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UM National Signing Day Blog (final update)

Good morning, it's the craziest recruiting day of the year. How crazy will it get for the Hurricanes? If all goes well, absolutely insane. UM (already with 27 commitments) is a finalist for six more of the country's top remaining recruits. 

I'll be on the road for most of the morning hitting South Florida high schools to grab video, audio and interviews with Canes recruits. My plan is to be at Miramar High at 9:30 a.m. when All-American receiver Ivan McCartney chooses between UM, UF and West Virginia. I'll be sending Twitter updates as I gather the news from around town regarding the locals and other future Canes around the country. Be sure to follow my updates. And if you like, join Larry Blustein over on our high school blog for a live chat throughout the morning and early afternoon.

For now, here's a guide to the Super Six UM is still after...

> WR Ivan McCartney, 6-3, 180, Miramar (9:30 a.m. announcement): The Under-Armour All-American receiver spoke with me Monday and said he loved his visit to the University of Miami over the weekend. But will it be enough to sway him from joining his former high school quarterback Eugene Smith and other teammates at West Virginia? Most experts don't think so.
- Eye on The U forecast: UM has a 35 percent shot of landing McCartney. Barring a surprise, I expect McCartney to follow his teammates to West Virginia and make his high school coach happy. Verdict: McCartney chose West Virginia.

> OT Shon Coleman, 6-7, 285, Olive Branch, Miss. (10 a.m.): UM knew it was a longshot when the U.S. Army-All American visited campus last weekend that they it could sway Coleman over SEC powers Auburn, Alabama and Ole Miss. Coleman has been quiet since his visit. But nobody expecting the Canes to pull this suprise out.
- Eye on The U forecast: UM has a 5 percent shot of landing Coleman. Look for Coleman to stick with Auburn or jump ship to Alabama. Verdict: Coleman chose Auburn.

> DE Ego Ferguson, 6-3, 275, Chatham (Va.) Hargrave Military Academy (10:45 a.m.): When I asked CBS College Network recruiting analyst Tom Lemming Tuesday night which player UM would land Wednesday, he pointed to the one he thought UM would hand, he pointed to Ego Lemming isn't alone. Four Rivals analysts think Ego goes with UM as well. The problem for UM late in the game is that Ferguosn's coach at Hargrave was recently hired at Texas Tech. Florida State is another strong option. You can watch Ferguson's announcement on CSTV.
Eye on The U forecast: He might be UM's best shot. It's going to be the Canes or Seminoles in my mind. Verdict: Ferguson chose LSU.

> OL Seantrel Henderson, 6-8, 340, Saint Paul (Minn.) Cretin-Derham Hall (3 p.m.): The nation's No. 1 left tackle told Canesport.com his recent visit was a perfect 10. Henderson's parents would like to live someplace warm. His hometown newspaper, The Twin Cities Pioneer press, say USC is the favorite with Ohio State second. Lemming and ESPN's Tom Luginbill say the Canes have a shot and call them a darkhorse. Ultimately, if the Canes win this, its because offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland blew Henderson away this past weekend. You can watch Henderson's announcement on CSTV.
- Eye On The U forecast: UM has a 25 percent chance and probably finishes third to USC or Ohio State. Verdict: Henderson chose USC.

> LB Josh Shirley, 6-2, 225, Fontana (Calif.) Kaiser (4 p.m.): Shirley has maintained a strong relationship with assistant Michael Barrow throughout the recruiting process. Ultimately, though, this comes down to whether or not Shirley wants to leave the West Coast for South Florida. He told Scout.com's Allen Wallace he was surprised how much Coral Gables reminded him of home. But will it be enough to sway him?
- Eye On The U forecast: Canes are the underdog. USC favored to win by about 60-40. Verdict: Shirley chose UCLA.

> TE Asante Cleveland, 6-5, 230, Sacramento (Calif.) Christian Brothers Prep: Since his visit to UM two weeks ago, Cleveland has been mum on not only his visit but his previous commitment to Washington State. The nation's 15th best tight end has to like the fact UM is in desperate need for help at tight end. But like Shirley, is he willing to leave the West Coast for South Florida?
- Eye On The U forecast: Cares have a 50-50 shot. Cleveland stays out west and goes to Washington State. Verdict: Cleveland picked UM.


