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Canes land tight end, miss on 3 others

CORAL GABLES -- At 1 p.m. University of Miami coach Randy Shannon will meet reporters in the Edgerrin James room at the Hecht Athletic Center to discuss his 2010 recruiting class. 

Astante Cleveland Among the new players Shannon will be able to talk about is Sacramento Christian Brothers tight end Asante Cleveland, who picked the Canes over Washington State this morning. Cleveland (6-5, 245) becomes the third tight end in this class for UM, which is also bringing in Texas Junior College recruit Chase Ford and Belle Glade Glades Central basketball star Clive Walford.

Cleveland sort of carries the theme of this Canes class: he's another big, athletic body at a position of need. At 6-5, 230 pounds, he is considered the 15th best tight end in the country by Rivals.com. He combined to catch 45 passes for 674 yards and 11 touchdowns his final two seasons of high school. He also played some defensive end. 

Cleveland, a three-sport star (basketball, track), was committed to Washington State until he took a visit to UM two weeks ago.

"He's a great kid," his coach Andre Johansen said. "His dad played a little bit with the Dallas Cowboys back in the day. He was a defensive end. Asante has a little bit of that pedigree."

UM still has a shot at two more nationally-ranked recruits: Seantrel Henderson, a 6-8, 340-pound mammoth offensive tackle from St. Paul, Minn. who was named Parade Magazine's National Player of the Year and Fontana (Calif.) linebacker Josh Shirley, a 6-2, 225-pound All-American. Henderson will announce his decision on CBS College Sports Network at 3 p.m. 

Miami struckout on three other players they had a chance at landing Wednesday morning. 

Miramar High receiver Ivan McCartney, a U.S. Army All-American, went to the podium with a UM hat in hand. But right before he made his announcement in the school auditorium, his younger sister, Tanika, ran on stage and handed him a Mountaineers cap, which he promptly put on his head.

McCartney said while he had developed a strong relationship with UM quarterback Jacory Harris on his visit, ultimately, his relationship with former Miramar quarterback Eugene Smith, a freshman on the Mountaineers, and his belief in the quarterback West Virginia is bringing in this year swayed him. 

"I'm just looking to bring some Florida swagger up there," McCartney said. "I just chose what was best for me. I made my decision last night. After talking with coach, we did a little quiz and it really opened my eyes. I'm real happy with it. I told Gino last night. He's probably up in his dorm room bouncing around right now."

The Hurricanes were thought to be the favorite to land Chatham (Va.) Hargrave Military Academy defensive end Ego Ferguson. But the 6-3, 275-pounder who grew up in South Florida and whose father played at Miami Edison surprisingly chose LSU over the Canes, Florida State and a handful of other schools.

Olive Branch (Miss.) offensive tackle Shon Coleman, considered a long shot for UM, picked Auburn as most expect.


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Again, what about TE Christian Thomas? He kind of fell off the Miami media's radar? What gives?

great pick up!!!!

Henderson would be key. An impact DL is what our defense has lacked in recent years. Pressure from the front 4 is what helps make the LBs and DB's so much better. No matter how good a cover corner you are, you can't cover forever if there is no pressure from the DL to force QB mistakes.

Help Us Seantrel Henderson, your our only hope!

For Ivan Mccartney to pull that stunt in South Florida shows one of two things -He is a classless jerk or Miami balked at him academically and told him he needed prep school
where WVU let him in despite an ACT score of 15 which is just above neanderthal level.

Way to go Ivan ' bring that Florida swagger" to WVU- what a joke , i'm sooooo glad he did'nt come here, he'll be in trouble in 2 years ,all talk like his Cuz- did'nt have the grades too, no loss at all- p.s. young guys the "hat game" is really , really really tired

Good job randy!!!!! You are suppose to be a so-called GREAT RECRUITER; however this year you totally blew it!!!

Henderson's going to USC.

U guys suck anyway. WVU will make to a BCS game and I will play right away.

I agree with Doug113. The hat game went out with the high top fade a while back ago! Come on guys, get a new routine. PS. Its not Florida swagger son, its UM Swagger!! WVU?? LOL! Nice!!

Congratulations on the 27th ranked recruiting class. Its a shame that all you punks have to hang your hat on is how many pro bowlers you have...WHO CARES. All of a sudden the U is all about pro bowlers and academics. YEAH RIGHT.

