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LB Gaines becomes latest UM commitment

One recruiting weekend down, one to go. The University of Miami hosted its next to last group of weekend visitors. Here are a few tidbits I was able to gather... 

As expected, the Canes were able to nail down a commitment from Buffalo (N.Y.) Canisius High linebacker Jimmy Gaines. The former Buffalo recruit apparently had a great time on his visit and told UM coach Randy Shannon Saturday night he was ready to join the family. "He just loved it from the moment he got there," Canisius coach Brandon Harris said. "I think the kid is going to be a really good player for Miami. In three years, you'll find me and say 'Coach, you were right." 

Sacramento area tight end Asante Cleveland made a recruiting visit to UM this past weekend and might switch from Washington State to UM. While it looks like St. Thomas Aquinas kicker Michael Palardy is going to stay true to his commitment to Tennessee, UM was able to bring in Sacramento (Calif.) Christian Brothers tight end Asante Cleveland and his parents for a visit. And word is, Cleveland had a great time and is now considering switching from Washington State to Miami. Cleveland (6-5, 230) would be a great get for the Canes considering the need at tight end. Stay tuned for updates this week.

> Gaines might have enjoyed his visit, but he did get a little razzing from his future teammates. According to Davie Western offensive lineman and now fellow UM commitment Jonathan Feliciano, players were deliberately ignoring him until he decided to commit.

"We kept messing with him, telling him 'We don't talk to guys who aren't Canes," Feliciano said. "He's cool. I didn't get a chance to see him [Sunday] before we left. But I heard he decided to become part of the family. That's great news."

Feliciano, who had Wake Forest, Florida State and Tennessee still chasing him up until last month, said he's grown an inch (he's now 6-5) and put on another 10 pounds (He weighs 318) since the start of the season. He said UM coach Randy Shannon told him he's happy he never strayed and is looking forward to him competing for playing time at guard.


> I've been told the Hurricanes are hot after another defensive tackle, current Ole Miss commitment Byron Bennett. Although I haven't been able to confirm it with Bennett or his coach, the 6-3, 265-pound senior at Madison Central High in Mississippi could be making a visit to UM this weekend. 

> Miami Springs receiver Willis Wright hasn't heard from Miami coaches in a long time. But his high school coach Alex Pacheco said he received a phone call from UM assistant Wesley McGriff on Friday to see if Wright was still interested in UM. 

Wright, who visited FIU this past weekend and has West Virginia as another of his finalists, told me Sunday afternoon he would love to visit UM next weekend. But he still hasn't heard from Canes coaches.

"I'm willing to give them a look," Wright said. "I've taken three visits and can take one next week if they wanted me to."

Pacheco said Wright, who is still awaiting his ACT test scores and should get them this week, took his studies seriously his senior season (he worked with a tutor) and raised his GPA to 2.6. "Willis isn't a dumb kid," Pacheco said. "Is he lazy? Yes, he had been. I know grades could have been an issue with Miami. But he might have what he needs to get in there now."

> There is no reason to hold out hope anymore on Winter Park Lake Howell linebacker Christian Jones giving UM a visit. His coach, Tom Oliver, told me Friday Jones has basically eliminated UM. 

"I think he was supposed to go down there and visit and just decided not to," Oliver said. "I know the last thing he wants to do is waste anybody's time. I know Micheal Barrow has made a strong effort to convince him to give Miami a look. But it just doesn't look like its going to work out. He's probably going to give USC a look next week."


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I hadn't realized how many so-called CANES "fans" are dumb as sh..t. This class is solid. Have you seen the linemen coming in? That's the OL []_[] needs for #12 to throw at will, and the []_[]'s RBs to run through the holes. In a word to describe this class: BIG. Think of Wisconsin's BIG players, and think of []_[]'s speed. That's what this team will look like.

Must be alot of gator fans on here with all those fire shannon comments or maybe alot of fools who don't know anything about college football. In 1980 there were 3-4 schools recruiting in south florida, check rosters now, everyone has south florida kids. Kids are looking for opportunities, not school pride or 4 yrs of college at a good private school. They want the limelight NOW, they want the NFL in 2 or 3 years.

