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Canes land tight end, miss on 3 others

CORAL GABLES -- At 1 p.m. University of Miami coach Randy Shannon will meet reporters in the Edgerrin James room at the Hecht Athletic Center to discuss his 2010 recruiting class. 

Astante Cleveland Among the new players Shannon will be able to talk about is Sacramento Christian Brothers tight end Asante Cleveland, who picked the Canes over Washington State this morning. Cleveland (6-5, 245) becomes the third tight end in this class for UM, which is also bringing in Texas Junior College recruit Chase Ford and Belle Glade Glades Central basketball star Clive Walford.

Cleveland sort of carries the theme of this Canes class: he's another big, athletic body at a position of need. At 6-5, 230 pounds, he is considered the 15th best tight end in the country by Rivals.com. He combined to catch 45 passes for 674 yards and 11 touchdowns his final two seasons of high school. He also played some defensive end. 

Cleveland, a three-sport star (basketball, track), was committed to Washington State until he took a visit to UM two weeks ago.

"He's a great kid," his coach Andre Johansen said. "His dad played a little bit with the Dallas Cowboys back in the day. He was a defensive end. Asante has a little bit of that pedigree."

UM still has a shot at two more nationally-ranked recruits: Seantrel Henderson, a 6-8, 340-pound mammoth offensive tackle from St. Paul, Minn. who was named Parade Magazine's National Player of the Year and Fontana (Calif.) linebacker Josh Shirley, a 6-2, 225-pound All-American. Henderson will announce his decision on CBS College Sports Network at 3 p.m. 

Miami struckout on three other players they had a chance at landing Wednesday morning. 

Miramar High receiver Ivan McCartney, a U.S. Army All-American, went to the podium with a UM hat in hand. But right before he made his announcement in the school auditorium, his younger sister, Tanika, ran on stage and handed him a Mountaineers cap, which he promptly put on his head.

McCartney said while he had developed a strong relationship with UM quarterback Jacory Harris on his visit, ultimately, his relationship with former Miramar quarterback Eugene Smith, a freshman on the Mountaineers, and his belief in the quarterback West Virginia is bringing in this year swayed him. 

"I'm just looking to bring some Florida swagger up there," McCartney said. "I just chose what was best for me. I made my decision last night. After talking with coach, we did a little quiz and it really opened my eyes. I'm real happy with it. I told Gino last night. He's probably up in his dorm room bouncing around right now."

The Hurricanes were thought to be the favorite to land Chatham (Va.) Hargrave Military Academy defensive end Ego Ferguson. But the 6-3, 275-pounder who grew up in South Florida and whose father played at Miami Edison surprisingly chose LSU over the Canes, Florida State and a handful of other schools.

Olive Branch (Miss.) offensive tackle Shon Coleman, considered a long shot for UM, picked Auburn as most expect.


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you'd trade 5 national championships for our 3 and the direction this program is going in instead of the downward spiral that UM is going. FACE THE FACTS. Barely anyone wants to go to UM now to play in front of 20 thousand fans. LOL!!! Florida has so much more to offer. It's a real freakin' college campus for goodness sake's!!!! Red bricks everywhere baby! Don't worry...FIU will overtake UM as the premier college team in this town in 8-10 yrs. With all the alumni down here that 'think' they're cane fans; will soon be converting over and along with FIU's resources...history

There are alot of Head Coaches on this blog who think they know what is best for the U. Recruiting is about what you need on your team. Coach Shannon has improved this team every year. For all of you haters, please pick another team to root for. This team is loaded with talent, but lack depth in key positions. This problem was address with this class and it will pay dividends in the future. Players like Stick and other so call superstars comes along with every recruiting class. Plus, the kids that did not pick Miami wanted the easy way to get on the field. That type of attitude is what put Miami in the position it is in today. Anyway, I tip my hat to those young men who wanted to be part of something special and who wanted to be part of the U family. Congrats to the new recruits and double hockey sticks with the rest

Henderson to USC... great job shannon..

Welcome to the family...your life will change for the better.....GO CANES see you in the spring

ha you guys took out my post...confirmation confirmed...

gators2257...u stupid, if u coming into enemy territory talking trash at least get it right. dUmb GAYtor

I've been sticking up for Shannon and UM on this class all year, but you know what, they got their butts kicked in.

