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Reports: Whipple not headed to USF

Rumors and reports began swirling last night that Canes offensive coordinator Mark Whipple had not only been interviewed for the head coaching job at South Florida, but was the leading candidate. 

Mark WhippleRegardless of whether or not either was true, it looks like Whipple won't be going anywhere at the moment. FanHouse.com is reporting the USF job will be going to former East Carolina coach Skip Holtz and according to the Tampa Tribune, a deal with Holtz is imminent. 

The bigger question for the Canes now becomes if and when they'll lose their offensive coordinator. Whipple has made it no secret he's interested in becoming a head coach at a BCS-level school. He was reportedly a finalist for the job at Cincinnati. He's also got plenty of NFL connections and could always end up leaving if former boss Bill Cowher ends up finding work. 

The Miami Herald has tried reaching Whipple by phone several times, but has been unsuccessful. Either way, losing Whipple, who is the assistant head coach, quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator, would be a major blow for the Canes. Hired a year ago to replace Patrick Nix, he turned UM's inept offense around. The Hurricanes scored 394 points, their most since 2002, and ranked 45th in total offense and 31st in scoring offense. 

> The Hurricane club is hosting "An Evening with UM Football Greats" on February 1 at the Fontainebleau on Miami Beach from 7 to 10 p.m. It is open to 500 guests and will feature UM coach Randy Shannon, former coach Jimmy Johnson and many former UM players including Russell Maryland, Ted Hendricks, Michael Irvin and Darin Smith. Tickets are $200 per person and will feature an open bard, hors d'oeuvres, buffet stations, coffee and dessert service. Call 305-284-6699.

> UM running back Javarris James and center A.J. Trump have accepted invitations to play in the East-West Shrine Game, which will be played in Orlando on Jan. 23. 


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We need to have an under study asst learning Whipple play book so he can be ready to step in when the time comes that Whipple does leave. I think he will be back for next season, but after that who knows. ( Manny I heard that Clint Hurtt is on his way out. Can you shed any light on that for us? )

He might be in orange next year as a vol

Glad to know he is still with us. Now, what's the succession plan if / when Mark flies the coop?

first..........Whip knows better than to leave now

Not exactly what we need!

I would love it if coaches would finish what they started instead turning tail. In Whipple's press conference when he was hired, he said he wanted a NC at Miami. Well, you can't leave until that is done! lol

IMO, the NCAA should make a rule, if a coach leaves that you were recruited by, you can leave too WITHOUT losing a year of eligibility.

Whip...please don't go....I'll cry. Too much emotion goes into being a cane fan and you are probably the brightest light we have in Coral Gables right now...Give us at least 1 more season and you will write your ticket.

We need 1 off season of stability. I'll reiterate....Mark Whipple I'm begging you....please don't go.....(yet):(

Signed ...Left at the alter

Praise the Lord! I think we all know Whipple is a great coach and will not be at UM for long. This doesn't concern me. What does concern me is that he doesn't leave THIS YEAR! We're poised for a return to the elite, and we need the staff in place. After next year we'll have a crop of experienced upperclassmen that can absorb a coordinator switch, but we need at least another year with this guy to bring us to the next level.

Please stay another year!

Go Canes!

I beleive that Whipple is safe for this year, unless something strange happens (and I know this has been the offseason of strange things happeining: Urban Meyer, Pete Carroll, Mike Leach, Lane Kiffin, etc.) Tennessee needs a big splash and Mark Whipple is not a big splash. Since Whipple wants to Coach at a BSC school, I beleive Tennessee, is the only available position. If UT hires away someone leses coach, then maybe Whipple goes there. A program like USF would be the type of program to take a chance on Whipple. Now, after the NFL offseason and hiring and firings go on there, maybe someone will hire Whipple as a OC. I don't think Whipple would go to another BSC school as an OC (Whipple knows that UM has great talent on offense and he has a year working with Jacory Harris a;ready). If UM has a very good/great season in 2010, then I know Whipple will get a HC job at a BCS school that has an opening. Bill Cowher will also get a HC job in the NFL and he will probably bring Whipple with him, either way Whipple will be gone. The key is for UM to hire someone to be an "apprentice" to Whipple (maybe hire the coach as an assistant QB coach or some made up title) and get him to work with Whipple, so that we are not left flat on our face in 2011. Again, he may be gone this year, but I think we retain him till 2011.

