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QB recruit Morris patiently awaiting clearance

Stephen Morris has known for quite awhile that he'll be playing for the University of Miami next season. But when his Canes career will begin exactly has remains a mystery.

Stephen Morris  Morris (6-2, 181) is patiently waiting and hoping for good news from his coach and athletic director regarding his ability to graduate early from Miami Monsignor Pace. The Catholic private school in Opa Locka usually doesn't let students graduate early. But Morris, who took an online English course to complete his requirements and has a 3.6 GPA and 1000 SAT score, is hoping to receive permission to do so in hopes he'll be around to participate in spring football.

With starting quarterback Jacory Harris expected to miss the majority of camp after having surgery to repair torn ligaments in his thumb on his throwing hand, Morris was looking forward to getting extra snaps with backup A.J. Highsmith. 

"It's just been frustrating," said Morris, who received an in-home visit from offensive coordinator Mark Whipple and receivers coach Aubrey Hill on Monday. "I don't even know the whole process. [Athletic director] Joe Zaccheo and [coach Alvin] Slaughter are trying to clear that up. But Pace is a private school and they do things differently. It's one of the disadvantages. If I won't be able to do it, I'll still be at UM learning the playbook and watching practices. I'm supposed to find out soon."

Morris had a tough senior season at Pace. The Spartans suffered a number of key injuries to players on both sides of the ball and failed to make the playoffs for the first time in 19 years despite finishing 7-3. Their losses were to Class 6A state champion Miramar (13-7), Class 2A state semifinalist Hollywood Chaminade (24-20) and regional semifinalist Gulliver Prep (28-27). 

Morris still completed 96 of his 179 pass attempts for 1,531 yards, 22 touchdowns and only six interceptions. He also ran for 125 yards and a touchdown. 

"The last game was fun," Morris said of his team's 48-13 blowout of Broward power Cardinal Gibbons. "We played the last game for pride. We finished out real good. It's just a bitter feeling my high school career is done and over with. Everything about my senior year was difficult. A lot of people went down with injuries and I was asked to step up a lot more. It's a lot harder when your starters are out on defense and offense. I felt real bad about not making the playoffs. But I think it was a good lesson learned. You aren't always going to be healthy. You have to fight through it. You have to come ready to play."

Morris took his official visit to UM in early December and hung out with a number of recruits. "I took my trip about three weeks ago," Morris said. "I went the trip before Brandon Linder committed. It was me, [Carol City receiver] Allen Hurns, [running back] Storm Johnson, [linebacker] Javarie Johnson, [running back] Eduardo Clements and two other linebackers. We had a good time. We all know we're going to be Canes, so it was nice to bond."

Morris said he doesn't have a playbook (recruits aren't allowed to) but he still attended a number of Hurricanes practices throughout the season and before the bowl game to take notes and learn. "I'd listen to Jacory call out the formation and I'd ask AJ and Spencer questions. I talk to Jacory, AJ all the time. We're chill."

Morris said he should find out after Jan. 14 if he will be able to enroll at UM when the spring semester begins on Jan. 19. 

> Hurricanes coaches have been visiting recruits around the country since Monday. UM currently has 25 commitments in its class. Look for more recruiting updates on commitments and targets here at Eye On The U over the next couple of weeks. 


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you know Pace administrators are gonna fold.. Morris see you in the spring


"> Hurricanes coaches have been visiting recruits around the country since Monday. UM currently has 25 commitments in its class. Look for more recruiting updates on commitments and targets here at Eye On The U over the next couple of weeks."

Thanks Manny. I know some folks are asking for "news", but since the news lately has all been bad, and the remaining players are holding off until signing day, no news is good news, IMO.

Folks, if there was anything to report outside of "I heard from my cousin that Seantrel Henderson had a UM hat on in the mall last week" then it would be here. Otherwise, we are just in a holding pattern to find out who the final 9 players will be.

I really hope this kid gets there for the Spring. I'm not worried about Harris being out (he'll be fine and is a vet), but this is a real chance to develop a high-quality backup and we need all the potential backups there. This kid is big and by all accounts has a big arm, so I think it is likely he'll be the number 2 guy by fall if he gets to UM for Spring ball.

Do the right thing Pace. If he's done with school then let him move on. He's got a 3.6 GPA for God sakes...he's ready.

