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Canes land tight end, miss on 3 others

CORAL GABLES -- At 1 p.m. University of Miami coach Randy Shannon will meet reporters in the Edgerrin James room at the Hecht Athletic Center to discuss his 2010 recruiting class. 

Astante Cleveland Among the new players Shannon will be able to talk about is Sacramento Christian Brothers tight end Asante Cleveland, who picked the Canes over Washington State this morning. Cleveland (6-5, 245) becomes the third tight end in this class for UM, which is also bringing in Texas Junior College recruit Chase Ford and Belle Glade Glades Central basketball star Clive Walford.

Cleveland sort of carries the theme of this Canes class: he's another big, athletic body at a position of need. At 6-5, 230 pounds, he is considered the 15th best tight end in the country by Rivals.com. He combined to catch 45 passes for 674 yards and 11 touchdowns his final two seasons of high school. He also played some defensive end. 

Cleveland, a three-sport star (basketball, track), was committed to Washington State until he took a visit to UM two weeks ago.

"He's a great kid," his coach Andre Johansen said. "His dad played a little bit with the Dallas Cowboys back in the day. He was a defensive end. Asante has a little bit of that pedigree."

UM still has a shot at two more nationally-ranked recruits: Seantrel Henderson, a 6-8, 340-pound mammoth offensive tackle from St. Paul, Minn. who was named Parade Magazine's National Player of the Year and Fontana (Calif.) linebacker Josh Shirley, a 6-2, 225-pound All-American. Henderson will announce his decision on CBS College Sports Network at 3 p.m. 

Miami struckout on three other players they had a chance at landing Wednesday morning. 

Miramar High receiver Ivan McCartney, a U.S. Army All-American, went to the podium with a UM hat in hand. But right before he made his announcement in the school auditorium, his younger sister, Tanika, ran on stage and handed him a Mountaineers cap, which he promptly put on his head.

McCartney said while he had developed a strong relationship with UM quarterback Jacory Harris on his visit, ultimately, his relationship with former Miramar quarterback Eugene Smith, a freshman on the Mountaineers, and his belief in the quarterback West Virginia is bringing in this year swayed him. 

"I'm just looking to bring some Florida swagger up there," McCartney said. "I just chose what was best for me. I made my decision last night. After talking with coach, we did a little quiz and it really opened my eyes. I'm real happy with it. I told Gino last night. He's probably up in his dorm room bouncing around right now."

The Hurricanes were thought to be the favorite to land Chatham (Va.) Hargrave Military Academy defensive end Ego Ferguson. But the 6-3, 275-pounder who grew up in South Florida and whose father played at Miami Edison surprisingly chose LSU over the Canes, Florida State and a handful of other schools.

Olive Branch (Miss.) offensive tackle Shon Coleman, considered a long shot for UM, picked Auburn as most expect.


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west virginia with miami swagg? good luck wit that one Ivan o0oh and i see theres a mad Gator fan? buddy please who was the last star player to come out of Florida? and also what are you going to do now that timmy and urby are gone? o0oh and also werent Gators fans quiet little guys until finally u got somewhat good and now you guys are everywhere hahaha please homie. As a matter of fact people got UM tattoos I havent seen not ooooooooooooone Gator tattoo in my life! just goes to show what true fans are

Hogtown, you hung your head on Tebow the last 3 years. By the way how did Bama feel stepping on your faces. I think its a good recruiting class.....mostly kids with class who want to be here, hard to argue with that.

Ouch. Hard to get excited about another 2-star project. Wow, Florida and FSU kicked the **** out of UM in recruiting this year. Looks like another few years of mediocrity. *sigh*

Shirley is scheduled to announce on Prime Ticket at Noon PT, live stream supposedly available.


Watching the ESPN recruiting coverage is almost as depressing as watch my dog get hit by a bus.

