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Whipple not your ordinary scout team QB

Spencer Whipple can't remember how old he was the first time he peeked into his father's playbook. But the 6-2, 210-pound junior knows his desire to learn how to beat defenses began long before he followed his father to the University of Miami last August. It probably started in his mother's womb.

Spencer Whipple "When I was little, I watched a lot of football. I always understood what was going on, who was winning. When I got a little older is when I started asking my dad questions," said Whipple, whose father Mark, a veteran NFL quarterbacks coach, has been UM's offensive coordinator since last year.

"He started talking to me more about offensive schemes, why teams run certain offenses. When he was [coaching in] college [Whipple was at Brown and UMass from 1993 to 2003], I'd hang around the practices, go to the meeting and just listen. When he was with the Steelers [2004-2006], I'd look at the playbooks, the schemes, X's and O's. I feel like I've learned a lot just being around my dad."

Truth is, Whipple (6-2, 210) is not your ordinary scout team quarterback. Set to turn 21 next month, he's been exposed to a lot of football in just three years at the college level and his grasp of different offensive schemes expands beyond what he learned just from his dad. While his father was coaching for the Steelers, Whipple led his high school team to an undefeated season. After receiving offers only from Football Championship Subdivision schools [formerly Division I-AA], he decided to walk on at the University of Pittsburgh as a freshman. 

There, he spent a season learning from Matt Cavanaugh, a veteran NFL offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach now with the Jets. A year later, Whipple transferred to UMass where he learned an entirely different system. Now, a year after transferring to UM, he's on scholarship and learning from dad once again.

"I look at it as being fortunate because I've learned so many different schemes," Whipple said. "Everybody likes to teach different things. I'm hoping I can put them all together so one day if I become a coach, I'll have all this past experience with different coaches, different playbooks and be able to pass it on."

Whipple, last season's Scout Team Offensive MVP, is already doing some coaching with his young UM teammates. Even though he's competing directly with true freshman Stephen Morris and sophomore A.J. Highsmith for the backup job, Whipple said he often "slows thing down" for Morris and Highsmith if they struggle to pickup what his father is teaching them.  

"Whenever they see something different than what my dad wants them to see, I'll point it out to them," said Whipple, who got in for one series (three plays) at UMass and completed his only pass attempt for 16 yards. "But I don't want to be on them every second because I know how that is. I just let them know I'm always there for them if they want to learn something or if they have to ask me something or need some help."

How much Whipple will be able to really help the Hurricanes remains to be seen. But there is no reason to think the left-handed quarterback can't win the backup job. He definitely believes he has a chance and that he can provide the Hurricanes with a steady hand if needed.

"I just try to pride myself on being a leader, controlling the game, making some plays with my arm and making some plays with my feet," Whipple said. "I might not have the biggest arm, but I know my plays and can make all the right reads."

> GUNN TRUMPS BAILEY: If there is one thing defensive end Allen Bailey took pride in off the field last year it was his dominance in trainer Andreu Swasey's weight room. The 6-4, 288-pound senior was more than happy about having four of his photos hanging from the Canes' famed Strength and Conditioning board. 

But according to Bailey, after Swasey's first round of testing for the 2010 season (the Hurricanes will test again after spring football) he's now owns just three of the six categories in the offensive line/defensive line division. Blame junior offensive lineman Harland Gunn. According to Bailey, Gunn overtook him recently in the squat when he raised his maximum weight up to 620 pounds. Bailey said he still owns the power clean (405), the bench press (415) and 20-yard shuttle and plans to retake the title in the vertical leap (he won it last year with a 38 1/2 inch jump).

> The Hurricanes will begin hitting this afternoon, but will still be wearing shorts. The real hitting in full pads begins Saturday. 


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The miami board needs to wake up and give the head coaching position to whipPle before we loose him



never cease to amaze manny. as usual, great stuff

What a waste of a scholarship! Did any top 20 football team recruit him? NO. If you want a top 5 type football team you have to recruit star recruits. But if you want to an average 7-5 football team having Wipple on your team makes sense and having Shannon as your coach is brillant. TRUTH: Whipple has a scholarship just to keep his dad happy.

Whipple is probably better suited to be the back-up anyway, basically because of his height and he probably knows the play book backwards and forwards and of course his dad being the o-coordinator. I know he stated that he doesn't have the strongest arm but neither does Jacory. I've never seen Jay rare back and zip the football, he always seems to float it.

NICE good luck young Whipple!

if we have to burn one scholarship to keep Whipple as coach that im glad to make the trade off
no doubt

Next year JEFF if randy does noy Prove himself this year . That may be the reason spencer got the scholly, To keep his father here one more year.Iliked randy as a D cord., but something has to change.I buy tic's ,for those of you that tell every one to quit bashing, so I have the right to complain. AND I make donations to the scholly's they give away.

wipple should get the job. i mean he has the body, maybe not the arm, but a long as he is consistent and makes plays he should be fine. i say throw the ball short and let someone else make the big play with broken tackles, that is what a team is all about. we can do some damage that way.. vote wipple for QB.

Miami M ark I guess you have never been to college or played in any college sport if you did you would know that children of college employees have free or a reduced tuition......but I guess you would know...Coach miamimark ....good job

He sounds to me like Kenny Dorsey without the Superstars around him. These days you need QB's willing to be role players and not jump to Memphis, LA Tech etc for a chance to start. Thanks for helping Young Whipple, I hope you get in a few games but only after Jacory has led us to some HUGE leads.

here u guys go again bashing randy. whipple is good but has his flaws as well he missmanaged timeouts and left time on the clock and randy was on camera giving him an earfull. did anyone notice the only time we could throw downthe feild was out of playaction. we did not fool anybody and did not run the ball enough. should an offense give up 35 sacks in one year. what games are u all watchn. the need to work together for the U to be successful. go canes

Why does Whipple need a scholarship when his dad is an employee of The U?

