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Source: Hurtt on way out; McGriff says he's 'staying'

CHARLOTTESVILLE -- Rumors have been swirling for days that a few Hurricane assistants could be on their way out. Turns out one of them is true and one isn't.

Clint Hurtt According to a source who spoke with our Susan Miller Degnan moments ago, defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt has been interviewed by Louisville and is likely going to be given a job on new coach Charlie Strong's staff. 

The other rumored coach to be leaving, defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff, told me moments ago he isn't going anywhere and "to please end the rumors."

"Any rumors of me leaving are totally false," Wesley McGriff said by phone Saturday night. "I'm staying at the University of Miami. I haven't spoken to anyone at Kentucky or any other school. I haven't interviewed. I'm a Hurricane. Please let everyone know that."

Hurtt has not answered repeated phone calls. But if we can get him on the phone, we will try to get something from him. Last week, a source told me the Hurricanes are interested in bringing in former UM defensive lineman and USF defensive line coach Kevin Patrick as Hurtt's replacement.

Stay tuned.


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I don't know how much of a "loss" this truly is for UM. Lets face it, the Dline wasn't that stellar and three recruits have decommited in a span of about 5 weeks, all three were key to next years team at pertinent positions.

I understand the Dline was decimated by injuries but their pressure on the QB was often times nonexistent and the recruiting class is leaving more-to-be desired..

The U needs to step up and pay these guys...especially Shannon.

Go Canes!

This is crazy. There is absolutely no loyalty in college football, but how can there be when the damn university won't pay their coaches, even after receiving $2m for the bowl game.

shannon needs to earn his money.. and thus far has not done that.


Not a big loss!

He wasn't a great recruiter, and a much worst Coach.

What difference does it make? By now it ought to be obvious that Shannon is overrated as a recruiter and head coach. You can't fault Hurt for that.

Pack him a sandwich and take randy with you. Pay Randy Really Really?

Is Miami's basketball team an ACC contender?

Is Ed "too tall" Jones really too small?


PS. Another embarrassing blowout in the ACC. Isn't it about time someone starts asking some tough questions about Frank Haith. Who the hell has he recruited who is really any good? Why is it the U is making NO PROGRESS whatsoever in the ACC? Does anyone care? Maybe not.

PPS. Lately, ALL THREE of Miami's top-tier sports, football, basketball, and even baseball have underperformed. WHY??? Where's the accountability?

Good Hurtt has stunk- Look at how poor the D has done in the last 4 years. Cant do worse. Gone. See ya, Bu bye.

The University needs to step up and pay the big bucks if they want to be a player in College Football.

K Patrick is an Upgrade.

This is crazy. First the recruits leave now we have a coach or two leaving. He wants to go to Louisville to be with a ex Gator coach. Forget him. If it was pay, talk to someone about it. Canes should always be in your blood. Miami for the past two months have been looking sloppy and it looks like it will get no better. If he leave, the recruits go to that we have especially the ones he recruited. He is the recruiting coordinator. insidetheu.com and your site have not been showing some good stuff lately. Another set back. Recruits will look a this article and have second doubts. National signing day will get no better trust me.

Let him go. The d-line has looked like garbage the last two years. The USF d-line has looked pretty good, let's bring back Kevin Patrick.

This is crazy. First the recruits leave now we have a coach or two leaving. He wants to go to Louisville to be with a ex Gator coach. Forget him. If it was pay, talk to someone about it. Canes should always be in your blood. Miami for the past two months have been looking sloppy and it looks like it will get no better. If he leave, the recruits go to that we have especially the ones he recruited. He is the recruiting coordinator. insidetheu.com and your site have not been showing some good stuff lately. Another set back. Recruits will look a this article and have second doubts. National signing day will get no better trust me.

No big loss with Hurtt gone....Patrick is a definite upgrade to the program

We have lost some D-Line commits, and did not play well last year, so while I loved Coach Hurtt's rah, rah attitude,I don't think it will be a big loss coaching wise. Recruiting wise (this year aside), he has done a good job and it may be a loss in that arena. Patrick has coached 2 guys (Selive and Pierre-Saint Louis) into 1st/2nd rond draft picks. I believe it will/could be a large upgrade. My question is, did UM not want Hurtt and he decided to look elsewhere or did UM want to keep him and he left and went to L-Ville? No matter what UM is a better program than L-Ville, so I just wonder.

