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Seantrel Henderson waiting on USC investigation

Wednesday evening in front of a national audience, Seantrel Henderson, the nation's No. 1 offensive tackle announced he had chosen USC over Ohio State and the University of Miami.

Seantrel Henderson Turns out, Henderson picked the Trojans, but still hasn't signed with them yet. According to an interesting New York Times article, Henderson's father said the family is waiting to see what happens with a pending NCAA infractions committee investigation into USC.

No word if that means Henderson would switch to UM or Ohio State if the family doesn't like what it hears when the infractions committee meets with USC officials Feb. 19-21. But you have to imagine the Hurricanes would have a shot -- especially after the way they reportedly treated Henderson on his trip. He has until April 1st to sign a National Letter of Intent.

According to the article, Henderson's trip to UM supposedly included limo rides and trips to night clubs where he hung out with Pro Bowlers Willis McGahee, Ed Reed and Bryant McKinnie. It is a must read.


>  Shannon said six recruits are currently enrolled at UM: OL Malcolm Bunche, QB Stephen Morris, LB Tyrone Cornelius, WR Allen Hurns, RB Storm Johnson, and OL Shane McDermott. Shannon said Booker T. Washington running back Eduardo Clements has until today to enroll at UM. Clements told me last week he was waiting on his transcripts to get in and was confident he would make it. But it doesn't appear to be the case.

> Shannon was asked about running back Graig Cooper's health on Wednesday. All Shannon said was that Cooper was "rehabbing."

>  Receivers coach Aubrey Hill has added recruiting coordinator to his title. Hill takes over for Clint Hurtt, who left UM in mid December to take a position at Louisville. Hill has experience with the responsibilities having done it while he was the University of Pittsburgh.

> Shannon told the Palm Beach Post's Jorge Milian that linebacker Arthur Brown won't be coming back to UM. I've been told Brown's plan is to play at Butler Community College (Kan.) this season before jumping on in a year at Kansas State. Nobody from Brown's family -- nor his mentor Brian Butler -- have returned phone calls to address that.

> The ACC will release its schedule at 2 p.m. later this afternoon. We'll see if the Canes are given another tough month of September.


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manny, youre the man.

Ya he is. By the way, seantrel and his family sai they wanted to go to some place warm. So if USC does go on probation, would Henderson be likely come to Miami where it's warm or would he and his family stik it out for 4 years in the cold again at Ohio state?

Manny please let us know what the schedule looks like when it comes out. That will cool to see today.

Great work as always Manny... I'm still scratching my head as to why Seantrel picked USC out of all places? that is crazy...

He is not going to The U. He eliminated the canes as soon as he returned from his trip. He was basically down to USC and Ohio St. Nobody turns down a free trip to miami. HE'S NOT COMING...get over it.

I hope none of the "we only want 2star true canes at the U" crowd, will be willing to take S Henderson should he want to come to Miami after all.Remember you only want kids who won't even consider other schools,once offered by Miami.Something tells me, a lot of hypocrites who defended the subpar recruiting class to no end with the tired old "i'd rather have a 2 star that bleeds orange and green" than a "prima dona 5 star" are about to be exposed.

I'd like to think things like education, his development, the coaching staff and the university have played a role in Henderson's decision, and that those things would outweigh the potential sanctions USC would face. I guess, however, that this thing really was a 3-way tie b/w OSU, Miami and USC and that winning was the tiebreaker. I still hope he comes, but I would prefer someone who chose us no matter what.

Sounds like A. Brown is going the way of Willie Williams. Here's hoping he doesn't end up in the same legal trouble Williams did.

Go Canes!

Manny, great article. Always on top. I am actually feeling good about our signing class. Met our needs. Wish we had a few more DTs, but I think 2011 recruits will see that Baba, FL, and FLst will be stacked and see how Miami will be in need of those positions. They will more than likely pick UM, especially if we have a good year this year, which I anticipate us having. I like these 1 and 2 star recruits. Heck, if Jimmy Johnson was a master at picking these kind of players, why can't Shannon? Our road to the championship in 2010 depends on the DTs. We get pressure on QBs, then the DBs can do their thing, which means a shorter field for JH. Maybe somewhere in the "Petri" dish, we can see some pressure this year. Go Canes!!!! Is September here yet??

So much for the rumor that RS only makes it about himself. He had to wait for the fella to get his hair braided. I guess RS is not the other coach only interested in players that want to be there. Both Mack Brown & Meyer are the same way, yet folks want to dump on RS about it.

Please stop giving us hope that Henderson becomes a Cane. I can't take any more bad news.

