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Barrow to coach UM's linebackers again

A few internet reports surfaced Thursday saying UM assistant Micheal Barrow had been flown up to Gainesville to be interviewed for the Gators' co-defensive coordinator job. No word yet if it really happened, or if Barrow has been offered any job with the Gators. 

Micheal BarrowBut as far as the Miami Hurricanes are concerned, Barrow will be coaching linebackers in Coral Gables when spring football begins Feb. 23. The Palm Beach Post's Jorge Milian first reported Thursday that Barrow, who was UM's linebackers coach in 2007 and 2008, was returning to those duties after spending last season as a defensive assistant. Defensive coordinator John Lovett, who coached the linebackers while Barrow worked with the defensive ends and special teams last year, will concentrate solely on his primary job. 

I spoke to someone at UM Thursday night who told me Barrow's move last year was made in attempt for him to learn more facets of the defense, and make him a stronger candidate to become a defensive coordinator down the road. Barrow spent 13 seasons in the NFL after winning two national titles at UM in 1989 and 1991 and was the defensive coordinator at Homestead High in 2006.

> The Arizona Cardinals team blog reported earlier Thursday that defensive backs coach Teryl Austin had accepted the job as Florida's defensive coordinator, although UF has yet to formally announce it. 

> For those of you wanting a taste of Canes baseball, the team will be hosting FanFest Saturday at Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field at 3:30 p.m. A home run derby at 5:30 p.m. will be followed by the alumni game at 6:15 p.m. 

> I'll be taking a few days off over the next two weeks as I prepare to cover the Florida Marlins and Spring Training. Our Susan Miller Degnan will continue to cover the football team throughout spring football. I'll be popping my head in from time to time with practice reports. Adam Beasley will be covering Canes basketball. 


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Thanks, Manny.

Do you think you could find out the other schools (other than UF) that tried to hire away UM's other coaches?

U da MAN Manny! Nice report. See U around.

barrow is set in the bank he aint going any where he probaly needed to go to canesville to show urban haw to be a player and not a criier

now i see why our d-line was so bad...lol...he's a Lb coach keep him there

Al Gore must be a Gayturds fan. He created the internet to spread rumors about Miami coaches leaving, and to spread his message about GLOBAL WARMING while it snows in North Florida. Go figure?

Hi, Michelle Kaufman, Manny's Miami Herald colleague, barging in on his blog to ask for a favor. I teach a sportswriting class at UM and my students launched a sports blog. Please go on, read, and leave some messages (but keep them clean!)
Blog is at http://cnj523.wordpress.com

Taking a break? This blog has been essentially non-existant the last 3 months. Are you kidding?


What a shame.

they really need to keep barrow, I really like the idea of keeping it in the family, hopefully barrow stays and eventually becomes our defensive coordinator. This team needs to keep coaches who are grandfathered into the program, I may not be crazy about shannon, but he's been with the U his entire life, and thats what we need.

Nice article Manny. Keep doing what you do playa. I wanted to thank you for taking the time during this hectic time of year for you and still keeping us fans updated on all thing Canes

Gator Nation will LOAO if we take your only reputable coach!

And finally Manny came out of hibernation!! Please I need my daily fix of Canes news!! Thanks a lot for your work!!

if barrow worked with defensive ends and hurtt worked on the rest of the D-line. y cant Shannon hire someone to coach inside receivers. UM would be a lot more successful if they hired more coaches to work the sub-group positions.

Nice try manny--trying to pawn us off on the bball guy. We staying with you so hit us up on anything you got on our canes football.


I was thinking the same thing, joker

Enjoy the time off Manny! I look forward to your artiles often.

Hey, maybe he actually went up there for a one day seminar to figure out how our L.B.'s & saftey's can learn to cover a T.E.

Michelle Kaufman is hot!!!

Something smells here....Barrow was demoted last year, now he's back coaching Lb's. What is going on over there?

Emilio: Our receivers coach might be the only position coach who has any clue about teaching fundamentals. The receivers looked pretty good last year....there plenty of broken stuff, let's fix that.