I say bring in Kevin Patrick let him coach the D-line and if Lovett doesn't workout, promote Patrick to Defensive Coordinator. This guy has proven that he can coach guys up. I just hope Randy is putting a plan together for when Whipple leaves.

From Tampa Bay.Com:

Patrick earns recruiting honor from Rivals.com

USF defensive ends coach Kevin Patrick, in his first season recruiting in more than a decade, has been honored as one of the nation's top 25 recruiters by Rivals.com. Patrick, who will work a top-tier group of new defensive ends next season, was the only Big East coach to receive such an honor.


Bring Kehoe Back PLEASE

Most of his three or four star recruits he looked at either decommitted or have not made a commitment. Wonder if he told them he was leaving and to sign somewhere else or go to Louisville home of the ex Gator coach.

Todd Chandler DT
Greg Dent ATH
Chris Dunkley WR
J.R. Ferguson DE
Sharrif Floyd DT
Corey Lemonier DE
Louis Nix DT
Sean Tapley

What is goning on with The U football the past 2 month and probably next month.

Cane4Life: Last time we played UL31-um7! Remember?

Kevin is family come on home

Kevin Patrick is a hell of a coach. Clint Hurtt is not a loss if we can get Patrick. His coaching was horrible but his recruiting was good. Kevin Patrick coached George Selvie and Jason Pierre-Paul to good players who produced in the college and would probably produced in the NFL. I hope we get Kevin Patrick.

Guys, come on now, clearly Hurtt was told to look elsewhere. He played DL at Miami, his wife is from Jax, and you think he voluntarily chose to coach LB's at Louisville?

Pay Mark Whipple whatever he wants.

K PAT is a HUGE upgrade! It drove me NUTS last year to see the D Line run stunts and two linemen run into the SAME gap - over and over and over again! He hasn't developed ONE player - I challenge anyone to name any D lineman that has played ABOVE their ability the last six years! It's been more to the contrary!

Now, if we can get someone to take PANZY off of our hands and get Barrow to teach his guys how to make a first step read we're a championship D! Oh yeah, the DB's can use just tad bit of technique - they're doing average work with ZERO technique so just a tad will put them over the top!

It really wouldn't be a loss to lose any of UM's position coaches except for the WR and OL coach!

I digress.

not so Special Teams Coach should go. Years ago. And yes, Hurtt can take Randy with him! Let's get a real HC. I'm sick of this circus.

Good luck Mr Hurtt and welcome Mr Patrick.



Q) How can you tell the Cane's were ranked in the top 25?

A) Because they have been torched in the last 2 games since then.

This is typical of any UM team. Everyone knew when they were fattening up on sorry lower division teams that this day was coming.

Let's face it. Randy without whipple is 5-7 this year. "hire whipple as head coach" duh

Regardless, him leaving means something. I'd love to see Patrick in there. Local kid (West Palm) and sure knew how to get after it when he was at the U.

same as the players who leave every year. the program is stagnant under shannon. no progress equals a lousy day at work. some can coach, some cant. we got alot of cants

This is a change created by opportunity. Recruiting not as strong this year and Randy disappointed. Wasn't likely to make a move however, until USF situation blew up and Patrick became available. Bringing in Patrick a no-brainer. Hurtt reading the writing on the wall goes to L'ville. Money not really a factor.

When it comes to money my fellow Canes, you just have to constantly remind yourself that our school has 8500 students - not 40,000+ like the big state schools. That translates to smaller alumni base and smaller endowments and fundraising. The story of Miami has always been how much is accomplished with so little, both academically and in sports. When it comes to recruiting, factor in Miami's requirements that athletes actually go to class and try to graduate. It's not an accident that kids with 800 SAT scores and street agents, who think they are guaranteed an NFL career end up at LSU, FSU, Tennessee, Texas, etc.

Keep the faith my fellow Canes. We're on the way back and we're doing it the right way with the right kids. Props to Randy.