Trust me we I don't want him to leave. I think he did a great job. Something is telling me he wants to be a head coach. I can see him replacing coach Shannon next year if Randy does not make it to the ACC Chamionship and being in a big bowl game. I hate to lose Shannon, cfause he is a great recruiter. His attitude is ok with me. He just trying to keep his nose clean of any NCAA violations. Yes it looks like we losing the recruiting trail, but things are different from back in the day. This will be a big blow if we lose him. Why change again to new coaches and wait another 3 years. This would be another set back with coaches again when it comes top Miami. We need more old players on the team as assistant and as recruiters. That will help alot.

please don't leave us, mr. whip.

manny - you have been really lax lately with the recruiting updates. last year you were on fire. several times a day you had updates. this year it is like once every few days. what's up bro?

Is the vols a possible destination?

The hurricane club event is really good. You get to meet characters like Irvin, Sarge, and Sarasota. Those two are big time cane fans and shoudl be there.

Whipple is gone - why would he stay and play for someone that he is more qualified than to be head coach?

Randy is sweating bullets...his days are numbered once Whipple bolts.

I think Chud could be back as HC. He's been an OC in the NFL, something Whipple hasn't, and is an assistant/associate to Norv Turner in SD now.

It's unfortunate, RS would be a UM lifer but just isn't good enough.

If Cutcliff is hired by Tenn, then Whip might be a choice for Duke. If I were Shannon though, I'd already have "plan B" ready for execution. Anybody who thought that Whip wasn't using this position as a springboard for bigger and better things is fooling him/herself. I wouldn't fault him if he departed. That's the way the coaching world works. I am though grateful that we have a head coach who is loyal to the core.

I'm not worried. Next year when Randy finally gets canned Whip can move to Head Coach and bring in some real NFL assistants/coaches to help run the show.

His son is on UM's practice squad. I'm sure he doesn't want to leave his boy hanging.

make whipple our HEAD COACH

Wheres the man Ken Dorsey????

UM needs to get him in here so he can start preparing to take over once Whipple leaves

anybody agree?

How about Ken Dorsey as Whipple's understudy? I realize he's not going to get the experience quick enough to replace him, but it would be great to have Ken on our staff for the future. Either way, it's pretty clear more change is on the horizon for Miami - would be nice to have the facilities and money to pay for a succession plan like Texas and FSU did. In the meantime, it seems to me like we need a 12 game win streak to get us a N.C. before we lose Whipple and/or Shannon.

His on is on UM's practice squad. I don't think he'd bounce and leave his son hanging.

Chud would be good, if we were to move on (I stil think Coach Shannon can do the job, 2011 is an extremely important year for him), but Chud wants to be an HC in the NFL, not NCAA. From previous opening, it seems that Chud stays away from college like the plague. Now, that Miami has some talent, especially on offense, maybe he changes his mind, but he seems to want to stay in the NFL only.

Let him go, we can't get a pro style Q.B to come here we might as well find a coach that likes to run the wildcat formation.

The best for the


that could happen, is to:

Hire Whipple, and Fire Shannon !!!

Whipple would be a much better Head Coach, as Shannon ever will be.

I understand the complaints about Shannon but I hope he proves his critics wrong. This coming season, there'll be no more excuses. The players will be guys he recruited, they will be experienced and hopefully the coaching staff will remain stable. Anything less than 10 wins and he's going to be under intense heat. Unlike a lot of fans, I think Shannon is smart. I don't mind his stance with the media or his methods in recruiting. In the end, none of that matters. The only thing that matters is what you do on Saturdays. Shannon definitely gets that. The only question is: can he win on Saturdays?

Please give us so info. on Todd Chandler.

Why did a kid who committed to the U as a high school junior & was excited to be joining all his former classmates & friends, all of a sudden decommit.

I also noticed that Michelee Harris & Toran committed to other programs. Wasn't NW a Canes feeding ground.

Has Shannon fallen out of favor there?

The handwriting is on the wall. read and act before you weep UM administration. SHANNON MUST GO NOW. his entire staff MUST GO TOO. Whipple will be gone sooner rather than later, perhaps even at UT.
The recruiting this year is HORRENDOUS!!!!!! It was a big mistake in retrospect last year to let Bryce Brown leave. that sent a negative message to top recruits throughout the country.

