panned out?

Have some faith that Shannon has actually evaluated his recruits and not just followed Rivals etc.

I'd prefer a team of guys who want to prove themsleves than showboats who think the program owes them something before they even arrive on campus...

Is UM fading down the recruiting stretch?



What are the realistic chances that we pick up Seantrel Henderson? I know his visit on the 29th and in my unprofessional professional opinion - picking him up makes this a great class any which way you want to look at it - as he probably would start as a true freshman.

Well, there goes another recruit. Until RS leaves UM, the recruits will go from three star to two....etc. Why can't the U afford a high caliber coach ???? Doesn't it cost 50K or more for tuition at that school ??? It will be another year of mediocrity next year. Being a UM fan for 30 years, this is so disheartening. At least the Fins are on the upswing with the Trifecta...............DB

We as loyal Canes fans need to be positive,it doesn't help when their are negative people on line claming to be fans putting our coaches and our program down ,if these these so call fans are not happy than why not move on.LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.

don't pannick u r not going to get every kid, many of these kids r not going to meet 820 sat at the UM so, that limits many of them and the others want to play right away so they go where they feel they can play and the 4* & 5* that can be over rated (arthur brown hasn't touched the field) and look at the canes n the NFL how many of them were 4* 5* coming out of HS the canes will be ok still young next year (oline will b really young) but they will b better. PS stop haten on RS please

I think a lot of 2010 recruits are concerned about not receiving playing time soon given Miami's youth. As I say, if they're scared about competing then I dont think The U wants them.

This team despertely needs O-linemen and I think that need is being addressed with this year's class. We have "skill" position players coming out of our ears but they can't do anything if there aren't hogs upfront run blocking and pass protecting.

I get U are trying to get a reaction but be serious 5 & 4stas mean squat development is key Im here in GA and GA Tech just sent 4 playes to draft who were not 5 stars UGA defense is loaded with 5 stars and they sucked UF best wr is a white baseball player in riley cooper. Folks this is what Brandon Harris is talkin bout uU scrubs act like U can tell tell how they should play, coach, or ecruit when its their job

I look at this class and love the depth we are finally building on the offensive line. Was surprised at the running backs we are getting considering what we already have. We are going to have trouble bringing in receivers when you still have guys like Streeter sitting on the bench. Hated losing the DC LB, but if he can't score an 820 would he have been able to stay eligible in school? To me we are getting players who want to be Canes and I don't see an prima donnas. Maybe Randy is taking the wrong approach. Time will tell, but I like what I see.

You cant just pick up players because they're from Dade... I saw a number of Dade games this year and outside of an handful of players this year was a very disappointing year player wise... Not to knock the youth but on your list your 9th and 10th players are heading to UCF and Louisville... I'm being honest Broward and Dade arent what they used to be... Now Palm Beach hasnt fell off but concerning Broward and Dade they have...

I trust Shannon and it would do him well, to continue to work hard and seek prospects outside of Broward and Dade this year(this year only), because most of the players on that list truly wants to become canes, but they arent perceive by the coaches as Miami players...


This post is unfair. 15 out of the top 20 on this list are WR's or D-line--positions that Miami is absolutely stocked in. What was our weakness in '09? OL, DB, & LB's. Well, our o-line recruiting looks the best it has in 10 years at least. Other 'experts' also really like our DB's and LB's. Skeptics: Buy your tix now for next year, it's gonna be fun!

kyle wright, the dude spurior didnt want and robert marve and a list of others were these highly coveted so called five star recruits every one wanted. the were great players for UM.lol pete has top notched recruting classes every year and true he has had alot of players
to leave and go in the first round but his record has been diminshing every year. is he a bad coach or recruiter. i read where someone said that mark whipple made our offense better. he may have put some patches on all the leaks we have but he still messed out time outs up and almost got jacorry killed this year with those less than average olineman. You cant run the same playaction down the feild play all the time to throw down the feild. do u all actually watch the games. i saw randy for the first time cussing coaches, refs and players out this year. did u all notice the cameras moving away at the nc, clemson games. most of u so call canes dont even watch the games with understanding. i was just as dissapointed as u all were in the champs sports bowl. the feild was terrible after the all the fla football championships had been payed on. then here we come we should not have been even playing there. we played terrible in that game. the acc as a whole did not play well. the Big ten was good this and that was more the story. i wanted us to win that game but in hindsight maybe they will prepare to go to the horsehoe at the start of next year. that should be a big incintive for them. maybe randy can control our mouthes a bit better because i get tired of heaaring them talk about heismans or national cships and then we go out and produce a lack luster effort at best. some of U CANES fan should probably watch a little more footaball and realize there will be no more dynastys like there were in the past. this is a different landscape now. bcs garbage. has anyone of u all said that boise should have a share at the ncship they were undefeated. randy has some more improving to do which he has done every year. name one other college coach that doesnt?

