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Seantrel Henderson waiting on USC investigation

Wednesday evening in front of a national audience, Seantrel Henderson, the nation's No. 1 offensive tackle announced he had chosen USC over Ohio State and the University of Miami.

Seantrel Henderson Turns out, Henderson picked the Trojans, but still hasn't signed with them yet. According to an interesting New York Times article, Henderson's father said the family is waiting to see what happens with a pending NCAA infractions committee investigation into USC.

No word if that means Henderson would switch to UM or Ohio State if the family doesn't like what it hears when the infractions committee meets with USC officials Feb. 19-21. But you have to imagine the Hurricanes would have a shot -- especially after the way they reportedly treated Henderson on his trip. He has until April 1st to sign a National Letter of Intent.

According to the article, Henderson's trip to UM supposedly included limo rides and trips to night clubs where he hung out with Pro Bowlers Willis McGahee, Ed Reed and Bryant McKinnie. It is a must read.


>  Shannon said six recruits are currently enrolled at UM: OL Malcolm Bunche, QB Stephen Morris, LB Tyrone Cornelius, WR Allen Hurns, RB Storm Johnson, and OL Shane McDermott. Shannon said Booker T. Washington running back Eduardo Clements has until today to enroll at UM. Clements told me last week he was waiting on his transcripts to get in and was confident he would make it. But it doesn't appear to be the case.

> Shannon was asked about running back Graig Cooper's health on Wednesday. All Shannon said was that Cooper was "rehabbing."

>  Receivers coach Aubrey Hill has added recruiting coordinator to his title. Hill takes over for Clint Hurtt, who left UM in mid December to take a position at Louisville. Hill has experience with the responsibilities having done it while he was the University of Pittsburgh.

> Shannon told the Palm Beach Post's Jorge Milian that linebacker Arthur Brown won't be coming back to UM. I've been told Brown's plan is to play at Butler Community College (Kan.) this season before jumping on in a year at Kansas State. Nobody from Brown's family -- nor his mentor Brian Butler -- have returned phone calls to address that.

> The ACC will release its schedule at 2 p.m. later this afternoon. We'll see if the Canes are given another tough month of September.


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The Times article itself said that he wasn't academically qualified yet (which may mean he is just waiting on test results or needs to raise his GPA). Either way, it's sad the hoops coaches/schools have to jump through to impress potential star recruits and families.
Best of luck to him and more importantly all of our commitments, welcome to the family! Your hard work and dedication is more important than any "star" ranking and will be the determining factor in your success! By the way, how does an 18 year old get in a club?

You know we could help Shannon out with recruiting if we would all do our parts and show up to the games. You think these big time recruits dont notice that the swamp and doak campbell are always packed even during lesser games. It would probably help to recognize that our canes are improving two games every year even with the schedule we had last year

I think it would help recruiting if we fans would do our parts and show up at the games. you think these bigtime recruits dont notice that the swamp and doak campbell are always packed even when they are playing leessor opponents. We also need to recognize that our canes are improving every year even with the tough schedule last year and get off Randy's back

Manny thank you for everything!I can't take all these phucktards anymore, i'm out!WWW.FIRECOACHSHANNON.COM!

I like the linemen in this class, but let see if they can play. Hopefully a couple of them can win starting jobs.

Did you guys even consider that recruiting is down because the stadium is empty for most games?

I'm all for firing Shannon, but he's not the only reason we can no longer recruit.

If a truly inspiring story like our own Frank Gore (with a learning disability) were to come around again, I'd be more than "down" with relaxing the requirements, especially if that student athlete was serious about getting an education.
I still get the chills thinking about all that frank and his family went through, and am so PROUD he was a Cane, and how wonderful he's doing these days.
It's the guys with the 14's on their ACT who have been enabled their whole existence, and think of college EXCLUSIVELY as a NFL stepping stone that seem to be the norm these days. We need more Myron Rolle's (FSU) and less Ivan McCartney's.

schedule shows a nov.16 game with maryland is this right or a typo thats on a tues.?

I love how some of my posts show up but others that I sound off on are not to be found. I don't use profanity or make racist comments. I guess if u say something that the staff doesn't agree with the comment won't get posted. Whatever, this class was mediocre and say what u want but we if we did address needs it wasn't with the best availabe talent. Something is missing right now. I hope for the best, but am just tryin to be realistic about the situation. 9-4 this year was a gift, FSU should have beat us, Oklahoma was W/o there 2 best players, & VT embarrassed us. Last year didn't indicate we made strides, we were fortunate. JH must get better but the OL will be young and that worries me. Only time will tell.

The 'Canes have signed plenty of five-star, top-rated, high-school players who turned out to be busts in college ball.