Pick the U over offers from Cent Mich, Uconn, FIU,UCF, Northwestern, Purdue and Virginia. Another 3 start recruit. The heart and soul of the UM program and u wonder why they have fallen off.

manny is the Man !!
I don't care what jeremy says about you Manny, I think your the best !!! (J/k)
Hahaha !!!!

Good numbers but not great size. 6 foot 2 and 181 pounds. Usualy these stats are a little off. Might be closer to 6 foot and about 173 pounds. Need to keep recruiting. GOOOO! CANES!

If the Pace administration does not allow this kid to graduate early not only will they hurt their own athletic program (big time college programs have increasingly wanted their future leaders to come in early so that they may contribute in the fall), but they will also stall Morris' progression (reportedly very raw). Not exactly what you want your program to be known for.

16 grams, congrats for not being a moron like ron mexico, you were actually first, but as most people who are not total idiots found no need to write FIRST!!!! ron mexico, run to mexico loser, great contribution duh, FIrst!anyways. I don't knowmuch about Moris, but i am actually very glad to hear Jacorry is having surgery on his thumb, we all saw him regress at the end of the year, and now we can hope it was the thumb, and he will be the player we saw the first half of last year, and continue to improve, get healthy Jacory, and hope Morris ends up being a stud!Teddy Bridgewater, pay attention you are sorely needed, look forward to having you onboard next year teddy!

By the way, Manny, you came back in full force, sorry if I grew a bit impatient ,waiting for Canes news, looking forward to the recruiting news upcoming in the next couple weeks , thanks Manny!

Why not go to Texas, Oklahoma, or even Pennsylvania and "steal" a top QB recruit from USC, CAl, Utah, Texas, TTU, or Penn State instaed of staying 'round here? So Fl typically never produces excellent QBs. As it is, I am not yet convinced about Jacorry, injury or not. I am impressed about Joe Montana's kid, and others. Imagine Jimmy Clausen, the Boise STate kid, or someone like that at UM? we would have won the ACC this yr.

Manny- thanks for the barrage of info. And for allowing thee responses to come up quicker--- as long as the blog remains civil.

???Any info on Coop's injury? Has Willis Macgahee contacted him? If anyone could give him support it would be Willie- or evn Gore.

Any news on Shannon's contract extension? Any comments by Hocutt?

Thanks Manny!

Why are private schools so anti early graduation?


How many players from the U are in the 2010 Pro Bowl roster?

Answer: 7
Reggie Wayne
Andre Johnson
Vince Wilfork
Ed Reed
Ray Lewis
Jon Vilma
Bryan McKinnie

In waiting: Jon Beason
Brandon Merriwhether
Frank Gore
Kenny Phillips

Notice there were no gators in the 2010 Pro Bowl roster.

Who's next?

whats up with todd chandler are they letting him go ? i see he's got usf for a commit

Is this kid actually skinnier than me ?

"Why not go to Texas, Oklahoma, or even Pennsylvania and "steal" a top QB recruit from USC, CAl, Utah, Texas, TTU, or Penn State instaed of staying 'round here? So Fl typically never produces excellent QBs. As it is, I am not yet convinced about Jacorry, injury or not. I am impressed about Joe Montana's kid, and others. Imagine Jimmy Clausen, the Boise STate kid, or someone like that at UM? we would have won the ACC this yr."

You mean like Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman?

A lot of 3 stars,this is from one of the best recruiters in the country.HA!HA!He recruits about as good as he coaches.Get a real quaterback!The new miami,'AVERAGE'at best with Randy and his dream team of coaches.

how many INT's does he have?

Hmmm, well according to Manny, the staff is too good to recruit. I guess this story proved him wrong.



As far as you know are there any National QBs that Whipple has targeted and is recruiting or is Morris the only QB?

Don't most teams have 4 QBs at all times?

Hey Manny,

Thank you for the updates. Now I have question. It it true that Aaron Corp who is looking to transfer from USC is considering THE U. If so, will Randy finally cave and accept the transfer knowing full well that this team does not have a legit QB and that Corp might be what we need one year from now. He will still have two years left after hi sits this year. Harris is good but he is not great.

Any comment from the board or yourself?


