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UM QB Jacory Harris will have thumb surgery

What we all suspected for the final month of the season will become a reality soon: UM quarterback Jacory Harris will have surgery to repair torn ligaments on his right thumb and will be out at least a month, likely leaving him out of passing drills during spring football, according to a source close to the situation.

Jacory Harris  Late Monday night, Harris sent out this message through his Twitter account: "Bad news I guess... A.J. and Stephen have fun."

Jacory was of course referring to backup A.J. Highsmith and Stephen Morris, who is the quarterback from Miami Monsignor Pace expected to sign with the Hurricanes in February. By Tuesday morning, Harris' Twitter message was no longer posted. But according to the source, Monday afternoon was when Harris learned he would need surgery.

Harris was on crutches for at least a couple days after the Hurricanes' 20-14 loss to Wisconsin in the Champs Sports Bowl. Harris also strained ligaments in his ankle and knee. He slightly injured the foot on his other leg during the game when a Wisconsin defender stepped on it. The source said none of those injuries, however, will require surgery.

Harris first injured the thumb on his throwing hand when he banged it against a helmet during the first quarter at North Carolina on Nov. 14. He threw a season-high four interceptions in the 33-24 loss to the Tar Heels. His thumb bothered him the rest of the season.

Harris still became the first quarterback at UM since Ken Dorsey in 2002 to throw for 3,000 yards in a season. He finished the year 242 for 406 with 3,352 yards, 24 touchdowns and 17 interceptions and was named a semifinalist for the Davey O'Brien Quarterback Award.

Harris still obviously could have benefitted from another spring throwing the football with his receivers. According to the source, Harris will still be around during spring football, studying and working with offensive coordinator Mark Whipple. But he likely will not be cleared to throw until after camp ends.

If Morris does not graduate from Pace in two weeks, the Hurricanes will have one only scholarship quarterback at full strength when spring football begins the last week of February. Walk-on Spencer Whipple is the scout team quarterback. Pace, a private school, does not usually permit its students to graduate early.


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That's a bit of bad news from a Spring football point of view, but it is probably good news overall for Canes football. We knew Jacory was playing hurt, and this probably accounts for a lot of his bad throws during the final month, and particularly in the bowl game when he was missing everybody. I really would have liked him to have the spring ball, but these problems are correctable and he'll still have all summer and fall to get ready. He's got a full year under his belt, so this isn't a big deal.

I really hope that Morris can work some magic and get here by the Spring. He is probably going to end up the number 1 backup by fall if he does, and this is a HUGE opportunity for him. Either way, we are in for one incredibly boring spring game. Only 1 side will even have a QB. The other will have to run a wildcat or wishbone offense or something. I'm kidding, of course.

This reminds me. InsidetheU posted a while back that Godfrey is still in the mix for UM and that the staff hasn't dismissed him completely. The article (http://insidetheu.com/news/viewnews.php?v=4b1a13fb49824) made it sound like he was very interested. Maybe he could get in by the Spring.

I remember watching the bowl game thinking that UM shouldn't have even shown up. That list of injuries to Harris from that one game is amazing, and Coop going down as well was pretty sad.

So he had torn ligaments in his throwing thumb and Whipple still threw the ball 40+ times a game? Doesn't make sense

What else is new, another player hurt. The bad thing here is he will not be able to put any weight on by lifting.

He's made out od toothpicks and straw. Look at him. Compare him with Tebow. JH is like a scare crow compared to him.

The culprits: Partly JH for holding the ball too long, and the OL, particularly Pipho and Fox for being horrible.

This is bad. This UM team will NOT win an NC. How do you just have 1 schholeie QB??? RS- you stink at recruiting All major programs have 2, 3 in line. Yeah so Cook and Smith left--- then get another 3. Youhave 2 scholies! What Juco Qb wouldnt want to come here? What about getting somebody to transfer to the U???

Taylor Cook- You are a major weanie. A 6 -7 weenie for transferring out. Here. This was your team now. I am sure with a good spring the team would have been yours and maybe the starting job. Now you are at Rice. Good for you!

This stinks big time.

I am deflated.

Lets just become a running team and give it to Berry 20-30 times. Oh wait. randy Shannon is too stubborn to do that. maybe he will request the NCAA for a 6th year of eligibility for Javarris JAmes!

Why did they not recruit more QB's??? Why did they not go after a JC QB?
Why did Cook really transfer? he had a future, not Smith. Perhaps it is SHANNON??????
Please do not extend his contaract until he proves he can at least win the ACC.

Not good. This is the risk you take with only having one D1 calliber QB on your roster. Shannon has mismanged the QB situtation at Miami badly. Shannon made his bed now he must sleep in it. This does not bode well for next year. JH needs all the experiance he can get IMO.