As well, the U's focus has changed since Donna Shalala took over. It's a real school now, not a football program masquerading as a school (i.e., the U isn't an SEC football mill).

Moreover, Shannon knows what he's doing: following the same signing policies that put the 'Canes at the top of college football world in days gone by.

It's just that, now, he's only going after genuine college students, and as for the five-star, high-school prima-donnas who shun education and want only to play football in college; that's why we have the SEC.

Don't try and spell Southeastern Conference, 'Gator fans; just use the acronym.

By the way, what are Urban Meyer's priorities today? Is it a "football first" day, or a "family/health first" day?

Is there anything new regarding Clements?

Arthur Brown and Willie Williams were both the top recruits in their classes and couldn't play, so lets give Randy a break here. Personally, I like this class, especially on the Offensive line. They don't really need Henderson, unless he can play on the defensive line, which appears to be a weak spot right now. They are getting good athletes and apparently good kids, so lets stand behind him and trust in his judgment.

you people are fools. you keep blaming rs for not closing on recruiting. blame the ad and board of trustees for sending him into the recruiting season without an extension. the ad said extension would be done by the start of the recruting season.recruiting season has ended and still no extension.the administration has once again sabatoged its own program. there isn't a coach in the nation who goes into the final season as a lame duck. they all get extensions even if it means buying them out. good job um.

1982 AP Final Rankings/ UM Not Rank
1983 Nat. Champs.

1. Penn State
2. SMU
3. Nebraska
4. Georgia
6. Arizona State
7. Washington
8. Clemson
9. Arkansas
10. Pittsburgh
11. Louisiana State
12. Ohio State
13. Florida State
14. Auburn
15. USC
16. Oklahoma
17. Texas
18. North Carolina
19. West Virginia
20. Maryland

I can't believe seantrel henderson prefers to go play for lane kiffin


does anyone else find it peculiar that his family would wait to see the repercussions of the usc investigation? think about it... maybe seantrel's family is getting paid as well and they want to know their own potential consequences if things go wrong and word gets out. just a thought...

it wouldnt surprise me considering how much of a slime lane kiffin is.


I heard RB coach Tommie Robinson might be leaving the U for the pros. I am guessing Buffalo since Gailey is the HC there now and they have history together. Can you confirm these rumors? If true, any idea of who would take over as a replacement? Maybe Coach Harris gets elevated from within?

Randy won't take Henderson even if he wants to switch to us if USC gets hit hard. (which I doubt. The NCAA only makes examples out of little fish like UM and SMU, never the BSPN favored Big Boys.)Sweatervest will take him...or maybe even the Gutters.

Are we not allowed to post anything, that remotely disagrees with the writer or the happenings at UM? Come on Navarro I bleed UM orange and green as much as anyone, including yourself. Stop blocking my posts already. Or just ban me altogether, this is ridiculous.

He must really want to go to USC if he put on their hat on signing day with this investigation still pending...part of me hopes he comes if USC does not work out...part of me says "no thank you", were not playing second fiddle to anyone...

Good update Manny. What parent would want their child playing for Kiffin after what he did at Tennessee and his lack of class? Canes, get over it, the U, or Ohio State should have been in the running, not Kiffin and his band of misfits. Let Mr. S. Henderson go. We have a good recruting class, based on the U academic standards. But I would like to no what Kiffin is telling these Kids and their parents.

HAHA LIMOS and ProBOWL parties... way to reel em in!! u are soo 80's

tommie robinson to the arizona cardinals...bring back don soldinger

Check this out from NBC's College Football Talk :


Henderson sent a text to his coach it was Miami moments before he announced USC.

Beacane: SO yousay UM got lucky, eh? Well, mr genius, you obviously know nothing about football. Luck is part of every game from the beginning of mankind:

- Luck was involved when Nebraska pulled the fumblerooskie to go and tie UM in 1983
-Luck was involved when UM beat Nebrasksa because They would have won the NC with a tie
-Luck was involved when Penn State intercepted Vinnie 5 times
-Luck was involved when refs called UMs rb down in the 31-30 loss.Another NC
-Luck was involved when Um has beaten FSU
-Luck was involved when FSU played in the 2000 NC and not UM
-Luck was involved in the Fiesta Bowl 2002- For Ohio State
-Luck was involved when UF barely beat So Carolina and Vanderbilt in 2006
-Luck was involved when UF played a Demarco Murray-less Oklahoma in the NC
-Luck was involved when Reggie Bush decided to pitch the ball and lose it to texas, so Texas could getthe ball back as time was running out in 2005
-Luck was involved when Uf still got to play in the NC even though they lost to an unranked Ole Miss at home
-Luck was involved when Sam Shields ran onto the filed in 2008 to prevent UM from scoring a go ahead TD
-Luck was involved when Ponder threw a bad pass and the receiver had to drop to catch it and therefore Um won, but prior to that, Luck was involved when J-12 was sacked and FSU returned the ball for a TD

So, as you see, every team has luck

As far as Seantrel is concerned- I cant believe the disrespect he showed randy Shannon, making him wait 90 minutes while he got a hair cut. How many kids are out there that would die to go to UM? I know of at least one, who would die to wear thr green and orange. At this time, Umshould try to schedule USC in a couple of years just so we can see that punk get run over a few times.