We need OL and DL and a couple of LB. Our WRs are deep and if we add 1 more RB, our depth will be complete now that Coop is hurt. Hell, I think Berry is good enough to shoulder the load. All we need to do is keep Jacory upright and play better on Special Teams (especially coverage) and we'll be ok. We could always use a few more turnovers but who couldn't. Randy is setting things up nicely. You guys just need to exhibit some patience and look at all of the positives from this past year's wins. We were a top 10 team after we had been buried in the preseason by virtually everybody. Whipple will get better and he'll get Jacory to cut the INTs in half. We'll sustain more drives and put up more points. Randy will still make a few mistakes with the clock but I think he'll even improve a lot as well. Baby steps, people!

No Campus Stadium - No Big Time Recruits !
Empty Stadiums Aren't Exciting to Young Athletes ...

For those of you fellas that weren't paying attention- when Jacory had time the O scored at will. When the OL failed and Jacory had no time we lost. When the DL gave mediocre QB's time they passed all over the U. When the DL played well early in the year before injuries the canes won. Those sore spots are being taken care of with this recruiting class. Remember it's hard to get into the U, but any dumbass criminal can get into UF and FSU and play right away. If the OL and DL don't get owned in the 4 losses the year is a lot different. Being 20 deep at skill positions does you no good if your QB doesn't have time to get you the ball. Being a 5 star running back does you no good if the whole DL is standing in the backfield waiting on you to get the hand-off. Looking at the season and addressing your issues is a great way to go about recruiting and building a team.

VT- OL owned 7 points and a loss
NC- OL owned = loss
Clemson- DL owned = loss
Wisconsin - OL line owned except for the one drive when they didn't bring pressure = loss

The U has the skill, now they need the trenches! This class should go a long way in that direction.
VT had a top 5 recruiting class when?? Yet they do quite well year in year out.
Take a look at our 2004 top 5 recruiting class - http://rivals100.rivals.com/commitlist.asp?Year=2004&School=43
That was a 4th ranked recruiting class. Look at all those stars!! Look at the names and tell me how many turned out to be good. Maybe 5?

CANEBOSS, could you at least not copy and paste the same dumb post from the two previous blogs, i really enjoy a good laugh, you are a total imbecil and was hoping to get another laugh at your expense but i already rofl at this post by you beforem i would appreciate new material moron, chicagocane,your post does'nt make any sense, but i will try to decipher it and reply, to you and CANEBOSS THE DUMBEST POSTER EVER, it is not bocaman or myself or any of the other cane fans dissatisfied with the recruiting class or the recruiting services that matter on why cane fans that don't have their heads up shannon's behind are concerned with recruiting, it is the fact that the other top programs in the nation were for the most part not going after any of these players shannon is bringing in, if you can't understand my point as to why our concern well, then it is a waste of time to discuss anything with you, by the way i other than CANEBOSS who does not realize HE named himself CANEBOSS but other than his mommies basement where he lives he is not the BOSS of anything, i hope other posters can see where the posters not satisfied with shannon are coming from, i am not saying that i expect you to agree with me or the rst of us, but ihope you can see why the concern, Jaime, even the GAYTOR fan makes more sense than you, and lastly to the guy who rants about JACORY, the only request i have of jacory is less interceptions , that rant about his supposed disrespect is dumb, go canes! manny ty again for keeping it an open forum, although i have noticed that multiple posters are always accusing dissatisfied cane fans of racism, they post repeatedly that the reason we want a better performance from shannon or would advocate replacing him is his skin color, i have made some posts defending this ridiculous accusation and they nver seem to be posted, anyways as i stated on other posts that did not make it on here, i don't care if the coach at the U is purple striped with green and has yellow freckles as long as he is a decent man and a competent coach, reverse racism is also racism, and advocating shannon simply because he is black is a form of racismm speaking for my self i want shannon to succeed i just don't think he can, i think he is incompetent as a coach and he had 1 good recruiting class, when every kid from 2 schools committed to UM , MNW and BOOKER T, , anyways, i am not happy to just sit here silently as shalala and shannon destroy the program(i guess i must be anti woman too for my critiscism of shalala, lmao) so i advocate ,www.firecoachshannon.com!