Why would he want to sign with them to begin with when everybody in the U.S. knows they are going to have sanctions levied against them. Lane Kiffin must have gave him more than a limo ride when he visited their. Manny did you say Art is not coming back? Don't tell me it's another 5 Star flop! I think our recruiting was okay and if we can get half of those o-lineman to come around we will be fine.
Next year has to be the year for a great recruiting class. We need a big time pro-style Q.B. and some Big stud D-lineman and some blazers at W.R.

en fuego.

Manny, my daughter attends school at Cretin and is a Sr also and has several classes with Seantrel, from talking to her about him, she mentioned he wasnt really the student while at school. I wonder if academically he would have even qualified to get into UM or ND.. Thats how USC got into the mix, they don't have nowhere near the academic standards the University Of Miami does?? Randy, is doing the right things, it doesnt make sense to keep trying to get so-called 5 star kids that don't want to come in and compete. UM has a lot of young talent stockpiled at the skill positions and these kids see that and don't want to be battle A. Johnson, TB, and all of those receivers who have a year under their belts and wont be leaving for another two years. RS was right to look for depth on positions of need. Miami has some of the highest admissions guidelines in the country for their student athletes and in reality a lot of these so called 5 star kids won't even qualify unless they are also 5 star kids in the books enough to do their part to qualify academically as well. The kids that have that drive in both areas and want to compete with the top talent will see the value in coming to UM. We have 27/28 of them with 7 already enrolled getting acclimated to college life and getting ready in the weight room and learning the system. Lets support these kids and see how they develop. I don't put any stock in the pundits, Ed Reed wasnt highly recruited, neither were a lot of the stars of past UM teams, but they had desire and wanted to compete and made themselves into great players. Lets see where some of these kids are in two years.

Go Canes...

I'm not even gunna get my hopes up about this whole thing with seantrel. If he originally chose USC then I wud hate for it to come down to some investigation for him to choose Miami or Ohio state if he originally chose USC. We want players that want to play for us.

Sounds like A. Brown is going the way of Willie Williams. Here's hoping he doesn't end up in the same legal trouble Williams did.

Go Canes!

Posted by: ChicagoCane | February 04, 2010 at 12:31 PM

Your logic is beyond retarded.

IMHO, Manny brings the goods all day! That we have a great class for this season. that it does not matter what rank the class is because what the record is next year is what will matter! 11-1, 12-0 or even 10-2 will be the watermark. No ******** recruiting rank will matter.

Go Canes!!!

i thought randy has done a descent job at recruting. randy is a real life coach who cares about the players as human beings then as football players. He understands that all of those beloved palyers u all read about from people who have never played any sports are not gonna make it to the next level if they dont have true work ethic. he obviously has agood track record for finding talent like jimmy. leon lett and larry allen where some of the best nfl players of their time that no one heard about. i think one of them came from emporia st or something. listen to him before u start making the judgement about the class. i think henderson is a good player from what it looks like and if he should happen to to come to the U the players will hold him accountable for that. U so called canes fans on here are pathetic get from behind those computer screens reading someone elses perspective on these players. as for hogtown gator get those elephant tusk out your tail and stop whinning about health problems after you get beat. we told you that yall were some imposters. i have family members that are true gators and they would never be on a cane site talkn bout true champions after they got mopped. get some character about urself and get off our blogs. go canes

If I here one more Cane fan bring up Ed Reed not being highly recruiting I'm gong to barf.......wait I just did.

By the way we don't have any 1 star recruits. We have six 4 stars, 18 3 stars, and 4 2 stars.
Do yall home work please.

As far as I'm concerned recruiting for this year's class is over. We need to stop catering to these guys on eventful weekends such as the probowl. Bring them in before that. Let the local kids visit during special occassions. I'm not sure what to believe, we should be decent next year. If we win, things should improve.

Commenting on FtLauderdaleRealCanesFanInStPaul,Minnesota

Thank You, somebody whose a canefan finally gets it. U know what the sad part is about all those five star kids who want a garuanteed spot without any work. The sad is that when they head off to the nfl they're gonna have to compete!!! Which is why shannon recruits the talented kids with competitive natures, not the 5 star kid whose the only talented kid in the town.

On lemmings show Henderson was asked which school finished second to USC and he said it was OSU...FWIW

He is not going to The U. He eliminated the canes as soon as he returned from his trip. He was basically down to USC and Ohio St. Nobody turns down a free trip to miami. HE'S NOT COMING...get over it.

Posted by: Hogtown Gator | February 04, 2010 at 12:30 PM

gettin worried dog? u must be scared cause you know we're an OL away from taking back our rightful place as the best team in the nation.


You think Miami is the only team that has talent and that he doesn't want to come in and compete with Miami's talent? USC and OSU are far more loaded when it comes to talent on the offensive line than Miami is. He didn't want to come to Miami because they fill out a stadium like it is a high school game. He would much rather play in front of 90,000 people and not 40,000.

And also, USC is a very good school. If he couldn't get into UM he wouldn't be able to get into USC either.