Florida proved they can get anyone they want, and Miami can't even get the kids in their backyard any more. It is stupid to think Miami was trying to balance out their recruiting class! They just couldn't get these kids to come in. THink about it, missed on Joyner, Dorsey, Elam, Lemonier, McCartney, Godfrey, Nix, Henderson, Trail, Dunbar, and the list goes on and on. These kids are game changers and Miami got none of them.

Embarassing Randy!!!!!

What a day for the Canes. No Henderson, no Shirley, No McCartney, No Ferguson, no Thomas. We have to be the worst closing school in the U.S. Invited all the big timers on our dime, the weekend before signing day and allowed them to have a good time, soaking up the rays and then these other schools are sitting back smoking cigars watching us choke our selves. With this class there is some talent, but at the same time you coaches need to do the coaching job of your life with this group. Stars may not mean a whole lot but it sure does help when you pull in a couple 5 stars or at least one guy in the top 100.

Well, it looks like with missed on Henderson (going to USC). It's another sign of the downfall of Shannon. Disappointment....anothe mediocre season...hopefully, another coach will be fired !!!! He sucks !!!! (Yes, I blame it on Shannon)

Henderson is going to USC!!!! That report was totally false!!!! How could any of you think that a loser like Randy Shannon could pull in a future NFL player like Henderson. That kid out of all the player's in recruiting is a stud and everyone knows it!!!! I am so sick of this dirt dumb ****** destroying our team!!! Get this loser out of here!!!!! NOW!!!!

Well, looks like we lost out on Henderson too (USC). Miami is such a disappointment !!!!!

I really dislike alot of my UM faithful. Quit ripping these kids for there chooses. Miami will be ok, we really didnt need anything this year but an offensive line and TE's and I believe we addressed those holes. I think you guys are trying to keep up with the Gators and that aint how Canes fans suppose to think. We are in a league of are own and we do envy Gators. Appreciate what you do have and stop dwelling on what you dont got

The affirmative action program is over at UM www.firecoachshannon.com This is what happens when you give individuals who are not qualified opportunities (i.e. shannon and obama) They destroy everything because they just don't have what it takes to do the job. End of discussion!!!!

Again www.firecoachshannon.com This loser is in completely over his head. Get it together people!!!!

caness shmanes: The direction the program is going? 26 arrests in 3 years? What direction is that?

Bad miss by Shannon. I know he tried hard to get Seantrel. He was beat by a slimey no good Lane Kiffin. What does that say about
A) Seantrel- Son, Kiffin may leave you in a heartbeat

B) RS- Randy, what you couldnt out- bull-st Kiffin? MAn, thats sad.

All those guys in the 80s and early 90s were some real scholars. Irvin, Sapp, Lewis, etc.

Let's face the facts: Miami hasn't won a bowl game in three years..they haven't won a conference title in god knows how long.. Haven't been producing NFL talent lately... And we don't have our own stadium... So what is it that we have to offer over other schools like USC,Florida,auburn,lsu,Penn state... Etc all of the elite teams have at least two of the mentioned selling points for recruits... We have none... Plus we have a coach who isn't bad but hasn't been around long enough to have anything to offer... Our coordinators are new and we always make changes with them.. Sure we can beat out Washington state for a recruit.. But until we get some selling points again we won't get too many four and five star recruits

I was truly dissapointed Henderson went to USC. Hats off to Jimbo, FSU, for the best recruiting class in the ACC. Clemson, NC, and Miami are very comparable as far as talent. Unfortunately, those are our biggest nemesis. Randy, the ball is your court. You need to get the ACC championship this year or you will lose all my support. (or you can just beat zero-state) and I will be happy again.

Let's Go CANES!!!