First off Manny there is 1 INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS thing that jumps out from that list. From the 40 students on that list who there are only 3 that's right 3 that are going to private schools if they aren't going to Miami. The kid Bernard going to Notre Dame and the kid going to Wake Forest plus the kid going to Syracuse.

STATE SCHOOLS have much lower admission standards for the most part and those that don't even the ones with great Academic reputations like Wisconsin and Ohio State offer a tremendous amount of leeway in admissions for athletes. They have big state budgets that are pretty much guaranteed so they can take a risk on a kid athletically or academically that Miami cannot or at least chooses not to. Miami may not have the toughest admission standards in the country but they definitely have some of the firmest when it comes to our athletic teams.

I am not saying it's true but if that kid scored an 820 on the recently updated in score SAT's that is SLING BLADE, FORREST GUMP, JESSICA SIMPSON low. That kid was not getting into UM.

Don't get me wrong the University of Maryland is a really good school but their admission criteria is not as firm as ours and I know because my little brother went there. How the hell is this the fault of the staff. What could Randy Shannon (PBUH) possibly do about this? Seriously? If the students aren't putting in the work in the classroom and not preparing themselves to just get admitted so that he can eventually help them what is he supposed to do?

I am not saying that once you are in the state schools you don't get a pretty good education eg uva, wisconsin, texas. I am just saying they use more room to maneuver to get you in. If not prove me wrong.

Manny I seriously think people need to slow down with this recruiting thing. The services have been out for a good number of years. Manny will you please go back and look at what our classes were ranked in the late 90's and in the 80's. We never ever ever had a number #1 ranked class in those days. Never. FSU and UF had higher ranked classes than us on most occasions. I am sure the info has to be out there please research it and come back with the results.

Judge our team by the results on the field and in the classroom. Our graduation rate is phenomenal. Our on the field performance is getting better please stop this doom and gloom. Don't tell me that the sites have gotten that much better on evaluating talent either because for every Florida or Alabama that got good results with their number 1 rated classes there is also a Notre Dame or USC this year that stink it up. Please Manny take a deeper look at this stuff and you should see that recruiting is the last thing we should be giving the U staff a hard time for.

Cant coach and now cant recruit,UM is going to be this average team until they decide to go after a more than average coach.9-3 will be the best the canes can do.

Some of you made sense. canecern- right on. This issue about 5 star recruits, 4 star, 3 stars is ridiculous.

National Champions the last 10 years:

1999- FSU
2000- Okl
2001- UM
2002- OSU (UM)
2003- LSU/USC

Now go back and look at the recruiting classes for 1996-1998 (for FSU), 1997-1999 (for Ok), 1998-2000 (for UM), 1999-2001 (UM/OSU) and tell me, where were all these classes ranked? Where was Penn State ranked? Where was Michigan, Notre dame, and FSU ranked?

UM HAS NEVER BEEN HIGHLY RANKED IN THE SO-CALLED ESPN RECRUITING CLASSES AT LEAST NOT INTHE TOP 5, UNTIL 2007 AND WHEN ALL OF THIS RIDICULOUS HYPE WAS GIVEN TO ESPN.COM/ AND THE LIKES OF TIM LUGINBILL, JOE SCHAD, THE ARMY ALL AMERICA BOWL ETC ETC. MIAMI MADE IT WITH LOCAL TRI-COUNTY TALENT SPRINKLED IN WITH SOME OUT OF STATERS ( Like Canada, Cali, etc). All of you who whine about the 5 star recruits are silly. Kehoe- shut up, you cant come here any more because UF is done ( Major Wright, Pouncey, teblow, Dunlap, Spikes, Hernandez, Rainey, and HAden are all gone! Not to mention Urban the Liar)

By the way- R U serious people? DO youreally wonder why UM wouldnttake a kid who cant even score an 820 on the SAT? I, a dumb, fat 50 year old can go tomorrow and sharpen my pencil and take the SAT and I will guarantee you i can get and 825.

That only means:
- the kid is lazy
- The kid could care less about academics
- The kid is uncoachable
- the kid is dumb

Or, The kid has a learning disability, in which case I will take it all back!

Randy is the HC, therefore, he should be held accountable. Manny is correct when questioning the fall off. It is his job. The hurricane coaches seem to be doing a poor job landing some of these recruits.

Elam said Meyer called him and mentioned faith and that touched him. Meyer is a good recruiter. Does this mean the U is finished? Absolutely not. This is one recruiting season. Not too long ago, Randy landed the supposed #1 class (not fond of these rating systems). This was done while FU had a better record and after winning the NC. Now, if this continues next year, then I would say it is a problem. For now, it's just wait and see. Develop the kids we have now and get a nice head start building relationships with kids for next year.