I want a family here not maybes...welcome assante...( guy these names are hard to spell)

PS manny thanks

I agree with DOUG113... Hat game is immature. I want kids that commit early to the U.. Just look to the NFL.. Yes we have fallen off lately with bad years under Coker, and Shannon just starting to go on a roll. We have a group right now that WILL be playing on sundays. This is a solid class especially if some projects pan out. We all now know that AB was a great kid, just not a great football player. Looked real good in Wichita. Do they play football in Wichita? LETS GO CANES!!

Everything happens for a reason the u.m. Gods know all

Is Randy Shannon a closer or a poser?

You tell me!

so tired of these hat games, go luck at wvu

Good luck to you in WV! You could have been a star at Miami if you have the work ethic that you say you have.

Someone needs to remind Ivan that swagger is ONLY attainable at the U. If you're not a 'cane, you don't have it and certainly can't take it to West Virginia. Congrats on being from the state of Florida, kid, but you don't have swag unless you join the 'canes.

And of course you'll play right away! not much talent to compete with or help you out up there. Should've picked J-12.

I'm not sold on this class, but I'll give the coaching staff the benefit of the doubt. Don't get me wrong, I think this class can be great. I saw some YouTube highlights of Cleveland and he looks like the real deal, regardless of whatever two-star rating Rivals gave him. It would be nice to pull in the bigger names, but I'll leave all the evaluating up to Shannon and his staff. If there's been one thing that the 'Canes have been really good at the past couple of seasons it's getting contributions from players from wherever they can. Now Shannon's got his guys in place so it's time to put up.

*Sigh* So..yea..we did feel some positional needs with some solid and under-the-radar guys. But to hear all these analysts barely even mention the []_[]'s today really hurt. We won 9 games...improved in overall performance (even though there were screw ups that cost us those L's) and its like we weren't event relevant. But it sure did hurt today watching the Cane Nations. Randy I hope you know what the hell your doing, cuz right now we sure dont have any respect. It's like we dropped lower than last year. I don't know how long I'll be able to do it anymore...but "In Randy We Trust"....Go []_[]!!!

Lets see what happens... Im not confident about Henderson or Shirley and let us be honest here... Who knows what that slimeball Kiffin said, or "gave" those two guys recently...

If I was a recruit, I'd be scared to death playing for that guy, because a) He has coached at 3 different locations the last 3 years (Oakland, Tenn, USC)... what stability


b) the guy is so crooked and corrupt that he will have USC on probation in no time!

In regards to this class, I am disappointed, but at the same time, I do not watch film, know these recruits grades/character, etc...so... I hope that Randy knows what he is doing, because he's the one getting payed to make these decisions...

I am just a fan, but a vastly impatient one... ACC championship or bust this year Randy... Your job should depend on it!!

Yeah Randy sucks....even though Miami has the 12th best class, (not 45 or even 30th) but 12th. He sucks.



@hogtown gator- I'd rather be about pro bowlers and academics instead of eye gougers and criminals. The University of Miami has way more to hang a hat on than the university of Felons. That's a fact and can't be disputed fool. Whatever recruiting class the Miami ends up with, I'd rather be a Cane then a gaytor!

Need players who want to be at The U period. Really like that we have filled holes and have a great OL in place, great running backs and a big TE from Cali, and 5 strong LB's. Our weaknesses have been addressed. We are fine at WR already and QB too. If we can land Henderson or Shirley it will cap off a top ten class. As Arthur Brown proves this is not science, but hoping you find players with some heart. Ray Lewis was not highly recruited, so you never know.


InsideTheU Chris Stock: andres, I think it's because they werent in on kids early enough and not identifying the top talent in South Florida.... they need to develop strong relationships with the high school coaches in the area, put in their time, and really make an effort on getting kids down here as opposed to making excuses


WTF have we been doing with our recruiting. Florida kids, not kids from other places.

Any more gators get D.U.I. 'S today?- I haven't looked it up yet.

The canes will be playing for 3rd place in the ACC. Bet on it homie - everyone knows it.

Unfortunatly, its UF swagger for anyone under 30...

I hope Randy wins the ACC this year or the fan base is going to have a fit...

Yeah good pick Ivan. Geno Smith is mediocre at best. Proof was in the bowl against FSU.

Hog town gator- get used to 8-5 records. Timmy Jumpass Tebow is gone. 5th round draft. Will clean Channing Crowder's jock at the dolphins.