Manny is reporting that Seantrel Henderson picked USC instead of UM. Lessons to be learned form this recruiting year- concentrate on the state of Florida

Liked some of the kids that we signed, but Randy was hired because everyone thought he would be one of the top recruiters in football, and that has obviously not been the case as FSU and Florida finish with top 10 classes while we are 24th after Randy's third year. Unless something huge happens next year, a change will have to be made to bring in a top HC.

ol fact is Miami won all its titles except one way back in a different era. The U has only 1 title since 1993. Fact is UF is much harder to get into as a school, and has won 3 titles in football since 1996, including 2 in the last 4 years not to metion back to back to back between football and bball, a feat never done before or ever again .....
First the U has played in at least two championships the last three decades dumbass and won In 2001 (bye the way so did our baseball team) and got robbed by a consensus horrendus call In 2002 and and 99 beatdown the gaytors, 2001 in the mighty swamp lol beat down the gaytors, 2003 lost at the orange bowl and gaytors again got beatdown in 03 peach bowl so FACT gaytors 1-7 last eight games against the U that's why your AD scared to schedule us homie lol that's this decade ,that's this era buddy, but not suprising you just blurt verbal crap cuz your gutless yes u hav been better than us the last four years wow what an acomplishment lol we dominated u cowns for 20 odd years, Fact the u has more NFL numbers and talent ,Fact gaytors never been undefeated record. Fact from 83- 2003 no team won more games or titles Fact a player must hav a higher gpa and act score to get into um jackass and I love when gaytor fans run their mouths ur the most uninformed fans it's easy to make fun of u clowns lol lol lol an ps I got plenty more real facts for u when ur ready but I suggest you do some Research first or drink some of Tebows urine for strength lol

I need Tebows urine for strength please Some one shower me with almighty Tims juices help me I wish I played in at least two title games the last three decades like The U and won a football and baseball title in 2001 and play in back to back titles in 2001 and 2002 I wish I had the same NFL talent and numbers and same amount of titles and wish I wasn't 1-7 in the last eight games against the U help me

Canes land tight end, miss on ALL others.

I ask again, "Is Randy Shannon a CLOSER or a POSER?" Well, we now have the answer; don't we?

Let's face facts, since 2008 the quality of our recruiting classes has definitely drifted downward. WHY?

How did we fare on NSD relative to UF and FSU? Not-so-good! (Last year too!)

This is NOT a good sign for the future; unless, of course, the U is okay being a "competitive second tier" FB team rather than a "consistent BCS-quality" FB program.

But it could be worse, I guess. We filled some needs; we did about the same as Clemson, NC, and VT; and we did a lot better than most of the other ACC schools (apart from FSU). Certainly, we signed some fine recruits. Hopefully, the best of the bunch won't transfer (like some of Randy’s other top–rated recruits); and maybe the two-stars will actually develop into top players.

BOTTOM LINE: Da U is not an elite FB program any more. UM has a HISTORY of great FB teams and great FB players. But history is in the PAST. And it appears that greatness has passed U by.



You're up and coming team just got up and left. You guys better do something good with what you've got RIGHT NOW. It don't look like you're gonna recruit worth a damn until you do.

That great ESPN documentary notwithstanding.

Maybe you needed to buy the recruits some cable?

yeah, that's what it is. You can't get recruits because you're academics are so high.

You know, almost 100% of the Gator fans in Miami are actually Gator alums, we know how college actually works, unlike most UM fans.

"For Ivan Mccartney to pull that stunt in South Florida shows one of two things -He is a classless jerk or Miami balked at him academically and told him he needed prep school
where WVU let him in despite an ACT score of 15 which is just above neanderthal level.
Posted by: Steve B
I mentioned EXACTLY this yesterday...his 15 ACT score will be a max score at WVU.
Anyone remember when the Canes HAD to go there every other year?
Gator fans are positively civil in comparison.
The "hat trick" he performed was undoubtedly his LEE VORSO MOMENT...another Miami hater.
Ivan's hat trick will be 3 strikes and busted out of school.
Imagine, actually flunking out of WVU. Scary.

Whoops, obviously meant "Corso."

"A True Can Fan" is drinking the hell out of some kool aid. Be careful, if you drink it to fast you might get brain freeze!! Let hope your right about Shannon....I have my reservations, specially after today!!

Hey VT beat us in recruiting(rivals), now that's bad!!

Love the excuses:
Grades, Hurtt and don't want to compete.

How about this one: Shannon is a terrible recruiter. He can not close anyone.

If his strength is recruiter, Miami is big trouble.