Why is Luc, Joyner, Lemonier, Mccartney, Haris (Louisville of all places), Delvin Jones, Chandler, Torian Wilson, Dunkley, Elam, etc. etc. etc, going to other schools. WHY!!!!!!
Randy Shannon. Nobody has faith or confidence in him including Kirby Hocutt. If they did, they would have already signed him to a lucrative multi-year extension. Man up, and do it NOW before it is too late. He will be canned next year anyway if he does not win the pitiful ACC. Home games with NC, VT, and FSU next year, and a weakening of GT, and Clemson on the road makes the ACC ready for the taking. A very favorable fortuitous schedule.
Whoever scheduled Ohio State and Pitt back to back away should also be fired. But it is the ACC that matters. It must be ACC championship and BCS Bowl or Bust for Shannon. Hocutt and Shalala know it. How can she even stomach a loss to her old alma mater Wisconsin. What a SHAME!!!!!
Shannon and staff must go. he will have one last chance. It is not about race, but rather competency.

Most of us knew when Whipple was hired that he was just passing through. If anybody didn't believe that, this is your wake up call. Hopefully, Randy is already making a short list of candidates for next year.

Good to here about a Miami OC that someone else wants. Seems like every coordinator since Chud has been fired.

Ken Dorsey will take this year to shadow coach whipple, and than when he leaves Kenny will take over the OC and QB coach. Ray Lewis will probably retire if the ravens win the super bowl. I would not discount him coming back in a assistant role to the defense.

Very little information on this blog- Why MAnny? Is it because very little info is being provided by Shannon and co.? There are a large number of questions that we the fans would like to have answered about the canes:

- Status on Coop. Would Coop consider applying for another year at UM, or will he do like McGahee?
- status on Ojomo
- status on J-12

recruit info. and updates.

- inside coop on any Hocutt-Shannon talk regarding contracts

Hocutt never made a statement about the season. He never commented about the Wisconsing game. He has been very hush hush about Randy Shannon. Why?

- IS Shannon looking at other potential QB recruits? Transfers?

As a FSU alumni (also grad school alumni at UM) I am don't understand Miami fans keep on bad mouthing Randy. I think he is doing a great job and given a few more years will have a national championship. Miami is not the top coaching job most believe. Pay is lower and you are playing in a pro style stadium 25 miles from campus. I root for Miami unless they are playing FSU, so I want to see both programs get back to where they were and I think Randy is the man.


What U have to understand about Miami fans is that they are dillusionsal. They've watched superior teams and players for years and are spoiled and unrealistic. All the idiots wanting Whipple to be the Head Coach dont understand that the money wont increase that he'll be able to spend on assistants. People have superiority complexes, and they think somehow that Whipple is so much smarter and professional, just b/c he is White. Sad, but its the truth. If the team doesnt win the NC and blow teams out, then Shannon isnt smart, cant coach, needs to ne fired etc. There is no way that UM will remain successful over a period of time switching coaches. This isnt the Schnellenberger, J. Johnso, Ericson era. College football is much different nowadays. You see the decline after Butch left. The sad truth is any success at UM means the coach will be offered more money then the University will be able to pay him. Dont know too many coaches that will stay around and coaches for millions less than what they're being offered.

What a difference 107 days makes.....

It's clear Whipple still has aspirations to be a Head Coach. What I'm surprised nobody on here is talking about is that his relationship with Shannon is probably the main reason he will expedite his departure.

It's obvious that Whipple and Shannon are not getting along well. Anyone with two good eyes can see that from their body language on the sidelines. Also, many of us have heard that the staff is in turmoil. I know I'm not the only one that has heard that Hurtt has been causing issues and is on his way out.

Manny has already expressed his belief that the staff needs to work harder for recruits. My gut tells me the internal staff drama is having an impact on recruiting this year as well.

It could be a matter of time before it starts to affect the players if it has not already.

Randy certainly has a lot to think about this off-season.

But I think there is one thing that Randy needs above all else to survive. He needs strong player leadership. It's time for the players with big personalities to step up and start leading this team.

Can Whipple recruit...because if he can, we should make him the head coach. Let's not kid ourselves about 2010, this team is going to be the same or worse and Shannon is going to get fired.

