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Source: Hurtt on way out; McGriff says he's 'staying'

CHARLOTTESVILLE -- Rumors have been swirling for days that a few Hurricane assistants could be on their way out. Turns out one of them is true and one isn't.

Clint Hurtt According to a source who spoke with our Susan Miller Degnan moments ago, defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt has been interviewed by Louisville and is likely going to be given a job on new coach Charlie Strong's staff. 

The other rumored coach to be leaving, defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff, told me moments ago he isn't going anywhere and "to please end the rumors."

"Any rumors of me leaving are totally false," Wesley McGriff said by phone Saturday night. "I'm staying at the University of Miami. I haven't spoken to anyone at Kentucky or any other school. I haven't interviewed. I'm a Hurricane. Please let everyone know that."

Hurtt has not answered repeated phone calls. But if we can get him on the phone, we will try to get something from him. Last week, a source told me the Hurricanes are interested in bringing in former UM defensive lineman and USF defensive line coach Kevin Patrick as Hurtt's replacement.

Stay tuned.


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You can bring in Dan Patrick...it ain't going to matter.

Four days now and NO updates. No word on Whipple, Hurtt, Patrick, other coaches, recruits that have/may bolt, ones that are on the bubble, solid ones, Cooper, or any considering xferring. Sad, but true. What is it you do all day at the Herald? Obviously, it's not to write about the Cane's! If only I could get a job like yours - I bet I could punch out at least a thousand words a WEEK. COME ON, GET WITH IT OR QUIT!!

UM basketball chokes... again,.

Now, if this isn't coaching aka leadership, after being up 17 pts, then what is it? Should we blame it on the players? This is Haiths' swan song. Three conference losses in a row. No, not to NC, not to Duke, Not to Ga tech. Haith is unfocused. His team reflects that. Buh Bye. If this were kentucky or Kansas, he'd be gone. Gone. Buh Bye.

On football, check out Barry jackson's column. Exactly whaty I've been asking of Manny: The whys about some of these recruits.

-excellent insight:

Grades. Without a doubt makes a difference. UM is not a state school. very demanding academics (ok ,relatively speaking)

Not what coaches are looking for. Perfect point. If ESPNS or Rivals top 100 are made up of 33 WRs, 33 rbs and 33 QBs, UM will not pursue them. Period. We need OLs and DLS with some LBS along the way! Ok we need a QB too.Plus, size matters. A 5-9 rb may not do well in this program's scheme.

Another intersting point- Todd Chandler whining about why he wasnt called back, and the Central Qb, Morrris, acting like, hey, it's their loss. I tell you I do not want to see a 5-11 Qb at UM. we need a big pocket passer. In fact, I am tired of "dual threat QBs" like marve, freeman, Highsmith. Youwant to run? play rb.

This blog started with baically talk that Kevin Patrick waas coming to the U. Now there is nothing that mentions that. What?


I am sorry to say it, but this blog isn't what it used to be... I don't know if it is U, the Herald, or maybe they have you on another beat, but this is crazy.

This blog went from the # 1 source for UM news, to middle of the pack at best.

I moved to DC about 8 months ago and looked forward to followig the Canes through this source, but unfortunately that isn't the case anymore.

We are two weeks away from NSD! Pick it up dude, you're the best at what U do!

Is it that getting any info out of Shannon's Hitler Youth Camp mission impossible? Something tells me that is part of the problem.

Also, Miami Northwestern coach Billy Rolle said coach Randy Shannon never got back to him when Rolle called to ask why Shannon had soured on four-star DT Todd Chandler, who was the Canes' first commitment in the 2010 recruiting class. "They stopped recruiting me and never explained why," Chandler said last month. "It's a slap in the face.".

Time to ask questions Manny!

manny. Where r u homie? We need some good stuff to read from you maaaaaan.

manny where are you ??? please post a recriuting update .. thanks


oh well I mean how could you expect someone to be a D-line coach for his entire career. Good luck coach hurtt. wish coach shannon was going with you!

We are hurting under Shannon. Is anyone else shocked about the lak of discipline and conditioning with this team? It's horrible. They don't put two games together that's the same. Did the same team play vt that played gt? Did the same team play Wisconsin that played sout Florida? We barely beat so many mediocre teams and lost to others that w shouldn't. What worries me most? Next year we play osu, and I'm from Columbus, and this town is arrogant, about the national championship and more and especially next year (and the year after). And btw, osu KILLED Wisconsin. Lastly, by far our best game was gt. Why? Because we cared, that's why. BecAuse of what they did to us last year, our coaches lack of heart (or instilling heart) didn't affect them because they already had it.

Yo yo yo!

Latest ESPN ranking of recruiting classes: UM moved up to 12.

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