Take the blinders off and see it for what it is really worth. OSU and USC are better programs than Miami.

FIU, Central Florida, Louisville, South Florida, West Virginia, etc. are cleaning up while UM gets recruits with 1-2 stars that NOBODY ELSE is recruting.
It is a SHAME.

September 11 @ Ohio State...lets go get dem boyz!!!

Man do we have another tough schedule...but I love it, lets see what these young men are made of...

I reallly don't get all of the angst about 4 stars or 5 stars. For the most part both Rivals and Scouts base their ratings on how many and from whom scholarships are offered, not a player evaluation. Its BS. Two of Miami's "reaches" became 3 star players ovenight. ESPN at least has peopole evaluate tape and they say Miami's is the 13th rated class in the country. That's not bad for a bunch of guys from the trenches. I really would like to see some serious journalist look at the services over time and figure out just how accurate they are. I suspect they are frauds with a great sense of marketing.

Nice post FtLauderdaleRealCanesFanInStPaul,Minnesota.

However, Coach Shannon must have thought that Henderson could qualify for UM or else he would not have made him a recruiting priority.

I agree that it makes no sense to go after student athletes who clearly can't compete in the classroom (i.e., IMac). Then again, it is disturbing that NO top-rated recruits want to come to Da U anymore, and so many local recruits (who qualify for UM academically) prefer to go elsewhere, and talented players "being developed" are transferring out of our program in record numbers, and the ranking of UM's recruiting class has declined for the second year in a row.

BOTTOM LINE: We got problems! And the biggest ones have nothing to do with UM's academic standards.

All I'm hearing from the CEO is SPIN.
All I'm seeing with the AD is CRAP.
The PREZ talks a good game, but TALK is CHEAP.

Of course, "winning cures everything." (Certainly, the attendance at games will improve, which is important). Let's hope for (at least) a ten-win season next year. Then, perhaps, we'll have a top-ten recruiting class again . . . and maybe, the following year, U'll be a part of the NC conversation again.

It would be great to see him here and for him to realize nobody is going to wait until they do his hair.
If it was really one hour and half wait for RS and JS it was sufficient to walk away. No primadonas at UM.

I want to know why Willis Wright was recruited. He reportedly wanted to come here. Now we are stuck with one 2 star wr who didn't even play his senior year cause of injury. Way to miss out on the abundance of 4 star wr's in the state of fla this year Shannon. About A. Brown and the rest of the 5 star flops... they obviously had talent, is it Miami coaches who can't bring it out of them on the field?? Seems everytime we get a 5 star, he flops! Getting to be too many to say that the recruiting services don't know what they're talking about. Florida, Texas, Alabama, USC etc get plenty of 5 star players and they turn into star college players and 1st rd. draft picks. Start looking at ur coaching staff people, other than Whipple, do any of these guys have a reputation for developing high school prospects???

sorry, i meant to say " i want to know why Willis Wright wasn't recruited.

I want to co-sign the comments made by the Canes fan in Minnesota. Also if you know anything about Canes football, tradition, and what Larry Coker did to our beloved program, you'll recognize that this team is headed in the right direction. We will win the ACC next year, we will play in a BCS game, and we will be in contention for a national title. Go Canes!

He was woried about the fast-pace of Miami, so he chose to go to L.A.???? The kid obviously has talent, but he sounds like a head case to me.

I don't want S.H. to come here ! If we can't count on him in the 1st place , why the HECK count on HIM PERIOD !!!!! We want true 'Canes ! I'm sick of the "PREMODONNA'S ! Stay at S.C. !!!! I like these kids Randy signed ! Big, Agile, O-Linemen, nice Tight ends , 4 Quick backs , head-hunter LB'S , WHATS NOT TO LIKE !!

wow our front 4:(OSU,PITT,CLEM,FSU) and back 4:(GT,VT,USF,ACCCHP) are brutal.

Maybe the Henderson family is just waiting to see if someone in So. Cal. will be able to buy them a house like they did for Bush!!! JK

The 'Canes, meanwhile, "have got to be the biggest story nobody's talking about," said Newberg. "We had 28 players ranked four stars or higher in Dade or Broward Counties. How many [signed] with Miami? Two. It's a head-scratcher." Fourth-year coach Randy Shannon seemed to be reclaiming the school's backyard in recent years but took a major step backward, barely finishing among Rivals' Top 25 classes

Thing that bothers me the most is not the lack of start power in this class, but the fact that Randy Shannon and his staff not only failed to lock down the south florida recruits, but basically Opened the door, rolled out the welcome mat and said "come on in" to every school in the country. I don't know how they coach h.s football in other states (well Kansas and we saw how that panned out) but I know how they coach em up in South Fla.