Also, this recruiting season is not over with. Randy may bring in a surprise or two.

Two star recruits by Shannon: Horn, Adderly, Marti, Calhoun, Plein, Cook, Odom, Kane, Hill, Wieclaw.

4 or 4 stars: Armstrong, Fortsen, B Harris, J Harris, Franklin, Fox, Bailey, Vernon, VT, Cooper, Benjamin and soo on.

Which group would you take?

some of the postings i've read are completely comical. can't believe that there are so many boneheads out there. have any of U fans ever really looked back at past recruiting classes to see how they turned out? most likely not. it a crap shoot, and you really never know what you're getting. one of the best freshman rb last yr was dion lewis and he was a "3 star" recruit. coaches try their best to decide which players are most suited for their systems and try to recruit them. seems to me that randy and the boys know a heck of alot more than U do and who these kids are. give the staff a break. we're headed in the right direction.

The U needs to totally change its defensive approach. Kids do not want to play soft and passive on defense.

Most of the better recruits are offensive players because the offense has a much better approach than the defense and recruits in this era know it. They research their future and who wants to play soft on defense all of the time.

our needs right now is o line. we need to improve our o line. if we can get that linebacker from miramar, with mcartney, and their qb. just to get those 3 would be big. the qb looks like he can develop. the linebacker is great, i think he's a usf commit. if we can steal him that would be great.

Disagree, Caned Again. Go to Rivals 100 and see how many times Texas was not ranked in the Top 5 in recruiting since Mack Brown took over. Once. Kids go to UT because it is UT, the premiere college football destination in that state. They're not as concerned about playing time. Like it or not, Florida has become the premiere football school for recruits in this state and will remain so for the forseable future. Unbelievably, we're now a second-tier school that is fighting for scraps like USF. We're the Texas Tech to Florida's Texas - which I guess makes Oklahoma.

Good work, keepin' it real!

It's not the decommits I'm worried about; it's the NONcommits.

Enough with this nonsense about shannon being a great recruiter blah blah blah. He is a terrible coach and recruiter and only got this job because the university led by that ***** shalala was too cheap to get a real coach. It's time to ante up you hear me Shalala and Hocutt and get us a real coach otherwise it's going to be your ***** that pay the price. FIRE THIS BUM NOW!!!

I have had it fire this uppity negro Shannon now before he destroys this program.

Good stuff Manny. Whats with the doom & gloom bruh. U know those prima donna 5 star recruits go to the highest bidder and the most percs. Shannon is doing a good job. The talent level has been raised. Shannon just need to put the talent on the field. There were to many times when i thought Berry,Ray-Ray,O.Vernon,C.Porter and Collier should have had more playing time.

Get rid of this CLOWN Coach Shannon! I am sick and tired of all you so called fans backing this loser! This guy is suppose to be this great recruiter and he cant even do that! We definitely know he can't coach these 3 star guys to play like 5 star recruits! This class will possibly end up the least talented class in the last 30 years! Do we really need to have another mediocre season for people to see this! So disappointing!!!

2nd tier coach 2nd tier program losing the OB was the final straw there no way a top recruit would want to play in dolphin stadium after visiting UF FSU TENN GA

Guys, we need to relax and see how this class performs. When Larry "Program Killer" Coker was coaching the U he brought in a lot of classes that Rivals rated as one of the best in the country and we know how that turned out. The current Hurricanes coaching staff believes in studying the recruits on tape and not go off of some website rating and I applaud them for that. When Jimmy Johnson was at the U he didn't have a lot of #1 recruiting classes and I think he did alright for himself as I recall. Here is an example, from 2002-2004 Larry Coker had classes ranked #4,#6, & #3 by Rivals, a total of 68 players came in those classes. Out of those 68 I can count just 8 that made a big contribution to the team and some of them are better pros than they were college players (Brandon Mariweather, Eric Winston, Devin Hester,Greg Olsen,Jon Beason,Tavares Gooden,Anthony Reddick,Calais Campbell). That is just horrible but those where highly ranked classes so Rivals can keep their rankings. This UM coaching staff likes prototypical size, big cornerbacks and LB with Sean Spence being an exception. We loose Jamarcus Joyner to Florida State? Well what's to say we just didn't want him, the kid is 5-8 with cleats and 165 lbs soaking wet, he doesn't fit what the UM coaches want. Todd Chandler was coming to UM until the U went cold on him, could it be that it's because the kid is barely 6 feet? These rankings by Rivals are ridiculous we take them at their word as if these guys are professional scouts, do we even know who they are? If they could scout talent so well why aren't they working for a pro team? So let's just relax and see how the dust settles.

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