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Shockey, Vilma join elite UM Super Bowl frat

The University of Miami's rich NFL history is nothing new. New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey, a four-time Pro Bowler, and linebacker Jonathan Vilma, a two-time Pro Bowler, have helped add to it over the past decade. 

Jeremy Shockey  Sunday night, though, in helping the Big Easy to its first Super Bowl title, the two prominent members of the last UM team to win a national title (2001) joined a pretty elite list among those in the Canes' pro fraternity. That would be Hurricanes who have won not only a national championship ring, but a Super Bowl ring too. The list, before Sunday, was only 13 strong (according to the UM media guide). That included:

> Quarterback Bernie Kosar (1983, Super Bowl XXVII)
> Defensive back Robert Bailey (1987, 1989, Super Bowls XXX, XXXV)
> Defensive tackle William Joseph (2001, Super Bowl XLII)

> Receiver Michael Irvin (1987, Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII, XXX)
> Defensive end Kevin Fagan (1983, Super Bowl XXIII, XXIV)
> Tight end
Coleman Bell (1991, Super Bowl XXVIII)
> Receiver Kevin Williams (1989, 1991, Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII, XXX) 
> Punter Jeff Feagles (1987, Super Bowl XLII)
> Defensive tackle Vince Wilfork (2001, Super Bowl XXXIX)
> Defensive end Daniel Stubbs (1987, Super Bowls XXIII, XXIV)
> Tight end
Alfredo Roberts (1987, Super Bowl XXVII)
> Defensive tackle Russell Maryland (1987, 1989, Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII)
> Linebacker Darrin Smith (1989, 1991, Super Bowls XXVIII, XXX)
> Defensive tackle Jimmie Jones (1987, 1989, Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII)

It seemed only fitting that as I was walking to the media bus close to midnight, I spotted Vilma and Shockey sitting next to each other on the Saints team bus, soaking in their greatest professional accomplishment. 

Jonathan Vilma Shockey didn't have a spectacular night (3 catches for 13 yards), but still hauled in what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown pass, a 2-yard slant pattern he hauled in at the goal line. 

"It's a great feeling right now," Shockey said. "I don't care about the catch, I just care about the team. Ever since you start playing football, you're dreaming about playing in this game. I dreamed and prayed all day and night about being in the situation I'm in right now. And that's what happened."

Vilma played a bigger role at middle linebacker. He led the Saints with seven tackles and was credited by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams for making checks/audibles "on at least 20 plays" that got the Saints "into the right defenses." No small achievement considering he was going against Peyton Manning, the Jedi master of audibles and checks at the line of scrimmage.

Vilma's biggest play came with the Saints down 17-16 and the Colts facing a third and long at the Saints 33-yard line. Vilma, who was supposed to blitz on the play, checked off and ran back in coverage to bat away a pass intended for Austin Collie near the goal line. If he's not there, Collie catches it and scores.

"There aren't many times when you see a defense actually beat Peyton Manning, especially at a time like this, the magnitude of this game," Vilma said. "But this was one of those rare times and I'm glad I was a part of it."


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to bad arthur brown lacked Vilmas football IQ. Congrats to Vilma and Shockey

Congratulations to Mr. Shockey and Mr. Vilma. Shockey's catch that beat FSU is my favorite of all time. I can still see Vilma lightin chris Rix up.

Gotta love former cane players. They love UM, they know theyre roots- Shockey flashed the U several times. Thats right. I just wished recruits would see this. I really believe some recruits would love to come to UM, but theyre talked out of it by third parties (parents, reps, friends).

3 cane players in the superbowl
1 gator

a cane player scored a TD ine every single game including playoffs and the superbowl.

Vilma was dominant. Yes he missed a couple of tackles on Addai early on. But he more than made up for it. That play on Collie, checking off the run and running back to cover Collie was masterful.

question for you all- Did Shockey get a ring while he was on IR during the Giants' superbowl? I know he left the team after that year.

Didn't Kevin Williams win a Superbowl with the Cowboys?

how about Reggie Wayne with the Colts 4 years ago, in Miami !

Warren Sapp?

What about the guys who have won the title? Warren Sapp, Ray Lewis, ETC? How many hurricanes have won titles in the Pro's?

Hey Manny - What about Kevin Williams? He should have 2 rings from the Canes (89 and 91) and three rings with the Cowboys (92, 93, 95). Haven't figured out if there are other folks missing...

Congrats to Vilma and Shockey!

first. its awesome for those guys. go canes.

Glen Sharpe plays for the Saints, Its great that he is still playing, cuz we will always remember for that bogus call in the title game. And there was a Jarret Peyton sighting but only to give an award in his fathers honor.

Vilma played a great game.

Shockey is a punk, he only paid for himself to go to Arizona to watch the Giants because he was in Miami during their prep week. Don't give me all of this team garbage now.

The U!!!!

Sweet vicotry for CANES alums....

how many superbowls have canes score at least 1td

I thought UM grad Jim Otto won a Super Bowl but a wikipedia check revealed he did not. He did, however, win an AFL championship in 1967. I wonder if any other UM grads won championships with the NFL or AFL in the "old days".

shockey got a ring with the giants even though he was on IR.

