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UM National Signing Day Blog (final update)

Good morning, it's the craziest recruiting day of the year. How crazy will it get for the Hurricanes? If all goes well, absolutely insane. UM (already with 27 commitments) is a finalist for six more of the country's top remaining recruits. 

I'll be on the road for most of the morning hitting South Florida high schools to grab video, audio and interviews with Canes recruits. My plan is to be at Miramar High at 9:30 a.m. when All-American receiver Ivan McCartney chooses between UM, UF and West Virginia. I'll be sending Twitter updates as I gather the news from around town regarding the locals and other future Canes around the country. Be sure to follow my updates. And if you like, join Larry Blustein over on our high school blog for a live chat throughout the morning and early afternoon.

For now, here's a guide to the Super Six UM is still after...

> WR Ivan McCartney, 6-3, 180, Miramar (9:30 a.m. announcement): The Under-Armour All-American receiver spoke with me Monday and said he loved his visit to the University of Miami over the weekend. But will it be enough to sway him from joining his former high school quarterback Eugene Smith and other teammates at West Virginia? Most experts don't think so.
- Eye on The U forecast: UM has a 35 percent shot of landing McCartney. Barring a surprise, I expect McCartney to follow his teammates to West Virginia and make his high school coach happy. Verdict: McCartney chose West Virginia.

> OT Shon Coleman, 6-7, 285, Olive Branch, Miss. (10 a.m.): UM knew it was a longshot when the U.S. Army-All American visited campus last weekend that they it could sway Coleman over SEC powers Auburn, Alabama and Ole Miss. Coleman has been quiet since his visit. But nobody expecting the Canes to pull this suprise out.
- Eye on The U forecast: UM has a 5 percent shot of landing Coleman. Look for Coleman to stick with Auburn or jump ship to Alabama. Verdict: Coleman chose Auburn.

> DE Ego Ferguson, 6-3, 275, Chatham (Va.) Hargrave Military Academy (10:45 a.m.): When I asked CBS College Network recruiting analyst Tom Lemming Tuesday night which player UM would land Wednesday, he pointed to the one he thought UM would hand, he pointed to Ego Lemming isn't alone. Four Rivals analysts think Ego goes with UM as well. The problem for UM late in the game is that Ferguosn's coach at Hargrave was recently hired at Texas Tech. Florida State is another strong option. You can watch Ferguson's announcement on CSTV.
Eye on The U forecast: He might be UM's best shot. It's going to be the Canes or Seminoles in my mind. Verdict: Ferguson chose LSU.

> OL Seantrel Henderson, 6-8, 340, Saint Paul (Minn.) Cretin-Derham Hall (3 p.m.): The nation's No. 1 left tackle told Canesport.com his recent visit was a perfect 10. Henderson's parents would like to live someplace warm. His hometown newspaper, The Twin Cities Pioneer press, say USC is the favorite with Ohio State second. Lemming and ESPN's Tom Luginbill say the Canes have a shot and call them a darkhorse. Ultimately, if the Canes win this, its because offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland blew Henderson away this past weekend. You can watch Henderson's announcement on CSTV.
- Eye On The U forecast: UM has a 25 percent chance and probably finishes third to USC or Ohio State. Verdict: Henderson chose USC.

> LB Josh Shirley, 6-2, 225, Fontana (Calif.) Kaiser (4 p.m.): Shirley has maintained a strong relationship with assistant Michael Barrow throughout the recruiting process. Ultimately, though, this comes down to whether or not Shirley wants to leave the West Coast for South Florida. He told Scout.com's Allen Wallace he was surprised how much Coral Gables reminded him of home. But will it be enough to sway him?
- Eye On The U forecast: Canes are the underdog. USC favored to win by about 60-40. Verdict: Shirley chose UCLA.