We dont need punk-a%%es likle that at UM. UM doesnt need to beg,.Randy did everything BUT beg. That punkaa%% had his mind made up and played us.

Jimmy Johnson helped put this program on the map. He had nothing but positive things to say about this staff and how they handled this recruiting class. Therefore, I trust his opinion and formula, which Shannon is using to build this team up again over some guys who never been a head coach at any level or have the experence in building a winning program.

All should listen to the folks who walk the walk not just talk the talk.

Which is why shannon recruits the talented kids with competitive natures, not the 5 star kid whose the only talented kid in the town.

Posted by: gordon | February 04, 2010 at 02:01 PM

hey gomer, the only flaw in your logic is that randy did recruit these 5 start studs, he just couldnt pull it off.

Your post is ridiculous. How was shields running on the field at the wrong time luck? How was testaverde throwing 5 picks luck? I think you get the point.
As far as this canes team goes, I'm simply pointing out the facts. The team has made strides, but has also been fortunate along the way. Before you start calling names just remember, I too am a huge Canes fan. If you want to live in a fantasy world, then by all means do your thing.

Hey hogtown... Your gaytors lost your defensive coordinator after just three weeks to the bills... Haha...gaytors will be lucky to win 9... U watch hog terd and the rest of the gaytor fans will be quiet after week six!!!!

People wonder if this recruiting class is going to work out. People wonder if the coaching staff knows what it is doing. Lets look at history for what it is worth.
Jimmy Johnson in the 1980's had a reputation for signing classes which were not particularly highly ranked. The factor that always caught Jimmy Johnson's attention was speed and motivation. He eventually fielded some of the fastest defenses in the country during the 1980's ("speed kills" was his motto- you can't give this gift to the recruits- they either have it or they don't from the start). His recruits were extremely motivated to "show their talent " and they didn't mind working hard in the gym or practice field. Michael Irvin always said the practices were hard under Jimmy and he found the actual games to be less demanding on the players. In addition he had an excellent assistant coaching staff (Butch Davis, Gary Stevens, Tommy Tuberville) during his prime years at the "U" to teach the "kids". Under these circumstances, he always put his recruits in a position to win.
This was the winning formula of the 1980's. If Shannon has a winning formula , then we will be fine. If he does not , then it will show in due time. I pray to God he does.

i love the canes...bottom line is we dont have the money to compete with these other bcs schools...good times are done..next year if we do good, we can pull in a good recruiting class..but then again, recruits are scared to come here cause they know our coaches could leave at any moment..we are done..f u c k the gators

im gonna laugh at all you morons when seantrel winds up going here. some of you guys are just straight bandwagoners. you want the kid so bad until he decides to go elsewhere and then you rip on him like crazy saying: hes classless and has no respect, hes too stupid to come here anyway, hes not a true cane, hes a primadonna and afraid of competition, hes after the money, we dont want a pampered 5 star anyway, etc... if he had signed with us all you idiots would be praising him with a good ole: WELCOME TO THE FAMILY SEANTREL!!! god you guys are such idiots! you are probably the same people who only go to the games when we win. get the f*** outa here.

and also i love how no one gives randy any credit for trying to land this kid. he was given the 5 star treatment and even put his pride aside and waited for 90 min for a d@mn haircut. give randy credit for the good and the bad. he worked his ass off to try and get his signature.

If you really read your own post, you'd see how wrong you are. The word I used was fortunate and not lucky, and a QB throwing 5 picks in NC game isn't being unlucky, it's called having a horrendous game. I could go on and on but that would be a waste of time. I apologize if the vocabulary throws you off, but go pick up a thesaurus at your local book store and you'll be fine. Dude , we support the same team and you resorting to calling names is crazy. If the truth was told I've forgotten more football than most people will ever know.

Waltercamp ur crazy. It's not their fault, they are doing the right thing, Shannon has donenothing but recruit talent and then underdeveloped it.

Jaime mad

I get the feeling that Henderson wanted to come to Miami but someone talked him out of it at the last minute. I do not know what is more concerning, a kid that is toying with people but knows what he is doing or a kid who goes against his own wishes to please a friend or family member, or a smooth talking recruiter. Either way, dude ain't coming so people need to get over it already.

