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Source: Hurtt on way out; McGriff says he's 'staying'

CHARLOTTESVILLE -- Rumors have been swirling for days that a few Hurricane assistants could be on their way out. Turns out one of them is true and one isn't.

Clint Hurtt According to a source who spoke with our Susan Miller Degnan moments ago, defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt has been interviewed by Louisville and is likely going to be given a job on new coach Charlie Strong's staff. 

The other rumored coach to be leaving, defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff, told me moments ago he isn't going anywhere and "to please end the rumors."

"Any rumors of me leaving are totally false," Wesley McGriff said by phone Saturday night. "I'm staying at the University of Miami. I haven't spoken to anyone at Kentucky or any other school. I haven't interviewed. I'm a Hurricane. Please let everyone know that."

Hurtt has not answered repeated phone calls. But if we can get him on the phone, we will try to get something from him. Last week, a source told me the Hurricanes are interested in bringing in former UM defensive lineman and USF defensive line coach Kevin Patrick as Hurtt's replacement.

Stay tuned.


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There will always be a revolving door of coaches at UM. So get used to it. A good coach at UM will always be able to get more $$ elsewhere. We just dont have the funds to keep a well paid staff. There is very little loyalty in business, and like it or not college football/coaching is business. Congrats for Coach Hurtt if he indeed gets a pay upgrade and job. I think this hurts us in the area or recruiting relations. although I am confident if we get Patrick he will be more than able to coach the kids up, it remains to be seen if our recruiting will take a loss. All of U people complaing about the U, need to donate to the university so that we'll have the money to pay the best assistants and keep them around. Crickets I hear???

if everyone thinks our team suks them why do they always look our way for coaches and players , we hardly ever have a 5th yr. sr. on the team unlike others who are loaded with 5th yr. sr. ,but were the soory team playing in a weak acc . go figue

Shannon is a joke we are ranked 20 in recruiting and we aren't winning I'm tired of people telling me he can recruit.. Jumbo fisher is kicking his tail on recruits

This isnt a huge loss. The canes just need some damn stability and they need coaches that can actually make these kids better!! Alot of these guys arent progressing and that comes down to coaching and teaching,bottom line! When the Canes had their elite status as one of the best,if not the best program in the country,they constantly had stud's at damn near every position. Dont you guys remember what was always said about the U?? THAT WE JUST RELOAD EVERY YEAR!!! We had All-Americans all over the field and we had a plethora of 1st-rounders that werent even starting! Thats how loaded we were but most importantly,thats how great the coaching was during those amazing era's! Oh,and by the way,do you guys know who started the demise of this great football program??? His name is Larry Coker..if you remember correctly,he's the same guy that inherited the GREATEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM OF ALL TIME from Butch Davis. Because of those great players and assistants, Coker was able to win a national championship(really,it was 2,but we all know what happened there).But he's also the guy that fired all of the assistant coaches in order to buy himself some time and save himself from being axed! Well,most of those coaches are the same guys that either played and/or coached throughout the U's greatest era's! They knew what the University of Miami was all about and they knew what it took to get the job done but Coker fired them as if they were just nobody's! Obviously,the problem wasnt with them,it was with the head coach. I just hope that we can get this program competing for the national championship soon or atleast conference titles. I would love to see The U back on top of the college football landscape where it belongs. An to all the recruits that are coming in this year or to the soon to be canes,remember, you go the the U to be great,not mediocre or just ok,but to be the absolute best! Do everything with the SWAGGER that the University of Miami invented,have no mercy for your opponent,and completely dominate whoever is in front of you!

Now I know why NW kids are going to LVille

I think Randy realized that although the guy is a great recruiter...he probably wasn't as good a coach...so...him being an alumni...Randy probably told him they were going in another direction privatly to protect him from any "embarassment" of being canned...NOT TO MAKE THIS A BLACK OR WHITE issue...but...I would like to see an even number of white and black coaches on this team...I think it would be great for the players!!

Also...whats up with Randy and Co recruiting another black "dual threat" QB from Florida next year?? Again....not a race issue...but...our recipe for winning NC'S has been with pro style drop back QB'S...BLACK OR WHITE...

rah rah attitude will only get you so far. As D-line coach, he has had a dismal last 3 years, regardless of whether he had injuries or freshmen, or Coker's recruits. See? Those were excuses. This year there should have been no excuses. And the performance against Wisconsin, where you basically allowed a Qb to sit there and pick us apart down the middle, was squarely on him and Lovett.

Lovett- You should be next.

And as recruiting coordinator, he mayhave sat back on his laurels, thinking he had So Fl locked in again. Well, look at all of that talent he let slip out of our hands this year.