Hogtowngator, your sister/wife is hollering for you to go get her a 6pack of natural ice and a pack of kools, you better go, sis/wife weighs a solid 320,go f-ck yourself turd!I Mac, great choice, go freeze your nuts off in morgantown blocking for devine, and good luck getting a job with that degree from wvu, after you fizzle out loser!i really wanted mccartney at UM but that crap with the hats, was classless, i wish him all the failure in the world, just watched that kid ochewatzenuga(i have no clue how to spell his name)the DL from portland announce to UCLA, the kid was a class act and praised and thanked the other 2 schools(neb and oregon) after he chose UCLA,what a contrast to the loser headed to the bowling capital of the world, hope you wind up in some hillbillies stew in the backwoods of wv loser!as for miami,silver lining: shannon gone after next year!

check the grad rate at LSU and WVU...tells you all you need to know.

I was just watching espn. They had Self proclaimed "5 star Joyner" on. And it hit me about Fsu's two future starting CB. that is a very short pair. Now I know that not a problem sometimes. But two sub 5'9 starting corners not something most teams would want. Just an idea. Seems like some teams don't go after needs and fits.Just like the gators with signing all these Wideouts hoping one or two fit.

Arthur Brown left the U. I bet he goes to Tennessee to join his brother.

whats wrong with you people!yall act like the world is coming to an end if we dont have the top rated recruiting class.we just had the top recruiting class 2 years ago and a top 10 class last year.randy is meeting the needs of the team with this class.now all of a sudden he the worst recruiter in the world.you people make no sense.im sure randy knows what kind of player and person he wants on his team. at least wait till the guys show up on campus before you judge them, randy and his staff seen these players play none of you havent so calm down.1 example the freshman runningback for pitt d.lewis was a guy that nobody wanted either but he was a freshman all american.

This years recruiting class has been said by most analyst that although Miami is ranked in the top 10 they did bring in a good class for what they were recruiting for. You people on here bashing what Randy Shannon and other coaches are doing, why don't you apply for his job? Oh wait thats right none of you have any experience at coaching you just want to bi-ch about something cause your own life sucks and you want to try and bring everybody else down to. Coach Shannon and his staff are on the right track and we will be in the national spot light soon.

ivan is a punk if you don't want to be a hurricane than what are you. thanks for representing your home town punk .piss on all the traders go find your way eleswhere we don't need you punks anyhow

If Randy wants him then so do I.

Go Canes!

Where is my post?

As Arthur Brown, and this recruiting class shows, Miami puts more emphasis on classroom on IQ than Football IQ. This is the new Miami. Get used to it.

I mac too scared to compete at Miami...have fun in morgantown and gl

Hey Hogtown, when you get 5 national titles and actually produce NFL talent that doesn't just get drafted high and then suck, then we can talk, but till then keep your inbred Gayturd butt off our blogs....when did all these stars start to matter so much? Art Brown was all world and now he is limping home to Kansas? Get the kids who know what being a Cane is all about and the winning will resume.

The biggest myth since Sasquatch is "Gator Nation."


And the Gator fans crawl out from under their rock...

Didn't you guys lose out on Ivan? I mean, you were the first school to offer...

You had the best chance in your lifetime to go undefeated this year. Cream puff schedule (played 2 ranked teams), loaded with Seniors (Spikes, Tebow, Cooper, etc. just to name a few), and ESPN all over your jocks all year just to get spanked in the SEC Championship game. LMBO!!!

You can continue to kick us while we're down, but unfortunately we're not down anymore with 9-4! Not too long ago, 2007 to be exact, you were 9-4 and lost to Meechigan. Your 2007 and our 2009 are very similar. Very, very interesting...


Shirley just went with UCLA

Shirly to Cal? WTF is going on with our recruiting? Hope we get Henderson, another dispapointing day being a can fan..

Dandy blows and everyone knows it. Thanks for leaving the cupboard bare for the next head coach. Your teams are unprepared, uninspired, you can't manage the clock at the end of the half, and now you can't recruit either. At least you saw the writing on the wall that the big time recruits who were left to commit were not coming to UM so you picked up scrubs; at least you're smart enough to see when you're defeated. Enjoy our team full of Glenn Cook types.


You left out the fact that the refs "won" two of UF's biggest games this season!

P.S. UF has NEVER gone undefeated with all their 5 star talent, and they lost the biggest game in state history this year!

Bring on the abortion commercial!!! What a joke!

Go 'canes!