Also, recruiting is not about filling needs. Top schools like Bama, UF, USC, Texas recruit balanced classes. Recruiting is about getting the most talented players at any position as opposed to signing 7 OL in one class and others with 2.

lol fact is Miami won all its titles except one way back in a different era. The U has only 1 title since 1993. Fact is UF is much harder to get into as a school, and has won 3 titles in football since 1996, including 2 in the last 4 years not to metion back to back to back between football and bball, a feat never done before or ever again

Posted by: gators2257

Again a not too BRIGHT Gator fan. Still dont' get why you're on our blog site instead of celebrating with your buds on your great class. Now having said that, UF is NOT even in the same ball park with regards to how hard it is to get into. Miami is a PRIVATE school, you must have HIGH GPA and $$$$ to get in. That's one reason many recruits can't make it here, so they go to a school with less restrictions, like UF, or FSU. WHY worry about lil ole Miami dude, you guys are the mac daddy, we're just a lil ole school that puts MORE players in the NFL than UF ever thought about that's all.

Posted by: ColaCane | February 03, 2010 at 05:14 PM

you just got owned bro. why you even trolling? no gator knows jack about football. theyre just frontrunning tebow lovers. you play no one and when you do you lose. we're NFL-U. youre NFL-bust. no one respects you guys. you were terrible until spurrier. so take a seat, enjoy your little run, and then dont support em after they start losing again. f@g.

Randy Shannon offered me but instead I chose to go to Southeast Kansas State.


Even Jumbo Fisher is putting Randy to shame and that FIU coach.

Sometimes I wonder where some of the Cane's Fans got their higher education. Sorry, getting "high" doesn't qualify. The U can recruit quality players while maintaining academic standards.

Posted by: unit1073 | February 03, 2010 at 02:08 PM

look out. herbal minded might get mad.

Here are the facts plain and simple. For Shannon's 2010 class espn rates it 13th, scouts 17th, and rivals 24th. UF is #1 for all three recruiting services . You morons that think recruiting rankings don't matter need to buy a clue. Yes there are exceptions but all in all the USC's and the Florida's over the last several years have finished high in not only the recruiting standings but in the actual standings. Let me give you Shannon's pathetic record in the 3 years he's been here; 21-17 overall record with an 0-2 bowl record in two pathetic bowls (Emerald and Champ Sports)0 National Titles, 0 BCS Bowl Berths, 0 ACC Titles, and 0 ACC Coastal Division titles. You fans that love mediocrity and being second class can stick with your boy Randy but for the rest of us who care about being the best and won't stay quiet until that is accomplished go to www.firecoachshannon.com We need to build momentum for this by letting the administration know that this kind of performance in recruiting and on the field is unacceptable and we will not contribute one more penny to UM Athletics until they start to take a more serious interest in restoring our football program back to the top of college football which is not only what we expect but demand!!!(That is directed to you Donna) The first step in doing this is getting rid of this incompetent man who you foolishly gave the head coaching job to. The time is now so don't waste time giving this moron another season. The intelligent fans have spoken www.firecoachshannon.com do the right thing now or Shannon will destroy this program.

i officially hate lane kiffin. i cant believe kids are buying the garbage he's selling.

UM and Shannon= Disgrace.

A True Cane Fan:

You need to stop drinking that Randy Shannon Kool Aid. Thinking this is a crappy class doesn't mean we're not Canes fans.

Don't you see all of the talent that we missed out on? Look at the talent that was in South Florida that ended up going somewhere else.

Look at the stupid academic restrictions that are costing us recruits.

I was ready to come here and blast Shannon for this recruiting class. Before I did I went to the podcast with his news conference today and I must say I feel pretty good about this class and what Shannon had to say. He was very knowledgable about the players and forthcoming with his immediate and long term goals for the program. He's not as in the dark as many portray. Good job coach...you have my support.

so the big boy signed with USC to bad he won't be playing for a cship for 3 yrs. after SC is slapped with the pbation by the NCAA and no degree when playing days r done. this is when a parent must step in an help and immature teen to make decisions the U would have been a better choice when his parents want to move to see him play .when they see what a house costs in LA they may have second thoughts.


I'm a fan of the U, but your statement that "UF is NOT even in the same ball park with regards to how hard it is to get into. Miami is a PRIVATE school, you must have HIGH GPA and $$$$ to get in" is inaccurate. Both schools are pretty even when it comes to academics. U.S. News ranked Florida #47 and Miami #50 on its national university rankings. Miami accepts 44.4 percent of applicants and Florida accepts 36.96 percent of applicants. I'm sure there are other stats I can point to, but get your academic information correct.