By the way- Yopu will never develop at WVU. That gimmicky option-spread is all run.

With Noel Devine, how many balls do you think will come your way? LOL!!!

Filling needs...great class and it could get better.

Go Canes!

we don't need no EGOs down here

You guys need to take a step back and remember that these player rankings mean nothing. Scout.com, rivals.com all a complete fraud. There is no basis of comparison for these players..they are kids with zero relevant experience. Just take a look at this stellar class we signed in 2004 http://recruiting.scout.com/a.z?s=73&p=9&c=8&toinid=673&yr=2004 This goes to show you that the difference between a 5 star and a 3 star recruit is meaningless. Shannon signed a solid class and met our needs. The rest will tell it's story over time.

RANKING A CLASS NOW IS PREMATURE...No one will know how good a class is until these kids are juniors and seniors!


Henderson would be huge for this class. We have a ton of talent coming back next year and one of the best O-Lines in college. Ivan McCartney was scared of a little competition. Go to WVU, how many WR's went to the NFL from there dummy? We filled needs, next year all you haters will eat your words.

are you people bum these kids are not going to start at Miami why would they come Miami will not hand out starting jobs to anyone you have to earn it that's how they do it in the NFL randy and whip are running this team like the NFL that's why the NFL is drafting Miami players they come in ready to play i am happy with what Miami is doing because you cant play 105 all-starts only 22 get on the field

happy with what coach shannon is doin ! miami wat dey do ! plus i dnt think ivan would have played till he was a junior if he woulda came to u.m !

I loved getting that Free trip to Miami...Thanks "U"

Congratulations on the 27th ranked recruiting class. Its a shame that all you punks have to hang your hat on is how many pro bowlers you have...WHO CARES. All of a sudden the U is all about pro bowlers and academics. YEAH RIGHT.

Posted by: Hogtown Gator | February 03, 2010 at 12:49 PM

U know, you made some valid points, but then again U mentioned the pro bowlers, it just made you sound jealous than anything else, good job Gator! your five stars are soon to be busts in the NFL, you can ask your beloved Tebow about it!

Congratulations on the 27th ranked recruiting class. Its a shame that all you punks have to hang your hat on is how many pro bowlers you have...WHO CARES. All of a sudden the U is all about pro bowlers and academics. YEAH RIGHT.

Posted by: Hogtown Gator | February 03, 2010 at 12:49 PM

When our 2-3 star recruits destroy you 5 star Gators in 2013, what excuse will you make then????

By the way, who cares about the rankings. Seriously.


Boise States?

Northwesterns? The same Northwestern that tacked 620 yds on AUburn?

The "U" is now out of the top 20 in the recruiting classes. The "U" is currently at no. 24 with Ohio State at 25. But Miami has signed 28 recruits and do not seem to be landing anyone else. Ohio State only has 18 recruits and will probably land others later in the day. Miami may fall out of the top 25 before the day is over. Next year Miami better kick butt or harder days may be yet to come. GOOOO! CANES!

Sometimes I wonder where some of the Cane's Fans got their higher education. Sorry, getting "high" doesn't qualify. The U can recruit quality players while maintaining academic standards.

I don't like the vibe of the players picking on CBS especially with Tom Lemming. I totally think he is anti-south florida and anti Miami. I hope I'm wrong but I don't like how things are going. The Lemonaide will be sweet with the kids we have ! Go Canes !

For all of the U fans we are okay smart move Ivan you would of red shirted were deep at wr and by the time your ready another stud will be in the fold secondly guys we have to win to build up on our recruits

To Ivan,

You better hope under WV's system you can last---last time I checked not that many great WRs came out of WVU----we're the pipeline to the NFL, son...

Nice class .....but not a great class ! Only time will tell if these kids can grow into CHAMPIONS ! Go 'Canes

when does WVU play for a NC. Ivan can have fun in morgantown in blocking in an offense that passes 80% of the time. Can wait for that big backyard brawl with Pittsburgh. I wish UM/FSU was that big a game. LOL.
Kid should have shown a commitment in the classroom. With his grades and test scores, he will be lucky if he can pick up the play book. WVU doesnt have swagger


No need to be classless people. I'm a UM fan too, but there's no need to rip on a kid just because he chose to go to a different school. If he had chosen Miami, you all would be praising him. So really, you don't care about him. You just care about what he can do for you. You people are lame.

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