I want to see what you pro-Shannon guys are going to say when Ohio St. beats the crap out of us.

It's been years since the Fiesta Bowl and now we finally get to see them again. Only this time we're bring a tenth of the talent, no offensive line, no defense, and limited swagger.

I think I could of done a better job then Nix, ok I know I could of but with that said he is a good coach but it is not going to make me sad when he leaves. He did not make good adjustments in games in my opinion and he is just like the rest of these coaches we've had in the last ten years they have no clue how to manage the clock in a two minute drill. Not once all season did Jacory ever stop the clock by grounding the ball, they always used a timeout how on earth can you not have your team prepared for the two minute drill ahead of time. These are things that should be taught in practice and yet we seen it go bad once again in the game against Wisconsin. Yes he has been a plus for the Canes but in my book he is replaceable he isn't GREAT.

Hey caneboss you hit it on the head these so-call fans think Whipple is smarter then Randy because of race it is sad but true. And to you swagger-lite you think we are going lose to Ohio State what kind Cane fan is you. I support Coach Shannon 100%. Go Canes 2010!


Love the post....says it all!

Doubt Whipple will go anywhere this year. He wanted a BCS school and that's doubtful right now. His buddy, Cowher, has already decided not to got back to the NFL this year so the pro ranks looks doubtful as well. 2011, he's gone.

If Whipple goes, then Randy should be next, and I mean immediately. I have been a Shannon supporter, but hey, if Whipple does leave, it means Jacory and co. will have their 3rd OC in as many years. This program needs stability, and it's been a tumult of issues and problems ever since Shannon took over. Yeah they won 9 games, but the way they got that 9-4 record was really unimpressive. They got blown out by VT, and their only significant win was against a one dimensional GT team that got exposed in the bowl against Iowa. So that's not saying much (don't argue the squeaker vs. Oklahoma at home w/o Bradford...please don't). They finished 4-3 after the A&M/UCF gimmes, and the 4 wins were nip and tuck against average (at best) teams. I don't have any optimism for next season being positively different. In fact, I see them backsliding viciously if Whipple leaves. Why not start the new direction now and clean house if Whipple goes? Why even hire the guy if he's ready to bolt at the first signs of success? Clean house! That'll give Jacory two years under a new head coach and OC. God I'm sick of this! It's always freakin' something with this program!

To Swagger-Lite:

FSU, GT & OK were supposed to "beat the crap out of us" this yr and when Shannon found away to beat them the media said they werent as good as expected. Im interested in hearing what the media & fair-weather fans like Swagger-Lite will say when we beat OSU next yr.

FSUUMALUMNI- lol i see why you want shannon to stay, the gayturds wanted bowden to stay at F$U badly as well, nuff said! by the way someone started www.firecoachshannon.com, check it out

First TN will not hire whipple..they want stability..Whipple is not staying put anywhere..TN will hire Cutliff from DUKE and he will have the job for 20 years..he is a TN guy...Back to WHip..he graded a c last year in my mind..so he has alot to prove..he was in too much of a hurry to score instead of moving the chains especialy with our horrible Defense that could not stop Duke,VT or Wisc..the FSU game he saw what the players were capable of and should have stuck with that ..coop at WR etc...he got to impaitent and put Jacory in bad situations...WE HAVE ALWAYS been a run team..ALWAYS..we get back to that we will be fine..Jacory will never win the heisman..( Mia will never get the votes) so just use him wisely....GO CANES

The problem with hiring Whipple as head coach, as some are suggesting, is you still have the same problem...as soon as a better opportunity comes he'll go (speaking NFL opportunities).

Whereas with Shannon, you have a guy who bleeds for the U and is committed to stay. All along, Randy has been a class act. He's getting better and his recruiting classes have been solid. Folks need to chill with the Randy obsession. Rome wasn't conquered in a day.

Disappointing to see so many so-called U fans who are ready to mutiny whenever the team hits a speed bump. You think Ray Lewis or Ken Dorsey would ever take such a negative stand? What Randy and the team needs now, and what recruits need to see is your support. I am a lifelong canes fan and I am concerned about the same things you are, but I believe people need a realistic chance to get the job done. Randy is not perfect but we are very fortunate to have him. He is learning and growing in his first head coaching job, and the team is progressing each year so far. I say back off, focus on the positives, and give him time as long as he and the team continue to improve.


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