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A lot of complaining out there I see. Its not that serious. There are programs out there that win with out the 4 and 5 star recruits (i.e. TCU, Boise State). Its not about having the #1 or the #100 recruiting class. It is about the hunger that they new guys bring to the table. These stars are based on opinions about an athlete. I lot of talent goes under the radar, because they play for programs not so much in the spotlight. Let's support are program no matter who we get on National Signing Day. When it's all said and done, it is still about "THE U".

Wow Miami is really getting snubbed this year, not good Randy. You better do something about developing these 2 star recruits ASAP

Hey Gayturd, for your info., I live on the West Coast of FL, an Alumni of Univ. of Miami Law School and have a Masters of Laws in Taxation from Miami. I am not an Opa Locka with an ID card as U say. By the way, since Miami ownes Florida, just to let U know, ITS ALL ABOUT THIS UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! Let me know when Oscar Meyer winner wants to play the UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

Posted by: The U | February 03, 2010 at 12:09 PM

I gots me a masters in taxation from miami but I still use "gayturd" and "oscar meyer". Your firm must be proud that you are on a blog while billing your clients.

How do you know whether Shannon's failed? This whole star system is ridiculous. Would you rather have another Colin McCarthy or Arthur Brown, another Hankerson or another Lance Leggett?

Shannon got most of the guys he wanted. The ones today would have just been a bonus.

I don't understand why people blame coaches when players who are told what they need to get into a school don't even come close to the requirements. IMac was told he needed at least an 18 on the ACT. Kid got a 15. If you're out looking for a job and you have to be able to tell the difference between a slotted screwdriver and a philips screwdriver and you can't, do you think you will get hired? Same with IMac, can't get the 18 so not scholly offer. Not Shannon's fault! the kid was a idiot by saying I wantyed to be with my homies when in reality he's crying cause he couldn't get into the U.

So now every 5 star recruit stinks and every 2-3 star is or will be great right? I'm sure all you Shannon apologist would be screaming from the highest mountain tops if he would be landing a bunch of 4-5 star guys like Florida, Texas and Alabama.

Face the facts, Shannon is a great guy and good D-Coordinator, but he is a second -tier head coach. After another 8-4 season next year, I expect to see some changes.

who cares about ivan. i wanted willis wright.

Why is everyone so worried about this class? This class filled some HUGE voids we had (O-Line)in particular. Who cares about stupid stars, 2 of the U's most dominating players were "projects" and only 2 star players. Sean Taylor and Ed Reed, 2 of the best safeties in the game only had 1 other offer a piece, Taylor's was Clemson and Reed's was Tulane. They now are on the All-Decade team for safeties. I bet people back then were furious too, let the kids who want to come to the U come. We are back, if you don't like it then find another team, maybe one with the best recruiting class and we will continue our climb back to the top. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE U SON.

J.R. “Ego” Ferguson, a four-star defensive linemen out of Hargrave Military Academy (Va.) Ego http://usspost.com/ego-ferguson-usspost-4945/

to all the koolaid drinkers, keep telling yourselves, handi shannon did'nt want the 4 and 5 stars, he purposely went after, sleepers, he had to fight for with buffalo,illinois st, and fresno, to name a few,lmaoooooooooo@you morons, it was the other way around the 4 and 5 star kids did'nt want to play for an incompetent coach, and the depth chart nonsense is ludicrous, texas,bama,lsu,the turds etc are much deeper than miami right now, yet kids were'nt scraed off by their depth charts, THINK! shirley or broke,who am i kidding, ty 4 mediocrity handi, you loser, www.firecoachshannon.com, great job with ego, handi!i'm going to go throw up! looking forward to all the personal attacks by all the imbecils with man crushes on handi shannon, www.firecoachshannon.com!

True 'Canes will come ,,,,, These are the kids that will propel a program. Go 'Canes....have to believe 2010 will be SPECIAL !!

Shirley just went with UCLA

No one says all 5 stars stink in fact a few of them will become stars we are just saying the odds are almost as good a 2 star can be a great player as a 5 star player can. Without 2 star and 3 star recruits texas florida and alabaman never win national titles and go knows miami wouldnt of. it takes all kinds of diffrent players to build depth and to build a championship team. Not every player can be the big star

Adam Rittenberg: Ohio State just sent out its release. Buckeyes signed 18 players. No Seantrel Henderson listed. "What does that mean?" - Does it mean that it's down to da U vs. USC for Sentrel?

Adam Rittenberg from ESPN on ESPN 360

Is it true Miami already announced their recruiting list? I think we have a shot at Henderson but overall I am kinda shocked we did not land any top recruits.