DT jeffery brown

Northern Illinois - None
Eastern Michigan - Offered 12/11/2009
Miami (FL) - Offered 01/29/2010
Western Michigan - None
Illinois State - Offered 12/4/2009


i swear some of you guys would jump off a cliff if randy told you to. please dont make the argument that he gets paid to do what he does. just cause you get paid doesnt mean youre good at your job.

i just find it amazing that we would rather take a 2 star DT from illinois, than a 4 star DT from MNW. it just boggles the mind. i cant see how this makes any sense whatsoever.

also, while i am frustrated by what shannon and co. are doing, they deserve the benefit of the doubt at least one more year. this recruiting class is still decent. you cant get them all. quit with the fireshannon.com crap. be patient.

It dosen't matter how many stars the player has
if you can't coach them it dosen't matter.It
makes me sick to see whats happening we have no coaching or at lease no headcoaching for sure.

eric thanks, brah

True about Rolle ? 10 probowlers?

And newsflash - Tebow struggling at the senior bowl practice.

When will ESPN and people realize: he cant throw! big, athletic or not, the dude can't throw at the level needd for the NFL! Get it through yalls thick heads!

for those who worry about STARS here is a list of 2 star and 3 star recruits that will be playing in the superbowl.

Starting left tackle Charlie Johnson was deemed a two-star tight end prospect; left guard Ryan Lilja was a three-star O-lineman; RG Kyle DeVan was a three-star; Austin Collie was a three-star receiver. Of the remaining starters on the Colts' offense, you either have guys who entered college before the boom of the Internet recruiting era -- QB Peyton Manning (who would've had to have been a five-star); center Jeff Saturday, WR Reggie Wayne, RB Joseph Addai, RT Ryan Diem -- or guys like TE Dallas Clark, WR Pierre Garcon and H-back Gijon Robinson, all of whom were around the two-star range.

On defense, the lone starter ranked above the three-star level is startling left cornerback Kelvin Hayden, who was labeled as a four-star ... but at wide receiver. After that it was DT Antonio Johnson, a three-star JC recruit; LB Philip Wheeler, a three-star; LB Clint Session, a three-star; DB Melvin Bullitt, a three-star, and the same for CB Jacob Lacey.

miami hasnt talked to willis wright?!? Are u F**Kin SH**in Me!!!!

Why are the "CANES" struggling this year with recruiting? Wasn't it just two years ago we had the top class in the nation? I am confused and a little worried.....All this talk of returning the swagger could be lost with a couple classes like this current one. Nothing against the young men, but come OOOONNNN Coach Shannon!!!!!!

Coach Shannon should use the fact that the "U" will have 10 former players, most of any college, to play in this year's Pro Bowl. By far the most telling indictment for going to a program like the "U". If players want to go beyond college football, rec’e a great private education, and make an impact on the NFL, go to the "U"; how many former Gators or Longhorns or Tiders are making such an impact? Our current issue, in my opinion, is that players are not being developed as quickly or profoundly as in the past (e.g., Jimmy Johnson / Davis era). This is where we need to improve. The "U" should think about bringing in a new training and conditioning staff as well - far too many injuries throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

I find it interesting that a story like this comes out and the first thing people do is crap all over a positive, PRO CANES article. Some fans you all are. And here it is I wondered once why a Tennessee, Arkansas Texas A&M struggle to 6 win seasons and sell out every game and the Canes win more and more each year and only sell out 3 games a year. The problem is not with Shannon (who has won more games every season from the last) and its not with the recruits. Its the fans. Support the team when they're winning championships and crap on them when they have a year that does not measure up to 2001. Worst fans ever.
On a positive note- I think shannon is doing a great job even inspite of what Coker handed him. (increased wins every year deserves a pink slip?)

i played on jimmys team this year he is a freak, hes gonna be insane in a few years dont worry

Number juanphins fan: chill, holmes.

You Shannon haters need to look at things with perspective
-Comparing RS with Nick Saban or Urban liar will give you a negative light.
-Compare him with Lane Kiffin, JimLeavitt or Micke Leach will give you a positive light

Look at UMs record: 5-6, 7-6, 9-4

2 losing seasons in the last 29 years. Look at Alabama. How many losing seasons in the last 20 yrs?

Last Alabama NC? 1992 Took 17 yrs

Talk to me if UM has not won one by 2018




Boca Man and NUMBERJUANPHINSFAN -- Keep up the good work in telling it like it is! YOU GOT IT!!!

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