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Reports: Whipple not headed to USF

Rumors and reports began swirling last night that Canes offensive coordinator Mark Whipple had not only been interviewed for the head coaching job at South Florida, but was the leading candidate. 

Mark WhippleRegardless of whether or not either was true, it looks like Whipple won't be going anywhere at the moment. FanHouse.com is reporting the USF job will be going to former East Carolina coach Skip Holtz and according to the Tampa Tribune, a deal with Holtz is imminent. 

The bigger question for the Canes now becomes if and when they'll lose their offensive coordinator. Whipple has made it no secret he's interested in becoming a head coach at a BCS-level school. He was reportedly a finalist for the job at Cincinnati. He's also got plenty of NFL connections and could always end up leaving if former boss Bill Cowher ends up finding work. 

The Miami Herald has tried reaching Whipple by phone several times, but has been unsuccessful. Either way, losing Whipple, who is the assistant head coach, quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator, would be a major blow for the Canes. Hired a year ago to replace Patrick Nix, he turned UM's inept offense around. The Hurricanes scored 394 points, their most since 2002, and ranked 45th in total offense and 31st in scoring offense. 

> The Hurricane club is hosting "An Evening with UM Football Greats" on February 1 at the Fontainebleau on Miami Beach from 7 to 10 p.m. It is open to 500 guests and will feature UM coach Randy Shannon, former coach Jimmy Johnson and many former UM players including Russell Maryland, Ted Hendricks, Michael Irvin and Darin Smith. Tickets are $200 per person and will feature an open bard, hors d'oeuvres, buffet stations, coffee and dessert service. Call 305-284-6699.

> UM running back Javarris James and center A.J. Trump have accepted invitations to play in the East-West Shrine Game, which will be played in Orlando on Jan. 23. 


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Swagger-lite is predicting that we are going to have no O-Line next year, no defense, and limited swagger...

Firstly, who cares about swagger... Most inner-city black athletes have swagger and since the old Canes teams were comprised of those said athletes, the swagger was natural... Swagger doesn't come and go, the media just likes to use the played out term to sound cool...

Beyond that, if you think our O-Line and defense won't improve over this ENTIRE offseason, then you're silly... We improved tremendously from last year and I'm sure Bill Young was a better DC than Lovett... Just let these kids learn and develop...

Fake fans are the funniest people on Earth, lol... Go route for the team that wins a NC every season and then you'll never have to deal with this player development and recruitment hogwash!!

Swagger lite: Ohio ST has a fraction of the talent they had in 2002-2003. they have more or less equal QBs, and maybe slightly better linebackers, but overall the main difference is coaching. They will not whoop us. Wisconsin and OSU played close last year and we lost to a UW team with a lame QB by only 6.

Jaime I must desagree with you in the fact that Wisconsin only beat the "U" by 6 points. I was at that game and the truth is Miami was lucky they did not lose that game by 20 points. The "U" was dominated the entire game on both sides of the ball. Ohio State beat a very good Oregon team in the Rose Bowl. Oregon won the PAC TEN while Wisconsin was maybe the 3rd best team in the BIG TEN. If Ohio States defensive and offensive lines are anything like what Wisconsin brought to the table this year then Miami could get beat pretty bad at Ohio State next year. I also don't like the fact that the Ohio State game will take place on September 11. Not a very good day for football in my opinion. Still a long way to go till that game but Miami's last game left much to be desired. GOOOO! CANES!

I think unless offered some un-Godly salary and deal, Whipple knows he'd be a FOOL to leave. We are right on the cusp of being in the elite again, and he knows it, and so does everyone else. He knows that his offense is a mini NFL offense, and can be very dangerous. What coach wouldn't love to thave that at his fingertips. Yeah, I dont' think he's that stupid.

Dear Coach Shannon,

Please do not bring that stuff up here that your coaching staff put on the field against VT, NC, & Wisc. It was really and truly embarassing and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I live here in Columbus and I can rest asure to all of the UM fans that Ohio States offensive and defensive lines will wear Miami down. I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that when I saw UM's upcoming schedule a few years a go and saw OSU was down the road I literally lost my mind. Finally, if not a bowlgame, a chance to show who is really the best. But after all of these years it is a lowdown dirty shame that this is the best us Canes fans has to look forward to. I have gotten hammered in more ways than anyone could imagine since that lost to the luckeyes and it looks like the tortue will continue. It ain't about me, but I thought by this time Miami would be coming with something but now I will have to re-live this nightmare all over again. The same style of football that VT, NC, & WISC. offered, expect the same up here on 9/11/10. Although I am, and will always be a true UM Canes fan, the truth is and most of you know, this team will get pounded physically, outplayed and definitely outcoached here at the "shoe". Good luck Canes, try to enjoy yourself while your here, I'm with you all the way, but as much as it HURTS & KILLS ME to say this, this will be a lost that us Canes fans will have to face and swallow!!!!!!!!!!! Until the next time


Sad here in Columbus

Recruiting is fine. This team has alot of young talent. Shannon knows how to recruit. Just get someone in there to understudy Whipple for when he is gone.

Good college teams are mainly about recruiting though. Talent wins most of the time.

"People have superiority complexes, and they think somehow that Whipple is so much smarter and professional, just b/c he is White. Sad, but its the truth."

Posted by: CaneBoss | January 14, 2010 at 09:29 PM

Wrong! Remember Coker...we knew he was destroying the program and wanted him canned...he is White!

Plan for Canes success next season:

Bring Gino Torretta on board to get things fired up on the offense, put Shannon back on defense, and make Whipple HC.

Result: Another NC in the bag!

as a miami grad , I cant take being avg year after year. Shannon is a disgrace to miami's football program ,he is an assistant not a head coach . They will never win with him.. The program is a joke they can;'t even keep the boys in the back yard and have to go elsewhere to get second rate players.

Miami Meltdown again,,U gotta love average ,cause that;s all it will ever b. With this coach...Maybe a 2nd place in the ACC one day . Way to go coach coker , Shannon

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