After this draft the UF will have had more players drafted the UM.


go to http://umiami.ning.com/ and sign up to enjoy the ultimate fan experience. I just started it and I think with dedicated hurricane fans it could be fun and big. Its facebook meets twitter meets chatrooms meets blogs meets fun time for hurricanes!! lets start it together and have fun with it. go Canes!!

I have a feeling that Todd Chandler will be a Cane at the end of the day. The U or Chandler himself has a plan to 'stick it' to USF on NSD, like Webster did to us last year!


Skinny, short, and mediocre stats...should be given a try-out but not a scholly.

So the Canes are planning on bringing in around 25 players, but those who enroll early don't count against the 25 slots available for fall entry. In order to reasonably figure out how many more commitments the canes may try to get, we need to know how many recruits are expected to enroll early.

It sounds like Johnson, McDermott, and Bunche are for sure + Morris is trying, which would open up 3/4 more slots. Presumably a few more guys are trying to get in early too? Anyone know more?

Obviously, those that don't qualify also open up slots...

So Randy Shannon is fired if we don't win the ACC and Orange Bowl next season, right?

Someone make an arguement as to why we should be happy with anything less than that.

What do the Cane fans think it's gonna take to get the U into the top 5 programs in recruiting? Will the AD need to hire a top tier coach and get up off at least a million dollars in salary to attract the right coach to take the program to the next level?

How long is JH-s recovery supposed to take? Will he be "partially lame" in the hand like MArve is?

All in all, after allowing the devastaing blow of UM's loss to Wisc to subside, I have contemplated and come to the conclusion that UM lost to a good, good Wisconsin team with a lame QB, a relatively young team, and 2 quarters without our leading rb by only 6 pts and had a chance to win it. LAst year, Um lost to a Cal game at their house with potential 2009 Heisman candidate Jav Best (pre-injury) and a good overall Cal team.

I say, 9-4 isnt bad, could be worse:

FSU 7-6, 7-6, 7-6, minus 14 wins and facing probably more sanctions


Notre Dame

UF Lost everyone: Tebow, Hernandez, Spikes, Haden, rainey, Pouncey X2, etc etc

recall 1998 1999 : Um lost to EAst Carolina with Edgerrin James, reggie Wayne and Santana Moss! 1999 was the spring board. 2009 was the springboard

One last thought: Northern "slow" schools have caught up with the South's speed. I mean, Now, a cfb team has to win with strategy, coaching and pure desire. Northwestern put 620 yds on "speedy" Auburn. U Conn beat USCarolina, Look what Ohio State did to speedy Oregon! I dont buy ESPN's love affair with thye SEC anymore. Anybody can beat anyone anytime

man this blog has gone downhill !!!! this crap of waiting for days to read comments just Blows! , what a fall off in quality this has become , and im sure im not the only person who feels this way. thx alot.

We need a 6-5 guy that has an arm..not legs...Morris was brought in as a back up only...not our savior...

Maybe HS players should consider what Pace is doing before deciding to go a private school like Pace that will not bend their archaic rules to help a talented athlete with his future in college. If you are a HS player and want to get a head start in college your freshman year and perhaps start in a top program, then Pace is not for you.

TO: Brandon Harris on his facebook page calln out CANES fans!!!! How about winning and closing some games young man!!!!!

2 pigville GAYtor;
ed reed, 2-3 stars,
vince wilfork, 2-3 stars,
ray lewis, 2-3 stars,
reggie wayne, 2-3 stars,
andre johnson, 2-3 stars,
frank gore, 2-3 stars,
jonathon wilma 2-3 stars,
jon beason, 2-3 stars,
brandon merriweather 2-3 stars,
bryant mckinnie, 2-3 stars.




Ha ha ha. Texas lost.

Texas is soft. If I were Colt Mccoy I would have played even if I had to be carried unto the field. As it is, UM still leads Texas in NCs (5>4).

Game was over when.... Colt got hurt.period. Game ovah. Lucky Tide.
Texas had the Gatorade player of the year from 2008, texas hs all everything in Gilbert: 2 ints, one lost fumble. Game.

where is manny?! gimme something man!

The U is back yo.

How many teams got pummelled in bowls, while the U lost by 6 with an injured QB?

The U finished 19 inthe final rankings. Last time they were in the top 25 was 2005.