Thanks Manny!


A guy named Kenny Dorsey didnt have the strongest arm in the world but he sure knew what to do with the ball...Maybe a smarter qb is better than a stronger armed qb?....hmmm
many time last year when jocory kept forcing the ball im thinking why arent we dumping the ball off to the check down????...

Miami mark----
whipple has tuition remission as do all kids of UM employees...it's a smart move. He goes to school for free and doesn't use up a scholarship.

I wonder how many of you who have posted negative comments ever played the position of QB. I'm willing to bet neither one of you!!! Miami had QBs that did not have strong arms and won national championships. Ken Dorsey did not throw a strong ball, but he knew how to win. Steve Walsh did not have a strong arm, but he knew how to win. Not many Championship QBs had or have strong arms. They had the right touch so the receivers can catch the ball. Grant it, Jacory made mistakes, however, those mistakes will be corrected because he has experience now and hopefully will have a better O-line. Give this young man time and he will make plays. Last year was really his first year as a starting QB at the college level. I truely think he learned from his mistakes and you will see a bigger/stronger QB next season. If the O-line improves next year, you will see great things from him. Hopefully, the offense will have better balance as well.

U all always talk about J12 just floating the ball and not able to zip it. The guy is 6'7" with a long arm. Have u ever thought he might have to compensate for he's arm length and not zip it to hard to over throw his target? With arm that long, if he zips it throwing for 15 yards, the ball would end up going 60 yards.

miami mark are you retarded???

his father is an employee of the University and was before he stepped foot on campus

which means.....

he goes for free!!!!

hes on scholarship for a reason, now please stop crying because Shannon didnt recruit you or your kid.

Hey you dopes, get edumacated:

Shannon said he won’t choose between A.J. Highsmith, Spencer Whipple (now on football scholarship) and Stephen Morris until fall practices near an end.

That's "now on football scholarship" as per edukated fella, Shandel R.

why is whipple competing for the backup position? did jacory play so well that he locked up the starting position. 17 picks... let the nation... and he has no competition for the starting job. randy is a joke. im sure ill get bashed for this.... but randy has been taking care of jacory since he stepped foot on campus. he was basically gauranteed the starting spot.. and that is continuing now.

meant to say LED the nation

from foxsports.com:
Obviously, sizing up high school recruits is an imperfect science, but you might be shocked to learn just how imprecise the process has become. And just how many of this year’s Combine invites were scrambling just to get a scholie a few years back. Almost 10%, or 32 late bloomers, were completely off the grid and often forced to take an alternate route, such as walking on or building a resume at a junior college. Nearly half of this year’s brightest NFL talent couldn’t get beyond two stars coming out of high school, which is usually considered a middling recruit who may or may not even crack the starting lineup at some point.

At least in terms of this year, the positions most likely to produce surprises are defensive back and wide receiver. However, unlike in the past, there were plenty of rags-to-riches quarterbacks in this cycle. Western Michigan’s Tim Hiller, Cincinnati’s Tony Pike, Troy’s Levi Brown, Fordham’s John Skelton, Oklahoma State’s Zac Robinson, Wake Forest’s Riley Skinner, Central Michigan’s Dan LeFevour, and Penn State’s Daryll Clark all failed to generate more than two stars.

Partially out of necessity, some programs will perennially take marginal high school talent and coach it into a product that appeals to the pros. The staffs at Troy, East Carolina, TCU, and South Florida at this tactic. The Bulls lead the Big East in Combine invitations, yet just none of their six representatives left high school with a grade higher than two stars. Jim Leavitt ought to take a bow and put that on his resume as he seeks new employment.

Texas, Florida, and California aren’t all about the 5-star blue-chippers, like Sergio Kindle, C.J. Spiller, and Jimmy Clausen. No, these states also produced a slew of rising stars, many of whom went on to produce for the WAC, Mountain West, and Big East.

5-star … 35
4-star … 70
3-star … 85
2-star … 86
1-star … 21
Unrated… 32

Alright, I did the research. From the U's website: Spouse/Partner/Dependent Tuition Remission Benefits:Employee hired as a full/part time regular after 9/1/02:

Years of Employment Benefit
First year 0%
2 - 5 years 70%
6 - 10 years 85%
Over 10 years 100%*

Erickson did the same thing with his son, Bryce, back in the day as well.


Since Whipple has only been at UM for 2 years he would not have 100% tuition remission. I think it would only be 75% and it would only cover tuition. The football scholly would also cover room and board and books and also a few more perks. It's a small price to pay if it means increasing the chances that Whipple stays around.

fire shannon.fire whipple. fire lovette. thats all hurricane fans can say. look in the mirror and fire yourself. come on manny tell these negative fans shannon knows what is going on.
tell them the truth is, canes fans hurt he program more than they help it.

WHY do all of you post and NEVER say see you there? Buy some tic's with your tax return! $400 will get you 2 decent seats! Support your team! I'll be there 6 rows up at the 30. Just renewed my season tic's(as I do every year with my FREE tax dollars). I spent $1500 and included the 110% challenge and it did not cost me a dime , THANKS UNCLE SAM!

I lust renewed my season tic's with the 110% challenge and it did not cost me a dime ! Want to know how? TAX DOLLARS . THANKS UNCLE SAM

The coaches at the "U" are considered employees
and get "FREE" tuition for there kids !

I doubt this kid is has a scholarship ??

Recruiting update. Its not over!

Manny, where r u dude? Anything would help, baseball basketball, FOOTBALL! Help!

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