Technically Shockey had a ring from the Giants Super Bowl win, he just didn't play in the game.

Congrats boys. I"m glad you guys not only won, but won in Miami.

No blogs about Irvin and Sapp? Those 2 scholar athletes from years past.

shockey didn't get a ring with the giants?


Technically, Shockey won the Super Bowl with the Giants a few years ago, albeit injured and he did not participate in the game.

Manny what have you heard about Shannon search for a new running backs coach to replace Robinson?

forgot about Ray lewis and Ed Reed

Hey Manny,

Did you forget that Shockey already one a ring with the Giants two years ago? He may have been sitting in the owner's box durring the game, but I guarantee you he didn't just throw the ring out since he didn't play in the game.

Peyton Manning, the Jedi master of audibles and checks at the line of scrimmage.

that was funny, i like that

You're atleast missing a few players Manny:

1) Robert Bailey (1987 and 1989 National Champions, SB XXX and XXXV)
2) William Joseph (2001 National Champions, SB XLII)

I don't have the time to check anymore players but there's probably a few more.

reggie wayne won with the colts three years ago, hello!!!!

You're atleast missing a few players Manny:

1) Robert Bailey (1987 and 1989 National Champions, SB XXX and XXXV)
2) William Joseph (2001 National Champions, SB XLII)

I don't have the time to check anymore players but there's probably a few more.

To all the posters talking about Reggie Wayne, Sapp, Ray Lewis etc. those players NEVER WON A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Read what is said before posting,

Ricky, others...

Thanks for pointing out a few others guys we were missing from the list. The UM 2009 media guide (page 169) was obviously missing a few names of guys who had won Super Bowl rings. I've added William Joseph, Kevin Williams and Robert Bailey to the list.

I just heard a crazy stat about our canes. A cane has scored a NFL touchdown in ever week for the last 8 yrs. WOW!!! GO CANES!!!

Manny what's the inside scoop on our RB coach? Give us some names of potential canidates.
Can someone please tell Shannon to do everything in his power to bring back Sol!!!!

I don't know where you heard that BJ, but I would venture to bet its not true. That must be regular season only because going back to the SB last year, no one from UM scored, but even if it is the regular season, I just don't see that happening.

Sol is not coming back. Its looking more and more like Mike Cassano (RBs coach for FIU) is going to be UMs next RB coach.

Nevermind, I went back and checked for myself and its true. Amazing!

Coleman Bell was a part of 2 national title teams 1989, 1991
Also Warren Sapp was a part of th 1991 National Title Team, He was a reshirt freshman which means he has a national championship ring and a super bowl ring. and technically there is another player on that list Milton Biggins was a member of the 1987 championship team as a redshirt freshman he was dismissed from school in the summer of 1988 for academic reasons he then transferred to western kentucky where he was drafted in the 12th rd of the 1992 draft by the dolphins but he finished the year on the dallas cowboy practice squad where he won a super bowl ring as a part of that team

One gator in the Super Bowl. Gator DE Bobby McCray, who was quoted in the week before UF's last visit to the OB (and I paraphrase) - 'Frank Gore? He's nothing special, he's nowhere near where he used to be' (after Gore's knee surgeries). As we all recall, after the U fell behind 33-20 midway through the 3rd quarter, with about ninety seconds to go Frank Gore ran in the winning TD off right tackle from about eleven yards out, dragging a Gator defender the last five yards or so. By now you can guess who was that Gator defender who couldn't bring down Gore. I love watching that tape every few months.

Oops, the U fell behind thirtythree to ten - not twenty - in that game (after running back the opening kickoff for a TD, Roscoe IIRC, or was it Devin?).

Ottis Anderson, Ted hendricks, Jim Otto

Wasn't Sapp here in 91?

Junkie- Why are you trippin and hating on Shockey?

"cause he is the wrong color?

He exemplifies the meaning of swagger. The canes nastiness that we came to love, and many came to hate and fear. I bet you are a seminole at heart. You didnt like that TD with 1:26 remaining that Kenny Dorsey threw to him in 2000 eh?

Donna Shanana would hate Shocky's antics and Randy Shannon would have to listen to her and tone him down. Thats whats wrong with the canes nowadays- no spirit, no heart, no nastiness, no swag

Saints won because they had more Hurricanes (2) than the Colts.

2 is greater than 1.

How about Ray Lewis & Ed Reed with Baltimore Ravens?

You can tell the people who didnt do good on those little paragraphs in school where you read and answer questions about the story.

Off the top of my head...didn't Ted Hendricks, Jim Otto and Pete Banasak also play in Super Bowls?

cassano from FIU is the new rb coach. Wow. FIU did real well last year for Um to go there for a coach!

Manny- one thing nobody has comment on is J12. Did he have the thumb surgery?How is he feeling? Expected return?

Eduardo Clements-will he join UM in the spring?

Warren Sapp is a thug...I love him as a player, but the guy doesn't belong on TV. He's so rude with his commentary that it makes viewers uncomfortable.

Manny where are you ???
please post something besides the new running back coach... Spring preview ?? something im dying here..

Poorly researched article. Even Buck Ortega got a Super Bowl ring as a backup TE for the Saints.

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