I don't know how T. Robinson get an upgrade to the NFL, as I was not impressed with his body of work here at The U. Bring back Soldinger. His return would be a huge upgrade for this staff. I know there was some bad blood between him and the administration after he was fired but both sides need to put their differences aside at this point for the greater good.

Forget about Seantrel Henderson. He told the world on Tom Lemmings Max Preps (CBS-C) that Ohio State was his second choice.

I'm all for rolling out a little red carpet and going all out for the recruits, but if reports are true that Coach Shannon waited for Henderson to get his hair done then Seantrel crossed the line. This recruiting is really getting out of hand.

Forget about this kid. He found Lane Kiffin more appealing than the U? That's a joke. My bets go to Barton, Linder, McDermott, Bunche, etc., etc.,......


Top Ten to start 2010.Sporting News saying Randy Shannon will get an NFL Head Coaching offer at the end of this season.

Hey Manny, looks like your William Williams diaries are notorious.


Check out the recruiting break down at www.firecoachshannon.com

pretty good thoughts on it....and contrary to what you may think, it does not have a bash Shannon tone to it. Very balanced.

Jaime, did u write the post all by yourself? I've forgotten more about football more than you'll ever know . If you can't deal with reality stay off the boards. There is alot of improvement to be made regarding this team. Deal with it . Go Canes!!!

We won 9 games last year with a front 4 on defense that didn't sacer anyone and an offensive line that was not good. If we get okay in those two areas we should be great. Just about every game we lost, it was for one of the two reasons pointed out here. Remember, UM has not played with a full class of good seniors since 2002 when we lost to OSU. Now is the time. I can't wait. And with recruits already in time to practice for spring ball .... man .... I can't wait.


Bring back Soldinger !!!!!!!!!!!

Beacane- UM was down by 4 against FSU, there were 3 minutes left in the game, and they were on the 4 yd down first and goal. SS ran in by mistake, so UM got called for toomany men on the field. now its fits and goal from the 9. The stupid penalty (LUCK) led UM to 3 points only instead of going ahead by 3.

Luck is always part of any sport, but a fat a%% like yourself who sits on your coach with your cat and your boyfriend eating cheetos would never know that.

First thing first...no NFL team will hire Randy shannon as their head coach.. He's not ready for that and he hasn't fully proven himself at Miami yet...I don't think Randy has any other choice but to succeed here or become a defensive coordinator if he fails at some other college...I think mark whipple would be chased at by an NFL team quicker than Randy would... I also think seantrel is going to switch to Miami.. He is already doing a "unofficial" visit to Miami soon.. The man is going to switch to the U if he does switch

Jimmy Johnson helped put this program on the map. He had nothing but positive things to say about this staff and how they handled this recruiting class. Therefore, I trust his opinion and formula, which Shannon is using to build this team up again over some guys who never been a head coach at any level or have the experence in building a winning program.

All should listen to the folks who walk the walk not just talk the talk.
whats he gonna say? they suck and randy is lost? NO. of course hes gonna talk them up regardless of how bleak the outlook is.

ooster, I agree that Randy Shannon did a brilliant job trying to get Henderson and was in the mix on a bunch of others. I was all for it and would have welcomed Henderson, but the haircut waiting (if true) is kind of disrespectful in my opinion. I'd still take him though and then give him some payback in practice.....a few extra laps in the 90 degree Miami heat maybe.

I am surprised though that Henderson would choose Kiffin over Shannon. I can see right thru Kiffin's line of B.S. Still, Henderson did say that OSU was his second choice. Wish he'd come here, but don't believe it's happening. All that said, I too wouldn't bash the kid wherever he goes. It was fun to be in the mix for him and that's thanks to Coaches Shannon and Stoutland.

College teams with alumni scoring Super Bowl touchdowns

Here's a look at the college affiliation of every player who has scored a Super Bowl TD, in chronological order. (This does not include quarterbacks who threw TD passes.)

Miami (8)
Bill Miller, Oakland (scored 2)
Pete Banaszak, Oakland
Ottis Anderson, New York Giants (2)
Michael Irvin, Dallas (2)
Jimmie Jones, Dallas
Duane Starks, Baltimore Ravens
Devin Hester, Chicago
Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis

Notre Dame (6)
Dave Casper, Oakland
Rocky Bleier, Pittsburgh
Joe Montana, San Francisco (2)
Mark Bavaro, New York Giants
David Givens, New England
Ricky Watters, San Francisco (2)

Mark Bavaro scored in the New York Giants' Super Bowl XXI win over Denver.
Michigan State (5)
Herb Adderley, Green Bay
Billy Joe DuPree, Dallas
Muhsin Muhammad, Carolina
Andre Rison, Green Bay
Plaxico Burress, New York Giants

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