I was at the North Carolina game. I reached over and asked Hurtt if the guys were ready. He just gave me a cocky nod and looked elsewhere. A lazy individuel. I am tired of people saying the "Fans" do not know everything behind the scenes. The whole coaching staff is lazy and that permiates to the players. Shannon is lazy, Hurtt was lazy, and so was everyone else. Hurtt was average at BEST when he wwas a player and coach.I am also tired of hearing Miami can not get a good coach because of budget reasons. Guys like Leach, Peterson, Tuberville, and many others would love to come here simply because they can when right away with one class full of South Florida kids.

Hurtt's leaving didnt even make the ESPN headlines. Thats how irrelevant his Defenses have become.

I find it curious- Is it because "someone" is on him due to poor recruiting?

Or is his poor recruiting the effect of him already having thought about wanting to leave so he put in a half a%% effort?

Regardless, more and more, Shannon is starting to look and act like larry Coker.

I don't know guys. If you are given a promotion to go to another company, do you take it or pass on it. Hurtt was made the assistat d coach. At Miami he was dline coach. assistant d coach is a step up from dline coach. obviously you take the promotion and the increase in cash. if you can say u can pass on the cash and promotion then u can criticize all u want. otherwise u can't say anything at all. as to going to work for a former gaytor, what does that say about the shannon coaching tree? as a boss u look to hire the best out there. former gaytor strong goes out and picks a CANE. strong knows where the best defenses are: Miami. that's why he came here looking for a coach. wish hurtt good-luck (he'll b in the Big East) and let's look to welcome patrick.

Bring in Kevin Patrick, unless Selvie and Pierre-Louis, developed themselves, along with the rest of the DL, that destroyed FSU and other's he is a very good coach, Pleaseeeeeee do not give hannon a contract extension, not now, in my opinion he won't earn it, but i would love to eat crow, and come on here and everywhere and post I AM AN IDIOT, I WAS WRONG SHANNON IS A GREAT COACH, IF HE LEADS MIAMI TO AT LEAST A BCS BOWL AND 11 WINS NEXT YEAR, NOT ASKING 13-0 BCS TITLE, 11-2 BCS BOWL,in the meantime check out .www.firecoachshannon.com(not created by me, but i applaud who ever did)

KP would be awesome to have back at The U ... He played under Karm back in the day ... Karm was AWESOME and coached the GREATEST D LINE in ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL HISTORY in 1989.

Getting Patrick would be awesome!

I love Hurtt, but he's just an assistant, not a coordinator or the head coach. I know assistants can mean the world, but not this one. He was a great recruiter on a team with boatloads of great recruiters. Barrow can be coordinate recruiting fine, and is surely a more than adequate replacement/upgrade for the coaching he provided.

I wish him well.

Go Canes!

This is the last straw! This year's recruiting class is about to collapse.

Hurtt is overrated... Kevin Patrick would be a better option for sure!!! I see no loss their

Guy played for Miami and is leaving for Louisville.. Haha joke

Bring back Patrick. He's the real deal.

Its so frustrating that there is no communication between the school (i.e. administration, i.e. Kirby Hocutt) and the public (i.e. the fans, the ticket holders, the boosters) about things like this. There are no updates, no ststus of the program, no info. very frustrating and it makes us lose faith in the program.


I wonder if there is any connection between the post made about the fading recruiting efforts and his leaving? Did he give up on the job knowing he was leaving? Manny what are you thoughts on this departure? Have you spoken to any of the players?

Clint Hurtt coached at FIU and numerous former Dlinemen have stated that Clint hardly ever knew what each play required from his players. Probably why they blow so many assignments.

KEVIN PATRICK WOULD BE HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 US

coach Hurtt was the recruiting coord. when we signed the #1 class 2 years ago remember! I think it is a big blow to the program at this point. Every day i log on to a miami website it is bad news! We absolutely need to finish around the top 10 in recruiting to stay relevant in college football! Need to finish with de Lemonier, his teammate dl calvin smith, wr willis wright, wr ivan mccartney, ol kouandjio, dl jr ferguson, lb michael taylor and josh shirley. Not gonna even think we can get top ol seantrel henderson! somehow it would be nice if we can get back into our own backyard hs m. northwestern and reclaim ol torrian wilson, dt chandler, or wr m. lee harris! damn Shannon gotta get on the ball or next year 9-3 peak before we fall back to mediocrity!!

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