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Spring Injury Report

UM released its list of injured players who either will miss all 15 spring practices or be limited with injuries earlier this evening. Practice begins next Tuesday and ends with the spring game on March 27.

P/PK Matt Bosher (upper extremity)
LB Ramon Buchanan (upper extremity)
RB Lee Chambers (lower extremity)
RB Graig Cooper (knee)
OL Joel Figueroa (shoulder)
LB Jordan Futch (knee)
QB Jacory Harris (hand)
DL Levi Paalua (upper extremity)

DL Marcus Forston (shoulder)
DB Ryan Hill (shoulder)
DB JoJo Nicolas (shoulder)


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Ahhhh yes... Another year of insulting injury reports from Randy's secret football compound.

Wisconsin knew Fox would be out for the Champs Bowl but that nondescript injury report really confused Whiskey during their preparation. Shannon is a master tactician. But everyone already knew that.

I'm guessing Jacory Harris (hand) should be on this list.

I really hope Forston gets healthy and turns his game on...we need you bro...please...it's difficult to be "special"....can you be special?

The big winner here is the young running back corps, whose members will get a big chance to prove themselves with Chambers & Cooper out. It will be really interesting to see who emerges as the strongest #2 behind Berry.

Also big: the opportunities for young DBs and LBs to seize the moment. Can't wait to hear about how all the new recruits look in practice and at the spring game!

Again, other than J-12's injury, whats with all these "shoulder and upper extremity injuries"? Um hasnt played football since December 27 or so. No excuse.
Bosher in a sling? W-T=F?

UM has recently wasted so many scholies on players who are one and done, i.e play a season or part of a season, or two, get silly injuries and bust.

It pains me to see this.

when are we going to have a full roster?

Randy Shannon- Stand on notice. 2010 is your break out year. No more excuses of too young, too this, too that. As head coach YOU and only YOU are responsible for the development of these players including their conditioning. The buck stops with you. If 2010 is no better than 2009- I say, lets move on.

go canes have a great spring, work hard, it starts now ! its... great... to be.. a miami hurricane !

CANES ! 2010 !

Practices are closed and the media will get to see only the first 15 minutes of stretching. ( You just know all the beat writers LOVE getting chased out of the facility after watching the guys stretch. Now that's what I call building bridges Randy)


We know NC contenders are scouting UM's SPRING practices so better to keep that stuff under tight wraps at Randy's Secret Football Compound.

Not that letting fans see players at practice would generate interest and excitement and help sell tickets. Keep it all secret. We know Duke will send some schlepp all decked out in U gear to get an upper hand.

Spring ball is highly secretive stuff. National Championships are won and lost in March.

Ticket sales for 2010's NC campaign will explode behind this approach as we know the no-show UM fan base appreciates no show.

Good...let them rest now. We need them come August.

What's dissapointing is that 2 of the players who are termed as "out" are players at a critical position. We need to see both Futch and Buchanon make an impact on D this year.

These are some pretty big names. Guys like Forston and Hill need the spring to develop and they're not getting it. Futch is a huge loss too. And I'm excited our young QB's will get a lot of reps, but I worry that the receivers won't develop as much in Jacory's absence.

I'm worried about the Spring, but I'm still very optimistic about the year.

Go Canes!

Wait - where is Gavin Hardin?

Man I hate to see Buchanan and Fitch miss this spring. However, it looks like a chance for for some of our young guys to get a chance to step up.

Taylor Cook had a real chance to play here. Now we get to find out what we have behind Jacory.

Jordan Futch's recovery is critical to this season.

Did Pipho get into med school?

Shadel Richardson is also reporting that Jacory Harris (Upper Extremity - Hand) and Lee Chambers (Lower Extremity) are out for all spring practice dates. Manny, can you confirm or deny this?

*Shandel, obviously.

Another subpar season coming. Mark my words!!!!!!


Time to see the new faces, and make themselves stars.

Who knows this may be a blessing, since the subs will have an opportunity to see what they can do and thus improve the teams depth chart.

I hope Fortson shows up this year and stays healthy.

Not sure why Jacory Harris and Lee Chambers didn't show up on the blog. Looks like something happened with Typepad. I typed the names in. They are there now.

Man oh man you fans need a swift kick in the rear end. So many of you can not find a good thing to write if it cost you your life. Your down on this your down on the players, coach, the scedule, or just plain down on life. GIVE ME A BREAK....It's spring ball. Let the players play get conditioned and learn their spot on the team. Let the coaches coach. Read into reports what you want. Learn from the reporters but for God's sake don't try to read between the lines. If you the blogger feel you can be a better coach. then for Christ sake quit your day job and go coach some little league team. If you are a past player of the U and feel that this era is letting you down.... remember the early years and be blessed that we have 5 NC's IT COULD BE WORSE. Do not try to second guess this team its players or its coaches. Before we get down on this team and the 2010 season lets wait till after the fall practice, and the first 4 games of the upcomming season. If we are 4-0, 3-1, 2-2, 1-3, or 0-4 lets still remember that this is our TEAM we need to support this team win or loose. Fill the stands, get off your butts and buy season tickets. Stop going to the pubs to see the game. SEE THEM LIVE. The players will like it.The other teams we play will hate it. Go there and make noise. Stop all your noise on this blog it does no good to beat down a team, players, or the coaches, It's only Feb. wait till late Sept. Thanks this from a fan since 63 who knows what a loosing or bad season really looks like.