You people blaming Shannon for this, but Whipple is coordinating the offense. I hold Whipple accountable, and don't you think it is kind of suspicious that his kid might see some playing time. Hmmmmmm

I agree- a good leader would have diplomatically asked either of the 2 or both to stay. Maybe kiss some ---, but he is too arrogant, too stiff, too unemotional, too inflexible. That is not a coach that we the cane nation want on the sidelines-

taylor cook never had a chance to start here...the job was jacory's from day 1. even when marve was here, it was only a matter of time before jacory was given the job. marve would play 2 great series, the get pulled for jacory. and dont tell me its because randy wanted depth. he was in the same boat this yr with jacory and highsmith... yet how many times did jacory get pulled so highsmith could get meaningful reps? thats right...not once. coincidence all the white QBs transfered in less than a yr?


When faced with situations of having a leader that is of a different race than you are, assumptions of misunderstandings and feelings of incompatibilities can easily set in. For Blacks as minorities this is a normal occurence they are forced to live with, and have adapted to. Whose fault is it that Cook or Smith werent mentally strong enough to believe the Black coach wasnt going to show favortism for the Black kid (If they felt that way). Regardless, in your foolish mind if what you're saying is true, Shannon intentionally recruited a white kids, giving them scholarships, while knowing full well he would never let hem play as long as he had a Black QB. And how could he bench the white kid Marve for favortism of the Black kid Jacory, when Marve is Black??? Your thoughts are idiotic at best.

Are you serious this has nothing to do about race at QB but has more to do about the lack of protection at offesinve line. If a any player black or white chooses to transfer from UM it is because they are afraid to compete and they feel entitled to their position. A head coach will not put his job on the line for a player based on race when the other player is obviously better. At all major programs recruits typically have to wait a year or 2 to get onto the field and if they start at freshman then they are clearly better than the guy they were replacing look at barkley(USC) both backups transffered from other schools to be at USC thinking that they would have the lead on the starting position. Robert marve was @ the U for a full year and still did not adapt well to the college game not to mention that OC was limited with his plays and play calling. If you think race is a factor you need to grow up and face reality

Man we suck again


I don't care what color the Q.B. is as long as he produces. Cook & Smith both should never had been recruited here in the first place and as a matter of fact Highsmith shouldn't have either unless he was going to be a d.b., he's to short. If we are going to run the wildcat or the spread he would be fine for those offenses but we run pro-style. Shannon will be a better coach when his staff jels under him. He has to get stability in the staff. We've had to my changes in the last 5 years and the only way play consistantly with these changes is to have high caliber talent, which we are starting to get a little bit of. We need to recruit at the level of U.S.C., Ala, Tex, & Fla and we will get where we need to be.

People like Unbearable and Nothing but Cyrstal in 2010 are either

a.) 12 years old


b.) Have only been watching football for 3 months

First of all, Marve his half black u fool. Second, Cook transferred because he knew he couldnt cut it. How come 3 days before he transfers i personally see him getting less and less snaps after not being able to complete easy 8-15yd throws that a true freshman who should be playing safety can? (Highsmith)

Cook would not have played this year, a coach personally told me in August that they were better off with Ray Ray running the Wildcat before putting Cook in at QB. He could not pick up the offense or make the easy throws.

but by all means, please continue to live in your fantasy world where Shannon hates white kids, the backups who run scared are better than someone who throws for over 3k yards, and ignore things like oh i dont know, maybe harris and marve were equal???? Maybe thats why they split time, because neither was the clear favorite???

no, no, no it was because he was white... well half white lol

some of you think UMiami = WWE and its hilarious

If Harris had an injured thumb during the last games, then why did we stop handing the ball off more in exchange for more passes? I believe that we granted sainthood to Whipple too soon. He still needs to prove that he can coach his offense to win when they are suppose to win. We need to recruit more QB. We should have at least 4 QBs on our roster.

The fact is none of those recruits were better than Jacory simply put... I'm sorry Snead transferred from Texas and went to Ole Miss, Newton went from UF and is being recruited by SEC schools and not teams like Memphis and Rice... I wouldnt be surprise to see neither of the qbs starting at their respected institutions with the exception of Marve if his head is on straight...

Stop playing the race card!!! Cook hadnt proven anything...

what is pathetic is randys handling of the QB situation. you still never addressed why jacory never got pulled to give AJ meaningful reps like marve got pulled for jacory last yr??

and marve has as much black in him as does obama... very little. spin it all you want... what randy did on the field last yr and this yr tells the story, as did jacory getting promised playing time before he ever stepped foot on campus. address that oh wise one


Marve was pulled to play Jacory last year b/c not only was Shannon less than impressed with Marve's maturity, having already showed off the field issue's by getting arrested, but he continued to miss classes and be late to them etc. Im sure Shannon saw how undisciplined the kid was, and never fully trusted him as a leader. Not to mention the poise, leadership and skill set Jacory was showing. This makes it easy to understand why Shannon would want to get Jacory playing time, especially when he is a stickler for discipline, especially from your leader who is supposed to be setting an example for the others.