The dline coaching last few seasons has been pathetic, when you compare what other colleges are doing with their dline players.

Hire quality and let that coach do his job.

Welcome back Kevin Patrick. I thought he was a great player with UM, so I welcome him back. Plus, he recruited well for USF and he did develop the talent there. So, he has a resume as a coach and player. USF and Holtz are idiots for letting him go. Maybe Patrick can be a DC for UM in a year or two.

I say again people! These young kids want to feel big time. And the missing link in the U's commitment to getting back is the BUILDING OF A STADIUM. I LOVE THE U! But think about it,The Swamp, Doak Campbell Stadium,Death Valley in Lousiana,The Big House. What do we have? A half empty stadium that the city of Miami don't even know what to call. If you ask 100 students from around the country what that stadium is called I guarantee U they would NOT KNOW. Even thou USC plays in the Colisium it is located right next door to the campus. So stop being like roaches. (Eating on one another) and put you harsh (Sometimes Redneck) opinions toward the administrative department and their lack of dedication to the overall success of this still outstanding program.

The Canes will be fine.

The problem is Randy has no balls and will not fire anybody. He would prefer them to leave for other jobs. Captain Insano needs to man up and fire McGriff.

This is all about the evolution of Randy Shannon as a coach. We all knew that some changes needed to be made on the staff and I guess this is the first to go to. If it looks like this was all Hurtt's idea, more power to him. Now, if they can just do something with the special teams, OL and training staff......keep your fingers crossed.

get this guy out of there!

Did you notice the comment a source told me last week that UM was interested in bringing in Kevin Patrick. So was Hurtt gonna be let go anyways? Makes you wonder.

The rats are starting to jump off the sinking ship. Can you blame him? 9-4 this year could have easily been 7-6 without those two one point wins. This team has not improved. Players are not developing.

Good Luck and good riddance. KP is an upgrade over this guy.

Love to have k-pat as line coach. Hurtt just wasn't a good d-line coach. Just look at the stats, gotten worst over the last 2 years. McGriff isn't much better, just look at the secondary's stats the last 2 years. If both leave, wouldn't hurt the "u" at all.

I don't know about you all, and I know its waaaayyy to early to feel this way, but does it seem that the Canes have lost some of the buzz that they had last year? The sense of excitement, the sense that this upcoming year will be something special? I put that squarerly on Shannon. He is so flat. There is so little coming out of him. I mean, as head coach, there ismore to xs and os. He needs to light a fire into the program, to get the excitement back. That is the kind of energy that will attract recruits to the program. recruits who dont initially care where they want to play (i.e. were not born true cane fans but can be convinced to play here). that kind of energy also sells tickets and merchandise. And if Kirby Hocutt thinks that his and Shannon's "golden silence" on everything from injuries to coaching changes to the state of the program is the rightthing to do, then they're both clueless. I agree its a 24/7 task, but hey, thats his job!

Am I worried for nothing? IS it too early to feel that way?


Could you comment on why Hurtt would decide to move. DLine and Recruiting Coordinator at UM to DLine at Louisville would seem to be a major demotion to me. What gives?

Also, anyone know what DL rivals is talking about committing if he has a good visit?

If this Jeffery Brown commits, we will be GOOD... If this kid isn't a beast, then I don't know who is!! I found a clip of his highlights, here they are...

Other articles about his wrestling exploits:



clint hurt sucks!But this is another chapter in the colapse of the hurricanes,thanks you randy for your great coaching and great recruiting,HA!HA!I have been a cane fan since 1981 but will not support this team any longer until they prove they want to win.

Randy Shannon SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Randy Shannon SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Louisville for four-star offensive lineman Torrian Wilson
Under Armour All-American offensive guard Torrian Wilson of Northwestern (Miami, Fla.) has committed to Louisville over Michigan and Central Florida. Harris is going to L Ville too....I wonder why NW kids are going to LVille all of a sudden.

Bring back Kevin Patrick. That dude was a stud at Dline, and showing what the USF line did this past year, he will bring some enthusiasm, at least, to a ferocious bunch of guys on that defensive front. Patrick played with passion while at the U. We need to see more of that... PASSION!!!

Eight who hurt themselves

Miami (343). For the life of me, I can't understand why Frank Haith did not put together a stronger nonconference schedule. It's why I did not vote Miami into my Top 25 ballot even while the Hurricanes were rolling up a gaudy record. The one notable win came against Minnesota at home, but the 'Canes also played eight teams whose RPI is ranked 230 or lower, and four that are ranked below 300. They need to finish in the top five in the ACC or they could be in trouble.