> TE Asante Cleveland, 6-5, 230, Sacramento (Calif.) Christian Brothers Prep: Since his visit to UM two weeks ago, Cleveland has been mum on not only his visit but his previous commitment to Washington State. The nation's 15th best tight end has to like the fact UM is in desperate need for help at tight end. But like Shirley, is he willing to leave the West Coast for South Florida?
- Eye On The U forecast: Cares have a 50-50 shot. Cleveland stays out west and goes to Washington State. Verdict: Cleveland picked UM.


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I think Ivan McCartney chooses Florida. He talks them up way too much. I doubt he goes to WVU. That is my only prediction. The rest don't seem as easy to read as he does.

We get:


Manny thanks for all the hard work and putting up with all my dumb posts. I'll quit smoking if we get Ego Ferguson:), i don't know why i have a feeling going against logic that I mac becomes a cane, it reminds me of when Tommy Streeter was supposed to be a lock to Oregon but signed here, both loved UM growing up and Jacory spent lots of time recruiting them to Miami(probably wishful thinking on my part, but you never know)while im dreaming here, no ,not seantrel to miami( i said dreaming not tripping on acid)how about Josh shirley and or C Lemonier shocking everyone and picking the canes at the end!oh well, hours left before reality sets in, if we do not get at least Ego, this will be the lowest Miami class, as far as recruiting rankings go in 20 years, and for the last freaking time, it is not about what rivals, tom lugenwhateverthehellhisname is says, the star ratings are based on who is going after a player , so while i being a diehard miami fan have no choice but to support the players we sign, who ever they are, wherever they are ranked, it is concerning that an incompetent coach like shannon is the only coach,except for whoever coaches at illinois st and buffalo, that is going after a lot of these players. Good luck in 2010 canes!

Hey Manny,
What happened with Christian Thomas - the highly rated TE from Cali?

I hope the Canes land two or three of these guys. Based on your report it would seem like a miracle if that happened. We continue to hear from alumni(such as the 11 NFL Pro Bowlers this year), current players, and recruits that UM is a big family. However, what concerns all of us fans is that UM has seemingly lost the ability to land several of the top recruits... including the ones from our own backyard. If the UM program is going to make the big turn around that we fans all hope for it has to happen this year with both the recruiting class AND the win/loss record. Family would be a big factor for me if I was an athlete, but a bigger factor would be winning. It's no secret that winning feels better than losing. With that in mind, I wonder if these talented kids realize that it's them that will bring the "U" back. So for all the top recruits who grew up loving UM and want to see it in the national spotlight again... do something about it! Personally, I know where I would go if given the opportunity. I can only hope that a few of the remaining six listed above feel the same as I do.

I'm not making any predictions...I'll wait until the end of the day...if "U" wanna be a Cane u'll be one, if not we'll holla

these kids no days don't want to wait they want to start right away Miami is not going to give any kid anything you have to earn it and plus Miami is already full with skilled players this class is a great class because Miami got players who want to come to Miami and wait there turn so get off randy back look at the Miami players that will be drafted this year and look at what the NFL coaches say about these Miami kids that there are welled coach that's what these new kids need to look at Miami get you ready for the next level no other school does that

First... Thanks Manny for your hard work and dedication to we, the Fans of the U... in delivering the hot news. Your grunt work and finding the piles to sniff through, then weighing the content and delivering the stuff has been outstanding... Thanks.

I might not always agree with you say but I don't always agree with my wife either... LOL.... but that puts you in good company!

Secondly,... A comment on the star system and where we grade out after today. IT DOESN'T MATTER!!! What matters is how they do after they get here and how well they adjust to the size and speed of the game.... Yes, it's great to brag on a 5 star coming, but for the most part, Miami was built on the shoulders of guys coming to the U who believe that "They don't need no stink'n stars" to be a star at the U. Whether we are 1st or 20th... It doesn't matter!

Unfortunately I predict the CANES go 0-6 on these kids...just not feeling the love from them in their quotes. Hope I am wrong...


Damm if we had to count on this blog to get updates, I would 99 yrs old before I find anything out. TOS are much more reliable then the Herald. Manny you need to do something to get this blog out of HIBERNATION.

