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Seantrel Henderson waiting on USC investigation

Wednesday evening in front of a national audience, Seantrel Henderson, the nation's No. 1 offensive tackle announced he had chosen USC over Ohio State and the University of Miami.

Seantrel Henderson Turns out, Henderson picked the Trojans, but still hasn't signed with them yet. According to an interesting New York Times article, Henderson's father said the family is waiting to see what happens with a pending NCAA infractions committee investigation into USC.

No word if that means Henderson would switch to UM or Ohio State if the family doesn't like what it hears when the infractions committee meets with USC officials Feb. 19-21. But you have to imagine the Hurricanes would have a shot -- especially after the way they reportedly treated Henderson on his trip. He has until April 1st to sign a National Letter of Intent.

According to the article, Henderson's trip to UM supposedly included limo rides and trips to night clubs where he hung out with Pro Bowlers Willis McGahee, Ed Reed and Bryant McKinnie. It is a must read.


>  Shannon said six recruits are currently enrolled at UM: OL Malcolm Bunche, QB Stephen Morris, LB Tyrone Cornelius, WR Allen Hurns, RB Storm Johnson, and OL Shane McDermott. Shannon said Booker T. Washington running back Eduardo Clements has until today to enroll at UM. Clements told me last week he was waiting on his transcripts to get in and was confident he would make it. But it doesn't appear to be the case.

> Shannon was asked about running back Graig Cooper's health on Wednesday. All Shannon said was that Cooper was "rehabbing."

>  Receivers coach Aubrey Hill has added recruiting coordinator to his title. Hill takes over for Clint Hurtt, who left UM in mid December to take a position at Louisville. Hill has experience with the responsibilities having done it while he was the University of Pittsburgh.

> Shannon told the Palm Beach Post's Jorge Milian that linebacker Arthur Brown won't be coming back to UM. I've been told Brown's plan is to play at Butler Community College (Kan.) this season before jumping on in a year at Kansas State. Nobody from Brown's family -- nor his mentor Brian Butler -- have returned phone calls to address that.

> The ACC will release its schedule at 2 p.m. later this afternoon. We'll see if the Canes are given another tough month of September.


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Ok i could not help but post thanks to "waltercamp" and "jaime" and their like minded friends here, and of course the most delusional of them all..drum roll...."DA U",wow, "randy shannon will be offered an NFL Head coaching job next year", other than i advise you ,seriously, to go and seek treatment for either mental illness or substance abuse issues, i won't even respond to any of them, every blog has their share of "phucktards". "Hogtowngator", your hog of a sister/wife is going to kick the everlasting sh-t out of you if she sees you went out to the public library to go use "the devil's contraption" again as her hillbilly, inbred a-ss, calls the "camputah"(i'm quoting her), to make things worse, she is out of beer and smokes, get your pathetic a-ss to the store and get her some natural ice and some kools, oh and by the way "hogtowngaytor", please,pretty,fu-king please, go f-ck your self! "beacane" i agree with you and several other's and as someone mentioned check out WWW.firecoachshannon.com, it is not what you would expect, it is respectfully asking for a better coach and has a lot of information the randy koolaid drinkers ignore, but can't deny, facts are facts.for the record i have nothing to do with the www.firecoachshannon.com site, i just agree with it, i am not self promoting anything.

Football season approaches, Randy Shannon just notified the NCAA, to please alert oficials working Miami games this year, that he wants to call a timeout, on the first three plays of each half!

Beancane- out of one corner of y9ur mouth you trash the canes with stoopid meaningless garbage. No, not facts like you claim. I will out-fact you any time. And out of the other corner of your mouth you say your a canes fan.

What is exactly your position?

What exactly is your point? Because, son, at this moment you havent any.

Are you a Randy Shannon hater?

Whatever. dont waste my time.

Sporing News says RS to get an NFL head coaching offer at the end of the season? LOL. Where? Oakland? Detroit?

How? With his media management skills? His communication skills? His time clock management skills? Please.

I believe the top 10 thing. Um will go to Columbus ranked 10, OSU will be top 3. Beautiful matchup for TV.

CAnes will whoop them Luckeyes.Will ruin their season just like USC has the last 2 years. Another year of wishing and sighing for the scarlet and grey. tahts waht they get for a tainted NC. UM will play their 3rd game ranked Number 2 in the country.

Anyone who thinks we don't need henderson is out of their mind. He'd start at lt or rt from day one. This recruiting class is solid and fills need but is very average and average classes dont win national titles. This would have been a great class for USF not the "U". We got our butts kicked in our own backyard for the most part. Going to buffalo, illinois, and cali for sleepers is pathetic and i will put my bottom dollar against anyone here that none of those 3 recruits pans out....hope im wrong but it is what it is. Randy doesnt get to the acc title game this year its time to let him go simple as that....IMHO miami football as many of us know and love died when they tore the orange bowl down...RS sent that glorious old house out in style didnt he?

canecern- you forgot shockey. Thats 9 baby!!!

cane inGA- that because many of our needs could not be filled in the 305 or 954. UM needed big uglies- OL, DL.

IMHO miami football as many of us know and love died when they tore the orange bowl down

Posted by: CaneinGA | February 08, 2010 at 02:23 AM

i said that same thing 4 months ago.

Hey Canecern, great info on all who scores td's in Super Bowls, but arent' you missing one? Chuck Foreman who played in 3 Super Bowls for the Vikes. Didn't he also score?

Ofcourse NO One from ugly places like GAINSVILLE would ever turn down a trip to MIAMI because the place they are coming from are dump....

Henderson knew the lure of this place... the real question is why didn't he even consider the GAY-TURDS? must have seen the obvious Gainsville equals TITANIC !

Manny you are wrong about Boise St. they are 38-1 their last 39 home games sorry...Sooners currently have the longest home winning streak at around 29...Google it next time buddy..Go Canes...

Manny, you said how Henderson was treated on his visit here. Please explain.

Maybe I missed something but shouldn't Jeremy Shockey be on that list as well as the most recent TD scorer? Miami (9)

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