If you remember last year, there were many injuries after Spring football, but then Coach Shannon started those 4am practices and the injury list transformed into a roster. Randy, learn from your mistakes, keep these guys strong, healthy, and smart.

Visualize your gameplan, especially when it comes to clock management and two minute drills. It was obvious that you and Whip were not on the same page during a crucial moments in tight games. Tighten that $hit up.

What is being done to improve Special Teams? Panunzio was a putz, simply terrible in the first 8 games. Take a lesson from VT, Special teams makes all the difference in tight games (i.e. Clemson).

We can do this. The ACC title is within reach. Randy, it is now or never...

Let's Go CANES!!!

Alright, what's the big mystery of telling about some player like Futch, who had an acl tear and then somebody like Forston has an upper extremity injury. Give us some good info or don't even bother bringing it up. Heck,half the defense was out for the year by the fourth game, although Phillips did come back. Forston,Phillips,Nicholas,Hardin,Dye,Green,R. Hill,Ojomo & Futch. I don't believe Hardin will be back because of a neck injury. Also P. Hill & Gordon from the offense were gone by then. Injuries have been killing this team for the last several years, especially with key players. We all know injuries are part of the game but this is getting ridiculas, either we need to quit worry about fat percentage and beef these dudes up or we need a new strenght and conditioning coach.

Randy needs to spice things up this year and get this program more tradition oriented! And he can start with issuing out stickers for their helmets so that the players can have more pride and encourage healthy competition amongst the Boys! It will identify leaders and playmakers along with making everybody responsible on that team for playing their part. I would never if I were on a team want a helmet without a sticker! So i would do whatever it took on that field to be more productive and help make a team successful! we have 5 titles and we need to act like it! I think he has done a great job with recruiting and filling in the holes to keep this program from where it was headed with the last Coach! It would've been horrible had that man stayed! As far as this years recruits I think we did good and next year Miami will have the number 1 recruiting class because the roster will start to move up in terms Of class! A lot of room for 2011 Recruits and the separation gap between juniors and seniors! Its a lot of talent out there for next year far more than what this yr produced and a succesful yr will make it an easier decision for recruits to join a competitive team next yr and contribute early and show what they can bring to the table! And Manny if you could somehow suggest to randy and his staff about implementing Stickers for the helmets, I would greatly appreciate it! And Also the throwback Uniforms with green and gold should be worn more often and we need all black uniforms too with green and orange stripes down the side like the white uniforms, with black helmets with the bird on the side with a similiar stance of the patriots classic logo! Sorry if its too much too ask for but we need an upgrade, after all we have five rings and we are CHAMPIONS too! if other people can brag about only three rings we can brag about 5 and look good doing it! Manny make a Canes fan wish come True, since I know you can do it!

hey guys - give it a break...it's spring football...I say bring on MIKE JAMES, LAMAR MILLER and STORM ( great name for a HURRICANE RB ) JOHNSON..Highsmith and Morris...let's see what they can do! We all know that we had some horrible games last yr, and we got a tough stretch out the gate again, but you're either a fan or your not! I for one am a big CANE FAN! I don't like them losing to Clemson, NC, GT, VT, etc anymore than the rest of ya, but it is spring ball...let's just support and be happy that fball is in the air, even though it's only for a month or two. God bless everyone on this blog!

my boy travis williams gonna step up but ramon n jordan gonna start over him watch out 4 aldarius and streeter byrd is da best wr in my mind but leonard watch out for aldarius n travis benjamin gonna be a little desean jackson soooooooooooooo excited 4 next year natl champs

WHY DOES UM FEEL THE NEED TO START SPRING PRACTICE IN THE WINTER? We should wait until the end of March, let the kids heal more and play into April.

That still gives them time to study for finals...scratching head on the timing...

Shannon doesn't owe any of u anything. Injuries not only have the potential to give the opposing team an edge, but also is important in piling up a list of injuries of a player that might influence a NFL team negatively. Shannons decisions are based on the betterment of the teams and the players. Never heard so many idiotic statements from such fair weathered fans.

4 am practices...and we wonder why we go 2 for 28 on 4 star or better guys in our own backyard. Diehard cane as any but we don't at least win the coastal randy has got to go...which is why the administration is wise not to have given him that extension yet. The team has loads of potential and another killer schedule to deal with, even so it's time for randy to turn the corner with the program

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