"The crowd numbered less than 500, pep band included, when the Hurricanes took the court a few minutes before tip-off. Despite their tradition of poor attendance, the Hurricanes are playing their best at home, where they're 11-1."

im not even gonna sugar coat it. our fanbase is sorry. do any of the students/alumni/locals even realize we have athletics!?


Barrow is abandoning ship! He knows that this will be Shannon's last year. After another mediocer season Shannon will be gone and his average coaching staff with him. He would be a fool not to go to Gainesville. Say what you want about the Gators but their coaching staff and Univ. President is far Superior to Miami's. If we want to have a top 5 program we have to spend money to get quality coaches.

I am glad that he is back home at the "U"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HC is a joke, assistant coach is not wanted by UF, best backyard recruits don't want anything to do with U, lower ticket prices to near free in desperation and soon North Florida will be better then U.....yea, I'd need time off to.....in a psyc ward.....

Got to love those "CANES"

Canes baseball? College baseball is now a total farce. The only players that play it are the ones not good enough to go directly to the pros right out if high school. Only losers play NCAA baseball now.

Hey Manny any new updates on Seantrel Henderson? Does it still look as if he will be going out west? How are the chances with Miami looking?

the d ends were horrible/ and special teams were last in the ACC...so move him back to LB coach...what is Shannon thinking...getting him ready for a DC job while destroying our season and players for the NFL...get real...

UF DT Brown arrested for batter- Great job Jeremy Foley and Urban Liar, that's 27 arrests in 4 years.


Time to bring DORSEY in to coach the QB's and learn Whipples offense ... Let Whip focus on OC duties and Dorsey pick his brain ...

That way, when Whip bolts somewhere to be HC at nowhere U we got our butts covered.

Miami LB McCarthy won't move to middle this spring

Sporting News staff reports
Feb. 15, 2010 - 1:10 p.m. ET

Miami coach Randy Shannon had hoped to move Colin McCarthy to middle linebacker when the Hurricanes begin spring practice Feb. 23, but the plan has been scrapped, according to a report by The Palm Beach Post.

McCarthy will remain at outside linebacker because injuries to Ramon Buchanan (shoulder) and Jordan Futch (knee) will keep both players out during spring practice. Shannon said McCarthy could be switched to the middle in the fall.

Redshirt freshman Shayon Green will open with the No. 1 defense at middle linebacker in the spring. Green missed all of 2009 because of a knee injury.

Starting G Joel Figueroa could miss spring practice as he recovers from shoulder surgery, the newspaper reported. DT Marcus Fortson, who redshirted last season because of various injuries, is expected to practice during the spring.

I know Arthur Brown is no longer a member of Miami AND i do not think he is even in classes any longer. That said, I have read everything from a) he is taking a leave of absence, which I know is probably not true ... there is no way he returns b) he is tranferring to Kansas or, more often, K-State - I am not sure that he could even play at either of these schools if they want someone dedicated to football and not the publicity of his brother, and c) he is transferring to BUTLER so he does not have to sit out a year: As if he would EVER get drafted after doing NOTHING AT UM even if he had the 1AA Walter Payton award come to him at BUTLER or any other 1AA school. Boy I wish he had washed out two years ago and either Marti had NOT become a violent sociopath and / or Zach Kane had gotten his stuff together and gotten into school, but we were not so lucky.

When was it announced that Brown was leaving school (even though it was largely speculated)? Does anybody think that was in part his way of sticking it to UM for the whole BB circus. So Miami only has four LBs with any playing time at all: Buchanon, Spence, McCarthy, & Futch. We have Corneilius and Nelson as LEGIT lbs coming in and a couple of projects. Lastly, who do we have that have never played but are listed as LBs either cuz of RS or injury? Shayon Green? CJ HOLTON? Am I forgetting anybody ... Honestly, I think if Miami were to have an injury shortage of LBs again, with Sharpton and Brown making our numbers 2 less, if we get that back up kicker from STA and he is adequate, I would allow Bosher to be a back up LB as he has shown he knows how to tackle as he is our surest tackler on special teams, and he is A REAL FOOTBALL player not like other kickers.

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