Guys, check this out, posted an hour ago from a sports reporter from Seantrel's local paper:

"Don't be surprised if Seantrel Henderson ends up at the University of Miami.

Thought to be the dark horse behind the University of Southern California for the 6-foot-8, 335-pound Cretin-Derham Hall offensive lineman, Miami apparently has moved to the top of Henderson's list. Henderson plans to announce his college choice this afternoon.

Henderson visited Miami last weekend."

Maybe there's hope. Article link below:


UCLA got Shirley and USC got Thomas. Henderson or random surprises are all that are left for today...

Ohio State just released its signings no Henderson...

Wow, that 2004 recruiting class was awful! With the exception of Reddick and Campbell nobody panned out, and supposedly UM had grabbed one of the best in the nation. But it turns out it was probably one of the worst in the program's past 30 years....jury is still out on this class, but even I don't see it going as bad as the 2004 class, at least I'm hoping not. Seriously check out video on some of these "hidden gems," they can really play some ball. Davis, Hall, Rodgers, Hagens, Cleveland, those guys are the real deal. Hurns looks like a Roscoe Parrish kind a guy.

This guy is good - that guy is good; what does it matter. The competition that most of these kids that are ranked highly isn't that great - look at Arthur Brown; topped rank and couldn't get on the field.

We need results and I don't mean recruiting I mean on the field and Randy's got this year to prove he can give us that. Otherwise it will be like it was in 2001 - some other coach winning with Randy's recruits.

Regarding iMac: an ACT score of 15 puts you in the bottom 13% of test takers. Think about that.

I wish him well at WV. It was probably the right decision for him since he wasn't likely to get much playing time here.

In general: very happy with this class. We addressed our needs thoroughly. Picked up the #2 center in the country and the #3 RB. Stocked up at LB and TE. A great job.

And as much as it pains me to say it, FSU did an amazing job on the trail. Auburn, too--watch out for them in two years.

Ivan McCartney, UM is a throwing team and WV is not. All they do is run, therefore for you to go up there will be a waste of time just like all the receivers from WV who are in the NFL.... none, OOPS no one told you about that???

305 cane b

305 cane boaay, grown men don't get tats of school emblems. Its childish and immature. Doesn't surprise me coming from a cane fan.

Shirley to UCLA

Hey davescannecrazy, I hear you. We are only 2 back and besides this is a what have you done for me lately society we live in and the canes ain't done jack lately. You're looking up at the gators in the polls and recruiting. Stay down baby boy...where you belong.

There's still hope for SH. This an hour ago from his hometown paper:

"Don't be surprised if Seantrel Henderson ends up at the University of Miami.

Thought to be the dark horse behind the University of Southern California for the 6-foot-8, 335-pound Cretin-Derham Hall offensive lineman, Miami apparently has moved to the top of Henderson's list. Henderson plans to announce his college choice this afternoon.

Henderson visited Miami last weekend."

The tight end lost 15 lbs from the first part of your report.Is it 230 or 245?

If this class is all about "need" then why didn't Miami land a Big Time TE? Why are we picking up 2 star Tight Ends that no other BCS school wanted?

Outside of 5 or 6 guys, this class is looking like a dissapointment.

lol fact is Miami won all its titles except one way back in a different era. The U has only 1 title since 1993. Fact is UF is much harder to get into as a school, and has won 3 titles in football since 1996, including 2 in the last 4 years not to metion back to back to back between football and bball, a feat never done before or ever again

Everyone wants the Canes to be good. College football is better when Canes are doing well. Look how everyone jumped on and then off the wagon this last season.
I think the team can be summarized by that interview of JH. He could not even explain what Swag meant. Jacory go back and watch some of the games. ANY TIME, ANY TEAM, ANY PLACE.
I don’t think it is a talent problem it seems to be a self belief problem. Next year is going to be huge.

coach shannon sounds so excited..

Congrats on landing the 2 star recruit and the 27th ranked recruiting class. At least Larry Coker won a NC and recruited poorly. This clown you have now cannot even show up to the ACC title game and he recruits like the coaches from Louisiana Tech.