Honestly, if we cannot land top tier talent how soon can we be playing in a BCS game? I am a cane fan to the core I guess I will watch and see with the rest of you.

Manny, Have you heard anything about Seantrel Henderson | OT.

Hrricanewoo co. You are and idiot!!!

While I agree that the "star" rankings aren't an exact science and doesn't guarantee anything, it honestly can't be ignored either. 44% of 5 star recruits end up getting drafted in the first 3 rounds of the NFL. 10% of 4 star, 3.6% of 3 star and less than 1% of 2 star.

Of course, a lot of those that get drafted may end up being busts at that the next level, but to say that the rankings don't matter at all would be ignorant. Plus, if Randy had pulled together some class that had 10 5-star recruits everyone would be saying how great of a recruiter he was -- and nobody would be saying, man, I wish we would've went after that 2 star tight end instead of the 5-star one that signed with us...

3 pm has come and gone. No news about Seantrel.

This blog is pathetic.
Behind the clock, slow to update. Pa-thetic.

Some outlets in Minnesota are reporting that Henderson will sign with Miami in a few minutes.

Henderson is a Trojan.

Shantrel Just picked USC : ( ive very disappointed this yr......

Henderson signed with USC

Seantrel Henderson signed with USC....

One very BAD recruiting day for UM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much of this is Shanon's fault, and how much Clint Hurtt's?

I recommend Shanon rethink his recruiting strategy. Obvioulsy whatever that was, it has just gone out the window.

The process needs to be re-engineered.

ABSOLUTELY horrible day!

I hope everyone out there holds Shanon & his STAFF accountable.

NOT EVEN 1 of the 4 & 5 star recruits that we brought in signed with us.

This hsould send a clear message on the quality of recruiters the UM has.

The VERY WORST!! WHAT A TERRIBLE DAY FOR UM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fans, first off lets not get caught up in the hype of all of this. Miami is stocked at the skill positions RB, Receivers, Secondary and we got 3 TEs in this class that was a position of need. 27/28 young men wanted to come to the U and compete period. A lot of kids don't want to come compete or wait behind other players. I don't care how good people say Ivan was, he hasnt proven that at the next level and Miami has young WRs who have that experience that will be even better next year after a year in a new system under their belt. Ivan, didnt want to come and deal with the possibility of sitting behind someone. We have some young linemen in this class and some hungry guys ready.. Miami will be a better football team in 2010 and I look forward to seeing them..

Go Canes..

sad. am giving up on shannon. tired of putting lipstick on the pig. the best we can expect of miami while shannon is there is to be "around" but not relevant. like wisconson. we don't have the money so we need the coaching talent. we don't have the coaching talent.

Good solid class. Filled a lot of their needs. I hope. If the coachs can evaluate the upsides of these guys I think they will be ok. If you were a top WR why would you come to Miami? To be 7-8 on the depth chart. remember the last two classes were top 5. Randy knows what he's doing and any true cane fan would know that. Lets GO CANES!!!!!!!!

The Miami Hurricanes have had two of the best recruiting classes over the last two years. This year we are in the top 15 they just have to produce with what they already have and everything will be fine. We needed help on the offensive line and we got that so stop acting like its the end of the world. Go canes!!!

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



"I recommend Shanon rethink his recruiting strategy. Obvioulsy whatever that was, it has just gone out the window.

The process needs to be re-engineered."

Posted by: New Management | February 03, 2010 at 05:50 PM

I agree with this post. That bringing in the top talent the last week of the game has not been working time for a change!

Well I guess 1-6 is better than 0-6. Now I will say no more and waite till next football season. Go to BCS Bowl game win BCS Bowl game or 2010 season is a failure. GOOO! CANES!

Another nail in Shanon's cofin. The next and final nail will be Sept 11, when Randy's team embarrasses us "CANE" fans when Miami gets beat bad by the Buckeyes (whom I dislike). Shannon should have been fired this year. The new slogan for Miami will be FIRE SHANON< HIRE LEACH! Leach has swagger, great head coaching skills, great recruiter. All things that Shannon does not.

Hey fellow cane fans I feel your pain we should have got Henderson and Shirly. It's not the end of the world. But Coach Shannon must have this team playing well in 2010. I'm a big RS supporter but we have to get big time recruits in this program. Randy and some fans cannot make excuses why certain recruits did not attend the U. Maybe that will happen in 2011. Which I predicted anyway that 2011 will be Coach RS and the U year to be champions. Go Canes 2010!

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