Ohio State fans are already talking smack. Check out many of the Fox Sports and other blogs. They feel they are going to hand the U their ()sses on a platter. really?

I hope they operate onJH sooner than later, so he can be ready by fall. That's 6 months, plenty of time. Otherwise AJ should be getting ready. First game is a practice game against FAMU. ?? Shades of 2008 when JH played FAMU because of Marves suspension, then Marve went into the swamp after his hand "healed" during the preseason? I hope not.

Olle Manny,

Que paso con el Blog. It is slower then molasses on a cold winters day?

“UM will receive a visit from a true sleeper 1 star DT Jeffrey Brown, who reportedly has an offer from UM, and from practically no one else…….”

please tell me this isn't the truth.

Four star recruit Dominique Easley go elsewhere and now Shannon is offering one stars?

Remember last summer when you all went for Manny's head for talking about all the SoFla recruits that are looking away from UM? I think everyone of you owe him a written apology and a Snicker Bar.

With Jim Leavitt getting fired at USF does Chandler change his commitment back to The U?

The top 25 Fla players are a great bunch, but UM has certain needs, and they recruit certain types of players for certain positions...

If that includes certain average O-Lineman, Linebackers, D-Backs and Back-up Q.B.s then Randy is having yet another stellar recruiting year...

I know it hurts to admit it Cane Fan, but U must be able to see that the best of the best, that become the best at the next level just aren't interested in U anymore as a TOP College Football Program choice... Well maybe U do, but U'll say wait til Feb. 3rd. signing day ... then Spring ... then Fall 2-days ... then the first half of the season... then how U finish the year (which, if Ur not Blind, is this programs major yearly downfall)... then a Bowl game leading into the recruiting season and next year... then after yet another mediocre 2010 ...

Rinse and repeat til 2012 ?

But U'll will pump up Ur chests at Ur Graduation rates and perceived ultra-talented youth that will blossom and all the while Donna will smile as she keeps stringing U along.


any of U remember when U could target ANY 4-5 Star kids U wanted and it got DONE ? And every year U had 40-50 studs Majoring in Football @ The U back in the day ?

Was nice huh ?

well, sorry, but that's over.


unless of course U get an on Campus 45k expandable to 60k seat HOME stadium ... Hell, even at Tropical Park, then it could be like old times again.

U need Azzzes in the seats and the KIDS NEED TO SEE THEM THERE GOING WILD !!! and then, maybe, U'll be back ...

Who would have thought that Randy Shannon would as of today be the most tenured head coach of a major Florida football program. IF the board is smart they lock Randy into a long term deal and recruit the hell out of USF, UF, and FSU kids with the comment of stability.

I hate to admit it, but we are getting are butts kicked in recruiting. All of the same schools (Texas, USC, Gaytors, Alabama)are picking up the big names and we are not getting it done. I realize that 5 stars turn out like Arthur Brown and Willie Williams but let's not rationalize that we are not attracting the best talent like we use to. I like Randy but he is losing the momentum that he had two years ago with the Jacory class.


Somebody please tell Shannon about this kid! He put a show at the Army All America game and the only offer he has is from Dartmouth!!

This has becaome a very lame UM football blog. I understand that Manny and the editors had to step their feet down for the uncontrolled chaos and anarchy that was occurring during the season, but now there is nothing.

Either Manny isnt doing his job as a reporter covering the U, or he has been reassigned. If the latter is the case, tell us, Herald, and remove this section. We'll be OK. many of us talk UM football at All canes, and many of us will shift to the Sun Sentinel or other venues, because this has become lame-O.


freedom for cane fans!! Post your own blogs, tell the world what you think about the canes in a new social networking site exclusively for cane fans!!

I thought UM was going to finish strong on the recruiting front, but not so sure now.

Another lanky smaller QB! Go get a Bigger kid out of Texas or California! Someone with an arm and some muscle! This QB situation over the last 8 years since Dorsey has been a Joke!! Florida sure is racking uo the recruits and we are not getting any of the top 100!!! This isnt the Miami we use to know and it shows on the playing field! Get rid of our so called great recruiting coach Shannon and get this program back to the dominance of the 80's and early 90's!!!! I sure miss those days after watching the U documentary on ESPN!

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