Im sorry if my initial post was confusing. It was actually a rebuttal against Unbearable's post to show how silly he sounded by assuming Shannon would give a kid a scholly, just to sit him on the bench b/c he was White. I agree race had nuthin to do with Shannons choice at QB. I would hope that Cook and Smith tranferred b/c they felt they wouldnt get the playing time they wanted and not b/c they felt Shannon was showing any type of racial favortism. Shannon cares about players that are coachable, and disciplined. All world Willie Williams sat right on the bench, b/c he stayed in Shannons Dog House. Shannon will play the kid whom he can trust to carry out the game plan the best on game day. And that doesnt always mean it'll be the most athletic kid.

Unbearable you are a moron, truly. Marve was reaised by his black father. Maybe you didn't agree with Randy's decisions but you can't say skin color was the issue. Redneck Colin Mccarthy (no disrespect intended, just for context)is the starting middle linebacker, while everyone is clamoring for Arthur Brown and whomever else to play. Maybe you just have a problem seeing 2 black guys leading the U and no matter what they do, you'll have a problem with it.

Enough with the race crap, I'm white and all others need to just shut up about it. Shannon has improved this team, even with jacory as qb this year we still wound up winning 2 more games than last year with a helluva harder schedule... Get over yourselves, no team can be brought back to national prominence in a blink of an eye.

I never said anything about whether a QB should be black white or chinese. I do not know why the coaches allowed JH to play if indeed they knew about his torn thumb ligaments. Sit the guy down, go into the bowl with the knowledge that you are not 100% as a team, and do your best. Instead a <100% JH goes in, makes crappy throws and literally go his blocked knocked into tomorrow, because he couldnt or wouldnt release the ball quick enough. He was seen hobbling around in crutches after the game! What about that is good coaching? Good leadership? Why not run the ball 35 times instead? Do youall not think that between Berry, James, James, Miller and Coop, UM could nto have run the ball 50 times in that game, instead of throwing it 40 ?

I should be the UM coach.

Get better soon JH. Here is my major problem with this program. We are going nowhere fast without a top flight QB. Every big time program in the country has at least one or two waiting in the wings behind the starter - Florida, Georgia, Texas, USC, Oklahoma, the list goes on and on. How is it that QB U that gave us Kelly - Kosar - Testaverde - Walsh - Erickson - Torretta cannot recruit and keep QBs? The dynasty was possible because we had those guys being groomed to step in and keep the train rolling. It's mind boggling to me that for whatever reason Randy can't get these guys to come and stay at the U. No slam on AJ, but it Jacory went down this year, where would that leave us?

All of you people saying no one could beat out Jacory Harris are on drugs. Jacory Harris sucks!!!! Plain and simple. He was tied for the lead in interceptions in Division 1A and continually made horrible decisions. And all the other mental midgets talking about Harris' poise what poise? The kid was overmatched plain and simple. He is in over his head and so is his coach. Shannon and Harris must go!!!!!

Wow sounds like this team is doing great

Black or White we suck, recruiting is a joke, and the players we do get are soft (49 degrees is cold, really?), FSU will pass us this year and the way things are going we will never catch UF untill Urban leaves/retires . Times are going to be very tough for a long time unless we 1.recruit better 2.coach the players we have better 3. on field coaching needs to improve- and i don't see that happening soon

The best thing for Coach Shannon to say is, "I got no comment about injuries."

"No comment" is better than a white/winking lie.

i dont care if he were black white or purple. i heard no compliants when j12 had comeback wins aganist duke, virginia. how bout j12 didnt even see the field as much in the va tech, ga tech, unc. Marve controlled those games ala wake forest. no race card when marve started against the Gators after j12 handled the season opener, say what u want j12 out performed Marve. good luck to the rejects Marve, Cook, & Smith. Shannon get ur head out your aggroance & become what u r a HEAD COACH

Jacory needs to have EYE surgery. Dude lead the nation in INTs and probably should have had about 20 more if Duke's defense could catch a pass. I think Jacory is colorblind.

Yeah Shannon is doing such a great job at Miami.
11-13 ACC Record
7-8 ACC Coastal Record
4-4 vs Non Conferance BCS schools
15-17 vs BBCS teams

And he can sign his pink slip with his love of Northwestern qb's Jacory Harris and Teddy Bridgewater. Aside from Brian Griese what good passing qb ever came out of Dade County?

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