Posted by: Random 3 star recruit

ESPN has us ranked at 12 dude, so grow up and stop paying attention to rankings, and actually try to LEARN about recruiting. Sure we missed out on a couple of guys, EVERYBODY does, but we addressed OUR needs, and that's what counts. Our OL and TE's inparticular. We're loaded at rb, and wr, and our Defense will be monsterous. Now go get me a drink please.

"In Randy We Trust" Oh how our memories escape us! Randy & Co has produced top ten classes his prior years(including the number 1 class in 08 I blve). Now we are stockpiled at the skill position and only need to address issues at O-line, LB and D-line(which I blve would have been great if not for the injuries). Every year since RS took over the program has improved on and off the field, let him do his job and after he graduates his first class, then decide his fate. "We ride together, We die together" CANES 4 Life baby!

you gator fans are just jealous.yall want to be the u so bad and wish that the gators had our resume,tradition,history,championships,players,swagger and popularity. were just going through the cycle right now. since randy shannon took over we have gotten better you can see the growth in the team. are we there yet almost,randy won 5 games then 7 than 9 so next year we gonna win 10,11,or possibly 12 games. 3 of our 4 loses this year we should have won but we made the mistakes to lose. so gators fans enjoy because just like every great team that lose great players fall off....

except you forgot that in 2006 we won the national title and in 2008 we won the national title. Poor little um has never even won their division in the ac sissy. Florida got better recruits out of dade this year than miami

Rivals ranks the UM class #28! What is up with that?? Sure they signed zero 5 star kids, but they signed 18-19 three star recruits. To me, 3 star guys have something to prove! They have a hunger the 5 star babies do not have! The 5 star kids got all the attention, where the 3 star kids worked hard for every star they got! Randy did the right thing. He signed two huge OL in Bunche and Lidner! He filled the TE and CB spot. The guy I like is Johnson! He is going to be another Frank Gore and be a bull!
#28??? I do not think so and to the faker who says we are playing for third in the ACC...go back to the rock you crawled out from under! We go for first and nothing less!!

The fact is, there are so many unknowns with these kids you can't really say a 'great' recruiting class is going to take you to the promised land. Sure, I'd love for Henderson and a bunch of obvious, no-brainer studs to all pick UM, but many of these 'can't miss' super jocks will not be as impressive as the dolts on ESPN said they were going to be. Reality always sets in come fall

And that reality is the quality of our coaching is far more important in terms of keys to our success. Every college football season we see teams that are only good athletically that whip teams that are much superior athletically, due to better coaching, execution and game plans.

Instead of worrying whether we have a recruiting class of future Pro Bowlers, what we need to be focused on is our staff. Is Shannon going to finally mature into a coach that can build a winning, disciplined system that gets the best out of his players? That's what we need to see. Will his offensive and defensive schemes move the ball against stout defenses and shut down potent offenses? Will the players play a full 4 quarters for him, and a full season? These are much, much bigger issues than who we signed today IMHO.

Great recruits alone do not a Championship team make. Superior coaching, execution and game planning do. When Shannon & Co. move themselves to the next level, then the 5 star blue chippers will come of their own accord.

We recruited what we needed period, and Manny THANKS for all the great coverage. Welcome to the U recruits, lets make HISTORY. GO CANES!!!!!

Don't know how legit this is, but heads up.


lol fact is Miami won all its titles except one way back in a different era. The U has only 1 title since 1993. Fact is UF is much harder to get into as a school, and has won 3 titles in football since 1996, including 2 in the last 4 years not to metion back to back to back between football and bball, a feat never done before or ever again

Posted by: gators2257

Again a not too BRIGHT Gator fan. Still dont' get why you're on our blog site instead of celebrating with your buds on your great class. Now having said that, UF is NOT even in the same ball park with regards to how hard it is to get into. Miami is a PRIVATE school, you must have HIGH GPA and $$$$ to get in. That's one reason many recruits can't make it here, so they go to a school with less restrictions, like UF, or FSU. WHY worry about lil ole Miami dude, you guys are the mac daddy, we're just a lil ole school that puts MORE players in the NFL than UF ever thought about that's all.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports Henderson to sign with Canes!

welcome aboard s.henderson

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