Let's not point at academics and say Miami has stricter requirements than Florida because it's just not true. Let's enjoy two great recruiting classes by both schools and let this season be Shannon's breakout year. I'll make a bold prediction and say Jimmy Gaines and Asante Cleveland will be studs.

A true cane fan: I don't talk much about bloggers, but seriously, go away and be a gators fan. I'm so tired if hearing that stars don't matter, and all the other crap, because they do. We had a bad recruiting year because of the way our season finished after the first four games. And u tell me what Randy Shannon has done with this team that is so great besides recruiting? I think we've lost the only reason there was to keep him around. Why? Because of one main reason: all the talent on the field for the canes is UNDERPERFORMING......EVER. SINGLE. PLAYER. Who didn't, this year? Marcus Bailey? Hank? Maybe one or two more. Out of
The whole
Team guys. My point is, a true coach not only asks for a players best, he demands it, and in some cases gets them to outplay their own ability. Shannon does not only neither, he does the opposite. And that's why we are losing our step up in recruiting, and it's why I'm in Columbus for the first time in three years not looking forward to the canes rematching the buckeyes. We are all in for a letdown In 2010. Doesn't change my love for the canes, nothing will. It's just hard when seeing
Something u love going the wrong way and there's nothing u can do to stop it.

give him hell colacane.

Give this class time and it'll be great.


It's funny how people would like to comment how Shannon is not a great recruiter with what he amassed the prior two years, Most of U fans is a joke. Stop sniffing you haterade its not made for your own team. And if you can do better then go out their and recruit and stop going to your Forums and speak how dumb a kid is or this kid is not UM material blah blah. The same crap every year. Even when they had the number one recruiting class in 08 there were you naysayers about what we didn't get or how we didn't get this guy or that guy. SHUT UP! and just watch.

West Virginia is the armpit of America - I hope you enjoy banjo music Sticks - that gimmicky offense does not feature the WR's and you buddy is not that good a QB - he may not even start next year. But hey, take your swagger up there to Morgantown and enjoy the limelight in the trailer parks. You can't teach swagger brother - Miami invented it and has a patent on it, all others are just copycats, the U has the real Swag.... and it's back son... bad decision, but I wish you well. Take your coats and long johns with you.

I dont think its good to have just "hyped up" players on our team....I want blue collar kids that are hungry and eager to prove themselves. If any of you bashers actually listened to Shannons interview...he recruits kids like the pros draft college prospects....Shannon is all about getting "value" with a recruit....he made referance to the fact most of the recruits they got played both ways on the high school teams, were fast and had size....so...it is what it is....actually....I would not be surprised if a few of these guys actually got on the field as true freshman. Also...a team like the Gaytors who lost half their team should be able to sign a bunch of studs based on the fact that there is probably room for them to play immediatly....the Canes will have a great class next year.....

lol fact is Miami won all its titles except one way back in a different era. The U has only 1 title since 1993. Fact is UF is much harder to get into as a school, and has won 3 titles in football since 1996, including 2 in the last 4 years not to metion back to back to back between football and bball, a feat never done before or ever again

Posted by: gators2257

LMAO - yeah you need a 4.0, a 1400 SAT and a criminal record to get into UF! University of Felons.... give me a break with that crap son.

You will always be second fiddle to the U, and those couple of NC's you won with T-bone will be the last for a long ,long time. The Gaytors will not even win the SEC in this decade , Nick Satan has your number so get out your crying towels out and pray your coach does not have a heart attack on the sidelines (he is putting his job ahead of his health and his family) that says it all.

ColaCane, you don't know much about academics do you? It's ALWAYS easier to get into ANY private school, so long as you have the $$$. UF is way more exclusive and rigorous, academically speaking. All you Cane fans talk about is 5 National Championships and all these Pro Bowlers. Much respect to UM for their great history and their great achievements (no prob saying that), but you guys totally fail to give respect to Gator Nation, the DOMINANT football powerhouse in the state of Florida, and one of the major programs in the nation (why do you think we have all the top prospects choosing us?). How can you deny that? It's one thing to hate the Gators, it's another thing to sound like jealous little cry babies. Give respect where respect is due.

I would think a pro-abortion commercial featuring all the Gayturds and the sisters/wives commerical would be great for the super bowl... Might prevent more inbreeding up there.

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