Even if Miami had the #1 ranked class coming into today, the only real way to measure the success of the class is to check back in 2012..Yeah, it would be nice to Miami land some of these "bigger fish" and make a bigger splash on the national level, but in the end its up to the coaches to transform these kids into D-1 athletes..As a lifelong Canes fan, one thing I have learned not to put much stock into list list of "names" that come in on national signing day.. But to wait and see which "players" emerge after 2 years in the program. Let us not forget that Kyle Wright was a cant miss 5 star stud coming in, and Ed Reed was a 2 star "project" with only one other offer besides Miami and that was from Tulane.......GO CANES!

Real 'Canes' undsrstand that the program was built on players willingness to play here not this ranking stuff thats going on now. Half of these ranked players don't even make it to the leave and the other half are lost when they arrive on campus. Now trace back to win this program was put together and you find out that we didn't concentrate on players rankings we looked at their desire, heart, and willingness to get better.
You recite the palyers who have come through the 'U' not nationally ranked but are Hall of Famers, SuperBowl Champs, selected to the ProBowl year in year out? You will be amazed at you findings.
We want the players who want an opportunity for success and are willing to work hard for it. Nothing is given to you earn it at the 'U', thats why most players don't want to come in my opinion.

I predict we might get one (at most) and that is it.....not a great year in my mind!! Time will tell and I hope I eat my words.

The Canes have gotten burned many times going out all the way to California to get players. DJ Williams and Ken Dorsey are the only ones who panned out. I never understood why they went all the way out there to get marginal players. Chris Lewis transferred back to Fresno. Steve Hochman in the 90's was a total bust.

Has Imac announced yet?

Shon Coleman signed with Auburn.

Did sticks announce yet?

Stupid McCartney.

Well IMAC to WVU - how does that happen within our wall around SoFla? This is ridiculously lame.

McCartney to WVU

This is not a good recruiting year and I don't care what anyone says. "Average" would be generous!!!!!!!! We are not at the level where will fill holes. The U needs more playmakers on both sides of the ball.


McCartney a Mountaineer... Not a big loss as we are deep...
Good luck getting catches in a run first offense.

Ivan goes to WVA..

Mcarthy is a punk and god luck at WVU...his grades are horible and he will be playing at FIU in two years...I think were done for the day..we have our family in order...

Any more 2 star recruits available?

Done deal macartney signed with west virginia... What a joke...

http://espn.go.com/blog/sec/post/_/id/8639/coleman-sticks-with-auburn. OT Shon Coleman pick Auburn.

When is shannon going to put up the fence around south florida....too many good players going elsewhere....whats really going on

McCartney was wasting Miamis time... Let him go to hillbilly town

Manny - please screen out offensive language, names, comments and so on. For example, muthaphuckingU...

Not a good start when Ivan McCartney says he is going to WV. Not that big of a deal cause we are loaded at WR but not a good start. 0 for 1 so far. I hope we do not go 0 for 6. Jeez if the "U" would have played well against Wisconsin and won that game I bet more top recruits would have taken Miami seriously. A poor showing on national TV and 9-4 record will not bring the horses the "U" needs to win a NC. Well atleast not this year. GOOO! CANES! WHATS UP EDD!

My prediction, Miami gets none of these guys. They did a terrible job this year in recruiting and it carries over today.

i just read on rivals where we pick up asante cleveland, hopefully he'll help at TE

THESE SOUTH FLA RECRUITS ARE SPOILED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


at least c lemonier went to auburn and not to the semiholes!asante celeveland down, ego and hopefully shirley to go!(today i put aside my opinion of shannon and find myself rooting for him)Come on canes, lets get a surprise or two!and I mac, lmao, wvu,lollll, enjoy morgantown, hope you like bowling and fat girls ,i wanted him to come to miami badly, but wow, i thought this kid had a 15 on his act because perhaps he had not paid attention in class and was ill prepared to take college entrance exams, but by choosing wvu, he confirmed he is just dumb!go block for devine, and take thermal underwear, hope you never come back to so fla!

its sucks to be a cane today

a bunch of 18 yrs old tellin us
thanx but no thanx

i rather play for a team w a bi-polar coach

or freeze up north

this is why you were brought here
and ur failing

lol @ some of you losers. These kids make their decisions based on what's best for them, not you! Good luck to Ivan.