Coach kept talking about finding the hidden gems like they used to. the fact is those hidden gems, Reggie Wayne, Santana Moss, Warren Sapp etc,WOULD NOT QUALIFY ACADEMICALLY to Miami today! This is not the same program, so stop trying to sell me this Miami program as the same Miami program pre-shalala. I hope I'm wrong.

NO WAY does RS take this kid. I don't want him either. A Cane this kid is not.

To hang with our Pro Bowlers, limo rides, clubbing, etc. and still choose another school?!

There is absolutely NO WAY we take this kid.

Think about this...

Miami has 7 OL in this class.

USC has 1 OL in their class not including Henderson.

OSU has 1 OL in their class.

This should show everyone, some of these "5 stars" are nothing more than prima donnas! They are scared of competition, and want everything handed to them on a silver platter.

5 stars go where they see PT with no competition. That is not U material!

As the NY Jets said to KJ back in the day, but in college form....A bunch of 1,2 or 3 stars playing for each other shine a heck of a lot brighter than one 5 star playing for himself!


We will get him I feel it in my frail old nazi bones!

Welcome to the U youngman!

Of course he will go to USC. HE's gonna get paid to go there, just like Reggie Bush

Hogtown your bashing Miami yet saying Miami is great if it's free..what do u think a scholarship is... Four years of hanging out and enjoying yourself for free! Your a typical gaytor fan... Not everyone enjoys cow tipping and eating spam in Gainesville!!!!!

randy is not creating the RIGHT atmosphere in coral gables
top kids arent coming thr

he has to go !


on this field this year will be the number one class from 2008..nuff said..this class was great.

We have both coordatiors back, first time in years, a QB coming back first time since Doresey..Wright/freeman dont count!! all of our skilled players, JJ was good as best and berry with new guys like James/Miller are a whole better than baby J was...we have big bodies up front with real tightends that can block....yes we need a TE down field, but early last year when Jacory had time witha full back and TE blocking allowing our skilled wr time to open was the difference...that will happen this year...

D side all the injuries allowed tons of kids to play, Like RAY RAY,Reid, Dye,Buchanon etc..very very valuable. we ahev depth AT DL and with Futch back and Macarthy staying that will be huge...we return all but Sharpton and Phillips both good players never play makers, never...

Special teams,,, we have Bosher the best kicker in the land..hopefully this year they can get a kid that can kick off into the end zone...collier and Benji along with new young kids will be able to return kicks and punts...

the schedule

I see us a 13-15 ranked team to start the year..Ohio state will be ranked 3 or 4th..that sets up a top 8 team if we beat them..then pitt the following week is a breeze..

FSU at home and VT at HOME...two games we should win...fSU will be better and Ponder is a gamer..OUR D WILL show how good it is at OSU and had dominate it is with FSU..

Clemson on the road..we all know we should have won the clemson game along with UNC....both poorly played and poorly coached...

If we do lose to OSU at home 2nd game we will drop but stay in the top 20 IMO...VT and GT will be ranked above us and we play them late..they have cupcake schedules until they play us or each other...so playing late will help us climb the polls and get into the ACC game, I feel is Boston College... FSU has a tough schedule, harder than ours...OK,BYU and the gators...I see them losing 4 games...

RS this is your year your guys...2008 you had the best class with all our Bulls and other guys..time to prove it..your staff is set and your more exp at being a HC..just learn clock managemnt and quit calling Time Outs 2 min into the games...Play the best player not a sr or who might be better Play the best...

our home showing was horrible, and some recruits saw this and it was used against us by the Meyers of the world...we need to step up this season.....last year tickets were to exp especialy the blue seats cover them!! we need 50+ at the AM game on a thursday night Sept 2nd...tickets will be cheap..
FSU is the next game I see that sold out///themn UNC...we have to sell that out...Please coem out this year and enjoy what I feel is a special year..

Side note

We have a lot of Juniors this year that want to Make lots of Money at the next level. THEY WILL STEP UP and play hard...expect some big time play from our Juniors and Seniors like Baily and Hankerson, McCarthy to have huge years..I predict 3 first round players next year...and we take back the NFL....sorry for the spelling errors....GO CANES..

Remember Matt Patchan?

Please stop talking about all these academic standards at the U. The U was full of dumb azzes in the 80's and 90's. You only bring up academic standards because nobody good wants to go there.

Hey Seantrel...enjoy the palm trees and beach in Ohio...good luck, son.

Good job Manny during this recruiting season. You always had the most up to date information about the Canes. Keep it up!

"He didn't seem like he fit the Florida Gators mold anyway, to tell you the truth," Trail said. "He wasn't as intense as the other coaches, I guess because he was still getting used to everything.

words of a highschool player on george edwards leaving the turds to he nfl...whotf is he....

We have an outstanding schedule to run the table!!! Go canes!!!

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