Quit scheduling panzies

Let him go....K Patrick is definitely an upgrade. Have you seen USF's D- Line...yeah that's right 2 first rounders in this years NFL draft coming out of it. STEP UP MIAMI !

I heard several of the "smart" UM fans comment on how the rating of incoming recruits doesn't matter. Well here is proof schools with the best prospects are more successful.


Face it canes your best years are behind you.

Kevin patrick is staying @ USF. Skip Holtz is keeping him on his staff according to rivals.

Cane4Life: Last time we played UL31-um7! Remember?

Posted by: Phil | January 16, 2010 at 11:35 PM

Great point! But I'm speaking about the overall, not just one game. Remember, we also lost to ECU during Butch's tenure, I would reckon to say that we are a better program than ECU.

To make a statement that "Randy needs to man up" and fire someone is stupid...MAYBE WE NEED TO RESPECT HIM FOR HAVING CLASS WITH THE WAY HE IS HANDLING THINGS INTERNALLY...did you ever think that they are friends and that it is a sensitive issue? Pat Nix GOT CANNED...perhaps they were not friends and it was easier for him to make that decision. I think with Randy he tried to be a nice guy in the beginning by letting "his friends" be coaches...now he is realizing that is not working out....lets be thankful we have a guy like Kevin Patrick to fall back on...Our D line with him will be INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Check out You tube " A Tale of 5" about the run of runningbacks starting with EJ:
Edgerrin James



Who's next?

Bring Kevin Patrick home...

Why not try and get back the assistants Coker had fired...that loser!

This delay in blog posts is horrible. Miami Herald Editors: This is pathetic!


Mi. Taylor not coming.
Guess where he's going? You guessed it. UF. Word is, they promised him early playing time.

What are they promising recruits over yonder in _---ville?

Can't be championships. Theyre run is O-vah/

Kevin Patrick is an upgrade. Pack Hurtt's bags & sign Kevin Patrick.

If non of youall think Coaching and Recruiting are important for Miami in this day and age, you live in an alternate universe.

But each is important. One can be without the other.



1997- Coach Mike Dubose 4-7
99- 10-3
00- 3-8
2001 7-5
2002- Coach Mike Shula 10-3
2003 4-9
2004 6-6
2005 10-2
2006 6-7
2007 Enter Nick Saban 7-6
2008 12-2
2009- 14-0 national Champions

1997- 9-3
1998- 4-7
1999- 3-8
2000- 8-4 enter Nick Saban
2001- 10-3
2002- 8-5
2003- 13-1 National Championship
2004- 9-3
2005- 11-2
2006- 11-2
2007- 12-2 National Championship
2008- 8-5
2009- 9-4

3 points:
1) It takes time to get to the ship. Look at Alabama's record in the 90s. No UM team in the last 25 years has had that bad a run

2) But it also takes excellent recruiting and great football minds

3) Are we being impatient with Randy Shannon? is it too soon to be calling for his head?

4) Most young SEC fans forget about how bad the SEC was in the 90s and early 00s. Epsecially the LSUs, Alabamas and Auburns. Check their records!

Don't think Hurtt is leaving. Louisville staff has been named

Randy Shannon is done...

News just broke that he has taken the job at Louisville....got it from Rivals.Com...PLEASE BRING ON KEVIN PATRICK!!

what the hell is going on at Miami..cant keep a coach, cant get a recruit from right down the street, cant find no swagger to play with...this team is far from being the U

News just broke on Rivals.Com that he is gone....BRING ON KEVIN PATRICK!!

lolllllllllllllllllll, jeffery brown may pick us over illinois st!!!!!!!! www.firecoachshannon.com

The reason these kids are decommiting is because Randy cant pull the wool over thier eyes anymore,these guys see he sucks as a head coach and now the only thing he was good at (recruiting) is gone.

No randy shannon renewal coming through anytime soon. The writing is on the wall...recruits have noticed.

Get Mike Leach.

Who cares. Our D-line could not get a pass rush for the life of them and our recruiting is and was taking a pounding. If we can bring in another Cane who knows a thing or two about playing for a winning program, then yea this might be a good thing. I recall Kevin Patrick and this dude could put the pressure on the QB. Remember the Houston game when he sacked David Klingler like 5 times in that game. Just wondering does anyone know the name of the other D-End who was playing opposite of K. Patrick? I do not think it was Rusty Medearis. I remember bewteen K. Patrick and that other D-End Miami had a serious pass rush. Ahhh the good old days. GOOOO! CANES!


ESPN says KP staying at SF. What is going on?

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