The U will be ok!

Ego Ferguson Jr. has chosen LSU over Notre Dame, California, Miami, Florida State and Texas Tech.

You people criticizing Shannon are ridiculous. I trust the coaches evaluations more than I trust the guys at rivals. What matters is that they got most of the guys they coveted throughout this process. It appears they will even if they miss out on all the questionables today.

Miami's best players haven't been 5-star guys.

wow, ego to lsu? www.firecoachshannon.com(on the bright side no ego 4 the semiholes ) please lets get shirley!

UM is on its way to 0-3..
Colemen and Henderson will not be coming to UM..

West Virginia took away your number one WR but they couldn't take away Willis Wright from FIU..

Like Heater said.."Any more 2 Star players left?"

Nice job Randy! You suck! This is the beginning of the end for him. Thank goodness. Maybe little Stoops will have some success at FSU and he can be out next head coach.

It is a shame we missed out on Ivan and Ego, but good luck to the both of them.

I would liked Ego to pick the Canes because we could always use the help of a big body on our D-line.

However, welcome to the "U" Asante Cleveland!!

Unlike a lot of people who think this class is weak because it does not have the quality of "stars" that we are accustomed to, I think it does have quality. It has depth, and you have to give credit to Randy because each recruiting season, he is able to pick up a lot of commits for a position we are weak with, like offensive line this year.

Plus, those that argue kids don't want to come to the "U" just look at our depth chart and look at what positions we missed out on. See a correlation?

Look at UF's depth chart and see what big name players they picked up at those positions. Nowadays, kids go to schools that give them the best opportunity to see the field so they can get into the NFL faster. Why do you think two years ago the entire Northwestern team chose the "U"?

When our depth chart starts to dwindle again, the "stars" will come to Miami.

I am satisfied with this class so far because it was able to attack some weak areas, and not only that, but I think it will allow us to start red-shirting more players which will be a good thing for us as well.

If we were to get Shirley and Henderson though, that would be awesome.

Manny your prediction are panning out!!! Good job! As far as this class goes i love the class b/c we finally have a chance to redshirt players which is what all the other programs do to reload each year. This is gonna make The U More productive year by year..What other motivation does this 2 or 3 star athletes need more than Shannon and his staff chose to recruit them and not the high profile 5 star players. I personally don't care about stars and rankings b/c it's the kids Attitude towards the game that makes them a good to great players... Stars and rankings don't mean nothing! Is Arthur Brown really giving up on The U??? If that's true i hope he figures out the difference between High School and College! I thought he would've been on campus putting work just to show he belongs not @ his house in Kansas!

LSU = $$$$ (See Patrick Peterson)

WVU = Low Academics (See Noel Devine)

FU = Jail Time (See half the roster)

it looks white coaches can recruit, according to most Shannon had all the black kids coming here playing for him....YES I AM BEING COY....kids are kids and want change...good luck to all the left our family...we shall meet again..

UM is having a great time with this years recruits.. West Virginia stoled your WR but they could'nt take one away from FIU...

Willis Wright chose FIU instead of WV..

Have fun picking up 2 star players..

Quit whinning about McCartney, big deal, Good wideouts come out every year. We wouldn't have needed him until 2012 anyway and that's if he could of gotten in here. Ferguson is the one that dissappoints me, what a punk. This class will turn out to be the redshirt class and really we didn't need that much help. Next years class is the class that must be the mac-daddy. We have to hit the full-monty with a pro-style Q.B. & at least 3 W.R. and 2 stud D.T.'s & please no more sleepers. We need speed and size. Let Flo. have the 5'9 D.B.'s.

fsu is rocking you guys.

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